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PARLIAMENT OFFICE OF HON ZMD MANDELA, MP CELL: 082 990 9000 200 p2018 Régie vitor, Char 848850 ese Comrade Régne Lester of support and endorsement: Hunger Sie by Ms aude Mang Asta \We ring you gesting of hit Neon Mandela CentennlCelebraton Year and afi our cominued support of Ni ourapeour legacy of solder with the stugsing martes of the worl, wherever they may be and whatever Injustice they maybe fang we tang as one united inthe sug for juste, redo, human dlgnty and peace We have stoos bythe jst stra ofthe Sahrawi peopl for decades and wi comnue to o so and therefore call on the French Goverment andthe Moroccan authors to ensue thatthe bes uman rights of Ms laude Mang Defra herhusband Naima Aan upld and respected “he cominued suppression ofthe gts ofthe Sahrawi people in vlton of international lm, andthe dena of ‘hel right to sef-dterminaton I 2 moral crime that 3s despable ast untenable. We nate with concer the ‘lation ofthe bsichuman hts of Ms Claude Mangi Afar and deni of her rght oo vate nd omy Me Under international Humantarion o Her repested denial of acess to the Moroccan terior since December 2016, without providing any prtiular ‘estan eectvey prevents he rm visting he sand in incarceration. This snot on Uracceptable, sas ‘njustand eros lations of her rah. ‘We send ou geting othe widow of our hero Ms Ansa Boumédiene, the wdow ofthe ate Algerian President Ie, Hous Boumlenne ane the ene leadership cllective of Algeria uncer President Abdur Soul for ‘hei onioued aad etee support tothe strug forse determination ofthe people of Waster Shara ust 3 ‘they supported ur through thick andthin gant the brutal apart sate ‘Wie call onthe President ofthe Freveh Republic and his government to make every ello’ to ensue thatthe Naima aeart We fully support and endorse the brave ations of Ms Clude and her indefinite hunger strike to aban the ‘estratin of er eight fo wl her husband Naéma cently ld ix Keira prion in Morac. Thi act of sf ‘erie by Ms Gauge nas much ast an acto courage and bravery is ao an 2 of despaton to ensure that her eaure does ot sale ananymtyandsilencein the fae of estreme sppreson ond prvaction, "ella a pete loving activists al over the wel to Bkewie show tei support for Ms Cane’s hunger sie 9s ‘wall a demand the immediate rless of trims Af and a Western Sahara ple preoneslnqusing in Moroccan aie "once agin repeat the cl sat | ssuesn my open letter othe King of Moroco, MRM King Mohamed I ec this ‘wear and cll onthe Kingdom of Morocco to immedatly campy with UN referendum on sltdeterminston {esoluion 15/14) and reterte the final opinion ofthe CA, KSbed on December 12, 2026, reeogriang “he ‘ation by the Moroccan Stat of several ates ofthe Convention aghnstTarture and Othe Cr Inhuman oF Detradng Treatment or Furishment inthe care of Naima Afar an ike ln Moreen etn fom shy ad of pest, intimidation or reprisals kel to harm the physical and moral ntegry of the compliant and his fami We sy to Ms lace Maran Asan, we ey with your cee an fee your pan We standby you ae you pursue Your hunger sre We Know what fel ihe tobe denied your basi ight, tobe deprived af sting your omy 3 ry eandlther ade endure suing isincreraton fr 27 yea. ‘few days ago South ia 25 2 natin celebrated Freedom Day on the 27h Ar. Me ware reminge tht thers ‘wa tie our recent past when acts ke you toe went on hunger strike to demand the release of aur hero nd global cn, wesonRaiala Mandela to demand ou fundamental aman eight, ano demand a9 ert the brutality and oppresion ofthe apartheid state Toy ts you who ts making that brave call an taking ths euragzous tad nthe face of Merecan butt. Yeu wll never stand akong We slut you and support youin your hunger strike an yours strug. We wil continue te spor you uta poltclpcanere are reed anda the people of Western sahara con ence tei ight self determination ‘Alta continua the strug continues! ‘Te legacy Ines on an the dream shall never de! Hon: Ger 2wevetle Wanda, MP Parament of South atce Gpe own Westen cape Province South ie