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Official e-Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Holy Spirit

The Dove
March 27, 2017 Rotary Club of Holy Spirit Club No. 69935 RI District 3780 Philippines Vol. X No. 18

Rotary, local government and community members

join hands to protect children and their parents from
deadly dengue virus.
At the request of Don Antonio Heights Homeown-
ers Association (DAHHA) Director and RC Holy
Spirit Rotarian Martin Marinas, an anti-dengue
spraying activity was held at the DAHHA park on
March 25, 2018.

With organic insect repellent liquid compound de-

veloped and provided by PP Chinchin Jurado, and
in cooperation with the office of Barangay Kaga-
wad Lydia Ballesteros, the spraying activity was
led by two (2) barangay crew members using
heavy-duty sprayers. Pres Ric Salvador, PE JR
Delgra, PP Marcia Salvador and Rtn Martin Mari-
nas helped by using smaller hand-held sprayers.
The pleasant-smelling, non-toxic mosquito repel-
lent spray called Bioneem uses biodegradable
properties of the Neem tree and other natural
plant derivatives and is effective as disinfectant,
deodorizer and repellent.

Neem has been identified by WHO/UNEP as envi-

ronmentally ―powerful‖ natural pesticide. The DA-
HHA park is used as promenade, playground and
exercise area by homeowners of Don Antonio

Heights and children and adults residing in the subdivi-

sion‘s periphery.

PP Marcia coordinated the activity with Barangay coun-

cil member Lydia who chairs the Barangay‘s Health &
Environmental Sanitation Committee.
Interact DISCON 2018 celebrates year of friendship,
leadership and service

