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The mark of the Apocalypse

i n James Betancourt

Luix Flow

For all the UNKNOWN writers who are searching to have flourishing

their CREATIVE sequences that sprout from their deeper IMAGINATION...


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1 Chapter I

It was the beginning of the nineties, my name is James, very young

and blindfolded then... irresponsible in relationships: “Too young to

love, too young to know” due to the effect of an app inside my blood

called: “Live fast die Young”... I give you an example:

I remember a concert in a small town near Los Angeles, a town I don’t

remember its name. That afternoon I called my "girlfriend" Mêle who

lived in San Bernardino to see if she has the energy to go together

to see the Misfits. After ten minutes of labia about love and the

carnal lusts plus the emotional vibes that couples move; she said

that she was sick. It sounded to my intuition radar that she was

lying and affects me a little, I felt cheated inside those complexed

channels I have... I also pictured many other things inside the

imagination area, but did not say anything, we just said goodbye.

The main obstacle in our relationship was that when I met her, she

already had a boyfriend, I got involved in a not my business party.

The boyfriend was a tall rude boy with the looks of a cool one. One

of those dudes who drive a car with a full-blown engine, a car that

brings out songs from a motor that thunders without fear or the
concerns of losing its virginity when some one steps in the

enlargement of her accelerator. At least it is likely a Camaro and it

might surely have more than 400 horsepower but those kind of horses

of precise walk and fast pace with a tough attitude. Maybe on the

weekends under a romantic night full of stars, UFO’s and lights from

the Milky Way and before sitting on the hood with his girlfriend to

tell her beautiful things, they made love in the back of his vehicle

where he had covered up the seat with sheep skins.

I met Mêle through an underground monthly magazine that I was

publishing in that unstable decade of the nineties. A time that had

started in a disorderly way since it was smeared with hidden things

that were handled by corporate levels and the Deep State into which a

regular human had no access to their mother board at all... I think

that was one reason why Punk-Rock emerged as a musical artistic and

social expression of rebellion. Anyway, not to step far away from the

tale about this mag that had a thematic publication known in the

underground scene as fanzine with the name of "No Future". Black and

white Photocopy style, collage format that included photos placed in

a very original way cutting them out and putting them against

different backgrounds. All mounted in a normal sheet folded in half

and fastened with ordinary staples. Most of the photos came from

those made at a punk-rock recent concert plus some urban pix watered

here and there from abandoned architectural locations or sensible

shots of beggars in Skid Road who slept on the sidewalks building

into the air parallel realities while “Nobody walks in L.A.”

...unbalanced realities exposed in a lit “nobodies” zine.

The collage was mostly focused on the performance of a band that

stroked the city with dedicated pages to their musical interaction

with the young scene and their reaction to the messages... sometimes

it showed an occasional fast interview when it falls out. It also

included graphic reports of a riot that was not missing at every

concert between the boys and the police. The biggest of all the

revolts witnessed was one that took place during a gigantic concert

of the Dead Kennedys. Wonder why the clashes arose with that “A”

inside a circle like a first flag sign of protest against a rotten

elite of the establishment... Each edition went to the streets for

free distribution by hand power to most of the gigs during the

upcoming weeks. With the visual pix displays of expressions learned

the hard way during daily experiences or some infamous phrase coming

from out there inner city walls where the last urban prophets reveal

the last news of an apocalypses already announced. It also came with

a page where people post their adds and personal comments. Everyone

who wrote got an answer for respect; and thus it enclosed a summary

of letters from the most relevant to be attach to the mailing list.

It was a way of interrelating the public with each other by

publishing their emails or telephones in so ways the fanzine could

help expand the scene br@therhood... a small contribution to the

growth and embellishment so to speak of the emerging new.

Mêle wrote directly to the magazine not as a comment to an image or a

gig, she said that she had been impressed by an article that was

published about a personal manifestation of an inner thought. So we

like each other vibes and continue exchanging mail for about 6

months, I remember she sent all those nice photos of her showing

those sweet blue eyes and a fair wild hair with a nice nose in

between, one of them next to a piano... and one day we decide in

common agreement to meet.

By then I was renting an apartment in one of those ugly buildings

that enclose Hollywood, it was a block of concrete where lived a

torrential of individuals of the most bizarre styles seen on earth, I

guess I was one of them. The good thing about the area is that due to

its extravagant content nobody noticed my presence or if they did I

got in return a smile but never a critical look like those from normi


The day we decided to meet, I drove in my old but tough Toyota

Corolla almost ninety kilometers, it took me more than two hours

because of the traffic on the highway. The idea of seeing in a

repeated way someone who lived so far away terrified me. For being
the first time I did not bother the trip, although the way up felt

longer than the return but of course it was worth it.

Mêle was an exceptional and attractive girl whom smelled like an

urban flower. Her smile compensated the Toyota's fuel costs. Her skin

was soft and pale; her voice had the grace of a modern and

intelligent girl in addition with a sweet original tone that appealed

to me. Do not confuse it with a false softness, no, Mêle was sweet at

heart, though disordered, disoriented and wild. Hahaha, but still

fascinated me, probably because I was driving a same train.

Long fingers came out of her hands that she placed gracefully on a

black old piano singing some great and sentimental melody. Her nails

with a yellowish touch showing the adventures she shared with the

world of drugs from time to time. I swam into abstract thoughts while

looking at her bodily qualities as she slid her fingers gently

between the aged vertical instrument at her parents' house. Because

of the relation she had with the piano that evening, one could said

that she had been caressing it from an early age, perhaps since

childhood. Her parents were not at home... she had coordinated the

times very well for our first date; later in early night we might end

up stuck in between mirrors in a cheap motel in that neighborhood

caressing our unreal idyll... one very close to the other performing

some short dances of flesh wonder love very superficial knowing her
she was going out with a boyfriend, I guess you all know what it

means by this is no future relation...

