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Nama : Fatma Dewi Prihartini

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Hallucination Implementation Strategy for Patient

Hallucination is one of nurse problem that we can find at someone have soul
disturbance. Hallucination is one of symptom soul disturbance where patient have change
perception sensory experience; feel false sensation like sound, view, and labeling. Patient feel
stimulus actually it false. To face it, a nurse have four strategy implementation proved control
hallucination. There is say sharply to hallucination, make conversation with other, doing
activity based on daily activity list, and eat medicine regulerly.
Say sharply to hallucination is effort to control self from hallucination with push
hallucination that appear. The patient have train to say no to their hallucination or not care
with their hallucination. The nurse need to explain how to say sharply to hallucination,
showing how to say sharply, ask to patient to showing repeatedly, and monitor patient
apllication this step and strengthen patient behaviour. If it can do, the patient will able to
manage theirself and follow their hallucination. Its maybe hallucination still appear but with
this capability patient will not follow their hallucination.
Control hallucination can also with make conversation with other. When patient
chatchitchat with other, it can happen distraction. The patient attention focus will move from
hallucination to conversation with other that have happened. With the result, one of effective
step to control hallucination is chatchitchat with other.
Incite self with daily activity can decrease risk of haalluscination appear again. A
nurse need explain to patient about their activity, disscuss and train patient to do activity
based on their daily activity list.With activity list, patient will not have time to spend alone
that often mmake hallucination. For that, patient have hallucination can help to resolve their
hallucination with doing activity in regularly start in the morning when wake up until sleep at
the night.
The last step to control hallucination is train patient to eat medicine regularly based
on therapy program. The nurse must explain benefit of medicine, the effect if patient break
medicine program, how to get medicine, and how to use medicine based on five principe.
Patient of soul disturbance have take care at home often break the medicine program, in the
result patient suffer a relapse. If it happen, to get normal condition like at first will more
difficult. Therefore, a nurse need train patient to use medicine following the program and do
that continue.
A nurse when apply four implementation strategy can modify how to
communication with patient, but a nurse can change the sequence of steps. If one of that
strategy not apply, the nurse will meet negative effect on the next day with more difficult
problem at the same people. So, a nurse must give attention when doing that strategy based
on standar operasional procedure.