On March 24, 2018, nearly 200 Interactors, ership is servant leadership‖. ties with the Interactors.
their faculty advisers and sponsoring Rotari- 1st – Ms Elizabeth Auxillo, Holy Spirit National High
ans trooped to the campus gym of Trinity The last speaker was Mr Chris Egan Roxas School
University of Asia to attend the Interact Dis- who, at 30, is CEO of the XS Group of com- 2nd – Ms Ivy San Juan, North Fairview High School
trict Conference: #DISCON2018 with the panies (XS Multimedia, XS Asia, XS Post- 3rd – Mr Antonio Armero, San Francisco High School
theme ―The Youth: Making a Positive Differ- lab, SX by SX, VRC Architecture, and We Ms Sherry Ann Jove, Culiat High School
ence‖. The conference started on time with The Pvblic). He expounded on how the Ms Juliza Juanites, Batasan Hills National High
the parade of presidents coming from youth can be catalysts for change and gave School
twenty-five (25) Interact clubs. practical tips on how to do it: find your pur- Mr Mark Anthony Oroceo, Krus na Ligas High
pose, follow your gutfeel, avoid naysayers, School
Ten (10) key leaders from the Interact Club and focus and ―be the best version of your- Most Productive Interact Club Awards to clubs with
Holy Spirit National High School led by self.‖ the most number of projects
President Shane Macabodbod attended, 1st – IaC Culiat High School
accompanied by Adviser Ma‘am Beth Aux- The program was spiced with entertainment
numbers from Interactors who showed their 2nd – IaC Holy Spirit National High School
illo. TGP Ric Salvador came to show his 3rd – IaC Batasan Hills National High School
support. talents in singing and dancing. Exciting
raffle prizes courtesy of TGP Mercy Plata, 4th – IaC Ernesto Rondon High School
DIR Novo ―Nokie‖ Mitra reported on the PP Wee Velarde, PP Doris Sanchez, RC Special citations were given to the following Interact
state of Interact clubs in District 3780. Holy Spirit and RC West Triangle were clubs that implemented flagship projects: Balara
There are now 44 active, registered clubs, given away. High School, Batasan Hills National High
up from 34 at the start of RY 2017-2018. School, Culiat High School, Ernesto Rondon
The DISCON was also time to elect the
In his message, PDG Penny Policarpio DIRN (to serve during RY 2020-2021). High School, Holy Spirit National High School,
urged the youth leaders to continue being Guided by Vice Chair Rick Bugayong, the Judge Feliciano Belmonte Sr High School, North
with the family of Rotary and join the Rota- Interact presidents elected TGP Abdullah Fairview High School and Ramon Magsaysay
ract movement to continue serving the com- Kusain of the Interact Club of Culiat High (Cubao) High School.
munity. School as DIRN. A special award was given to Red Cross
The first invited speaker was Councilor Vic- Before the program ended, the District Inter- Youth (RCY) Interact Club for having
tor ―Vico‖ Sotto of Pasig City who shared his act Committee gave the following awards: launched, an on-line donor-
thoughts on how to make an impact in soci- donee matching platform in the Philippines
ety through a combination of passion, talent Leadership Awards to the Interact Great Presidents offering assistance in the form of scholar-
and a set of values. He concluded his mes- who served during RY 2017-18. ships, textbooks, wheelchairs, surgical pro-
sage by saying that ―the smallest dream is Most Participative Interact Club Awards to clubs that cedures and blood units.
the dream for yourself.‖ The next speaker attended all seven (7) district activities with the
most number of participants. The Interact DISCON was ably hosted by
was Adrian Suarez, a dynamic 12th grader RC Bagong Sandigan chaired by PP Doris
from Don Bosco, founder of School Chang- 1st – IaC Culiat High School
2nd – IaC Holy Spirit National High School Sanchez and TGP Marilen Lagniton, with
ers (an after-school coaching company) who the assistance of District Interact Chair PP
talked about how the youth can be proactive 3rd – IaC San Bartolome High School
Most Supportive Faculty Adviser Awards to advisers Marcia Salvador and Vice Chair Rick
members of society. He said that ―true lead- Bugayong.
who attended the most number of district activi- 2
Rotaractors of Holy Spirit commemorate 2018 World Rotaract
Week and 50th founding anniversary of Rotaract movement
The Rotaract Club of Holy Spirit com- duced by District Rotaract when Chie
memorated the 50th founding anniver- 2. Human chair team-build exercise served as RaC HS president two years
sary of Rotaract across the globe, and which demonstrated sportsmanship of ago.
held a program last March 18 as the our youth and their perceptiveness of
club‘s culminating activity for the 1018 the traits & values of effective leaders Rtr Argielyn Espiña insisted that she be
World Rotaract Week. that PP Chie Ladia Bullo had wanted to recognized as the first volunteer, a truth
elicit; and that we recognize very proudly. Miss
The program shared Rotaract Informa- Argie and Miss Jenine Fantilagan took
tion, Inspired young Rotaractors and 3. Stories that our guest speaker Rota- care of reception during the event.
guided them to evolve a Vision of the ractor, PDRR, Rotarian TGP Aya
future for the club. In the audience Nicole Corpus eloquently shared with
Individual Rotaractors and Interactors
were 3 Rotaract alumni, 22 newly ad- Holy Spirit Rotarians, Rotaractors &
also proudly displayed their talents in
mitted Rotaractors of Holy Spirit and 5 Interactors in Grade 10 & 11 levels.
singing, dancing, acting in the course of
leaders of the Interact Club of HSNHS. the program.
We wish to recognize more Rotaract
PP Chie Ladia Bullo, Rotaractors and leaders who volunteered to help make
Finally, congratulations to all of the pro-
Interact PPs Resha Avelino and Jan- the commemorative initiative of the Ro-
gram participants – learners and shar-
nelle T. Larbio, TGP Shane Macabod- taract Club of Holy Spirit, QC, RI Dis-
ers and future leaders – for having un-
bod of Interact Club, and the Rotaract trict 3780 truly successful:
derstood and loudly expressed their
team designed and conducted a superb commitment to make the Rotaract Club
program to commemorate 50th found- • James Lanquino who served as MC of Holy Spirit THE LEADING ROTA-
ing anniversary of world Rotaract. and ensured flawless program flow,
• Rein Reinhardt Fernandez who set-up
Three remarkable parts of the pro- and managed the ancient sound sys-
gram: The organizers invited all members of
tem. the Rotaract Club of Holy Spirit to par-
1. Revisit history of Interact & Rotaract ticipate in this program. Many of them
PP Chie Ladia Bullo likewise featured politely declined the invitation due to
of Holy Spirit with some founders led by
video clips of inspiring songs rendered busy schedule with school examina-
PP Kim Berganting sharing recollec-
by PP Michelle Mae Estenzo and of the tions and thesis defence.
tions & learning;
Rotaract theme song edited & pro-

