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Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen (from India) developed Buddhism in China and developed ‘SWAISO’ as
one of the best practices for the overall development of human being. Literally ‘SWAISO’ means to ‘swing’ or to
‘throw away’. By swinging the arms back and forth with the feeling of throwing away negative emotions and
attitudes like fear, jealously, greed, anger, foolishness etc. one can gain positive energy. ‘SWAISO’ exercise is a
means for prevention of disease as well as cure. It is also a means for sustaining and developing health. It is easy
and can be practiced by any age group for obtaining remarkable cure for several diseases.

It is a physical exercise which dissolves the blocks and tensions locked in the body and transforms them
into useful energies. Various types of Cancers, High and Low Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cirrhosis of the Liver,
Arthritis, Neurosis, various diseases of digestive system, Heart disease, Kidney disease get relieved. ‘SWAISO’ is
also a very effective tool for Stress Management and helps overcoming stress related problems like depression,
anxiety and relationship issues. ‘SWAISO’ improves concentration, memory, intuitive power, creativity and

As per ancient Indian vedic scriptures and subsequent discoveries made by the promoters of Acupuncture,
there is a network of 72,000 major nadis and many more sub-nadis in our Energy body. By practicing ‘SWAISO’
the ‘Ki’ or ‘Prana’ is stimulated and flows from the soles to reach all the muscles, skin, bones and joints in an
effective manner revitalising the entire body constitution. The calf muscles being part of gluteus muscles in the
human body get activated and pump blood to the heart more efficiently. A ten minutes practice of ‘SWAISO’ daily
can be equated to an hour of morning walk whenever walking is not possible.

‘Prana’ or ‘Ki’ combines with oxygen & glucose molecules which is absorbed from the food into the blood
and becomes heat. Blood follows the path of energy and energy follows the path of blood. Thus ‘Prana’ entering
the lungs exchanges the carbon dioxide with fresh oxygen into the blood stream combined with the nutrients
absorbed from the digestive system to each and every cell of the human body and allows oxidation and generation
of heat in an efficient manner. ‘SWAISO’ increases appetite and fresh blood circulation. By enabling movement of
muscles of the shoulders, the feeling of heaviness and stiffness disappears. The up and down movement of the
diaphragm becomes more efficient. ‘SWAISO’ activates/energises the lungs, cardiovascular system, circulatory
system, respiratory system thus helps in breathing related problems.

During Swaiso practice, anus is contracted similar to Ashwani Mudra in yoga. Prana (Ki/Chi) moves upward
through the chakras and balances energy flow in chakras, which brings physiological and psychological changes to
achieve a state of well-being. ‘SWAISO’ is a dynamic mediation and is a tool for spiritual upliftment as it balances
the flow of prana (Ki/Chi) through chakras and enhances intuitive powers. Thus, SWAISO helps us to keep good
health in all levels viz. physical, energy level, mental, emotional and even Spiritual well-being.


Stand firmly on the ground with legs and torso straight. Spread the feet equal to shoulder width and with
toes slightly gripping the earth. Swing both arms forward and backward by using force only in the ‘back swing’ and
allow them to go forward by their own inertia. Keep the elbows straight, palms facing down, and eyes focused
straight. Allow the mind to empty itself and begin counting silently the number of swings (throws). Inhale while
bringing hands upwards (upto eye level) and exhale in the ‘back swing’. Raise the heels while exhaling and bring
the hands backwards. Start the first session by swinging 10 times in each direction and gradually increase number
of swings each day, in multiples of 10 upto 100 swings in each direction.

While swinging your arms in the backward direction, visualise releasing one of your negative traits. Work on
each trait for forty days. Have awareness that positive energy is getting stored below the navel region. Face ‘East’
direction, start the Swaiso exercise with a humble prayer to the Lords of East direction to bestow ‘Peace’ energy.
After completion of the exercise thank the lords of East direction for bestowing Peace energy. Repeat the same
count facing South, West and North directions by praying the Lords of that direction for Protection, Fulfillment of
desires and Prosperity energies respectively. Thank the lord of each direction after completion of Swaiso in each


Wear loose clothes while performing ‘Swaiso’. The exercise may be avoided by women during menstrual
cycles and pregnancy. It may also be avoided in surgical cases, bone spurs in the arms/legs and those having
severe knee/hip problems. If infection has set in and abdomen has swollen condition, SWAISO may be avoided.