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imagePROGRAF iPF6300 / iPF6350 (12-Colour) - Large Format Printe...

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imagePROGRAF iPF6300 / iPF6350 (12-Colour)


LUCIA 12-colour pigment ink Enhanced productivity, supporting high-volume printing

• New LUCIA EX pigment ink system supports a wider gamut and • Durable, high-performance rotary cutter
enhances reproduction of black
- For reliable cutting of a variety of media
• Delivers professional graphic-art quality
• Ink tanks can be replaced without stopping the printer
• Exceptional permanence for beautiful long-lasting prints
- Subtanks for each ink colour are built into the printer that maintain
• Satisfies professional print quality requirements in Printing photography a certain level of ink in reserve, enable uninterrupted printing and
and proofs, as well as high-quality in-house printing for retail and avoiding any wastage when the supply run out unexpectedly.
related services on a wide variety of media, including glossy, art, matte
• High-capacity 80GB hard disk drive (iPF6350 only)
and signage.
- Saves print job data from a PC to the HDD makes it possible to
print the required number of copies at any time, even without a PC.
Innovative L-COA image processor
- Let users resume printing after an error without resending the print
• Ensures high-speed processing of business documents, CAD drawings,
job data from the PC.
posters and other high-volume data.

Solid Reliability as Business Printers

1-inch wide dual print head system
• 2,560 nozzles for each of the 12 colours, a total of 30,720 nozzles. • Wide variety of RIPs supported

• Delivers blazing speed and optimal image quality - For print proofing, design, commercial photographic printing, and
other applications.
• The unrivalled nozzles density enables printing of high quality images at
remarkable speed - New printers can be introduced while retaining existing workflows
with familiar RIPs

Sophisticated photographic expression • Multi-interface

• Wider colour gamut - Standard support for Gigabit Ethernet and Hi-Speed USB allows
high-speed transfers of large data volumes
- Offers rich colour expression for professional needs, such as digital
photo prints and posters that require more vivid colours. • Accounting functions

• More expressive black - To collect printer job log information and calculate printing costs

- Offers deeper and sharper black can now be reproduced by • Non-firing detection and compensation
reducing unwanted colours from the reflected light - Reduces misprints and improve print head durability, which keeps
• Smoother gradation your print quality high.

- Offers smoother colour gradation in dark areas of images, which is • Remote printer status monitoring capability
required for printing photo images with richness and depth, and to - Sends details of the printer status to a pre-registered email address
the finest detail. to provide users with email notification of ink shortages or other
- Delicate shadows are smoothly reproduced to give images depth errors even when they are away from the printer
without tone jump • Ink level detection
• Reduced Bronzing - Ink levels are displayed and warning is issued whenever ink runs
- Advances in ink materials and the printing process counteract an low
undesirable effect called "bronzing", in which reflected light alters - A smart chip in each tank stores information of the remaining
the appearance of colours printed on the surface. amount of ink
• Reduced Metamerism • Roll paper remaining management function
- Prevents variation in the appearance of printed colours under - Internal counter calculates the amount used and amount remaining
different light sources (metamerism)
- If you change paper mid-roll, a barcode containing the media type
• Enhanced Colour Response and amount remaining are printed on the edge of the paper.
- Colour output is easy to control, facilitating production with just the
desired colours. Versatile, User-Friendly Printer Driver
• Better Scratch Resistance • imagePROGRAF printer driver
- Eases worries over handling large-format prints, both when - Pull-down menus enable selection of the optimal printing modes
working on them and transporting them to the display site. and colours for specific applications (photographic images, posters,
CAD / GIS drawings, office documents, and so on)
Proofing print quality • Free Layout
• Offers high-precision printing of colours, text and lines at a level of - Files created with several application software including Microsoft
quality for proofing. Word, Excel, and Adobe Illustrator can be easily arranged and
• Produces consistent colour reproduction, using colour calibration. immediately printed.