President-elect JR Delgra completes 2018 PETS in
preparation to lead RC Holy Spirit in 2018-19.
PE JR Delgra completed the train- Change Lives‖ the training seminar ernor Chito Borromeo and Spouse
ing for presidents-elect at The was full of inspiring learnings from Nona, offering a song and flower to
Bayleaf Hotel in General Trias, seasoned speakers like PDG Sonny the Inspiring Presidents. TGP Ric
Cavite on March 17-18, 2018. It Coloma, among others. Over 80 Salvador was present to show his
was the culmination of a series of Inspiring Presidents attended the support to PE JR.
six (6) Pre-PETS sessions held to training seminar.
prepare the presidents-elect for the The PETS was hosted by RC Va-
responsibility of leading their clubs In the evening of March 17, the tra- lencia QC.
come July 1. With the theme ditional HARANA was held with The
―Together We Connect, INSPIRE, Great Presidents, led by Great Gov-

2018-19 RI President Barry Rassin wants Rotary members to
Be the Inspiration
By Hank Sartin

Rotary International President-elect Barry Rassin laid able to serve, if we want to succeed in our goals — we
out his vision for the future of the organization on Sun- have to take care of our members first.‖
day, calling on leaders to work for a sustainable future
and to inspire Rotarians and the community at large. Rassin asked the incoming district governors to ―inspire
the club presidents, and the Rotarians in your districts,
Rassin, a member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, to want to change. To want to do more. To want to
New Providence, Bahamas, unveiled the 2018-19 reach their own potential. It‘s your job to motivate them
presidential theme, Be the Inspiration, to incoming dis- — and help them find their own way forward.‖
trict governors at Rotary‘s International Assembly in
San Diego, California, USA. ―I want you to inspire in
your clubs, your Rotarians, that desire for something
greater. The drive to do more, to be more, to create
something that will live beyond each of us.‖
View Slideshow
2018-19 RI President Barry Rassin announces his
presidential theme, Be the Inspiration, at Rotary's Inter-
national Assembly
To achieve this vision, the president-elect said, Rotari-
ans must take care of the organization: ―We are a
membership organization first. And if we want to be

Actress Jodi Sta. Maria shares academic recognition to inspire

more people to keep going and never stop learning 15 January 2018

The career actress who is

taking up Psychology
program, has become
part of the Dean’s List at
Southville International
School & Colleges

Sta. Maria's new drama,

"Sana Dalawa Ang Puso,"
co-starring Richard Yap
and Robin Padilla, is set to
premiere at the end of the

This page of The Dove e-bulletin serves as home page
of the “virtual website” of
Rotary International District 3780

Officers & Members About the Service Gallery What is Club

Chairmen Club Projects Rotary? Bulletin

RC Holy Spirit is on . .
D3780 1905 History of Rotary
Rotaractors mark 50 years at their
triennial meeting in Taipei, Taiwan
From The Rotarian March 2018
The Four-Way Test
OF THE THINGS we think, say or do

1) Is it the TRUTH?
2) Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3) Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER
4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Rotarian’s Pledge
I am a Rotarian
I will always uphold the TRUTH.
I am a Rotarian
I will always strive to be FAIR
in all of my dealings with my fellowmen.
I am a Rotarian In September 2017, Rotaractors attendees marked the occasion with
I will always endeavor to build from around the world gathered in song, dance, parties, and projects.
Taipei, Taiwan, for their triennial In- They also heard inspiring talks and
GOODWILL and UNDERSTANDING terota convention. This year‘s meet- participated in useful workshops that
in my community, ing was a special celebration of the gave them new ideas to take home
among my countrymen fiftieth anniversary of Rotaract, and to their clubs.
and people of all nations.
I am a Rotarian
I will always seek to promote
the greatest good
for the greatest number of people
in the spirit of ROTARY SERVICE.
I am a Rotarian
I will always uphold
the Rotary International Motto,
SERVICE ABOVE SELF. Data as of 30 November 2017


