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Dante: wow!

The trip was very tired

Nicole: it´s true ,Do you want to eat?

Dante: yes, please, I am hungry

Nicole: Do you know any restaurant nearby?

Dante: I don’t know… let´s go to ask them.

Nicole: excuse me, Can you speak English?

Wilder: yes, can I help you?

Nicole: Is there a restaurant near here?

Wilder: if, you went out the airport. Go straight two blocks on Tomas Valle Avenue. It´s on
the middle of the block.

Dante: thanks very much

Luis: hello! I am Luis, You are tourists? True?

Nicole: Hi Luis. I am Nicole and he is my best friend Dante, we are from Canada.

Wilder: I am sorry, I am wilder a pleasure to meet you.

Nicole: the pleasure is ours!

Dante: guys, how is the weather in Lima?

Luis: Now, it is summer in Lima. In the morning the weather is warm and sunny.

Nicole: Really? I thought that lime was in winter.

Dante: hey Nicole, we should buy light clothes, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Wilder: There is a clothing store near here :), you will take the bus and go faster.

Luis: the public transportation is cheap. You can go any places for only 2 soles

Dante: it is great, but… how is the traffic here?

Wilder: well, traffic is heavy, especially during rush hour.

Nicole: I do not like the traffic, because I stressed

Luis: relax. You can go to visit the beaches of Lima because it is a quiet and beautiful place.
Wilder: also, Lima there is little pollution. You should go.

Nicole: good idea!, well ,we have to go.

Dante: thanks guys.bye

Wilder: bye, was a pleasure to meet you.