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Regent University CAS Student Teacher Evaluation by School Administrator SurveyMonkey

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Page 1: Placement Information

Q1 Student Teacher's Name

Emily Simmons

Q2 Student Teacher's Endorsement Area Elementary Education, PreK-


Q3 Grade Taught Fourth Grade

Q4 Internship Semester (Fall or Spring, Year)


Q5 School of Student Teaching Placement

Malibu Elementary

Q6 School Division Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Q7 Evaluator's Name (First Last)

Micah Harris

Q8 Evaluator's Email. We will return a PDF copy of your report to this address.

Email Address:

Q9 Evaluator's Position/Role School Administrator

Regent University CAS Student Teacher Evaluation by School Administrator SurveyMonkey

Q10 Date of Observation (MM/DD/YYYY)


Page 2: Standards for Student Teacher Evaluation

Q11 Standard 1 - Professional Knowledge. The student teacher demonstrates an understanding of the curriculum,
subject content, and the developmental needs of students by providing relevant learning experiences.

(no label) Proficient

Q12 Standard 2 - Planning for Instruction. The student teacher plans using the Virginia Standards of Learning, the
school’s curriculum, effective strategies, resources, and data to meet the needs of all students.

(no label) Proficient

Q13 Standard 3 - Instructional DeliveryThe student teacher effectively engages students in learning by using a
variety of instructional strategies in order to meet individual learning needs.

(no label) Proficient

Q14 Standard 4 - AssessmentThe student teacher uses student data to guide instructional content and delivery
methods, and provide timely feedback to students. Observed assessment strategies may be formal or informal.

(no label) Proficient

Q15 Standard 5 - Learning EnvironmentThe student teacher uses resources, routines, and procedures to provide a
respectful, positive, safe, student centered environment that is conducive to learning.

(no label) Proficient

Q16 Standard 6 - ProfessionalismThe student teacher maintains a commitment to professional ethics,

communicates effectively, and takes responsibility for and participates in professional growth that results in
enhanced student learning.

(no label) Proficient

Q17 Please provide comments in regards to the student teacher's strengths and areas for improvement.

Ms. Simmons works wonderfully with her cooperating teacher, Mrs. Simeone. During the observation, her learning target was posted
and aligned to the instruction. She facilitated an engaging small group reading lesson with opportunities for students to have hands-on
practice with summary and details. The small group was based on quarterly assessment data. She also recorded formative data. Ms.
Simmons is professional in her appearance, attendance, and correspondence with Admin. She was open and reflective during the post-
observation conference. She is advised to continue to seek ways to create student-centered learning experiences where students lead
the conversation.