Of course I was assuming the fact of a relationship that did not even

exist. Her boyfriend the tall tough guy with the powerful killer car,

could blow me away if he wanted if he knew what a beast I was

committing such an abused interruption to his feelings... besides my

apologies... She never mentioned him during the time we were sharing

letters, indicating that she had not a lover, which captivated me and

to all that wildly magical aroma of the imagination. Poor guy her

boyfriend, I thought afterwards... sorry but I had no idea of him...

in how he was deceived by my presence there embedded in that alien

neighborhood that made me feel very estrange and a little awkward...

of course I did not regret having been with Mêle that afternoon and

that part of the night.

With the beautiful and confused Mêle I assumed from the beginning and

automatically that I was her boyfriend and I spilled in her aura and

over all her movements a little bit of the macho trickle of my

property, something that the rude and tall boy had forgotten to do,

because otherwise, I would have detected it from the beginning and

would have refused to move forward... anyway...

That night when the Misfits showed up in that town near L.A., of

which I do not remember the name, located between San Bernardino and

Los Angeles. I went with two friends; one was a girl who wore a green

mohawk on her head in the form of a handsaw breaking energies at all

times. Her skin was dark as a deep night and as bright as bitumen,

which I sometimes applied in winter to my cheap old steel toe boots

that I had bought almost two years before at K-Mart. Her name was

Belle Betun; her lips were thick as the jungles of Africa that she

had colored on a violent red vermilion very much ready for actions...

the truth is that seeing her lips on that color and so sticky, I did

not even want to let them me kiss her, I felt that if she had left

them without the artificial blushing and instead had moistened them

gently without I being aware of with her saliva, I would had felt a

tremendous desire to kiss her, but the video was not like that. Every

time I needed to say something to her, the "red-love me" intruded in

and the words escaped me or entangled everything so I had to look up

in the skies many times when we talked, I knew her lips wanted me and

I felt uncomfortable in not to react by the red glob and by having my

mind occupied in the disappointment that Mêle had not wanted to go

with me to the concert. I felt like a fool for playing faithfulness

to her and for not had taken a napkin and remove the polish from

Belle Betun’s lips and clean that ticket of unfinished love for good.
The friend of Belle Betun who accompanied us to the Misfits concert,

was a gay boy friend of hers with the smell of an imbecile

fluttering, he spoke up even by the laces, he was at all times hot

and wanted immediate sex. With this couple of characters I drove that

night to the small town far east from Los Angeles, the one which I do

not remember its name... in the same old Toyota Corolla. When we

arrived we were already loaded of both alcohol and smoke.

Inside the actions and the trail with the Misfits, after a ferocious

and relaxing pogo dance, I leaned tiredly on a wall from where I had

the chance to see passing all the troops of the assistants; about

three thousand people who continually went to the bathrooms or to the

bar for provisions. Everywhere all over the night there were mummies,

each one with its original movement and outfit... what I liked about

those guys was their original attitude towards fashion or an avant-

garden movement that was being invented.

Suddenly as coming from a vision; a pale face with the beautifully

urban figure of Mêle was approaching me, it was like she was coming

out of a crowd of people who were the bulge background of that

forthcoming photo that was taken from my memories and slowly being

imprinted in an unexpected now... where she appeared as someone who

kept me present in her thoughts.

All big wide open eyes with her blond hair shaved on one side of the

head and on the other left long to fell like a wave onto half a chin;

The upper part was greased forming wild points of electric peaks as

if she had put her head in a power socket. Her right ear revealed an

African or indigenous earring, it seemed handmade and of large

proportion. She did not have painted her lips, which made me compare.

I was a beautiful film and my heart was pounding, filled with joy.

The steam that came from the hall where I danced before with my

friends emitted smells mixed between strong sweats, fumes of all

kinds and mental rottenness, which vanished completely from my senses

when I saw Mêle as well that bs of she being sick... I think it was

love that I felt. The big eyes of her crossed with mine and from her

warm skin came out a smile full of light, we hugged and remained

silent, like forgiving past life's and adjusting to a new

friendship... although I managed childishly to asked her for what was

she doing there... thought you were sick?... "Oh, I came with my

boyfriend and his friends" she said with an innocent and sure smirk,

pointing to the stand area above the pit where they could possibly be

seated, she apologized after looking at us deeply into our souls for

eternal minutes without saying anything... then she went to the

bathroom and my inner nightmare began to get even worst.

I felt cheated again inside the plot of property of “boyfriend” that

never existed in which I had gotten in like tripping without reasons.

When Mêle came back from the bathroom she took my hand and invited me

to the pogo arena. She smelled like patchouli and now she had blushed

her lips with a soft rosette. We danced for a while holding a hand on

the other's neck. We were not violated by the other mummies because

we felt in the center of the moving elements that the Misfits

created. After a while she said she was tired and was going back to

her boyfriend and we said goodbye. I did not go back to the pogo for

the rest of the presentation, even though Belle Betun proposed it

several times. I moved on the contrary to a distant and opposite

place where I could see towards and up the bleachers of the

collegiate hall where my "girlfriend" possibly would be sitting with

her boyfriend the tall and rude boy and his chums. I sat half-cramped

on the ground just looking, just looking up into nothingness. From

time to time came the gay boy and the green-ridge chick to make me

excited, but they didn't get any positive reaction out of my confused

mood... until Belle Betun sat down and seriously asked me what was

happening to me. I told her everything about my relationship with

Mêle from the beginning until a moment ago by the restrooms walls and

the pogo... but things didn't change at all... everything bother me a

lot even my friends... that feeling of self destruction from with in.
At the end of the evening between creepy guitar noises and electric

rakes everybody legs tired, fists relaxed and laughter lost in

emotions were moving little by little among the crowd to the lobby

near the exit door... where everybody stopped to take a breath of air

before emerging to the serene.

