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 Who do you like to spend break time with?

what do you talk

I like to spend break time with my son jorge he still doesn't speak
because He Is fifteen months, but we play.

 What do you show other people out your phone?

I show my photos like my holiday, pets, sonand family also I show
my music how salsa, Bachata, vallenatos and reggerton, I like this
music, I hear in my house on you tube

 What do you think of the party?

It's a great party, I like the music and food, the pizza is delicious

 do you have any holiday plans?

yes I would like to go Manta bech whith my son, he has not gone yet
(He doesn't know the beach)

 where did you go for last holiday?

I went to Baños with mom, dad, brother and my son. we arrived at
hotel it was comfortable, it had swim pool and jacuzzy
The next day we went of sightseeing we went waterfall, pailon del
diablo and tree house

 where do you ussualy meet new people?

I ussualy meet new people at the party, in the university and on

 do you ussually start conversations or wait for other people to

I usually wait for other people to speak me because I shy.

 What is the first question you ussually ask some?

the fist question that I ussualy is how are you? whats your name?
but Ilike speak about job, music, holiday and university.

 what kind of music do you like?

The kind of music that I like to hear is salsa, vallenato y reggaeton at
home on you tube or on my cell phone
 what do you parent do?
My father is civil engineer he ussualy go to work in Santo domingo
My mom doesn't work but she help me wiht mi son.
 Do you have any Hobbie?
Yes, I like to go to the Metropolitan Park on weekends also I like to
play basquetball near at home.
 do you speak any other language?
yes I speak little english but I am learning

 cancel by text
I am disagree because It's rude and I wouldn't like to be cancel by

 to finish relacionship by text

I am disagree because It's rude is better face to face, because, I
would not like to be hurt

 How often do you share important news on Facebook ?

 How often do you read English-language websites ?

 How often do you send an e-card instead of a real card?

 How often do you buy presents for people online?

 How often do you start conversations with new people ?

 How often do youwrite emais in English s caends and relatives

on Skype?

 How often do you send ideo by instant message?

 How often do you keep in touch with the family?

I sometimes send photos and videos to my uncle Luis .Usually send
photos holiday, my son how he is growing. also I like send him funny

 Where do you like to go on vacation?

I would like to go to Manta beach, book a room in the hotel and
 Do you like to try something new on vacation?
Yes, I would like to go to a cold place for explample where there
is snow
 Can you think of some kind of vacation you would not enjoy?
I would not like to visit Egypt because it's very hot

 Are you tired today?

Yes I am tired because I woke up early for study.

A long time no see¡ how are you?

B I'm great . what a lovely surprise¡ Great to see you¡
A I don't see about six month
B yes where do you live this moment?
A I live near here . I live on 12 de octubre street. how about
B I live on eloy alfaro street
A are you study?
A what do you study?
B are you doing anything on saturday?
B would you like to go to the cinema?
A yes of course, I'll just check. No we can't do saturday. Sorry
I am meeting with my family
B oh ok How about sunday?
A just a moment. perfect
great¡ see you then
B bye

Hi Jess
How are you? I haven’t seen you for over six months. I hope you are
well and enjoying your new job.
Are you doing anything next Saturday? I’m having a birthday party at
my house and I’m inviting a few friends. People are arriving at 7:30.
Everyone is bringing some food for the party. Could you bring a
It would be lovely to see you and have the chance to chat.