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Information Sheet for Applicants for

Employers of Indonesia Candidates for "Kaigofukushishi"

Information Sheet for the Institution

Institution ID Number 2000017

Reference No. 2000017-A

Number of
Acceptance in the
Facilities listed on Facility
the right column Reference No.
Information Sheet for the Facility

Institution ID Number 2000017

Reference Number 2000017-A

Region/Preference Region: Kanto Prefecture: CHIBA

Category code 4 (see "Table of Category Codes")

Category of Facility
(in case of 6 to 10, category code of facility which is jointly managed __)

 (Number of long-term care insurance designated beds in case of Designated

Capacity of Facility sanatorium type medical care facilities for the elderly requiring long-term care:
Number of Current
Care Recipients
Number of Careworkers 66 (converted to full-time employees: 58.6 )

Number of Full-time 49 (Number of certified careworkers: 35 )

careworkers Ratio of number of certified careworker to total number of full-time careworkers: 70 %

【Labor Conditions】
Vacancy 2

3 years*
Duration of Contract * This contract shall be renewed for 1 year after the expiry of 3 years unless either the
Employer or the Employee expresses intention not to renew the contract.

Place of Work At the facility

Job Description Assistance of eating, bathing and toileting, recreation

1. Opening/Closing hour
(1)Opening hour ( ) Closing hour ( )
【When the following systems are applied to workers】
(2) Modified working hours or shift system on a (weekly/monthly/yearly) basis, based on
the following combination of working hours

Opening hour (8:30 ) Closing hour (17:30) Day applied ( )

Opening/Closing Time,
Rest Periods, Change in Opening hour (16:30 ) Closing hour (9:30 ) Day applied ( )
Shift Work, and
Opening hour (5:30 ) Closing hour (2:30) Day applied ( )
Overtime Work
Opening hour ( ) Closing hour ( ) Day applied ( )

Opening hour ( ) Closing hour ( ) Day applied ( )

Opening hour ( ) Closing hour ( ) Day applied ( )

2 Rest 60 minutes
3 Presence of Overtime work ( Yes )
・Regular; day of every week, National Holidays, Others ( )

Rest days ・Irregular; days of Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays per (month), Others (    )

・In case of modified working hours system ( ) days/year

1 Annual paid leave For those working continuously for 6 months or 10 days

For those working less than 6 months ( No )

( ) days after working ( ) months
2 Other leave Paid: ( )
Unpaid: ( )
1 Basic Salary a. (more than \ 128,500 per month)
b. (more than \ per day)
c. (more than \ 800 per hour)
2 Amount of allowances and method of calculation
/Method of calcution: facility bus, others based on
a.(commuting allowance:\

b.(clothing allowance:\ /Method of calcution: loaned uniform )

c.( service allowance:\ 8,000 /Method of calcution: )

d.( hardship allowance:\ 2,000 /Method of calcution: )

3 Additional allowance for overtime/ rest day work/night work

a. Additional allowance for overtime beyond legal rest day %
Additional allowance for overtime beyond scheduled working hour

b. Additional allowance for work on legal rest day %

Additional allowance for work on scheduled rest day %

c. Additional allownce for night work %

4 Closing day of pay roll: last day of every month

5. Pay day: 25th of every month

6. Deduction from wages based on the labor-management agreement: Yes / No

7. Wage raise: (Time and etc. )
8. Bonus: (Yes (Time and amount ), No )
9. Retirement allowance: (Yes (Time and amount ), No )

1. Retirement age system (Yes: years old )

2. Procedure of retirement for personal reasons
3. Reason and procedure of dismissal
Reasons for Dismissal
1. The employee is found to be physically or mentally disabled to work;
2. His/Her efficiency falls remarkably due to aging or any other reason;
3. His/Her performance is too bad to continue his/her job;
Resignation, and 4. There is a forceful managerial reason for dismissal; or
Dismissal 5. There is any other justifiable reason similar to the foregoing ones.
Procedures for Dismissal
This corporation may dismiss him/her by giving 30 days' notice or an advance allowance
equivalent to the average wages for 30 days as stipulated by the Labor Standard Law.

Social Insurance/ *Application of Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Workers’ Accident Compensation
Labor Insurance Insurance and Employment Insurance Yes
【System of Training】
Training Program See attached Information sheet of "Kaigofukushishi" Training Program

Dormitory Not available

   Full grants (Cost to the Employee: Free)

Grants    Full self-payment (Cost to the Employee: less than yen)

   Partial grants () provided up to 5000 yen

(Employer shall secure Floor Plan 1K with bath, toilet (about20 m2)
accommodation for the
employee) 5 - 10k m
Distance from
10~20 minutes by ( bus )

Amount of
average rent in
50000 yen
(Ex. Aid and supporting system for training, amount of allowance after obtaining
qualification as 'Kaigofukushishi' etc)
・We shall appreciate your professional careers at medical institutions in Indonesia by
adding some amount to the basic salary in accordance with the rules.
・We shall give you financial assistance in joining volunteers' circle in order to improve
your Japanese language skills.
・We shall financially help you pay educational costs, including textbooks, correspondence
education, open trial examinations and preparatory courses for national examinations in
order to obtain qualification.
・We shall aim to provide a good environment to reduce stress in daily conversation and
lifestyles different from your native ones.
Other Descriptions

As a hospital specializing in elderly medicine, we aim at a medical facility which will

create a high-class and affluent environment of medical treatment with the staff whose
members are all experts.
This hospital is the largest one specializing in elderly medicine in Chiba City and the
first facility for long-term medical treatment in this city certified by Japan Medical
Function Appraisal Organization. For those who receive long-term medical treatment,
the ward is a living space as well as a medical one. The Nursing Division aims to provide
a more comfortable medical environment by declaring the philosophy "We shall make
efforts to nurse and care patients to meet their individual needs while creating a good
environment for a hospital specializing in elderly medicine".