Rotarian Code of Conduct
As a Rotarian, I will
1) Act with integrity and high ethical standards in my Members Members Members Members
personal and professional life
1,230,399 240,757 512,417 223,260
2) Deal fairly with others and treat them and their
occupations with respect

3) Use my professional skills through Rotary to men-

tor young people, help those with special needs, and Clubs Clubs Clubs Corps
improve people‘s quality of life in my community and
in the world 35,784 10,859 22,270 9,707
4) Avoid behaviour that reflects adversely on Rotary
or other Rotarians
Source: THE ROTARIAN February 2018 published by Rotary International
From Interact to Rotaract to Rotary
When Interact club member Alexandria Ritchie en- always had members at the meetings who were
rolled in the engineering program at John Tyler interested in investing in our service projects. Sec-
Community College in Chester, Virginia, in 2013, ond, it seemed like an opportunity to create sus-
she hoped to join a Rotaract club. There wasn‘t tainable change. The service projects were based
one, so she reinstated an inactive charter, with the on long-term relationships with the community in-
Rotary clubs of Brandermill (Midlothian) and James stead of one-time quick fixes.
River (Richmond) as sponsors.
Q: What do young people bring to Rotary?
Now, as a pre-med student in her last year of the A: Younger individuals have an authentic enthusi-
biomedical engineering program at Virginia Com- asm for service. Also, we have great ideas, new
monwealth University, Ritchie is president of the ideas, things we haven‘t tried before. Aside from
Rotaract Club of VCU, as well as a member of the that, people my age are generally tech savvy,
James River Rotary Club. which is something Rotary can definitely benefit
Ritchie, president Q: How can Rotary appeal more to the millennial
of the Rotaract generation?
Club at Virginia A: Rotary already does appeal to the younger gen-
Commonwealth eration, in terms of the mission and the purpose of
University. Rotary. Millennials want to change the world, right?
Illustration by Monica They want to have an influence on their commu-
nity, and that‘s always been a Rotary mission. It‘s
She has focused just a matter of making it a more conducive envi-
on establishing ronment for millennials, like being more flexible
more Rotaract with attendance or with dues. The biggest thing is
clubs and building partnerships between clubs. building the relationship between the more sea-
Ritchie founded and now co-directs the Rotaract soned and experienced Rotarians and young
Atlantic Network, a multidistrict organization for the members coming in.
East Coast, and serves as District 7600 Rotaract
chair. Q: You‘re a member of both Rotaract and Rotary.
What‘s the benefit of dual membership?
Ritchie, 22, spoke with us about what has kept her A: I wanted the chance to foster the relationships
engaged in Rotary since her days as an Interactor that I had made with my Rotary club partner. Being
at Clover Hill High School in Midlothian, Virginia. a member of both has allowed me to build bridges.
I have seen firsthand that we both want the same
Q: How did you get involved in Interact? thing – to serve humanity. Dual membership gives
A: I didn‘t really know what Rotary was. I needed us a chance to create a long-term relationship
the community service hours for college, and Inter- based on trust, understanding, and mutual belief in
act looked cool. A RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Service Above Self. It allows Rotaractors to be liai-
Awards) conference was my first real exposure to sons between Rotaract and Rotary in order to fos-
Rotary. It was something I wanted to be involved ter this idea of partnership. And it benefits Rotary,
with in the long term. because dual membership helps Rotaract become
better integrated into Rotary International.
Q: What in particular interested you about it? –Nikki Kallio
A: Two things really stood out for me. First was
that our sponsor, the Rotary Club of Brandermill, Read more stories from The Rotarian

