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Unit 1 Vocabulary practice 

The senses 3 Have you added any garlic to the sauce? I can’t
1 Complete the dictionary entries with the correct 4 My mum the air suspiciously.
‘Has someone been smoking?’ she asked.

touch  noun  the sense that you use to recognize 4 Complete the sentences with the correct bold words.
things with your hands and fingers.
The Indian curry tasted spicy.
(deafening / spicy / tasted / touched)
1    noun  the sense that you 1 Your hands  .
use to recognize fragrances. (feel / fragrant / smooth / touch)
2 The music is very far away and
2    noun  the sense that you  . (faint / hard / hears / sounds)
use to recognize the flavours of  different foods 3 The pudding  .
and drinks. (looked / slimy / stinky / swallowed)
4 My sister’s perfume fragrant but
3    noun  the sense that you her trainers are  !
use to recognize sounds. (sweet / rough / smells / stinky)
5 The sun in Australia
4    noun  the sense that you (blinding / interesting / was / saw)
use to recognize things with your eyes.

Adjective suffixes
2 Complete the dialogue with the adjectives in the list. 5 Complete the sentences with adjectives formed with
blinding bright dark deafening faint the nouns in A and the suffixes in B.
silent spicy A adventure base count pain practice
Amy T hat new restaurant is very bright inside, with so
many lights everywhere. B -al -ful -ic -less -ous -y
Jess I know – the light is (1)  ! I prefer My brother’s socks get very stinky when he wears them to
(2) places where you can’t see play football.
too much. 1 Alexa is a very girl who isn’t afraid
Amy T he music is too loud as well. I walked past the of taking risks.
restaurant today and it was (3)  . 2 I hurt my wrist three weeks ago and it’s still very
I realize that a (4) room isn’t  .
very welcoming to customers, but you should be
3 I’ve eaten meals at my
able to hear what other people are saying.
grandparents’ house over the years.
Jess I agree! A bit of (5) music in the
4 My father’s meals are very as he
background is fine.
prefers to use very few ingredients.
Amy Have you eaten there yet?
5 This bag is very  . It’s comfortable to
Jess Y es, I had a curry there last week. I couldn’t eat it carry and it can fit a lot of things inside.
because it was so (6)  !
6 Correct the underlined mistakes in the sentences.
Sense verbs An acty life makes you healthy.  active

3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the 1 The dominable person in a relationship will tell the
verbs in the list. other person what to do.

hear sniff swallow taste watch

2 We spent a very pleasive afternoon walking through
Hyde Park.
I was watching a film when my parents came home.
3 This curry tastes very differant from the last one you
1 The children are frightened because they thought they made.
a strange noise.
4 Persistable people are determined to get what they
2 Although George is feeling ill, he’s refusing want.
his medicine.
5 I found Tessa to be a very nice, agreeant young woman.


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