• Has exceptional colour stability • Easy borderless and banner printing

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imagePROGRAF iPF6300 / iPF6350 (12-Colour) - Large Format Printe...

Outstanding usability - Borderless printing is integrated in this function, enabling easy

borderless printing at large sizes.
• Control panel for easy access to sophisticated functions
• Ambient Light Adjustment
• Enables high-impact borderless printing
- A feature of Kyuanos which is Canon's original next-generation
- On a variety of paper sizes colour management technology that colours can be composed for
• Adjustable* printhead position optimal viewing under the ambient light in the respective
- To suit a particular print medium and temperature and humidity
when printing
Comprehensive range of in-house printing solutions
- Further improves ink droplet placement accuracy by constantly
maintaining an optimum gap between media and printhead, • PosterArtist 2008 Lite (provided as standard)
ensuring high-quality results with a wide range of print media.
- Software for creating high-quality posters with ease All-in-one
* The printhead height can also be adjusted as required via operation package, providing a rich array of design elements and powerful
panel settings editing tools allows professional-quality posters to be produced
quickly and easily even by office users with no specialist design
• Automatic switching between two types of black ink
experience. For the use in retail, distribution, service, education,
- Pigment black ink ensures excellent colour reproduction on photo manufacturing, and other fields.
paper while pigment matte black ink produces ultra-dense black on
• Print Plug-In for Office
matte paper
- For easy large-format printing of Microsoft Excel, Word, and
- When you switch media types, optimal ink is automatically used.
PowerPoint documents.
- Improved work efficiency and less wasted ink
• Color imageRUNNER enlargement copy function
• Folded duplex printing (hanging posters)


Print head PF-05

Technology FINE (Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering)
Print Resolution (Max.) 2400 x 1200dpi
Number of Nozzles 2,560 Nozzles per Colour (30,720 Total)
Droplet Size 4 Picoliter
Nozzle Pitch (Head Resolution) 1200dpi x Two Rows
Ink Tank
Ink Type LUCIA EX (pigment-based)
Model PFI-105 (BK, MBK, C, M, Y, PC, PM, GY, PGY, R, G, B)
Ink Capacity 130ml each (bundled starter ink: 90ml)
Number of Colours 12
Ink Supply Method Tubing system (with sub-tank)
Nozzle Recovery System Non-firing Nozzle Detection and Compensation
Printer Controller L-COA Controller
Printer Memory 384MB
Media feed Top-loading (Front operation possible) Roll Paper, Front-loading Manual Feed,
Top-loading Manual Feed
Hard Disk 80GB (iPF6350 only)
Media Width 203.2mm - 610mm
Media size
Cutsheet Manual feed from the top: ISO A4, A3, A3+, A2, A2+, A1, B4, B3, B2 DIN C4, C3, C2 JIS
B4, B3, B2 ANSI 8.5 x 11", 8.5 x 14", 11 x 17", 13 x 19", 17
x 22", 22 x 34" ARCH 9 x 12", 12 x 18", 18 x 24", 24 x 36"
Photo 20 x 24", 18 x 22", 14 x 17", 12 x 16", 10 x 12", 10 x
15", 16 x 20" (US Photo size) Poster 20 x 30", 300 x 900mm
Others 13 x 22"
Manual feed from the front: ISO A2, A1, B2 DIN C2 JIS B2 ANSI 17 x 22", 22 x 34" ARCH
18 x 24", 24 x 36" Photo 20 x 24", 18 x 22" Poster 20 x 30"
Others 13 x 22"
Roll paper Width: ISO A3, A2, A1 JIS B4, B2 ARCH D (24") Others 8", 10", 14",
16", 17", 300mm, A3+ (329mm)

