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Here comes a blind man he can’t see. His thoughts are racing but his sight empty.

Here comes a rich

man heart so cold, his pockets the depth of the ocean with no soul.


Blue color crimes- traditional common law theft crimes such as larceny, burglary and arson

- Often commited by those employed in relatively low skill, unskilled environments, poorly paid
and can involve the use of force
- Gets a lot of le attention
- People who are low paid low class
- Shoplifting


- Burlglary is any shoplifting or house breaking at night

- Viewed as crime against the habitation and its legal definition was the breaking and entering of
a dwelling, at night
- Wright and Decker describe the working conditions of active burglars. Most are motivated by
the need for cash, to get high, or to get drunk.
- Wright and Mullins, both genders of burglars become involved in burglary via interaction with
intimate groups such as friends, family members etc, and females burglarize to support children
and male to finance lifestyle of partying and to buy designer clothes.
- Farrel/Phillip/Pease – Most burglars are likely to hit the same target more than once
o It takes less effort to burgle a home or apartment known to be suitable target than an
unknown or unsuitable one
o Burglar is already aware of the target layout
o Ease of entry of the target has probably not changed, an escape routes are known
o Lack of protective measures and the absence of nosy neighbors that made the first
burglary a success probably have not changed
o Goods have been observed that could not have been taken out the first time


- Intentional damage to a building or property by starting a fire or causing an explosion

- Felony; often it is divided into at least two or three degrees
- If the premises that are set a fire are occupied, the charge will be first-degree arson.
- Fires are started for various reasons: TQ
o Obtaining money during a period of financial crisis
o Getting rid of outdated or slow-moving inventory
o Destroying outmoded machines and technology
o Paying of legal and illegal debts
o Relocation and remodeling
o To gain access to government funds available for redevelopment
o Eliminating business competition by burning out rivals
o Solving labor – management problems
o Concealing another’s crime such as embezzlement

White color crime; suite crimes or occupation crimes; paper crimes

- Crimes committed by persons of respectability and high social status in the course of their
occupation ( Sutherland)
- Illegal acts which are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and which are
not dependent upon the application or threat of physical force or violence
- White color criminals
o Educated
o Intelligent
o Affluent
o Confident
o Qualified
o Usually employed in an area a job which allow them the unmonitored access to often
large sums of money
o Use their intelligence to con their victims into believing and trusting in their credentials
o Many do not start as criminals, and in many cases never see themselves as such
- While color crime
o Stock manipulation
o Price fixing
o Embezzlement
o Tax evasion
o Misrepresentation
o Health care fraud
- Organized Crime describes illegal acts by illegal organizations usually geared toward satisfying
the public’s demand for unlawful good and services
- Traditional markets are
o Gambling
o Prostitution
o Illegal narcotics
o Pornography
o Loan sharking
o Counterfeiting
o Credit card scams
- Non traditional markets
o Commercial arson
o Illegal disposal of toxic wastes
o Money laundering
o Weapons of mass destruction
o Prescription drugs

Green Collar Crimes

- Any Violations of an environmental regulation for which criminal liability can be imposed
- Examples of Green-Collar crimes are
o Worker safety/ environment crimes
o Illegal logging
o Illegal wildlife exports
o Illegal fishing
o Illegal dumping and polluting

Public order crimes

- Most misdemeanors that nevertheless account for a considerable portion of criminal justice
- Behaviors that conflict with social policy a prevailing moral values and current public opinion
- Involve acts that interfere with the operations of society and the ability of people to function
o TQ Public drunkenness
o Pornography
o Prostitution
o Gambling
o Illicit drug use
o Disorderly conduct

Crimes of the new millennium


- Street walkers
- Bar girls
- Brothel prostitutes
- Call girls
- Escorts services
- Circuit travelers
- Cyber prostitutes

Cyber Crimes – involves the use of the computer and Internet to commit acts against persons property,
public order or morality

- Cyber theft- the use of computer networks for criminal profits.

o Illegal copyright infringement
o File sharing
o Computer Fraud
 Distributing illegal or dangerous services and materials
o Internet securities fraud
o Identity theft
o Etailing fraud
- Cyber-vandalism- Cybercrimes with malicious intent
o Worms, viruses, Trojan horses, logic bombs and spam
o Website defacement
o TQ Cyber-stalking- the act of using a computer and the internet to continually attempt
to contact and or intimidate another person.
 Hacking
 Cracking
 Piracy
 Viruses
- Cyber-warfare- the use of computer and or internet to commit crimes with political motives
o Cyber-spying
o Cyber-espionage
o Cyber-terrorism – use of the computer to further political goals of terrorism against a
country and its citizens, goal to topple country’s economic system through the internet
- The advantages of cyber-terrorism
o No borders of legal control making prosecution difficult
o Criminals can operate from countries where no cyber laws exist making them
o No loss of life and no need to infiltrate enemy territory
o Minimal costs because they can operate from anywhere in the world
o Larger number of highly skilled computer experts available at reasonable costs;
especially in developing countries

- Questions for midterm

o Different types of robberies
o Wedding cake layer
o What is the purpose of the cjs
o Responsibilities of the different agencies of justice
o Emile durkeim and what he said
o Difference between criminal justices
o Agencies of crime
o Main function of the judiciary
o Markets for crime, traditional and non
o Why does violent personal crime exist
o Reasons why crimes go unreported
o Different model
o Last page with the polices go over
o Describe how the cjs operates as a funnel or a filter
o Constitiutional law …criminal procedure (definitions)
o Difference in justifiable homicide and excusable
o Restorative justice
o Why are criminal statistis needed
o Mala en se