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Today parents are worried , their children spend long hours in front of television.
They prefer watching TV tan talk whit her family , it cause problems such as,
bad grades , overweight , lack of concentration to memorize thing, family
problems in other.

Is the television is good or bad? TV itself is neither good nor bad but depend on
the use and purpose of if the television has done. Few parents control the u8se
of the television in the children maybe for ignorance, lack of time in others , but
we know all television programs are good or bad.

Another problem that causes the TV is increased aggressiveness in the

addicted person. The violent or tragic images that children and teenager can
access through television news programs have on the greater influence than
fiction. Tv monopolizes to the point where the child doesn’t want to go out and
play with their friends, siblings or peers so that communication wanes. The
hours that children are watching tv are at the expense of other important
activities such as homework, reading, physical exercise.

therefore has become a very important element for the family functioning,
but this apparatus makes us so addicted that however do not see the risk to our
lives to us students cut us the vision and we find it difficult at school

We must show children the spectacular and emotional character sometimes

embellishes violence , increasing his fascination of many of the messages they
receive ( movies, cartoons , advertising ... ) , select the programs according to
child development and , of course , the time limit television viewing
however we must contralateral what we see on TV because it can cause many
consequences sometimes mothers often located wing child in front of the TV to
perform their chores in which she is making a mistake because the child
become addicted to this medium and its behavior changed by the scenes views.

In conclusion television is a social environment that we know use it to prevent

its effects are developed within the device, try to see educational programs for
our mentality because TV helps children develop their minds and teens or
adults to stay relaxed , make family gatherings so that people get distracted
otherwise little bit and try to be addicted to television.