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ADVERTISEMENT: (Assembled by: Julrick) Academically, we not just

Person 1 (Lady): I still remember the old days

that I wasn’t so sure about what to take up in
Senior High School.

Person 2 (Gentleman): That there are some

things in life we may not so sure about. We live in a world base on choices and doctrine.
Nevertheless, we need to have education in
Person 3 (Lady): Afraid to try, afraid to lose and order to have a stable life ahead of us.
afraid to fail. Accountancy business and management. (ABM)

Person 4 (Lady and Gentleman): But we began Science. Technology. Engineering. Math (STEM)
to see things from a different angle once we Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)
became what we are today.

(All): It took us moments to realize that this is


(All) : We’re the students of La Salle University –

Senior High School
We live in a world base on choices and doctrine. We
are programmed to do something because it is meant
to be done. We need to have education in order to
have a stable life ahead of us which is in the first
place, it is what our parents told us to do so. It was a
practice from generation to generation . I really hate
the fact that I am now in college and yet predicted to
what others says about me. Taking path which
personally not of my choice assuming they were
thinking ahead of what lies beyond this. Once, i woke
up with this insight murmuring about capabilities over
intelligence. Thinking what i am more capable of is
incomparable to what I will acquire in a four corner of
a room. Meeting new faces which I am not used to be
with just irritates my confidence. Participating in
school events was just a room to boast a person's
intelligence and skills. But one thing I'd relaized after,
this is the reality. This what is life supposed to lead
me. A life taking challenges and faces different kind of
personalities. A life which is unquestionably imperfect.
A life that was meant to live with.