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victim: I was supposed to be working and I preferred to come to the party

Amiga: Me too I wasn’t going to come because it was supposed to rain
Victim: We are already here let’s have fun
Amiga: the other time, I heard on the news that many cars are being stolen, in this
Victim: Really thats wrong now that you mentioned it a while ago I saw …. Near
car, so it's better to go see the car…
In the street
Victim: o my gosh, where is my car?????? !!
Amiga: in these cases we're supposed to go to the police
:: silence::
Victim: Ok c:
In the police station
Police: ok, tell me what is supposed to happen
Victim: my car was stolen
Police: in those areas the thieves steal a lot… excuse me, are you drunk?
:: silence:::
Victim: no, I'm fine c:
Police: ok. Basically the process is for two reasons. first you demand the problem
second, look for the responsible. Third, go to the judge. or you have some suspect
(sospechozo) in this case the judgment it would be tomorrow. because the people
who steal should be arrested and punished, as the law indicates
in the court
Judge: the accused is ::::: with the charges of stealing a car.
::if he was the one who stole the car I will sentence him, the prison is the
punishment for the thieves. The miss Laura I would say you are a wretch::: . What
do you have to say in your defense?
Accused: I don’t steal the car, the only thing I remember is that, I was sitting when I
see a kind of ovni I couldn’t believe it . Maybe it's because I saw that strange cat or
I don’t know because I stopped going to church, but I would never steal a car.
Victim: I saw him, he should be sentenced because I dreamed that he also stole
my things. So I'm just saying that if I dream it, because my grandmother told me
the dreams are true
Accused: I know that he did not steal the car, because I saw when a ovni flew the
car with his laser beam, it was amazing the ovnis should be sentenced for stealing,
and traveling for speeding, it's very dangerous
Judge: taking drugs is also a crime. these behaviors are from home
Victim. I had left the car in my house, I should call my mom
In the house
Mom: You're always distracted, from now on you should be more responsible for
things. I do not know why you forget things. every time you get drunk
that is true. I'm sorry, mother, I'll go to the church more.