Stealth motivation: How to get volunteers to do what you want
them to – and like it
By Nancy Shepherdson, The Rotarian, April 2018
When I was a senior at the University of Illinois, I that every potential volunteer is looking for
lived with some friends in an old house set in a something, whether it’s personal satisfaction, the
grove of oak trees. I loved to take my homework chance to contribute to a good cause, or simply
outside and sit under a tree to study and day- a fun thing to do.
dream. One day, I went out and found stakes
marking off big sections of the grove. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely, author of
books including Payoff: The Hidden Logic That
Racing inside, I begged my housemates to help Shapes Our Motivations, has spent a good por-
me find out what was happening. We made tion of his career trying to discern under what
phone calls and discovered that the university circumstances people will do what you ask. Why
planned to cut down all the trees to build a park- do some people enthusiastically volunteer for
ing lot. We made posters, gave save-the-trees every event your club puts on, while others
presentations in the dorms nearby, and deliv- rarely or never do? When I was incoming president of my club, I
ered impassioned pleas to administrators. Many decided to ask people exactly what they wanted
Ariely believes that part of the answer depends to get out of their membership. I heard some
on recognition. “Ignoring the performance of complaints but also a lot of good ideas. In the
people is almost as bad as shredding their effort end, the effort made us a much stronger club.
before their eyes,” the Duke University Fuqua Among other things, we added a successful
School of Business professor said in a 2013 fundraiser and attracted nine new members.
TED Talk. “The good news is that adding moti-
vation doesn’t seem to be so difficult.” Volunteer groups are not so different from com-
panies, Rhoades told me recently. “The values
In an experiment he reported in Payoff, Ariely of your most motivated volunteers can get other
persuaded Intel to reward three sets of workers people excited to volunteer,” she says. “Do
for productivity with either a monetary bonus, a some brainstorming to make these values ex-
pizza voucher, or a texted compliment. All of the plicit – whether it’s making kids’ lives better,
rewards resulted in increased productivity the helping the poor, or having fun – and then talk
noisy protests and negotiations later, the univer- next day, but the compliment was the most pow-
sity backed down and let the trees stand. Some- about them all the time. It’s one of the most
erful and had the longest-lasting effect. important things you can do to make volunteer-
what to our own surprise, we had prevailed – Ariely was focused on employees, but he be-
and I had seen the power of motivated volun- ing more rewarding.”
lieves the power of compliments holds
teers. true for volunteers as well. When a re-
It was my first experience with what I’ve come to luctant volunteer receives public appre-
call “stealth motivation.” Before that happened, I ciation for his work, even just a text
hadn’t realized that I possessed any ability to saying “good job,” it can increase the
motivate people. But I have learned that when chances that he will step up for the next
you personally ask people to take on a task that project.
is important to a cause they care about, great But recognition alone isn’t enough. Be-
things can happen. The key is finding out what ing a committed volunteer is hard work,
will give volunteers satisfaction without drawing and people know it. So to recruit volun-
attention to the fact that you are trying to moti- teers, you must overcome what behav-
vate them. ioral scientist David Halpern calls
In many ways, motivating volunteers is much “friction”: Will it be worth my time? Will I
harder than motivating employees. You don’t look like a fool? Will it be too hard?
pay volunteers, and you can’t fire them. But “Humans have a deep-rooted tendency to take Encouraging members to identify problems they
there are still effective approaches: Remember the line of least resistance,” notes Halpern, the want to solve and letting them come up with
author of Inside the Nudge Unit: How Small ways to address them are the keys to keeping
Changes Can Make a Big Difference. people motivated. My club is in the midst of
Always think about how to make it easier to another listening tour that I hope results in more
participate, such as by breaking up large assign- good projects that will, in turn, ease members
ments into smaller tasks. into becoming more engaged. In my experience,
if you praise regularly, nudge often, and make
So to maintain a contingent of motivated volun- sure your group’s values are clear, people who
teers, you have to plan ahead. When you throw volunteer for you will be grateful to you – even if
something together at the last minute, you’ll find they’re not sure why.
yourself relying on the same people who always
carry the load. Or you’ll quickly overtax new Nancy Shepherdson is the co-author of five
members, who are sometimes the most eager to books and a past president of the Rotary Club of
get involved. Lake Zurich, Illinois.
Rotary clubs throw axes to raise funds
By Anne Ford, The Rotarian, February 2018