From where we were leaning against the wall in front of the exit, I

saw that Mêle was approaching with the tall and rude boy, I showed my

friends who was Mêle. Belle Betun sent her her typical look of

hostility. Mêle stopped a few meters from where we stand with her

boyfriend’s back facing us and she embraced him looking towards us

and pulling her face over the broad shoulder covered with a leather

jacket full of signs made with a white marker that spoked of

rebellion. Mêle's urban face sprinkled with the underground of her

feelings, for some reason appeal to me as she was leaned over a

shiver of guilt that she could not get away from... her big bright

eyes looking at me all the time as if asking for an unsolicited

pardon. But I did not dedicate at that minute myself to translate the

thought that sent me, the sadness clouded me not only the visual side

but the thought. Good that Mêle did not dare to look at Belle Betun

at any time in her eyes, which at the same time she tried to take

advantage of the situation and hug me and caress me asking me to kiss

her to make her jealous... even for the pleasure of infidelity or

jealousy, which seemed at that sec like a good idea... I wanted to

but again, as I looked at the red spot on her lips the ideas

disappeared from my mind. I could not do it not even in the further

most distant star of this universe. Instead I persisted in remaining

afflicted as if searching for a compassion in a different and perhaps

miraculous way from another dimension.

After a while, we all left... only glances bid our farewell, the tall

and rude boy did not notice anything that Mêle did trying to distract

me from my transparent anguish and unnecessary grief... I was blurred

and did not see it ... yes I know, I am the moron James Betancourt, I

know almost nothing about telepathic feelings, I am a savage of the

heart-breakers, broken heart from the urban streets, wind shortened

by the poison of my own infidelities, amorphous poem of failed love

stories... I walked back to the car looking down all the time at my

ragged boots through all the dark streets of a town with no name

pretending to look for a white small car; where the heck I had left

it?, maybe I didn’t want to find it, I remember that I was walking

making grumbling noises up and down the neighborhood with Belle Betun

following me and trying to make me enter into reason, she and her gay

friend too. After many spoken dialects of unknown precedence I calmed

down and found the Toyota Corolla, white and half rusty, waiting for

us calmly and submissive; poor thing, my little wheels thing.

We left that town without name, which now I know why I do not

remember his name. Drove all the way to Los Angeles, in the way my

two friends talked and talked and laugh while they were still

drinking, they invited me to stay with them at the gay's apartment.

This guy wanted an orgy, something that did not even crossed to my

mind or my penis and less under such almost melodramatic and tragic

circumstances that my heart was going through.

After dropping Bella Betun and the gay friend in his apartment in one

of those peripheral neighborhoods of far away eastern Los Angeles. I

drove about two or three in the morning in the direction to my dirty

and scrambled home, the only hideout for my sadness and torments.

Then all of the sudden a tire of the Toyota exploded in agony on the

Hollywood Highway; thought it could not stand anymore the bustle that

I put on the corners and I felt that the imbalances of my mind and

heart were the culprit that burst the rubber tarps off the tire on

the open air of the highway in a wild and demoniacal dance as if the

flying pieces were desperate looking for something out there and away

from something I did not do right... and I also felt that the scent

of my car near my life had come to an end just like mine. The black

tarps were left as witnesses to the cold pavement of the night road

leaving the existence of a tire abandoned to its own destiny, which

in this case it became very similar to mine... all of them already

asleep in their gone dreams. Without a spare tire and in the middle

of a wild weather, I sat on the soil side of the road next to dirty

stones and inorganic waste from the cars moving inside the body ideas

of suicidal tendencies. Beyond from where I was sitting there were a

piece of metal that probably felt from a gigantic truck, an odd jar

of oil, a rusty screwdriver and screws and bolts here and there...

everything in wasteland kind of odd video... A few vehicles began to

appear in the silent empty night and I got up from my position the

Toyota's hood was up to show that I was stranded. Suddenly a red

Volkswagen one of those convertibles that Jenna liked appeared out of

nowhere and stopped close to me; a guy stepped out and offered his

help he told me he had seen me at the Misfits concert and we greet

each other more effusively. He offered to take me to my house I

picked up a couple of things from the car and we left.

Once inside the red perfumed Volkswagen I felt deep inside my inner

self as if an unusual transformation was occurring to me... as if the

few years of my planetary existence had been deleted very fast with

the click of fingers... I felt it deep inside the bones, in the

spine, as if I had pierced an multi-dimensional portal and not at my

will... Inside the car in the back sit two Canadian girls who were

sisters. They lived in the province of Alberta on the western

prairies of the cold country. The sisters from Vancouver from the

west side next to the Rocky Mountains on the outskirts of a small

town called Calgary some 1,000 meters above sea level. They told me

that the most wonderful thing of all was the view from their home,

which turned out to be a kind of small house from where you could

contemplate the great peaks of a beautiful snowy mountain range that

invigorated all of your most inner thoughts just by looking at it...

I thought that it could be of consolation as to forget the cold

weather in the territory... I thought and meditated during the trip

while listening to the sisters describing their farm. I found out

that they would leave very early the next day back to their town plus

they invited me to come with them, I thought for a longer second in

the Toyota so faithful, then, I decided simply to leave it abandoned

and since already my life as editor of street fanzines was a failure

and it had come to an end street and I felt nothing was holding me in

that city of angels... besides the idea of traveling with them was

very attractive I felt we connected and it did not really bother me

the idea at all of going with them to the unexplored Canada.