Media Type* 1 Plain Paper, Plain paper (High Quality), Recycled coated paper, Coated paper, Heavyweight coated
paper, Extra heavyweight coated paper, Premium matte paper, Glossy photo paper, Semi-glossy
photo paper, Heavyweight glossy photo paper, Heavyweight semi-glossy photo paper, Poster
semi-glossy phot paper, Satin Photographic paper 190gsm, Synthetic paper, Adhesive Synthetic
paper, Backlit film, Backprint film, Flame-Resistant cloth, Thin fabric Banner, Proofing paper, Fine art
photo, Fine art heavyweight photo, Fine art textured, Fine art watercolour, Fine art block print,
Canvas matte, Japanese paper washi, Coloured coated paper, CAD Tracing paper, CAD Translucent
matte film, POP board and others
Printable Margins
Roll Feed All Sides: 3mm or 0mm for Borderless
Manual Feed Left, Right, Top: 3mm
Bottom: 23mm (Front feed) or 3mm (Top feed)
Minimum Printable Media length
Roll Feed 8.0" (203.2mm)
Top-loading Manual Feed 11.0" (279.4mm)
Front-loading Manual Feed 13.78" (350mm)
Maximum Print length
Roll Feed 59" (18m)

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imagePROGRAF iPF6300 / iPF6350 (12-Colour) - Large Format Printe...

Top-loading Manual Feed 5.2" (1.6m)

Front-loading Manual Feed 36.0" (914mm)
Borderless Printing Widths (Roll Media Only) 10" (254mm), B4 (257mm), 14" (356mm), 16" (407mm), A2 (420mm), A2+ / 17" (432mm), B2
(515mm), A1 (594mm), 24" (610mm)
Media Cutter Automatic horizontal cutting (Rotary cutter), independent unit
Media Thickness
Roll Feed 0.07 - 0.8mm
Top-loading Manual Feed 0.07 - 0.8mm
Front-loading Manual Feed 0.5 - 1.5mm
Media Core Sizes Internal diameter of roll core: 2" / 3"
Maximum Roll Outer Diameter 150mm
Printing Software imagePROGRAF Printer Driver, Print Plug-in for Photoshop, Print Plug-in for DPP, Printer Driver Extra
Kit (Free Layout, imageRUNNER Linking Function), Print Plug-in for Microsoft Office
Utilities Media Configuration Tool, GARO Status Monitor (Windows) /
Print Monitor (MAC), Remote UI
Applications Digital Photo Front-Access, Poster Artist 2009 (optional)
Printer language GARO (Canon Proprietary)
Operating Systems Windows (2000, XP, Server 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7) 32 / 64 bit
Macintosh (OSX 10.3.9 and above) 32 / 64 bit
Standard (Built-in) USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, 10 / 100 / 1000base-TX
Optional IEEE1394 (FireWire)
Acoustic Noise
Operation Approx. 47dB (A) or Less
Standby 35dB (A) or Less
Acoustic Power 6.4 Bels or Less
Power Supply AC 100 - 240V (50 - 60Hz)
Power Consumption
Maximum 100W or Less
Standby (100 - 120V) 6W or Less
Standby (220 - 240V) 7W or Less
Power Off 1W or Less (Executive Order Compliant)
Certifications ENERGY STAR (WW), RoHS directive, IT ECO Declaration(Europe), WEEE, Executive Order of the
President of the United States of America, China RoHS
Operational Environment
Temperature 15 - 30°C
Relative Humidity 10 - 80% (No Condensation)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1177 x 870 x 991mm (with Printer Stand)
Weight (with Stand) Approx. 66kg
User Replaceable Items Print Head (PF-05)
Ink Tanks (PFI-105)
Maintenance Cartridge (MC -16)

*1 For the information of purchasable media, contact your local sales representative.
*2 Maximum printable length varies according to the OS and application.




• IEEE1394 expansion board (EB-05)

• Printer Stand (ST-25)

• Roll holder set (RH2-25) - 2-inch core roll holder with 3-inch paper tube attachment and borderless print spacer

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imagePROGRAF iPF6300 / iPF6350 (12-Colour) - Large Format Printe...

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