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Dieudone Sangano

Suzanne Jacob

April 25, 2018

World Religions

With my comparison, I will start with Hindu. Hindu is the religion that

impresses me so much. What I have learned and what I saw during the field trip

that I went to visit them was totally different of what I thought this religion could

be because I had another image of Hinduism.

First, I was thinking that Hindus were bad people and all what they

could do supposed to be wrong, but I really realized that they are very nice people.

so kindly, and so friendly. In chapter one we learned Hindus god’s names Family

members often worship together. Worshippers repeat the names of

their favorite gods and goddesses and repeat nature things as gods

Popular places where they mostly worship their gods: rivers, but temples,

mountains, and other sacred sites in India are also destinations for religion journey,

as sites where the gods may have appeared or become manifest in the world.

The Hinduism is doctrine religion that It equates God with the universe.
This is Hindu Gods names and what they believe in. The reason why there

are so many variations into Hinduism religions. First, look at how many gods they

worship. They have different god’s names and each of these gods have they are the


Comparing to Buddhism, Buddhism, has been gaining followers in many

western countries. This development has progressed so far, that one could even say

Buddhism is becoming completely the main followers in west countries because

people often turn to Buddhism when they fed us with religion as they know it.

Most of the people when they questioned about faith based in religion. Buddhism

does not believe in a mystical God type, it’s just a religion that believe in what

they see.

Therefore, many people realize the truth in those teachings and accept them

even though from different belief many Buddhism is peaceful and rarely runs into

conflict with other religions. As being peaceful, it's easy to be accepted anywhere.

In fact, the number of people who is Buddhist students don’t share the majority in

the whole world population.

However, more and more people are curious about Buddhism and study

Buddhism. The more carefully they study, the more believe they have. Buddhism

is talking about nature true laws, just like science talking about nature laws. Once
understand, people will truly practice and truly hope others see and taste the result

from practicing Buddha’s teaching.

There are also some important reasons why Buddhism is not unpopular, that

is, why there are reasons to reject other religions that do not apply to

Buddhism. One can live as a Buddhist, call oneself a Buddhist, and explore one's

understanding of. After all, Buddhist devoted their life in searching the truth. If a

person can be dedicative like this, he or she would deserve the credit and become

popular. Buddhism in whole, reveals the truth of our life in a very high level in a

mental way, when scientist contribute to the human society in a material way.

In Islam, these differences are embraced as vital components to healthy

family and community structure with everyone contributing their own distinctive

talents to society. Similarly, the rights, roles and responsibilities of women are

evenly balanced with those of men but are not necessarily the same. As Islam has

granted individual identities to men and women, constant comparison between the

two. Each plays a unique role to mutually uphold social morality and societal

balance. While Islam clearly establishes that men and women are equal, it does

recognize that they are not identical. God created men and women with unique

The way I observe neither Hindu nor Muslim Ramathan month, when these

two religions compered on my perspective they have the same beliefs The Lord of

the Universe of the Hindi, Gossan and Allah, but to me they are one. In Sikh

beliefs, there is only One God, He is the same God for all people of all religions.

Sikh goals are lead the life into exemplary existence so that one may merge with

God, and this reminds that God is all time and practice living a virtuous and

truthful life while maintaining a balance between their spiritual obligations.

I did the research on the Sikh religion and I read about and learn who was

the founder, and the founder was Guru Nanak, before Guru, Sikh did not have any

priests, which were abolished by Guru, and the good thing of the founder did, He

welcomed all type of people from different religions which outline the basic Sikh

principles of service, humility, and equality.

Christianity is a religion founded by Jesus approximately 2000 years ago,

and its one of the most influential religion in the world with more than billion

believers. This religion started as a small sect of Judaism in Israel and today it very

corner of the world. Christianity have doctrine of one God in three persons called

the Trinity (God father, Jesus and The Holy Trinity) and all three persons are being

in union. They cannot be separated from God. Where one is, all three are. God is

the father, Jesus the word of God (Father’s messenger) and the Holy Spirit is the

Fathers Love.
Christians use Bible as their Holy Book. This book contains two parts. One is Old

testament and other one is the New Testament which comprises the four gospels

(life, and teaching of Jesus Christ) Act of the Apostle (the History) letters and

advice, instruction and encouragement) and the revelation which gives warning

regarding the end of times. Most Christians believe in the resurrection of the dead

which will be followed by the last judgment. Our sins separate us from God.

In conclusion, after reading and observing all major religion of the world.

They are a lot of different in their concept of worshipping, fasting, praying,

festivals, and traditions. What I found the most significant thing in all major is

most of the religion they believe in one God and accepts of God existence. No

matter whom we are and belongs which religion but at the end of the day we all

stand up on single platform of one God. In I realized in Judaism, worship is only

for God and God is everlasting with no concepts of death and born.