Aprille Weron grew up in the suburbs of Weron and her friend Brooke Williams, Not only that, but the ―Did you say axe
Philadelphia; it was, she recalls, ―a very a member of the Rotary Club of Phila- throwing?‖ factor got others interested
privileged life.‖ That‘s why, when she delphia Happy Hour, decided to help in the cause, Williams says: ―Doing
heard about Philadelphia‘s New Day raise funds for the center through an events like this is a fun way to raise
Center – a Salvation Army-sponsored unusual activity: axe throwing. Held on money, but it also is a great way to ad-
drop-in center that helps women and 14 October, the Salvation Army‘s Axe vertise what we‘re doing. It‘s a little
girls being trafficked for sex – she was of Kindness 2017 Axe Throwing Tour- more attention-getting.‖
shocked to learn that many of the peo- nament saw more than 40 community
ple who come to the center are from members – including Weron and Wil- The proof? When the Philadelphia
that same area. liams, who competed as The Rotarax- Happy Hour club heard about the
ers – hurling 1.5-pound hatchets at a event, members decided to organize a
Aprille Weron, right, and her friend target. second axe-throwing fundraiser for the
Brooke Williams raised funds with an New Day Center in December, with the
axe-throwing tournament. ―We threw a lot of axes that day,‖ aid of the Rotary clubs of Consho-
Weron says. As with darts, the goal in hocken-Plymouth-W hitemarsh and
―We think that trafficking is something axe throwing is to get as close as possi- Philadelphia.
that‘s far away,‖ says Weron, a member ble to the bull‘s-eye. But the real goal,
of the Rotary Club of King of Prussia, of course, was to raise funds for the Read more stories from The Rotar-
Pa. ―But some of these girls went to the New Day Center – which the event did, ian
same schools that you and your friends to the tune of $6,800.
went to.‖ 10
Hit film celebrates social entrepreneur who is breaking ta-
boos surrounding MENSTRUATION

Bollywood film Pad Man has got people talk- 355 million menstruating females reported in
ing about a subject that's still taboo- men- 2016 that they could not afford sanitary prod-
struation. ucts.

The film tells the story of Arunachalam Muru- The film has led to an increase in donations
ganantham, a social entrepreneur from Tamil of sanitary pads to NGOs, and people in vil-
Nadu who invented a low-cost sanitary pad lages have been taken to see the film for
machine to improve menstrual health in India free.
and eliminate the stigma surrounding men-
struation. Of course, this isn't just an issue in India- In
the UK, for example, one in ten disadvan-
I'm in India at the moment and was excited to taged girls below the age of 21 cannot afford
go and see the film. It was great to see the sanitary products, according to Charity Plan
screening was packed with men, women and International UK.
children from across the city.
There's still a long way to go, but it is fantas-
Baffled by the high price of sanitary pads in tic to see the topic of menstruation being dis-
his village, Muruganantham decided to buy cussed in India and around the world thanks
cotton and make the pads at home, even to Pad Man.
testing one himself by attaching an ‗artificial
uterus‘ full of goat‘s blood to his hip and engi- Nisha Kotecha
neering it to pump out blood as he cycled is the Founder of
around the village. Good News
Shared. Having
It took more than five years for Muruganan- worked and vol-
tham to design the machines that are now unteered for
charities in the
installed in 23 of the 29 Indian states, allow-
UK for over 10
ing women to make their own pads for a third years, Nisha is
of the cost of commercial manufacture. His on a mission to
invention has helped millions of women and highlight how
girls in India, a country in which 70% of the amazing charities


