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To His Majesty King Senex of the Regal House Regius and Fidelis

On the 12th of the Month Cornella, 170 years following the creation of the Terran Kingdom
From His faithful and ever loyal servant, Master Tactician William Courage

Concerning the Surrender of the Miso Regional Army and the end of the Noble Wars

Dear His Regal Majesty,

I am pleased to report that earlier today Lord Thestor Mis-Heran, Senatorial Regional
Lord of the Miso Region, the last of the seven regions in rebellion, has been engaged outside the
Alihan Forest. With only light skirmishing, the Miso Regional Army withdrew to the Mis Estate.
Casualties from the engagement were minimal for both sides; however, I am greatly
sorrowed to report the death of Senate Flag Officer Gregor Baison-Lula, a loyal and faithful
servant of His Majesty, my friend. I have ordered his armor and weapons polished and sent back
to his family. The wounded from the battle are to be moved along secure road to the city Spera.
Much of the wounds came from a mix of arrows and splinters from the shattered trees. There was
no hand-combat engagement.
Following the withdraw of the Miso Region Army, I proceeded forward onto open
ground. By sunset of that same day, I had begun establishing siege lines around the Mis Estate. I
sat in the twilight of that night to write a message begging of His Majesty to send me the full
Paladin Guard in Imperium, for I knew the discipline and determination of the Miso Regional
Army. I had little expectation of holding a siege line against this Regional Army, which has
bested Elven Armies on multiple occasions. This siege line was simply meant to restrain the
rebel army until reinforcements arrived, or at the least allow an engagement to be fought with the
Royal Terran Army on the defensive, rather than making the first move.
All my expectations were not met, as fortune has shined upon this Royal Army. On the
morrow a ride approached our lines with a white flag. Lord Thestor Mis-Heran appeared to have
realized the hopelessness of his situation and sought to resolve the matter without wasting the
Regional Army’s strength. It was with great reluctance and distain that he surrendered his colors
and sigil. The Regional Lord’s spirit was very far from broken.
With regard to the colors and sigil of the Miso Region, it is a humbling honor to present
His Majesty the colors of the Miso Region. Taken upon the formal surrender of the usurping
Regional Lord Thestor of the Houses Mis and Heran. These colors and sigils of the rebelling
Region have been sealed in His Majesty’s supreme seal and sent with this same letter to His
Regal Majesty; as is the repeated duty and sacred honor I have been entrusted with during these
past seven years. With the willing surrender of the sigil and Region Colors, I expect the fighting
in the Miso Region to cease within the next few days as the news travels.
Upon the final counting of the dead and wounded, our combined losses during these past
six months in the south, doesn’t excite those who perished during the first year—when this army
first marched to the aid of Dikaiosyni. It was with great difficulty I spilt the blood of those of the
Honorare Region, my own home region; but spilt it I did, for the loyalty to the crown and our
friendship came above that of my native region. The fierceness of the fighting for the Honorare
Region was true testament to the sacred honor that rests inside the hearts of all Terrans, yet I was
surprised at the exceptional degree of discipline and skill among the Honorare Regional Army.
The Honorare Region is the most secure of the eight Regions, the only nation it borders is that of
the Republic of Spring, our faithful ally and mother country. The citizens of Honorare are no
exposed to hostility, they are not in a constant state of military readiness.
His Majesty must pardon me. I don’t mean to remind His Majesty of the tens of
thousands who bled in Honorare, nor do I wish to discredit the fierceness of the locals. I only
mean to raise a cautious voice of victory here in Miso. As His Majesty knows, Miso is the most
populated and exposed to invasion from the Lunar Elves. As such the Miso Region has taken
extreme manners in discipline and training to combat the superior Lunar Elves. Such training is
only rivaled by the House Paladin training in Imperium. Yet, the Miso Region fell in nine
months. As His Majesty knows, I purposely postponed the invasion of the Miso Region until the
other six had been completely pacified. I had also requested of the Provisional Senate an
additional three thousand troops and rations to last two years before moving against the Miso
Region. I must confess my plain confusion at the willingness of Lord Thestor Mis-Heran to
surrender his sigil and colors without any major engagement with the Royal Army. Furthermore,
his surrender seemed to have been force upon him by some higher power. Never have I seen
someone so willing to surrender, but at the same time express hatred at the task of surrendering
and express a clear desire to continue fighting.
Lord Thestor Mis-Heran, like his father, is not one to surrender—even in the face of
disheartening odds. His Lordship is however a faithful patron to the Fidelis Family, Her
Majesty’s family. I must confess to you, as friend to friend, my belief in Her Majesty’s hand in
this complex ordeal.
I beg His Majesty not to be wrathful with my report. I mean no show of restlessness in
this sudden end to this civil war, this War of the Nobles. I do wish to express my concerns about
the voice of Her Majesty. As His Majesty must surely be aware of the rumors concerning Her
Majesty’s poisonous role in the death of King Reynold. If no action is to be taken against Her
Majesty then I plead with His Majesty to hear my advice. What power resides in Her Majesty to
be able to force the most prideful and stubborn Regional Lord I know to comply and surrender
his honor? More importantly what heart does such a daughter have, that she would move to
poison her own father? Take heed, for I am fearful of such power Her Majesty has to call up a
rebellion as needed and to still a rebellion as needed.
I have ordered a temporary occupation of the major cities and have placed the Regional
Lord under house arrest, as is the protocol followed when occupying the other six rebel Regions.
I patiently await further instructions.
With the conclusion of this war at hand, as all Regional Lords have been pacified and
have again sworn loyalty to the crown, I must mourn. In these ten years of bloodshed we have
gained nothing, but the reunification of the Kingdom of Terra. While this is an applaudable
achievement, I petition His Majesty to silently applaud. This war… this victory is to be toasted
with silent glasses in somber fellowship. Let no man shout or cheer. For what man is he that
cheers the ten-year slaughter of his brother? We shall never forget the determination and
sacrifice made by our soldiers on the fields of Honorare, Eleos, Amare, Thymos, Dolor, Timor
and Miso. Nor shall the fallen of Dikaiosyni be forgotten.
Let this be the war that we all became Terrans. Let this be the last war among ourselves. I
can’t deny His Majesty the privilege of parading my triumphal army in Terra, as is the traditional
custom. If His Majesty desires such a festival he will be well to appoint another to lead the
parade, for I have no stomach for the flowers petals.
I remain stationed in the city Spera of the Miso Region until instructed by His Majesty. I
pray continually for your health.

His Majesty’s Faithful Servant,

~Master Tactician William Courage
Commander of the Royal Army of Terra