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Goal 1: Professional - Use the school program - Lesson plans I have

Knowledge as a basis for designing created.
To improve my assessment, effective lesson plans and - Assessments I have
reporting and use of curriculum assessment of learning. carried out.
to design appropriate and - Access information about - Written teacher
effective lesson plans. curriculum documents feedback.
and other resources and - Written reflection on an
Standard 2 – Know the content designs learning analysis and evaluation of
and how to teach it. sequences and lesson a lesson which shows a
Standard 2.3 – Curriculum, plans accordingly. clear understanding of the
assessment and reporting. links between curriculum
and assessment.
I have chosen this goal as I - Assessment activities with
need to focus on strengthening clear success criteria and
my ability to assess and use rubrics which illustrate
curriculum more effectively as a how assessment is
tool to help guide and shape my aligned with curriculum
lesson planning and learning and learning outcomes.
Goal 2: Professional Practice - Use effective oral and - Written reflection on and
To demonstrate a range of written communication analysis of the verbal and
verbal and non-verbal skills, including the non-verbal
communication strategies to promotion of standard communication strategies
Australian English. used to support student
support student engagement. - Implement the use of engagement in a lesson.
vocabulary and - Written feedback from the
Standard 3 – Plan for and metalanguage to develop supervising teacher about
implement effective teaching conceptual my interaction with
and learning. understanding. students that show my
Standard 3.5 – Use effective - Employ a range of effective use of verbal and
questioning techniques non-verbal
classroom communication.
such as open/closed communication strategies
questioning. in the classroom to
I have chosen this goal as I wish - Begin to acknowledge support student
to broaden my range of different and develop student understanding,
verbal and non-verbal responses in an inclusive participation, engagement
communication strategies as I manner. and achievement,
tend to use the same ones and - Develop voice effectively including responding
with respect to tone, pitch, positively and inclusively
it can become ineffective.
strength, speed and to all students.
confidence, for the - Key questions have been
students’ level or stage. recorded.

Goal 3: Professional - Participate in discussions - Reflection on my own

Engagement about the benefits of teaching and how I can
To demonstrate an ongoing professional improve it and continue to
understanding of the rationale learning and collegial improve as a professional.
sharing of knowledge and - Feedback from my
for continued professional resources.
learning and the implications for commitment to teaching
- Reflect on my own and improvement of my
improved student learning. teaching and seek advice practice.
on ways to develop
Standard 6 – Engage in professionally and
professional learning. improve my performance.
Standard 6.4 – Apply
professional learning and
improve student learning.
I have chosen this goal as I
hope to continue improving my
teaching practices and continue
to broaden my knowledge and

Other aims you may have for the professional experience:

- Build confidence within the classroom.
- Build and improve communication skills with colleagues and parents/caregivers.
- Handling challenging behaviours effectively.

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Subject Coordinator: Date: 06/04/18