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Interfacing Arduino 74164 Serial
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Shift Register Driving LCD Display
by Lewis Loflin

Here we will explore how to connect Arduino to a 2 line by 16 character LCD
display. The electrical connections are shown above. I have avoided user
supplied libraries because changes in the Arduino compiler means some of them
don't work. The other point being how to write one's own code and get a better
understanding of the electronics and how a micro-controller really operate. This
will enable the student or hobbyist to connect other similar devices or learn how
to connect new devices.
The code will allow one to display characters, strings, integers, and floats on the
LCD display. Some of the code was borrowed from the following projects minus
the GPIO expander and the use of a 74164 code for Arduino.
Download the complete code for this demo: arduino4a.txt.
YouTube video for this project: Using a SN74164 Serial Shift Register with a
LCD Display and Arduino
About the 74164 Shift register and the LCD Display
Demo to shift byte into 74HC164 to operate LCD display. In the case of the
Hd44780 type display Q1-Q7 of the 74164 connects to D0-D7 LCD.
The 74HC164 has three inputs:
Input A-B (pins 1, 2) is for data. they can be tied together or the one not used
tied to +Vcc
Clock pin 8 data is serially shifted in and out of the 8-bit register during the
positive going transition of clock pulse.
Clear (pin 9) is independent of the clock and accomplished by a low level at
the clear input. Can connect to Vcc.

As far as LSB first or MSB bit first is up to software and electrical connections on
the output. LCD pin 6 (E), HIGH to LOW transition will clock info into display.
Select command or data with RS. RS set to 0 is command, 1 is data. R/W goes
to ground. LCD command codes are shown below.
Program code for this project: arduino_74164.txt

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