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Petroleum Engineering Career
Montero, January 16 , 2018
Ing. Blaine Horner
Society of Petroleum Engineers

Ref .: Gratitude and consultation

Esti mated Engineer:

T hrough this letter I want to thank the empowerment of our acronym UAGRM
FINOR .; I ntermit that we are in the process of registering students for the
new student chapter , we hope to complete it as soon as possible in order to present all the
necessary documents in due time.

Taking advantage of the present I would like to make a query:

There are some students who are enrolled in the Student Chapter of the UAGRM given that
there was not a student chapter in our faculty before. There is a need to make a chapter
transfer especially for two specific partners, since they will make up the directive of the new
student chapter, these people are:
 Cristian David Miranda Ticona Member Code 4855048 chapter UAGRM
 Luis Fernando Vallejos Aquino Member Code 4829977 UAGRM Chapter

The aforementioned are enrolled in the UAGRM chapter but study at the Integral School of
the N orte; them so n of the initiators to create a student chapter in the Integral School
North and to be able to provide all our partners with the benefits offered by the SPE ( Society
of Petroleum E ngineers ) , now we would like to know how we can change the chapter to be
a member of the UAGRM FINOR chapter
Waiting for a quick response and wishing it to be in the most positive way possible, I
bid you farewell cordially
Luis Fernando Vallejos Aquino
Future president of the student chapter UAGRM FINOR