2 chapter II

It turned out that the red Volkswagen belonged to the Canadian little

sisters, the boy was a cousin who lived in gray LA; one of the girls

her name was Rosa and the other one Rosita, their last name Girardot

of French lineage. Rosa was half blond I do not know if it was dyed

or that the sun burned it when she went down to the south, with

strong personality and body. Rosita on the other hand, had reddish

hair that fell to her shoulders with a nice snub nose on her face,

she smelled of wild flowers and had honey-colored eyes that she

wrapped around me when we exchange glances. The skin of the little

sisters was between transparent and pink.

November was still running and the more we drove up the parallel the

more cold settled inside the bones. The trip was made without major

incidents. I couldn’t have a thought about my lost past years, it

felt good where and how it was this now and this here taken me to.

The Girardot girls were artisans dedicated to gold-smithing from

which they live on selling their jewelry crafts through different

fairs alongside the pacific coast from Canada to Mexico.

After a while I became at ease living between the cold weather and

the contemplation of the high snow peaks in Alberta; I walked a lot

into the mountains. Two weeks had already passed, life was smooth in

the house and one afternoon I decided to visit an old friend named

Hongux who lived in Jasper, not far from where I was staying. Hongux

was a boy from Cali with whom we share a lot of time playing music

with friends since young age and who had migrated to Canada in one

sunny afternoon because of the mob violent times of the nineties in

Colombia... he said it bitters his blood.

My friend founds a small community of good will friends near Jasper

within the National Park deep within the Rocky Mountain range. Life

was calm, slow, and pleasant. Next day we went high hiking to see how

far we got up the mountains and to do some rock climbing if possible

as we used to do it back there in the Farallones of Cali.

The smell of clean mountain air changed the senses and refreshed the

thoughts after several hours of walking. We met with a group that was

heading down friends with a guy known by Hongux named Acid Licergik,

I found him very cool and we connected right away not just because of

the sweet good energy he share with everybody but his visions of the

future times. He told me that he had relatives in Colombia in the

city of Bogotá, some cousins in second degree from his father's side.
What I found incredible about Acid, was his capacity to be able to

talk in an easy and clear way about the apocalyptic ideology that

floated inside my thoughts. With Acid I could even immerse myself

deeper in knowledge since he contributed with new contents to the

ravings we sometimes ran into each other about stuff that friends

thought we were just tripping crazy out into nonsense... and at the

end we could burst out laughing when listening to us talking in such

a way. We would go back to the surface of the dialectic and talk

about lighter things like appreciating the color of the flowers and

their different aromas, or making jokes about any bullshit we could

think of.

I really enjoyed my stay at Hongux's farm; a time that I was able to

take advantage of it in a vital way and in the direction of an

evolutionary growth and enlightenment into new things that I felt

partly destined to unfold by myself for that desire of knowledge

about the All and the mighty universe around me, it urged me and it

made gargles for more inside my brain...

Acid studied Philosophy and Letters at the Calgary academy three days

of the week, the rest of the time he would come to the Rockies where

he was Hongux's neighbor to meditate. We said good bye to Hongux and

took a trip to the Girardot sisters from the Hongux farm. We did it

in Acid’s Renault. During the crossing the landscape embellished the

background of our conversation, as if we were in a fiction film. I

felt like in Alaska because of the amount of snow accumulated from

the night before. Acid talked about everything, he was very sensitive

to the phenomenon of the end of times that people sometimes pointed

out as a destructive event or avoided the subject, he said to me very

slowly and softly: the world doesn't ends, the human systems change.

As I had already unclothed the coconut inside my mind since the day I

finished with my fanzine, everything that Acid told me seemed to make

a lot of sense and I became increasingly sensitive to the subject.

Rosa and Rosita were very kind to Acid on arrival at their house... a

small rustic rock and wood house with a chimney in a great farm with

organic gardens in green houses and lots of dry fruit from the summer

times... some animals here and there, farming tools, boots full of

mud and a working area next to the garage for the jewelry stuff. They

integrated Acid into their fraternal heart which I liked a lot. We

did not feel uncomfortable for being in their home, rather shared the

ambient like a small family of wanderers. Acid was a person with a

charismatic loquacity who easily fit into any social setting, unlike

my verbal roughness to communicate. On the contrary Acid rhymed with

all kinds of words, with all swings and songs, with all eyes and

hearts; always found the perfect phrase to encourage, accompany,

applaud or make everyone feel like his brother, I admired him.

The Girardot sisters were waiting for us with a big lunch. The aroma

of the food expanded throughout the house making us appreciate a

pleasant home feeling. It was no surprise the charcoal-grilled red

salmon served when we arrived, accompanied by legumes sautés with

some spices especially curry, cookies fresh from the oven made of

nuts and dates and a fresh seasonal fruit juice of berries. Our

enjoyable lunch did not end until two hours later. We were even able

to repeat some salmon and delicious cookies.

When the night fell, after a lazy afternoon where Rosa read us some

poems of her inspiration, beautiful enough to put us to sleep in

Morpheus' arms, and after a long nap that Acid and I took since we

were a lit bit tired from the trip and from our spent energy used for

the “end of days” conversation, the girls took us to a local concert

in the center of Calgary where played in a cool bar several bands

from the northwest of the territories. One of the bands I saw turned

out to be that one of my friend Dave from Portland. The name of his

band was "The 4 Riders", I do not know if they referred to the four

riders of the apocalypse but knowing Dave I assumed that it was so.

Very happy to see him and together at the end of the gig with the

guys from Dave's band, his friends some fans and my friends, we ended

up that night on a small farm on the outskirts of the city way to the
north on Route 772 onto an intersection before Township Road... from

there we turned on to the right and in there was a small lake inside

a property of one of the kids at the party. The countryside smelled

of winter. And it seemed that in few hours the dawn of a new winter

day will arrive.

