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Curriculum vitae

Personal Information
Street Addis Ababa Gofa Comp
Address Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Telephone +251942710175
P.O BOX --------------------

Nationality Ethiopian
Date of birth (dd/mm/yy) 14/05/1985-E.C
Gender Mail
Occupational filed ICT and SSS
Occupational filed Software Engineering
Education and Training
Title of qualification awarded B.Sc. in Software Engineering
Title of qualification awarded Diploma in ICT and SSS
Principal subject/occupational skills covered
Computer Architecture and organization
Programming fundamentally
Database Design and Development
Introduction To Logic
Social organization and Social cultural Process
Numerical Analysis
Principal of Accounting I
Hardware Basic and Troubleshooting
Data communication and computer Network
Webpage Design and Development
Introduction to formal Language and Automata
Applied Mathematic I
Principal of Accounting II
Java Programming
Data Structures and Algorithms Analysis
Introduction To complexity Theory
Spoken and Written communication I
Applied Mathematic II
Sophomore English
Environmental Studies
Discrete Mathematics and combinatory
Probability statics
Object oriented programming
Window programming or C#
Information and computer Security
Object Oriented Software Engineering
Advance Webpage Design and Development
Advance Database System
System Analysis and Design
Computer Graphics
Principle of compiler Design
Operating System
Project Software Engineering about Axum wit Pharmacy Management System (PMS)

Principal Subject / Occupational Skills Covered

Operate Personal Computer

Migrate To New Technology
Advice Client And Provide First-level Remote Help Desk support
Protect Computer Hardware & Application Or System Software
Connect Hardware Peripherals
Support System Software
Determine And Take Action Client Computing And Network Problems
Implement Maintenance Procedures
Maintain Equipment And Software in Working Order
Install Software Application
Create Technical Documentation
Record Client Support Requirements
Maintain Inventories For Equipment Software
Personal Skills and Competences
Mother langue (s) Amharic .English
Other languages Tigrigna
Social skills Work well both independently and team member competences
Organization skills very good time management, participation
Competences in extra-curricular activities
Ethic skills Very good time management .participation

1 Name Engineer Asay Hiluf
Address Micro link college Mekelle
Position Department of software Engineering Head
2Name Fanuale Gebrezgi
Address Micro link college Mekelle
Position Head of Registrar
3Name Getachew Tesfay
Address Micro link college Mekelle
Position Instructor and Network administrator
4, Name Brhanu Arbese
Address Mekelle TPLF office
Position System Administrator or Advance Database Expert

Computer Skills And Other Electronic Skills


LAN:-Locale Aria Network
CAN:- Campus Aria Network
MAN:-Materopolsin Aria Network
WAN:-Wide Aria Network All Configuration I have Full experience
To Manipulate Work in Work place To This Service
 Computer skills with system software operating system

Window xp
Window xp puc2__window xp puc3
Window 7__
Window 8 with All Microsoft Operating System I Have Full Experience
To Manipulate Work in Work Place To This Service
Mac OS (Operating System Software)
 Computer Skills With Application Software Microsoft Office

Microsoft- excel
Microsoft- power point
SQL (Structural Queer Language) and With Other Programming Language Like
C++ C# Vb java…
Microsoft Access All Other Application Software And System Software I have full Experience to
Manipulate Work in Work Place To This Service

 Computer skills with maintenance Hardware and software

Computer Maintenance All Peripheral Device

Hardware Maintenance
Monitor Maintenance
HDD(Hard Disk) Maintenance
RAM(Random Access memory) Maintenance
ALL Motherboard Component

Software Maintenance

Operating System Maintenance

Application Software
To Protect All Program From Virus and Other Bade But Sector Program’s
I have Good Knowledge or Skill and Altitude to All the Computer Related to Work Effectively: