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CBH (BAHAMAS) LTD. A wholly owned subsidiary of CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique S.A. Geneva, Switzerland ACCOUNT OPENING AGREEMENT FOR LEGAL ENTITIES (REF 1209) CBH (BAHAMAS) LTD. ‘The Bank expresses thanks to the clint forthe confidence evidence by hi opening ofan account H asks the det 16 read this present docament carefully and to no complt the forms provided otis end. rusted bythe cient, the ‘Sank willsend Mina ceed tran copy L ACCOUNT OPENING AGREEMENT 1 _DECLARATION OF IDENTITY Name: Beedon uirfitey SA ‘egal documentation to be added to the account opening agreement ¥ ‘Memorandum and Aries cf Asscition or Charter a evi copy of cempany gist & is of authorized grate a Resolution of the Boar of Dinca auttzing the opening and the opening procedures of the company acount (opal) a is of anthrized persons for managing the account (optional) ‘Latest ama report Form spat WM naiyssalty O jointy ‘he signatories) wareants/warrnt the authenity andthe const as of his dae of the infomation provided above He/She hey wi ine te Bar in eng fa (CBH (BAHAMAS) LTD. Tl, ACCOUNTSPECIFICATIONS indy open the flowing type of account with your exaishment: @ ‘nominative acount Agreed tek which wl operat with he following scout cep e ‘current account @ epost econ 2 ‘securities account small egredcurences Langage Correependene so beconducte in tI Tnglish a French a Gemma MAILING ADDRESS: 9) Allcomespondenc, sitions of ansictions ad satements of account aro beset othe lowing ars pee: B 9) Atorrespontence, nitions of ranetions and ken of acount ae tobe retin by te Rak Ho hiss Ut ‘omen wl be constr have bron diver ows onthe dat stated thereon, ly th he Bonk =| ‘ape sles fom all espn th espe The Bak is uthorsed wo destoy al coxafdence which has not te claimed three years afters ise.