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Agua De Beber Water To Drink) _ Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim (Water To Drink) ft fie by Notman Genbel Portuguese Lyric by Vinicius de Moraes Medium Bossa Nova Cam) Dm ex? ames) Ont at Em yrs) J : - ee Jibei ty, Sar o = - al Dm" “ees "par D7 "Aw? Daa? . ao “2 , ae = S Yourlove— is rain, (Gu AS) 7 Gm’ ‘ c® x Fs? F%¢ Fa” F% SS 7 SSS ES ; pron pres) F 4 Ey BT Dm De? ec pe 8 _ és in your pow =n wit Em" Ake) oe Ea Ads _ Ow : tt blossom to the sky? | A-gua de be-ber, — 1 with - er and fade the rain and the — flow = er our hearts B) Ge Gow" Dm om Z a a a A-gua de be-ber ea masri Agua de bebe, opt. Give the flow-er wa = ter to drink.) 705) G® Gm? _ Dnt a - 5 rs = ee) = ua de be ~ ber ‘opt. (Give the flow - er wa *This tne i also performed “I need your kis” or “I need your drink” "Bloom isan alternative to “blossom? 2 Brtereld Music and New Thunder Mus, In, PO Box 15221, every Hil, CA 90209 Inert! Cony Secure RightsReserved Use by