3 Chapter III

I do not know where the idea came from but after a while a rock opera

play started, someone wrote the script hastily on sheets of

recyclable paper that looked like wrinkled newspaper using a black

marker written on big letters so that we all reached to read them

from the walls. It seemed that the main theme of the opera was about

the chaos in a typical wealthy upper class of a modern peasant

family. The characters of the infamous “Terror” family were:

Papa: Per-ro

Mama: La Mère

Eldest child: Trinity

Youngest child: Jesse James

The 3 little sisters: Grouchy, Controlla and Livera.

It was early morning when the preparation of the stage began. The

farm had within its land site not far from the housing stable where

we were meeting, an old house that had been partially destroyed by a

fire long ago, its ruins remained as witnesses of an atrocity. I

imagined that they still use it for different activities. It had a

perfect exterior facade and the view from the upper stage wide window
gave me an impression of seeing a Dracula’s house. To get to that old

creepy house from the barn you wouldn’t need to walk more than 300

meters on soft pastures covered with a layer of snow. Crossed the

path in its middle way a semi-frozen stream being surpassed by a

bridge of old hard wood. The housing stable where we were at did not

have anything inside that was related to a normal home, the owners

simply adapted it to their minimum needs. From what it showed there

were no adults living around probably their kids adapted the stable

to their wishes and parents left to the inner city after the fire...

Upstairs in the mezzanine a giant window with thick glass overlooking

to a cloudy lake, it was for sure the boy's room and it felt as a

perfect place to kick back on the higher level. Divided by an old

curtain of arabesques... some cabins of old wood around and a double

bed on the opposite side of the window. Below, a large wooden gate

formed the main entrance. Although it seemed that they left it wide

open in summer. People entered through a small door within the gate.

The farm building with more than ten meters in high created a great

sense of free space to feed the imagination with ideas.

Most of the group were lying scattered on an immense old thick red

Arabian carpet next to a beautifully made in gray stones fireplace

that warmed the ambient. The girl who wrote the script began to give

us instructions after hours of waiting; her boyfriend began to choose

people from the audience at random, I was given the role of Jesse
James, the bad boy who had a serene character but who acted with

instincts of violence when he reacted to something unexpected that

contradicted his way of thinking.

Acid was choose to interpreted the older brother, who was Trinity, a

tough guy with a long beard along a dirty long-haired wig, all his

cloths in a mess of dirt and abandonment and the appearance of days

without a bath. Trinity dressed in black leather and drove a V giant

Harley Davidson. Dark glasses at all times, never nice to be

communicative, just bumping things every time.

The owner of the farm was an albino boy with African features of

about two meters tall that play the Papa... That night he shaved his

head completely and painted a red cross on the head with an indelible

marker. His character was sitting almost all the time in a large

leather chair stuffed with wool with the head of a mouth open bear at

his feet. He used a large cane that looked as thick as a baseball

bat. The cane roughly made from a piece of a strong tree trunk, was

held by the "father" always in his left hand as a symbol of control

and superiority. He shouted orders and contradictions all the time.

The girl who played Mama was the boys sister, a tall chocolate-brown

gorgeous young woman with deep clear eyes and sensual red lips but

not varnished like those of Belle Betun. Her hair had been dyed that
night green as well as Belle's; oh what a coincidence and I thought

as I was looking at her body if there was a hidden message there, but

nay. The "mother" wore high heels with a mini-skirt, a transparent

blouse that showed the thickness of her bristling nipples and moved

across the stage with the splendor of her curves sending spikes of

desires to all the boys. She did not talk at all at the moment, she

just hugged and kissed those who addressed her.

Everyone was aware on how the organizers of the rock opera were

nicely adjusting all the scenarios and locations and the make up of

the actors for the play and there I was too a little bit nervous fill

with the emotions of something exited that is about to happened.

Several cats all moving around into the main stage sensing for a cozy

spot, it seemed that they understood what was going on and they were

getting little by little in their own choose spot aligning the small

locations to the play and always looking to all sides and to who ever

was moving, also keeping in their memory all the new sounds and

noises of the musical instruments and the people. Sometimes they were

incorporated into the improvised script as it developed forward given

a natural touch to the operetta.

The three little sisters were played by the two little Girardot’s

sisters and Dave's girlfriend who was dressing her hippie style with

her Indian hair full of flowers and barefoot, around her ankles
several little chains with hand-painted colored bells that twinkled

as she moved around the stage. They smoked marijuana all the time. It

seemed that the three little sisters represented a power plants

dependency. They were always drugged and had a increasingly devilish

personality that made each to enter into conflict between them at

every single moment arming battles with fists and paws pulling their

hairs out. Sometimes the three could go into fight with Trinity when

they were crossing paths.

My role at start was to be sitting in a corner on the floor holding

my legs and looking with anger towards everyone. The only dialogue at

the beginning of the opera was made in an interlude of silence where

the music of Dave's band stopped... While the three sisters were

pulling off to their hairs and Trinity looking at them with fury.

Per-ro stood up and shouted loudly: Silence! Listen everyone,

your mother has something to say... -and she began:

La Mère: Hello dear ones, in the beautiful day of today, I have

gathered you in this our sweet home to read you the testament that

your father with great love wrote thinking in all of ya before the

time of his death arrives. On the first place -La Mère climbing up to

the wood table on the center of the room and having removed her green

high heels besmirched with the smell of cities showing her sensual
little feet of dark skin that shone with the light of the oil lamps

that had been placed around the stage on the black wooden floor

continued: is your father's will to leave the ranch of the

property to the three Terror sisters... to my dear Trinity two

hundred million euros... and one hundred million to JJ... the rest of

our money some eight hundred million euros to me. -Trinity got up and

braking the chair edge took his bag of cash and jumped from up the

mezzanine like a wild cat onto his snored Harley and got up the hill.

