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TEACHER TUBE is a free, safe, and educational alternate resource to video sharing

websites like YouTube. It can be extremely useful in the classroom and outside while
preparing lessons because education as a field is so reliant on the sharing of ideas. I have
had teachers tell me they didn't know about Teacher Tube. This is a resource that all
teachers need to know about. A lot of our assignments from this point forward are
specifically for teachers. You will probably use the rest of the assignments in this course
your first year teaching.

Teachers use teacher tube to better illustrate a standard they want to teach. Standards are
developed by experienced master teachers. Each state uses a set of standards. Curriculum
frameworks is another term used in place of standard. They both mean the same. To teach
a standard a teacher would need to use multiple resources. Teacher tube is one of those
resources and it is a very popular resource.

Before we get started let me talk a minute about standards. In Arkansas all public school
teachers must use a set of standards for the content they teach. Sometimes we refer to the
standards as curriculum frameworks. The standards/curriculum frameworks table is on the
next page.

1|Teacher Tube Assignment

Curriculum Framework/Standards Table
Note: On a lot of the pages with the standards you will see a lot of options. You will want
to find the standard that best fits your teacher tube video.

Subject Curriculum Framework/Standards

Agriculture Educ.

Technology Educ.

Computer Science



Scroll down until you see Drama.

Elementary Go to the English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Fine Arts. Click on the appropriate grade level
Education for your video. Choose any of the standards for K – 5.

English Language

Arts documents/english-language-arts

Family &

Consumer Sciences

Fine Arts


Foreign Language



Scroll down until you see Journalism.


Physical Education

and Health documents/physical-education-and-health


Social Studies


2|Teacher Tube Assignment

Special Education


In this assignment you will find two teacher tube videos that you could use in your class to
help teach a concept. Please see the “Teaching Majors” link to see what your teaching
major is. You will not receive any credit for this assignment if your teacher tube video
does not relate to your teaching major. Then, you will find the curriculum framework that
is appropriate for your video.

Hint: It may be easier to find the curriculum framework first and then find a teacher tube
video. You will have to try both. It’s not easy.

The next step will require you to provide the URL of the video and the name of the
framework and number and description. Next, you will write a paragraph on how you will
use the video.

Then, you will take a screenshot of the video page.

Don’t worry. I’ll walk you through each step in detail and give examples.


Step 1. Go to the website. You will need an account. It is free.

Sign up for an account.

Step 2. After you are a member “sign in” navigate to the "Videos" tab (it's on the
horizontal bar at the top). Click on "Videos." (It is next to “Home.”) It will take
a minute to load.

Once you are on the "VIDEOS" page you will see a box that says "Subject:" and
then there is a drop down box. (See example below.) Click on the down arrow
key and choose a subject that matches your teaching major or closely matches
it. For example, "business education and family and consumer science" is not
listed but "Career and Technical Education CATE" is listed.

3|Teacher Tube Assignment


Step 3. Choose a video to review. Click on the video that you could use in your
classroom. The video has to be one that matches one of your curriculum

Step 4. Using the snipping tool (if on a PC) or copy and paste (if on a MAC) snip/copy
the screen that shows the video picture and Description of the video. It is very
important that all of that information is snipped. You will use this picture and the
description in your Prezi later on.

For example, I clicked on “Elementary” in my search. Then, I clicked on the

very first video “Learning Fun with Inexpensive Animal Puzzle Mats.” (No one
else can use this video for this assignment…Sorry!) Below is what I would snip:

4|Teacher Tube Assignment

Description. The text Description
and the description of the video
must be in your snip.

Step 5. Go to your curriculum framework. Find the curriculum framework that goes with
your video. If you can’t find one then you need a different video. You will need to
provide the Curriculum Framework content name, standard number, and standard

Because I am pretending I am an Elementary Major I found a video in the

“Elementary” subject area of creating art. Now, I need to go to the Fine Arts
curriculum framework to find the framework that best matches the video. In the
Visual Art K-8 standards the very first standard under “Kindergarten” is perfect!

