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Dear Hiring Manager,

It is with great honor to apply to the Recruitment Coordinator Position at the NeuroLeadership Institute.
After having completed my undergraduate at the State University of New York (SUNY) College at Old
Westbury with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology and a minor in Mathematics, I am seeking to gain a
more thorough understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.

The appeal was born out of years of research and mentoring, which will allow me to contribute to and
be successful to this position. The skills required (being focused on results, strategic perspective, and
adaptability,) are skills that I have honed my entire scientific career. My work experience has been
fostered by several years as a research associate and a mentor.

Previously, I worked on several projects including: researching PhenylMercaptoAcetamide (PMA) vs

Arsenic and its mechanisms. As well as, worked closely with the Science Technology Entry Program
(STEP). These projects have provided me with the skill sets I need to be an effective candidate. In these
roles, the possibility of success can only be achieved through proper management of time, adaptability,
to have strategic perspective, understanding and being accepting of the unknown. NeuroLeadership
Institute has exceptional appeal for me because of its focus on novelty and adaptability. Moreover, the
time and dedication put forward into studiously upholding the ethical and philosophical rigor of
scientific advancement. The opportunity to work with such dedicated individuals is my passion.
Moreover, it will allow me to contribute to scientific advancement and my own personal growth. Having
worked in a lab for several years, I am aware of the heavy workload and demanding schedule that this
position entail. As an undergraduate, I worked a job 25 hours a week while studying full time for my BSc

Recently, I was teaching students English for well over a year in Japan. Within this position I was able to
increase school size, student attendance, grades, and student confidence by 100% in under a year. This
experience has taught me the art of prioritizing my time; a skill that will no doubt help me face the rigors
his position.

NeuroLeadership Institute is, without question, the most appropriate venue for the continuation of my
professional career, and that I will rise to meet the challenges that this will involve. Thank you for the
opportunity and I look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,

Martin White