J.J. hugged his astonished mother and then spat the floor and

shouting a wild sound addressed his sisters asking them to follow him

and run in desperation to the ruined contiguous house.

Everyone put on their jackets and followed them in a hurry to the

abandoned building. There was a large dry tree next to the house that

died during the fire... next to the petrified tree arrived breathless

J.J... all the other assistants followed the procession. Nobody

understood with certainty the haste of J.J. nor its purpose; When he

reached the tree he took the rigid rope that he brought from the barn

and hung it from the dry tree. The rope, judging by the rigidness

seems that was kept inside all moistened and nobody else had used it

since until J.J. found it. Then he repeated the theatrical work of

Judas and hanged himself as it was written on the script, nobody from

the audience feared anything, they just seemed hypnotized... When he

finished trembling and bucking and remained motionless, the three

diabolic sisters decided to lower the body and embalm it amid a river

of blasphemy and motions as if they were doing black magic or a

voodoo to his brother.

The sky was clear, the imaginary carrion birds snaked the space above

them all. Livera did not stop throwing stones at the birds, which

nobody really distinguished at that point if they were really

buzzards or vultures. After the embalming the little sisters placed

temporally the body of J.J. on the dirty floor of the ruins of the

house leaving him all stained with soaked ash. The pile of logs been

built on the remains of the old chimney simulating a Viking pyre with

a made-up background of a small forest had firewood and waste

materials taken from the ruins... and it was demanded the execution

in a bonfire as an offering to Odin their god. The three little

sisters carried the body of their brother J.J. very ceremoniously

while up on the hill the profile of Trinity's bearded and hairy

figure was drawn with the wind caressing his face with great

violence, he was mounting on his Harley and watched with anger... the

afternoon fell quickly in the horizon of the distant Rockies.

The sky was covered in purple red with the last vestiges of light and

the gray fell lightly like a stain. The three Terror sisters

continued their pilgrimage to the pyre, carrying ceremoniously the

body of their dead brother. The parents of the children observed the

ritual from the distance and expected an outcome.

Per-ro on one side of the dwelling barn on a molehill sitting on his

throne of ostentatious furs and with the head of a bear at his feet

held his gigantic cane with his left hand. At his side his wife now

totally naked throwing out to the space little twinkles... they were

like diminutive stars coming out of her hands as she shook them

against the sky... the way she did it seemed as if she was painting

starlets onto the wide universe, while the cosmic Milky Way

increasingly appeared accompanying the enraged evening of the Terror

family. The band went to their musical number on the other side of

the burnt out house next to a couple of trees where it used to be a

small forest. The music filled the air until the three fearsome

little sisters left the embalmed body of their brother J.J. on the

pyre of their unconscious tragedies.

At that moment his father stood up from the gigantic armchair and

walked solemnly to where his son J.J. was lying down and ready to be

cremated while his naked wife began with a strange dance after him

and continued sending little stars to the sky. A tenacious buzzing of

the V-engine of Trinity's motorbike was heard in that evening as it

moved quickly towards the upper hills until it was seen disappearing

between the profile of the mountain against the last of the purple
reddish grays of the few clouds. Everyone present stood up and looked

at how Trinity on his Harley vanished in the darkness. At the end of

the act the band that had stopped for a while turned on their

instruments again; the guitars were tearing what remained of a

breathable air scratching the night in anguish and the kids from the

audience returned to sit on the damp grass in silence.

Livera: What do you want... what do you want Per-ro, your son is

dead, right? no fuck no more... I am the bitch bad born daughter of

your rotten last marriage, from a love built on the pillars of

hostility. I am the filthy mouth of the daughter of a feminist sister

of the 21st century, I’m death but I do not give a darn, because

everything is worth an egg. My heart is sore and my mind masturbates

words. The fucking husband and boyfriends that I've had are like pigs

in a pig hole whom with their hooves had left me open sores that will

never heal... that's why snakes and poison comes out of my mouth. I

was cursed giving birth to my two children, one of them was born a

monster product of my hybrid demons inherited from your hide

grossness... I am not guilty, I am a victim of a rotten society...

and between that I dress up and slide like a viper... well set, tight

ass and chest half air exposed to open the desire of some other

swine... performing to be one more girl from the stack of empty

females that fill the big cities of a system that stinks. That is why

we pushed your son J.J. to the line to seal the pact that our family
has with hell, to pay for our cabalistic errors, for our barbarities

disguised between university grades and the elegant position in a

corrupted paedophilia's system of rules. Our money has covered all

the fraudulent deals of our family chronicle since before our great-

grandfather back in the U.K. I am the cunt of your low dreams

embodied in decent high society illusions with a bitter mouth and

hardened look because of my own inherited lusts. Now sit down my

father... in your armchair of crowned little human garbage. You are

nothing of what you look like, you are nothing of what you so proudly

feel from your years as a pro working in Deep State... those were

days of great accomplishment of crap and continuous erroneous beliefs

because of negative decisiveness against the citizenry. All your

trips were a false facade between lustful breaks with your cheap

prostitutes that cheered the emptiness of your motel rooms plus those

luciferian rituals with your depraved brotherhood; while parallel to

your left side the familiar memory hanging on a framed picture of us

children waiting and begging you for mercy and love. Because as

children we did not seemed as how we are now, we were innocent of

what was developing inside us as being near of what was coming up

between the wind of the 21st century. The 2012 opened the shithole

when the conditions became a cataclysmic confusion of errors because

of the generation of rulers that never valued the Eco-system...

everything was worth it an egg, the animals, the plants, the air, the

water... to the water they intend to protect it hidden avarice for

possession of resources. Everything is worth an egg to you, your

death son as well since he did not do what you wanted him to do

inside your Illuminati plan... you just used manipulation and

dominance wanting him to follow your footsteps on your hollow ways...

stepping in his life just to produce money and segmentation, and here

Sir take your full and thick euros bag before you died... or should I

said... before they come to get you?... and what for?, to see with

your own eyes how we kill each other slowly in desperation and

rebellion between the hatred and falsehood beliefs that you implanted

in us?... see now how everything influenced us?. I don’t know father,

tell me something worthy and do not run away from the pile of a death

sealed for J.J... I know my words are as dirt... but they just

reflect you and the elite group you belonged to.

No one said anything for a long uncomfortable moment. The youngest of

Per-ro's daughters with her speech had unleashed fury in the skies

and suddenly came down furiously a load of dark clouds that were

stirring menacingly around the property. Since the shift occurred,

Per-ro started looking at everyone in astonishment, his gaze was lost

among the clouds of the sky, he knew that during the years they had

lived together as a family he had broken every one of the infinite

connections of possible love, of healthy joy, of growth together in

harmony, all in exchange for power and demoniac control of all his

surroundings. For that reason it seemed prudent and necessary for him
as a father to communicate this time differently to his children, and

with a thundering but serene voice he began:

Per-ro: Today I believe that my children have made me realize

about the evils ways that have plagued us for centuries from our

ancestors. But the words of Livera have awakened a clean dream that

slept in my heart throughout my life. I am from my mothers side a son

of slaves, descendant of kings from wild lands, we all know our roots

and the history behind it, the color of ebony against the light does

not lie, but my daughter Julia will not be no more Livera, from now

on, each one will have its own name, and call Trinity because his

real name is Jacobo, and I do not want him to leave my side... call

him! -pointing with his arms to the multitude of spectators.

The storm moved away quickly, the confession of broken hearts had

reborn a little light of hope in the darkness of the night. A group

from the observers ran quickly through the fog that descended gently

as if caressing the hill where Trinity had vanished. Everyone shouted

and shouted his name and released from their voices little stars like

Trinity's mother towards a sky that was now calmer and clearer; while

they yelled the name of Jacobo, la Mère, who had fallen into an

ecstasy of temporally madness, was running towards the smoked house

as she tried with her hands desperately to cover her nudity within

the sweat of the night.

The experience of death from the hangman and the dance of vampire

energies had ceased, but a corpse was claimed from hell and that

haven’t been consummated yet... J.J. still remained as a mummy on the

dry pyre waiting for a resolution from the heavens... As all the

clouds that covered the stars with stormy sounds left, Dave's band

let their guitars play again. This time Dave's voice as an ululation

disintegrated the terrors that had been raised before them as debris

against the ruins of the abandoned house. While all of that was

crumbling down to the mummified body of J.J... he rose from his death

as Lazarus. Lazarus has risen! His sisters shouted in unison, father

looks at your beloved son Lazarus who has come back to life. A tear

shimmer in the night running down through Per-ro's face. The Trinity

motorcycle was heard again at the distance, the attendants were

dancing around him as accompanying the biker as he slowly approached

the barn smiling with his black sun glasses on and his hair moving

against the breeze. J.J. walked away from the house to the barn

before it felt apart. The wind had scattered all the ashes of the

building on the wide grass near the lake, and J.J. began to remove

the bandage that covered his face in slow motion... When the music

ceased, he began by saying loudly to everyone present, with a voice

that no one had heard before from him.

J.J .: The four horsemen had ride through our family house, they

showed me the terror of fear and the path to Hades. I could tell how

bad everything was, and why it totally collapsed. My wickedness was

not ready to enter the kingdom of lights. The Lord returned me with a

single phrase: "Go and save your world"... you made me see that my

world was ourselves, the same family that I had tried day after day

to destroy in my blind fury of unknown revenges that burned my

interior. I carry the mark of the apocalypse recorded in my genes, I

have been reborn from the ashes of our cradle, towards the horizon of

the stars of a new world. From my death was born the hope for a new

community of nations absorbed between the landscape of Peace and the

Freedom of the soul, as swimming on the surfaces of all waters. I was

not born in the occult, but in the open poem of a brotherhood, we are

like a transformation of thoughts that change us from the nervous

center of our bones. Although I am only flesh as well, I am the ray

of light of my soul that travels between this new juncture ... tell

me brothers that I am right!...

Grouchy: -with fearfully voice... Sorry brother for our sharp

poison with which we drag you to a death among the spoils of our

home... my sister Julia woke us up, and our light beings were

suddenly activated by the angels who listened to our nocturnal

theatrical opera of repentance ...

Controlla: Julia, thank you and no one is guilty, our bad

decisions led us to manufacture the coffins and the graves for our

souls. Thank you Lazaro for letting yourself be deliver as a

sacrificial lamb that redeems our faults. Now the new stars have

resurfaced on the sky... - and with a simle she kissed the night.

La Mère approached for the first time dressed decently. The hair fell

on her chest as the wind carried it and brought it back and for to

its whim. Her face reflected an immense serenity, she wore a pair of

sandals made of papyrus made by one of the assistants while watching

the development of the theatrical opera.

La Mère: My children, my husband... I love ya with all the

strength of a mother who connects with the center of the Earth. We

are the star children of creation claimed under the mercy of the

Universe. We have been granted life, and not just any, life within

the spiral of centuries and centuries into eternity... thank you for

accompanying me on such a wonderful journey.

The instance La Mère finished its last word, the band of Dave

returned and interpret some acoustic and drum sounds from a battery

inspired by the gods. A girl from the audience let out off her congas

some buzzes as heart rate frequencies who accompanied the moment.

