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Questions and Introductions

‫أسئلة ومقدمات‬
What is something challenging you learned how to do? How did you learn it?
‫ما هو الشيء الصعب الذي تعلمته كيف تتعلم؟ كيف علمت ذلك؟‬
Learning Strategies
‫استراتيجيات التعليم‬
Which learning strategies do you use for English? Read the strategies and write down “sometimes,” “never,” or
“all the time.”
‫ما هي اساتراتيجيات التعلم التي تساتخدمها للغة النإجليزية؟ اقرأ الساتراتيجيات واكتب "أحيادنإا" أو "أبددا" أو "طوال الوقت" باللغة النإجليزية‬
_______________ 1) Ask a classmate or teacher if you don't understand something
‫اطلب من زميل في المدرساة أو مدرس إذا كنإت ل تفهم شيئا‬
_______________ 2) Regularly review new words again and again
‫راجع بانإتظام كلمات جديدة مرارا وتكرارا‬
_______________ 3) Circle and write down words you don’t understand or don’t know how to pronounce.
‫ضع دائرة واكتب الكلمات التي ل تفهمها أو ل تعرف كيف تنإطق‬
_______________ 4) Translate new words into Arabic
‫ترجمة كلمات جديدة إلى العربية‬
_______________ 5) Break down/divide words into syllables
‫قسامة الكلمات إلى مقاطع‬
_______________ 6) Underline the part of the word that is stressed/accented
‫تساطير على جزء من الكلمة التي هي معلمة‬
_______________ 7) Watch movies, listen to music, and/or read books in English
‫ أو قراءة الكتب باللغة النإجليزية‬/ ‫مشاهدة الفلم والساتماع إلى الموسايقى و‬
_______________ 8) Create different opportunities to practice in your daily life. (For example, talking to your
friends or children in English)
‫ التحدث مع أصدقائك أو أطفالك باللغة النإجليزية‬، ‫ على سابيل المثال‬.‫خلق فرص مختلفة لممارساة في حياتك اليومية‬
I want to practice strategies # ________________________ more often
‫ ________ في كثير من الحيان‬# ‫أريد ممارساة الساتراتيجيات‬
Try It Out
Practice circling words in the reading that you don’t know and writing them down in the table.
‫التدرب على الكلمات في القراءة التي ل تعرفها وكتابتها في الجدول‬
English Arabic # Times Correct

Classroom Questions
Name _____________________________ Date _____________________________
Write the correct Arabic translation next to the sentence. Try to ask one question in class today!
‫ حاول طرح ساؤال واحد في الصف اليوم‬.‫اكتب الترجمة العربية الصحيحة بجانإب الجملة‬

‫ باللغة النإجليزية؟‬... ‫كيف تقول‬ ‫هل تساتطيع ان تتكلم ببطء اكثر؟‬ ‫كيف تنإطق هذه الكلمة؟‬ ‫ هل يمكنإك تكرار ذلك؟‬، ‫عفوا‬
‫هل هنإاك أية اسائلة؟‬ ‫ماذا يعنإي؟‬ ‫كيف تهجي…؟‬ ‫ما هو الجواب على رقم‬
‫؟‬... ‫الساؤال‬

1) Are there any questions? ___________________________________________________________________

2) Can you speak more slowly? ________________________________________________________________
3) What does…mean? ________________________________________________________________________
4) How do you say…in English? ________________________________________________________________
5) How do you pronounce this word? ___________________________________________________________
6) How do you spell…? _______________________________________________________________________
7) Excuse me, can you repeat that? _____________________________________________________________
8) What is the answer for question number…? ____________________________________________________
Grace: Hello, I’m Grace Chen. I’m your new teacher.
Beth: Hi. My name is Elizabeth Silva, but please call me Beth.
Grace: OK. Where are you from, Beth?
Beth: Brazil. How about you?
Grace: Oh, I love Brazil! It’s really beautiful. I’m from Taiwan.
Beth: Where is Taiwan?
Grace: It’s a small island near China. Oh, good. Fatima is here.
Beth: Who’s Fatima?
Grace: She’s your new classmate.
Beth: Where’s she from?
Grace: Syria. Let’s go and say hello. Sorry, What’s your last name again? Garcia?
Beth: Actually, it’s Silva.
Grace: How do you spell that?
Beth: S-I-L-V-A
Match the questions with the responses.
1) I’m sorry. What’s your name again? ___________ a) G-A-R-C-I-A
2) What do people call you? ___________________ b) It’s Daniel
3) How do you spell your last name? ____________ c) Everyone calls me Dan
Final consonant sounds are often linked to the vowels after them.
I’m a new club member. Jane is over there. My name is Elizabeth Silva.
Name _____________________________ Date _____________________________
Put the dialogue in the correct order using the numbers 1-6.
___________ Fatima: Syria is near Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon.
___________ Grace: Fatima, this is Beth, she’s a new student from Brazil.
___________ Fatima: Nice to meet you Beth. I’m Fatima.
___________ Beth: That’s cool. Where’s Syria?
___________ Beth: Hi. So you’re from Syria.
___________ Fatima: That’s right. I’m from Damascus.

1) My name _________ David Garza. I’m from Mexico. ________ family is in Mexico City. My brother
_________ a university student. _________ name is Carlos.
2) _________ name is Sun Hee. I’m 20 years old. My sister _________ a student here, too. _________
parents are in Korea right now.
3) I’m Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Beth. __________ last name is Silva. ___________ a student at
City College. My parents __________ on vacation this week. ___________ in Los Angeles.

4) A: _______________ the two students over there?
B: Their names are Jeremy and Karen.
Name _____________________________ Date _____________________________
1) A: ________________ that?
B: Oh, that’s Fatima.
2) A: ________________ she from?
She’s from Miami.
3) A: _________________ her first name?
B: It’s Celia.
Group Work
Write 5 questions about your classmates. Then ask and answer the questions.
1) ____________________________________________________________________________________
2) ____________________________________________________________________________________
3) ____________________________________________________________________________________
4) ____________________________________________________________________________________
5) ____________________________________________________________________________________