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1. The default header for a worksheet is C. Both of above D. None of above

A. Username B. Date and Time C. Sheet
tab Name D. None 10. You can set Page Border in Excel from
A. From Border tab in Format Cells dialog box
2. Which of the following is not an option of the B. From Border tool in Formatting toolbar
spelling dialog box? C. From Line Style tool in Drawing toolbar
A. Ignore B. Ignore all C. Edit D. You can not set page border in Excel
D. Change
11. You can check the conditions against
3. The cell reference for cell range of G2 to M12 __________ when applying conditional
is formatting
A. G2.M12 B. G2;M12 C. G2:M12 D. G2-M12 A. Cell value B. Formula
C. Both of above D. None of above
4. The Software which contains rows and
columns is called 12. Long text can be broken down into many lines
A. Database B. Drawing C. Spreadsheet D. Word within a cell. You can do this through
processing A. Wrap Text in Format >> Cells
B. Justify in Edit >> Cells
5. The spelling tool is placed on __toolbar C. Text Wraping in Format >> Cells, Layout tab
A. Standard B. Formatting C. Drawing D. D. All of above
13. The command Edit >> Fill Across Worksheet is
6. Can you set 0.5 inch left indentation for a cell
active only when
in Excel?
A. One sheet is selected
A. Excel does not have indentation feature
B. You can specify indentation only if you turn B. When many sheets are selected
the rulers on C. When no sheet is selected
C. Indentation can be set from Format Cells D. None of above
dialog box
D. The indentation can be specified only when 14. Paste Special allows some operation while
printing you paste to new cell. Which of the following
operation is valid?
7. What is entered by the function =TODAY() A. Square B. Percentage
A. The date value for the day according to system C. Goal Seek D. Divide
B. The time value according to system clock
15. Edit >> Delete command
C. C.Today’s date as Text format
A. Deletes the content of a cell
D. All of above
B. Deletes Formats of cell
8. Which function will you use to enter current C. Deletes the comment of cell
time in a worksheet cell? D. Deletes selected cells
A. =TODAY() B. =NOW() C. =TIME()
D. =CURRENTTIME() 16. To remove the content of selected cells you
must issue ______ command
9. How can you remove borders applied in cells? A. Edit >> Delete
A. Choose None on Border tab of Format cells B. Edit >> Clear >> Contents
B.Open the list on Border tool in Formatting C. Edit >> Clear >> All D. Data >> Delete
toolbar then choose first tool (no border)

A. Conditional Formatting B. Auto Format
17. In Worksheet where Row and Column are C. Table Format D. Quick Format
intercept each other that place or square is called
as__ 26. Follow below Excel Table and Give answers
A. Column B. Border C. Cell D. Row

18. Which of the following action removes a

sheet from workbook?
A. Select the sheet>>Edit >> Delete Sheet
B. Select the sheet>>Format >> Sheet >> Hide
MAX(A3:E3) return sum of No. of marks gain in
C. Both of above D. None of above
each test by John
A. True B. False
19. Serial Z-A means __ sorting of text.
A. Descending B. Ascending
SUM(B3: D3) return total marks gain by Joe
C. Vertical D. Numeric
A. True B. False

20. We can not use __ in Formula while typing

SUM(B3: E3) return total marks gain by Joe
formula in Cell.
A. True B. False
A. Numbers B. Spaces
C. Characters D. Special Character
Calculate Result of David by using IF Condition.
21. In Spreadsheet, to prepare a graph on the
basis of data given, __ command is used in Insert
Tab group.
A. Filters B. Forms
C. Charts D. Pivot tables
27. Observe and state whether True or False

22. __ function converts the number given in the

brackets converted into small cases and inserted
in the cell.
A. =If() B. =Max()
C. =Round() D. =Ceiling

23. Syntax of IF Function is =IF (Condition, “Value

A. True B. False
if True”, “Value if False”).
A. True B. False
28. Count Length of given cell text content

24. Margin can be set from


25. In Worksheet, the process of giving specific

formatting to data which match the specific
condition is called as__