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og ae The New Extended d Working RANGE for Clarinet A Comprehensive Fingering Guide » from Chalumeav Low E G== 10 Alrissimo Supérieur G = 6660 (ss gee This Book is Dedicated 10 Hanna Wolczedska BB vos Table of Contents Preface: Clariner Fixgerings from the Beginning The New Exrended Working Range for the Clan from Chalumeau low E 10 Alrissimo supérieur Preface: Clarinet Fingerings from the Beginning ‘On August 8, 1943, I began assembling the many fingerings that 1 accumulated in five years of study with Ralph Maclean and have continued collecting them ever since. Recalling that memorable date was not difficult, since that was the day Mr. Maclean left New York City for his new position as principal clarinetist with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadetphia Orchestra, He also assumed the position of Professor of Clarinet at the Curtis, Institute of Music. ‘So many fingerings appropriate for one clarinet (good intonation coupled with good sound and resistance) may hardly work on another. Carefully check the following fingerings and chose those compatible with your instrument. Be aware that the fingerings you chose for your principal B> clarinet may or may not be acceptable for use on your A clarinet. Then again, you may have to choose a few other fingerings for your spare Bb clarinet so that it also has the right resistance, intonation and “color” you desire. Often, you will find slight alterations in fingerings from clarinet to clarinet a necessity. ‘That having been said, perhaps the best approach should travel along these lines: begin with the establishment of the basic chromatic-scale fingerings you plan to use and fill in from that point. Check the twelfihs, octaves and fifths for resistance, intonation and tim- bre. Get set on your principal Bh cfarinet first, then move to the A clarinet and finish with your spare Bb and on to the Eb clarinet. All of the above may be mildly or severely affect- ed by the mouthpiece, barrel, reed and clarinet used. By all means, work with your tuner as you select appropriate fingerings, ‘The set of fingerings to be used for the basic chromatic scale are those found direct- ly beneath the staff of each note from pages 5 through 32. Those are the fundamental fin- getings for the ascending and descending forms of the chromatic scale and are compiled in the Addendum beginning on page 33. —Kalmen Opperman My sincene thavks 10 Tom Piercy for his assistance sand conmnibutions and to Junya Kurita for bis AcCURAEE, INTRICATE anrwork, —Kalmen Opperman The New Extended Working Range for Clarinet from Chalumeau E to Altissimo Supérieur G ‘Chalumeau ple 3 tele 3 folo $l! oD Intermédiaine Clarion = SS ° Abtissino fe/a a jae = 7 to. re s po 2 tafe - - , fa st ol e ee dll 0000 0000 Botorg Sewese 5 ec oc a eSeoe ejee yee BB oc BB oe SB os BB ote Wf BB os ai oc Bi evee ose Tt BB ot 0000 oFee (lowe | ee Syrre aille 0000 Bare ey 9° =e 0000 are) 205 —Se 0000 adil a bce og Sa a Serre agen oe eo) AeA ere i sl o€ ofSe eve) tea 9° fr 0000 " BAY oy 0° fr iS = oo ofSe ode? 9° Fr —=e 0000 oR hop soge eo =e 0008 sell ee es alll ge gS 33 La a 2 20° FEF fade hope gy ABA) ropo gy =e 0000 =e 0000 : e) a ogP ll fad) cog 0000 = oD ae eye OT 0000 0000 sin, 0° teins age —.0 0000 (iS oe oes oe ar | je, 5° Cr 0900 if seen, 0000 feo Lo 0.099 tr 0 (N00 “fac J eopofg Sted) ang joe ae 9° ag’ PE aad Rare) es ee00 De AT S Tee 0000 = DOT - ofSe abe) eay 9° ar 7 FSR eS ET O00 S Se, “es egg th ee S, = (S cde) oepegr FS tee semeegr = sir AS, sede Moe oo a 0000 ee be : BB ole oF i Fo35e ogee Pe SB of SB oe cote 0000 fa/F oo o- t a ocoe ejee a es oa 0000 Sb eSo50 eree nm 26 eo a ° ay west B oo e "Qe 0000 a ° eqe e Q JS a oo ovoe ejee 3 esp Boo $3 oo SB ov ofSd od ae 9° iT —ee 0000 aS aon ae “0000 Ss, IE arn aU . 7 °F ot 0000 S ofS8 odo) “e090 Gr Se cn. 0000 sa a yo PEE Al) 38 $$ ofSe 00 je, 9° fF tn ey Com ; ~ oc oc= oc oc suse 0000 “hese Sf 0000 OQeo R : SS all & 0000 oFo0o fewwc 3) Se 000 oO 2 0000 SB o&K& Zo go este Bets so irursh 0000 Bog sl PSII UF ee. 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If one cannot accomplish this fluidity in intervals of a semitone, it would be difficult to continue this Jiquid styie of clarinet playing using larger inter- vals, which naturally follow. The Following Pages Contain... suggested BASIC chromatic scale fingerings for Bb, A and Eb Clarinet (from Chalumeau Low E to Altissimo Supérieur G) 33 ee “ig 3 |) Sages yo gr all —e 0000 =e 0000 zo Ss, 3 ip ePors|t eee “nee 0000 lf Seton araas = 00 ooo0 — “S000” 7 ‘0000 ” EVN red / Dt mib / Eb e/D Loton peer Rt dot / Ct reb / Db do/C 1 ofSe edo!) ofSe ey) ge —e —_e 2 ofSe ede) —e 0000 0000 0000 0000 (iS 909° Fir 009° fir ae 009° Fir (S G08 We L/G a n=} af z Ea sol ll ! solb / Gb “ i tl fal F mi /E Raye 09° ir 0000 =o ooee ABA) roger ——_e BAY ogo gr =e 0000 ARAN oogoge —Se 9000 g = = $ RBaol™ er 3 i AR) eopege | “hy, ee 0000 AI 0.090 IF 1) S04 seege foo y - og Oe i gee eae Sane) oan I tdi all = S&S ally he | 229° IF oe =D0 & = (OTN ren las / At sib / Bb «/D dot / Ct reb / Db == solé / Gt Intermédiaire do/C Clarion Alrissimo 0000 —e oe 000 Bui 0° GT ~se 0000 Bane 29° Er 0000 Badd rosoge eulls Loe 0° MT sol il xd ||| |33 z fAlF ‘= Rad 29° Ar —we 0008 2 °° AEP in OOM Bere) ogo gr 0000 —De : oe °° Mir 0000 =e wesse Altissimo oe wee To 0000 % ° aaa (Joba) dot / Cf — eb / Db 1 A$—sib / Bb ABA) ooo gr —2e 0000 go fa 8va--- iS oeeP ooo alain 0000 - PNTICSIMOMSIU anise (Ss ail tad) roo gp See sg OS ee es —2e 0000 a ofSe oe je eyo — —se 0000 do/C alll 8va, — b 1 Ab ha (iS S 3 Vo!) “ooo 3 0008 2° AF oe ae — (Ss oA o ape gy § RSet oeoeefy fe e000 i EgoKSs 2 eye i =e 0000 al ise a rr ig ie Oo seo r a ial] Bo) ooo gr dall 5 ASR ana) age ge —we 0000 0 i v7, = a 2 4 i