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Toxic Femininity DA - The other team’s articulation of ‘blackness’ is one that homogenizes
black people under a scheme that is inherently masculine. Blackness as a colonized and
enslaved group always centers it’s focus on black male emasculation by the white man. This
focus on blackness as emasculation creates a fear of black women, trans, and abled bodied
peoples in the movement as being unfit and seducers of male leaders in the movement.
This recreates patriarchal violence – that’s [insert author name]
AND this creates factionalist infighting destroying the movement from the inside, turns their

2. Masculine Warfare DA – Big bang warfare is masculine, excludes other underground

The articulation of revolutionary action creates an image of overpowering masculinity that
overshadows other movements. This aesthetic of replicates Black Panther Party militarism that
sought to masculinize black women who were seen as a weak link because they weren’t seen as
soldier like in the movement which recreates patriarchal violence and turns their argument.
This aesthetic also disrupts the possibility of other tactics that are covert and underground
being used in favor of a bombastic revolutionary aesthetic – this allows for their movement to
get COINTELPROed by the state

3. Westboro Baptist Cooptation-