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FORMS COMPANYNO. 33571 COMPANIES ACT OF BARBADOS. CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION JETCAR VyINC. Name of Company Thereby certify that the above-mentioned Company, the Articles of Incorporation of which are attached, was incorporated utider the Compaities Act of Barbados. i ‘Se Registrar of Companies Suly 26th, 2010 Date of Incorporation COMPANIES ACT OF BARBADOS (ection 169(1) and (2)) NOTICE OF ADDRESS Form 4 NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS OF REGISTERED OFFICE Name of Company JETCAR V, INC. Company Number 22.55 p Address of Registered Office 13, 8" Avenue, Belleville St. Michael, Barbados Maling Address ‘Same as above If change of address, giveprevious address 6f Registered Office, N/A Date: July 26, 2010 Signature: Tite: Incorporator For Ministry use only Company Number: 255) Filed: 265) 2old AE IE36S rm 33 3o00 Qowhpo COMPANIES ACT OF BARBADOS REQUEST FOR NAME SEARCH AND NAME RESERVATION Name, Address and telephone number of person making request: Gayle A. Hutchinson Trident Corporate Services (Barbados) Limited 13, 6” Avenue, Bellevite St. Michael, Barbados ‘Telephone Number: (246) 431 0760 2. Proposed name or names in order of preference (2) JETCAR V, INC. ) © 3. Main types of business the company cartes on or proposes to cary on: {@) International Business Company ~ The company wil lease aircraft Under Intemational Trade & Commerce as defined in Section 6 ofthe International Business Companies Act 1991-24 ) © Derivation of name Derived from clients imagination 5. First name available to be reserved: Yes Nol) 6. Name is for: Incorporation of a company, 7. __Iffor a change of name, state present namie of company: NA 8, _Iffor an amalgamation, state names of amalgamating companies: NYA For Ministry use only dane med pty} | Oec ‘APPROVED 19 20\0-10-2G 30 See attached letter if name is not reserved Date reeved: 2O\G-G7-26 Form COMPANIES ACT OF BARBADOS (Gections 66 & 74) NOTICE OF DIRECTORS OR NOTICE OF CHANGE OF DIRECTORS 4. Name of Company JETCAR V, INC. 2. Company Number 3387 / 13, Notice is given that on the 26! day Gf July, 2010 the following person(s) was /'were appointed director(s) Nome Revamntal AaS Secupetan, (Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas ‘Avda, Francisco de Miranda Torre Adriatica, Oficina 81 Director | ‘Akimira, Caracas, Venezuela 1 the following person(s) ceased to hold office as ‘4. ‘Notice is given that on the day sirectors) Tame Reside Rares 4 Nin '5,_TMhe directors of the company a5 Of this date are: July 26, 2010. (heme (Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas Geapation Director Date: July 26, 2010 ‘Signature: Lata Title: Incorporator For Ministry use only Company Number: 32.59 Fed: 2665 Dols