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TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Subject Science

Grade Level First Grade

Learning Objective Science

1.5 The student will investigate and understand that

animals, including humans, have basic needs and certain
distinguishing characteristics. Key concepts include

b) animals, including humans, have many different

physical characteristics;


c) animals can be classified according to a variety of


Computer Technology

C/T K-2.6 Communicate effectively with others (e.g., peers,

teachers, experts) in collaborative learning situations.

A. Use technology tools for individual and

collaborative writing, communication, and
presentation activities.

 Use word processing to practice writing

 Use common graphic and presentation tools
when preparing and providing


1.5 The student will apply knowledge of how print is

organized and read.
Content Knowledge

a) Read from left to right and from top to bottom.

b) Match spoken words with print.

d) Read his/her own writing.

Oral Language

1.1 The student will continue to demonstrate growth in the

use of oral language.

c) Participate in a variety of oral language activities,

including choral speaking and reciting short poems, rhymes,
songs, and stories with repeated patterns.

d) Participate in creative dramatics.

e) Express ideas orally in complete sentences.

Activity Students will create an audiovisual presentation about the 4

animal classes we have learned about so far, using their own
*This project would actually be part of a two-
written information from yesterday. They will utilize
day project. Without a classroom assistant, this to create presentations. Students will
part could take longer. This project would work include characteristics used to classify these animals, as well
best with an assistant or parent volunteers. as photos and audio explanations.

~The day prior, students used different colored The teacher will project her computer screen onto the white
paper to write the four animal classes we have
studied so far. The students listed everything board to demonstrate all steps in the creation process. The
they could remember about the class on its teacher will monitor students and provide assistance when
corresponding paper. needed.

Classroom Assistant/parent volunteers will monitor and

assist students as needed.
*This may not seem so, because I have
written it out in minute detail, but the
technology is very easy to use!
-Inform students that they will be creating a presentation
using Voicethread on the computer with pictures and their
own voices to demonstrate their knowledge of the animal
classes we have covered. The presentations will be shared
with parents by the teacher, using Seesaw.

-Students view example of finished presentation.

-Teacher asks students to raise hand when assistance is

Technology The devices being used are computers.


*Ideally, there would be Ed.VoiceThread access for The program is Voicethread, accessed via the internet.

the classroom or entire school, but this can be done

with individual accounts as well.
Directions for Use ***I will add a student account for myself so that I can display my computer
screen on the whiteboard and demonstrate ALL steps during the creating
 I have researched how to set up
-Please get your 4 animal class papers from yesterday and take a seat at a
accounts for all my students ahead
of time using a CSV file to bulk add.
-Click on the Ed.Voicethread icon on your desktop. It looks like this.
 This is a Web 2.0 tool, -You will see the screen to sign in to my VoiceThread classroom.
therefore accessible from the -For Username, in the top box, type your first name, then a period, then your
web browser, but for first last name.
graders I will already have the -You all have the same password, so in the second box, type wyant1
short cut icon for my -Now click sign in, like this.
Ed.VoiceThread class account -You will get a black screen, like this. At the top, click Create. It has a pencil
on the students’ desktop beside it.
screen when they sign into -This is where we get to add the pictures of the animals we will talk about in
their school accounts. (This our presentation.
could be done any time -You got to write the name of an animal for each thing you remembered
beforehand when they are about each class yesterday, and you will add a photo for each animal. Here’s
using their accounts for other
-Click the plus sign beside the words Add Media, like this. Our media is
assignments.) They will have
used their school accounts -Now click the cloud with the arrow beside the words Media Sources. This
beginning in Kindergarten using will give us choices of places to look for our pictures.
the same Log in ID and -We will always click on Flickr, which has a blue dot and a red dot.
password. -Look at one of your pages for your animal classes. In the black box at the
top, you are going to type the name of your first animal and push enter on
your computer keyboard. Find the picture you like and click on it.
-You will see a box beside it with a blue button that has a cloud and says
Import. This puts your picture into your presentation.
-You will get another box where you can give your presentation a title. In
the top box, type your name, then Animal Classes.
-Click the blue box that says Save.
-Find all of your pictures for each animal class, choosing the animals you
have written down, and clicking the blue import button each time to add the
picture to your presentation.
-After finding your pictures, click the X at the top right, like this. You will
see all of your pictures in order with the name of the picture under it. If you
don’t like the name of one, point to the name and click on the pencil beside
it. Delete the name in the box, type the name you want, and click the blue
Save box.
-Click on Comment at the top, like this. This will let us put words and voice
to each picture for our presentation.
-Your first picture will pop up, and you need to label which class it is by
clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the picture and then ABC. A box pops
up where you can type the name of the animal class this animal belongs to.
Then click the blue save box.
-Click the X and repeat this for each picture. Do this for each animal class,
clicking on the picture, then the Comment button at the top beside the
number 2.
-Now click on the first picture and click comment like this. Look at your
paper for this animal class. You will click on the plus sign again, and then
you will click on the microphone and read one thing you wrote about this
animal class. Make sure you wait for the countdown and start talking when
you see your picture again.
-When you finish talking, click Stop Recording at the bottom. The words are
-Then you will click the green Save button to add your voice to the picture.
*I will demonstrate this several times.
-Now click the arrow at the bottom right, like this, to get to your next picture.
You will do the same thing using another fact you wrote.
-Do this for each picture.
-If you mess up when you read, don’t worry! You can click on your comment
on the left side, like this and click the trash can to delete it and start over.
-Click the X at the top right when you are finished.
-You can double click on the presentation to watch and listen when you’re
finished. Just click the bottom arrow to move to the next picture.
Link to the example product
VoiceThread works well with Google Chrome or Firefox but does not play
well with Safari.