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John Charles Wengerski 8345 N. Waukegan Road Niles, Illinois 60714 (773) 501-3201


Eastern Illinois University Fall 2015-May 2019
Charleston, Illinois

Bachelor of Music- Teacher Licensure: Instrumental Concentration

Overall GPA: 3.94
Major GPA: 3.95

Teaching Experience:
Private Lesson Instructor 2015-Present
 Taught lessons on trombone, cello, and piano
 Currently Instructing three students at Eastern Illinois University
 Instructed students during high school career
Peer Teaching Eastern Illinois University 2015-Present
 Taught Lessons in university methods courses
 Rehearsed Peers in a secondary music group
 Guided Experiences in woodwinds, brass, percussion, and general music
 Designed Lesson plans in accordance to the National Standards for the Arts.
Eastern Illinois University Concert Band Chamber Ensemble Coach 2017-Present
 Advised students on chamber music concepts
 Ran weekly rehearsals
Niles West Band Brass Instructor 2016-Present
 Ran sectionals and rehearsals on concert band, orchestral, and marching band repertoire
Niles West Marching Band Staff 2016-2017
 Rehearsed Brass Sectionals
 Instructed Marching Techniques
 Field Assistant and Visual Assistant

Leadership Experience:
National Association of Music Educators: Collegiate Chapter 130: Secretary 2017-Present
 Host Chapter for the 2018 & 2019 Illinois Music Educators Conference
 Organized and participated in multiple clinics and workshops
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Xi Upsilon Chapter Secretary 2016- 2017
Trombone Section Leader for High School Band 2012-2015
Low Brass Section Leader for Niles West Marching Band 2013-2014
Niles West High School Band Board 2014-2015

Performance Experience:
Eastern Illinois University:
 Wind Symphony: Trombone, Bass Trombone 2015-Present
o Performed at 2016 Illinois All-State Convention
 Jazz Ensemble: Trombone, Bass Trombone 2016-Present
 Eastern Illinois University Trombone Choir: Trombone 2015-Present
 Eastern Illinois University Jazz Trombone Quintet: Trombone 2017-Present
o Invited to perform at the 2018 International Trombone Festival
 Eastern Illinois University Brass Choir: Trombone 2017-Present
o Invited to perform at 2018 Illinois Music Educators Conference
 Eastern Symphonic Orchestra: Trombone 2016-Present
 Eastern Illinois University Mixed Chorus: Baritone 2017
 Premiering Concerto for Brass Quintet by Mark Rheaume: Trombone 2016
 Eastern Symphonic Band: Tuba 2016
 Glissful Intonation Trombone Quartet: Trombone 2015-2016
 Student Brass Quintet: Trombone 2016
 Panther Marching Band: Trombone 2015
 Jazz Lab Band: Trombone 2015

Professional Development:
Eastern Illinois University Trombone Studio
 Participated in Masterclasses taught by Mark Kellogg, Peter Steiner, Megumi Kanda,
Randall Hawes, Gerry Pagano, and Amanda Stewart
Attended Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in Chicago Illinois
 Attended many clinics regarding Music Education, Conducting, Inclusion, Diversity, and
Rehearsal Techniques

Job Experiences:
Doudna Fine Arts Center 2016-Present
 Troubleshooted and repaired audio and visual systems
 Assisted in lighting design for dozens of events
 Managed stage for multiple dance shows, musical performances, and lectures
 Supervised events
 Participated in ALICE Active Shooter training
Charleston Community Music Program Instructor 2017-Present
Eastern Music Camp Logistics Crew 2017


Justin Johnson
Director of Bands
Niles Township High School- West
(847) 626-2630
Relationship: High School Director & Employer

Dennis Malak
Event Coordinator
Doudna Fine Arts Center
Eastern Illinois University
(217) 581-8500
Relationship: Employer

Jemmie Robertson
Trombone/ Euphonium Professor
Eastern Illinois University
(217) 581-6118
Relationship: College Professor