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Places to eat in Teguise 


El Risco  
The perfect plan 

Located in Calle Montaña Blanca,30 Caleta de Famara 

We strongly recommend to reserve by ​calling 928528550 ​(ask for this table, the last one on the right by 
the window) 


How about this view as a starting point? 
The restaurant El Risco located on the seafront of the small town of Caleta de Famara has 
consolidated its trajectory of modern Canarian cuisine. The culinary work goes beyond the 
simple fish with wrinkled potatoes and mojos. Without great artifices, the treatment of 
fresh fish and seafood from El Risco has resulted in graceful dishes where the flavor of the 
Atlantic is extracted to the maximum. 

This lovely place occupies a privileged location overlooking the beach and the cliff of 
Famara, and the islands of the Chinijo Archipelago (La Graciosa and Alegranza). 

The restaurant has a double terrace. The main, coinciding with the entrance to the place, 
which looks to the main road, made from Jable, from the town of Caleta de Famara. The 
other exterior viewpoint is located on the maritime avenue of the town. It would make the 
ideal space as long as the wind does not blow in this locality. Unfortunately, the trade 
winds hit permanently, except in the last four months of the year when the force of the 
wind significantly decreases. The furniture and decor is elegant and comfortable. You will 
not find cheap chairs and tables made of plastic although it´s location suggests otherwise. 

The restaurant was designed by ​César Manrique​. True to its style, it condensed the main 
characteristics of the Lanzarote architecture to the double interior living room of the 
enclave. The pristine white fits with the soft blue tones of the windows and gates. There 
are some maritime lanterns and some portholes (circular holes made in the exterior 
bulkheads of the ships) that stand out as decorative complements. 


In the main dining room stands out the size of the windows that bring the diner to the raw nature
reserve. It´s a pity that the room rumbles so much, transforming the sum of pleasant conversations
into annoying noise. In this sense it is preferable to have lunch at any of the terraces or at dinner
time, when there will be less people.

Marine scents

The modern techniques of El

Risco is best appreciated in
its selection of starters. The
tartare of avocado and
prawns, tuna, crunchy moray
and tuna taquitos wrapped in
pineapple stand out. There
is seafood from the coast of
Lanzarote, limpets and
prawns from the neighboring
city of La Santa, and also
from Galicia: clams, mussels
and knives.
However, the grateful portion of ​octopus on the grill stands out​, accompanied by paprika oil and
cilantro cream. The incorporation in the menu of the laborious meatballs of kid supposes a
counterpoint for the meat lovers.

The marine scents from the brave sea of ​Famara invite you to taste fish as a main course. The
portions are plentiful. Cherne fillets, horse mackerel and sama loins or Saharan squid, prepared with
a modern touch based on tempered pickle, short saffron broth or with sweet potato parmentier and
vinaigrette in its ink. Another specialty of the restaurant are the rice dishes: seafood paella, octopus
and shrimp, the mushy carabinieri and mussels and the one we recently tasted, very accomplished,
the black rice with squid and cream of seaweed.

After a good swim, what´s

better than Paella!

In the meat offer of the menu, a traditional dish has an outstanding position: kid lamb 
roasted in Lanzarote style.They also include grilled entrecote, kid chops and the curious 
rabbit carré filled with Iberian prey and pickled vegetables. The house does not have a wine 
list. It is based on the best wines of the island, mainly white malvasías, and some 
incorporation of Spanish red wines. It keeps a correct price-quality balance. 

Do yourself a favor and just ask for a good espresso and save your sweet tooth for another 
place: the desserts are not at the required level.  

Gin tonics? Up to you! but please, on the terrace (if weather permits) 

All in all this experience will cost around 25-35€ per person, a very correct price point.