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Course Name: WCDMA W15 air interface

Objective of Course: Upon completion of the course participants are able to

understand WCDMA W15 radio network features.
Who Should Attend: WCDMA Air Interface Training is a 5-day course designed for
Network Design Engineers, System Engineers and all other professionals involved in
network development at any level.
Instructional Method: Lectures in Classroom, on Power-point slides, discussion,
Questions & Answers.
Course Content :
WCDMA wireless technology
 WCDMA background
 WCDMA air interface
 WCDMA milestone
 Evolution from 2G to 3G
 Multiple Access technologies
WCDMA transmitter
 Voice coding
 Channelization codes
 Scrambling codes
 Modulation
 Filtering
WCDMA power control and Rake receiver and handover
 WCDMA power control
 Multipath fading
 The rake receiver
 WCDMA handover
 Cell planning
WCDMA layers
 RRC layer and its function
 Uu stack and explanation
 RLC layer
 Mac layer
 Physical layer
WCDMA downlink
 Logical channel
 Transport channel
 Physical channels
 Paging indicator channel
 Multiplexing of the Channels
 Dedicated physical control channel
WCDMA uplink
 Multiplexing
 Random access channel
General principles
 Short TTI 2ms
 Shared channel transmission
 Fast link adaptation
 Fast hybrid ARQ with soft combining
 Dynamic power allocation
HSDPA channel allocation
 High speed downlink shared channel
 High speed downlink physical shared channel
 High speed shared control channel
 Overall timing relation.

Course duration : 5 days