This is what I see on the curriculum frameworks page:

5|Teacher Tube Assignment

I will write down:

Kindergarten (this is the Curriculum Framework content name)

CR.1.K.1 (this is the curriculum framework content number)
Engage in exploration, imaginative play, and self-directed play with materials
(e.g., art-making tools and materials, found objects. (this is the curriculum
framework desecription)

Step 6. Now, I will craft my one-paragraph narrative on how I will use the video to teach
the standard above.

I will write down:

I will use this video with the class by having the students to sit on the puzzle mats
and create an image of their favorite animal. The students will then show the class
their art and explain what it is. The student will tell the class why this is his/her
favorite animal and will then role model the behavior of the animal. After each
student presents his/her animal each student will draw a picture of their favorite
animal and post the picture on the wall. As each student presents his/her animal to
class we will discuss the habitat of the animal and the kinds of food the animal

Note: Students, after you read the narrative notice how it completely fits the
curriculum standard CR.1.K.1. (The standard is in the table above.) So, you see
now how a teacher finds a neat resource in teacher tube to help teach the
curriculum framework.

Let’s summarize what I just did. I found a “teacher tube” video in my content area. I found
the curriculum standard that matches the video. I wrote a one-paragraph narrative on how
I will use the video to teach the curriculum framework. Remember, your one-paragraph
must be 5 – 8 sentences. Even if you write 5 sentences if they are incomplete or just
“bluff” you will not receive points for the sentence that is “bluff” or too general.

Step 7. Follow the steps below to submit your assignment.

6|Teacher Tube Assignment

1. Submit a snip or screenshot of your video that shows the URL at the top of the page,
the picture of the video, the description of the video. You can see the screenshot of
the “Elementary” video in Step 4. Mine does not show the URL. Yours needs to. If it
doesn’t you can just type it. I need a URL to go to the video.
2. Provide the curriculum framework content name, number, and description. See Step
3. Watch the video. In detail (one to two paragraphs), tell me how you could use this
video in your class to teach a concept. Paragraph must be a minimum five sentences.
See previous step for more detailed information. See Step 6. You should also look at
the grading rubric. More detailed information on how this will be graded is provided
in the grading rubric.
4. Do all steps above but for a different curriculum framework in your area.

7|Teacher Tube Assignment

Teacher Tube Grading Rubric

Step 7.1. Using the snipping tool (if on a PC) or copy and paste (if on a MAC) snip/copy the
screen that shows the video picture and Description of the video. It is very important
that all of that information is snipped. The text Description is in red text. The
description of the video is right under the text. That needs to be included in your snip. 4.00

Video One – 2 points

Video Two – 2 points
Step 7.1. What is the URL of the video? I must be able to open the URL for grading.
Video One – .50 points
Video Two – .50 points
Step 7.2. What is the curriculum framework content name, number and description.
Video One – 3 points
Video Two – 3 points
Step 7.3. In detail (one to two paragraphs), tell me how you could use this video in your class to 10.00
teach a concept. Use your teaching major. To grade this section URL must open so that
I can also watch the video.

Video One – 5 points

Video Two – 5 points

Poor (1 - 2 pts.) Information was insufficient or irrelevant, very simple. No evidence that the
video was watched. Does not refer to points made in the video. No real planning
demonstrated. Only a few sentences were written. No or little connection to
teaching major.
Fair (3 pts.) Valid content but little depth or elaboration; sparse information. Some evidence that
the video was watched. Only a few sentences were written. Some connection to
teaching major.
Good (4 - 5 pts.) Well developed. Precise. Good connection to teaching major. Included specific
information from video. Thoughtful planning was evidenced.
Total Points 21
Submit as a Word document. Please do not submit in the Comments box.

8|Teacher Tube Assignment