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What is the latest update with respect to our organizational goals and our progress in
realizing the roadmap ?
2. Why are we having another webinar session on “leadership qualities” ? what is the
current context for a discussion on this subject that has been covered in prior sessions ?
3. What stands between us and our goals today in terms of success or failure ?
4. What are the various distinct roles available for people in our organization ? What is the
scope of reward and opportunities for each of these roles ?
5. What is and isn’t viewed as exemplary of leadership ? what are the distinct
characteristics for being or becoming a leader ?
6. We have heard many cliches on leadership repeated before. How does all that fit in our
specific outlook of leadership ?
7. Are we expected to sacrifice our other priorities for work related objectives in one’s life in
the demanding role of leadership ?
8. What is the true motivating force behind leadership ?
9. What is the mechanism by which leaders will be identified in our company ?
10. What is the expectation behind aligning with the leadership ?
11. Can you please share some contextual examples of leadership for the benefit of
understanding ?

1. clarity in products and org. things are humming, CE, support, Sales, marketing,
community engagement. divided into teams - google adwords etc
2. 160+ people across engg primarily BDR, onlinebackup, CRM, sales desk, fileshare,
portal, marketing automation, notes..roadmap...integrated suite of products
3. so many functions are happening...we need every level of leadership candidates
4. we can call them whatever, potential...exhibit some qualtities like a leader..whatever
experience level...without this we cant scale and win
5. plan , investment and vision in place….how to succeed ????
6. execution plan in place….different levels we need tech, product markeiting, support, a
champion we need it...eventually become leaders
7. we need to find and give opportunity adn make it happen
8. opportunities….take ownership and responsibility
9. message - succes factors - we cant acheive it unless we have champions in place
10. critical need of the hour...opportunity for young people and big boost for their career

what do i mean by leadership ?

1. nobody is born a leader, you done need degree - no MBA

2. it is an attitude...commitment to mission,,,purpose
3. what will not happen ? excuses to escape from work and commitment from acheiveing
and executing on to be he purpose
4. the champion candidate characteristics
a. reasonable level of intelligence and IQ - road of self discovery
b. if we want and aspiring,
c. married to purpose
d. commitment short term...always confident inspite of setbacks...unwavering
e. inspire others setting the tone..rally around ...rub off the enthusiasm to make it
f. self driven..self belief, authenticyt..self esteem.
g. no excuses..find a way to get things...excited to have the problem..
h. cliches of leadership - of the examples...a new management
philosophy tailored for us...its an evolution...everyday fine
i. undiluted --self doubts..uncertainties...nobody points out the mistakes...they are
ignored...brainwashed….publishers are focussing on theirn things to
selling...selling ...failing….
j. le of those things...some of the failkures
happened...mutliptle sources… is not true...embellishing...cheatin

5. treat it as a job, career or mission - three ways we think of a role

as a job - do it what we are told, some do it and some dont do it extra
ownership adn responsibility…
if youa re like cant have ambitions...reqward is comensurate to this thought process

career - where we want to take responsibility ...autority dn emaningful adn recognition adn put in
extra effort…

next level is the champions - candidates...this is where the purpose is t...defines your
life...everything is adjusted to this and family need to be worked around to adapt to
this life’s excuses, champions home to christmas...purpose demands
attention...emergency is an exception...this is not a rule…
then youc an aspire to be achampion

6. examples ---leaders dont give excuses where they could be have a sports
class. they can workaround...dont have ambition...if you have such resaons

as a bnusiness, we have a purpose...we need to identify the champions and leaders and then
empowered...however much you are expericend or senior, you have to align with the leader.
you may be more doesn’t is not a sacrifice...then forget it..
7. i am sacrificing the sones birthday party and this thought process pushed you down.

8. when you believe ….you are pusihing yourself to do...youa re artifically pushing ...not wont think it as a sacrifice…

personal satisfaction/motivation should be the prime moer…

if you exhibit that quality, you are a champion

everything life...cannot sustain…cannot allow that to come in the way of the

9. who knows how to place things...assertion to set boundries...leadership is also exhibitied in

your perrsonal matters...after marriage...chivalry and social pressure...sucumbing to that…that
will deviate the mind from the purpose…

10. this is not perfect...metaphorical example…

11. contextual example ….jeff bezos...billl gates...sundar pichai...steve balmer...satya nadella

12. tremendous align to that purpose….every priority in life…

13. what te company needs ?

the highest authority will go the champions

the ones who are talented and skilled...their growth is curve is restrcied

the job person….

it has nothing to do with age or expericne




entrusting the responisbility

11. feel good story are lines

12. there are such champions in the company...there are people ...right level of self drive and
motivation..inteliigence...they are threre...self belief...confidence...conquer their fears…
dont hold yourself back...self esteem and seek such opportunities...

13. if you are experiecned 1 year….you take work seriously...give your excuses to
escape...contributing well..automatic recognition… you will make yourself visibile...come and
ask for more responsibilities...but you should be upto it

14. auto bubbel up...leadership not for credit...restless if he could have seen something better…
his focus is on continous improvement...he wants to change to make things better...not for
claiming the credit...because tof the bnature

if you want to eb aleader...they are not confident of themselves and openly declare the
authenticity...that makes them look .sorry...cant get nmutual cooperation…with conviction and
there is amistake and accept responsibilities for the mistakes and make sure if you dont do it
next time...common sense...silly mistakes...try and do it with conviction…

self learning...perspecive and how to change the ways…it bubbles up to the top

motiviation and hardword and determination and do it over and over over……

short burst….100m dash...derives pleasure by doing things better