RI President’s March 2018 Message Foundation Chairman’s March 2018 Message

This month marks 50 years since the first Questions, questions, questions. Two
Rotaract club was chartered, in 1968. In topics I am frequently asked about during
this special Rotaract issue, you'll meet my visits with Rotarians around the world
some impressive Rotaractors from around relate to Rotary's website and our Foun-
the world and see some of the incredible
dation's grants. Quite likely you have had
ways they are Making a Difference.
these questions and more, about things
In the half-century since Rotaract began, such as donor contributions, point trans-
the world has seen profound changes, and fers, club and district reports, club in-
young people have felt the greatest impact voices, and club officer changes, to
of those changes: the rise of technology name a few. If you don't know where to
and the information economy, the spread of education, and the find the answer, Rotary's Support Center is the place to
tremendous influence of the internet. When Rotaract was start.
founded, it would have been almost unthinkable for a teen or 20
-something to have been an entrepreneur or a CEO. Today, The Rotary Support Center is an easily accessible first point
young people have an unprecedented capacity to achieve – and of contact for Rotarians, donors, staff, and others to help
Rotary needs their ideas and enthusiasm as never before. answer questions in English, French, and Spanish. Business
For many years, Rotary has done Rotaract a disservice by look- hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through
ing at our youth and young adult programs as mere precursors Friday. You can reach the Support Center toll-free at 1-866-
to Rotary membership, and not as valuable and productive pro- 976-8279 (1-866-9ROTARY). Email inquiries
grams in their own right. But Rotaractors are truly partners in to will be responded to
Rotary service. within one business day.

Today, an estimated quarter of a million Rotaractors serve in The Support Center averages 3,500 calls per month. This
over 10,000 clubs, in nearly every country where Rotary clubs includes about 1,500 callers who want to be directed to a
exist. The impact of their service is particularly impressive when specific person or Rotary department, allowing easier ac-
contrasted with their resources. Rotaractors achieve an amaz- cess within our complex organization. On average, 7,000
ing amount with far less money at their disposal than the aver-
emails are responded to each month.
age Rotary club. Their energy and vision bring something won-
derful to our Rotary family and to our communities, and we
value it very much.
With only an eight-year history, the Rotary Support Center
has been certified as a Center of Excellence by Benchmark
Yet only 27 percent of Rotary clubs sponsor a Rotaract club, a Portal, the industry leader in contact center benchmarking.
figure that has remained fairly stable over time. And far too few The Center of Excellence recognition is one of the most
Rotaractors ultimately do move on to Rotary membership. As prestigious awards in the customer service and support in-
we celebrate this anniversary with Rotaract, I encourage all Ro- dustry. This distinction requires that a center be both effi-
tary clubs to consider sponsoring a Rotaract club or to cient and effective, providing service that is of superior qual-
strengthen their ties with the clubs they already sponsor. ity with lower overall costs compared with other centers in
Schedule regular joint meetings, run joint service projects, and the service industry.
reach out to Rotaractors – not only to ask if you can help, but to
find out how you can work together. Know your Rotaract clubs The Rotary Support Center team also includes a Visitor Ser-
and their members – and make sure that every Rotaractor vices and Tour Program coordinator to schedule tours and
knows that a Rotary club is waiting to welcome them.
large group meetings for those who want to visit Rotary
For half a century, Rotaract has given young people a way to headquarters. Rotary has a surprising number of visitors
find the same connections with their communities, and the each year. Are you planning a visit to the Chicago area? You
same value in service, that Rotarians can request a tour by sending an email
find in Rotary. Rotaractors are connect- to Perhaps our paths will cross at One
ing us to the Rotary of our future, while Rotary Center!
helping us build the Rotary
of today. I am confident you will agree with the 96 percent quality
score the center has received from satisfied customers.
President 2017-18 PAUL A. NETZEL
Trustee Chair 2017-18
RC Holy Spirit D3780 in polio
immunization drive. Click
photo to view the campaign.
Click ―links‖ to view contents

March 2018

THE DOVE of RC Holy Spirit D3780

Issue 17 of Year 10 March 13, 2018

Traffic Conditions in Metro Manila

Entertainment News
The Rotarian
March 2018
Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors of D3780 celebrated
Women’s Day during GREAT WALK tradition last March 4, 2018
with RC Holy Spirit serving as one of the host clubs