Trinity got off his metal horse, and tied his hair with a rubber band

in the back, and with a sincere smile after rubbing his beard a

couple of times, spoke for the first time in years with great


Trinity: I am Jacobo, son of my parents since ancient times.

The fixed stone where the first mansion of the gods is built on New

Earth. Our path is beaded now with flowers and rainbow colors... and

this time there will be no rain to divert our steps. Death has

awakened in our eyes nothing but REPENTANCE! -he screamed. I have

seen in our eyes the terror of a sinister end. Our sense of guilt

rose to the maximum power, unfolding that we were covered with the

armor plate of EVIL!, and the terror of a nearest death took

possession and we have become attached to fear and repentance was the

only way out. That is why we had suddenly made a change of one

hundred and eighty degrees in our little lives... The wind with a

flavor of an end and with new times arriving has conquered us and we

the selfish narcissist egomaniacs have finally surrendered like a

sheep as it hears the melodic line of a new heart beating. I do not

know whether to cheer or laugh, we are the typical pathetic radiance

of our human condition...

JJ: Let us stop burying our defects with more pain, let’s

increase the volume of music and undertake together the new dance of

the survivors from the last universal flood.

The night seemed to have gone out, the feeling of something coming to

an end was becoming more and more latent in all those attending the

theatrical opera. "Les quatre cavaliers" had ceased in a drastic and

transcendental way the musical part with a great sacrifice of guitars

in the middle of irremediable acoustic sounds. The stage had lowered

its curtain and within the fatigue of the night, the characters were

submerged in a great deep sleep one by one.

4 Chapter IV

The next day when I woke up, I felt something different, lighter; and

since everyone was asleep, I went to where I thought Acid was

reclining, or rather, where he had been thrown from last night

hallucinated opera, but I couldn’t find him. I left the barn and

outside everything was in chaos. The field was full of locusts that

ate everything while they flew. Finally I saw the little sisters

Girardot running towards a vehicle among the many parked, and I

perceived that Acid was already inside it, I ran with an instinct of

survival towards them as if I was falling into a bottomless abyss. I

did not smell anything in the air in my run; when I got closer to the

vehicle I saw their pupils looking at me fully dilated and the

cavities of their eyes expanded in horror because of what was

happening behind me. I jumped inside the car that Rosa already had on

moving and we left that farm. The abyss we felt was bigger as when

the floor of conformity where one lives, abruptly moves without a


The earth began to tremble at our feet slightly without stopping, the

trees were shaking, I looked at them and I got the impression that

they were watching me, that they were speaking to me murmurings of

another kind... they did not show the panic that we felt. As custom

animals we gradually adapted to the movement of the earth and began

again to feel and think more clearly. Something that I liked a lot

about the Girardot sisters, was their tenacity towards life without

any flattery, that quality had led them to adapt to the nightmare we

were experiencing. Rosa was driving an old double cabin truck being

the first thing she found with the keys on, I tried to calm Acid's

mood and I was somewhat uneasy while Rosita in the back where we were

sitting was squeezing my arm with both hands. I used a serene gaze to

try to calm everyone's nerves, and mine at the same time. I thought

there was no need to feel fear, the trees said it and the earth kept

moving and we thought surely in a cataclysmic earthquake of great

magnitude if the continuous movement were accelerating. I remember

that I asked Rosa to go south, that we should leave the northern

hemisphere and go down as far south as we could until the truck and

gasoline would hold.

We left Canada, Acid had found a route map in the glove compartment

and guided us on to the roads. After a while we found a gas station

and loaded fuel for free. The terror of people along the roads was

eminent, all seemed to feel an agony as in the vestibule of death, it

was dramatic and produced an impressive change of consciousness in

the reactions of the people.

At the end of the hour we found another abandoned petrol station of a

farmer's village next to a neighborhood road that operated in the old

style where the gas tank was filled by a superintendent. There we

could fill it up again for free and we took advantages to take other

items from the market like junk food, first aid stuff, all the water

we found, tools, maps, the spare tire of the vehicle, oils, and extra

gasoline in a big tank that was sitting in the workshop garage.

We continued south still witnessing chaos around us. You could not

use the highways because they were half destroyed or partly congested

by screaming people and cars horns and alarms blowing all the time.

The tremor increased slowly... there was also an internal snoring

coming from within the earth something that had never been heard, it

got into the bones and everywhere smelled a bit of sulfur. So we

traveled a couple of days throughout the western territories until we

arrived in Mexico. Not before having stopped a thousand times for

provisions we found on the way. At this time we already adapted fine

to feel the snoring inside the body and to walk in movement, it was

like a balanced dance. I think that on the last moments we made it so

normal and we were so calm that we could laughed at people when they

were still running in terror, what a bunch of idiots we thought. Now

we even slept in the sleeping bags outside under the trees, we felt

that the trees were a safe place to be close to besides one felt
protected by them. Once a day we ate under a tree picnic style; until

one day the girls went crazy when we found an open restaurant on the

way and we could stop eating so much junk food and as the grill was

all set and accessible the only thing to do was to take out the

provisions from their refrigerators and cupboards and we prepared a

great barbecue fish with potatoes and some sautéing vegetables.

We rather tried to feel that we traveled in an invisible way to avoid

contact with humans. The smell of the air was not the same as before

when the earth tremor started, now it smelled stronger and stronger

with sulfur but we managed to breath that air. The reaction in the

animals was similar to ours; quiet wandering through the streets and

villages... dogs looking for food, chasing cats, deer grazing, cattle

in their routine in the meadows, birds came and went, etcetera. For a

moment while we passed through Tijuana, I thought again about the

party on that farm in Alberta where those guys made the rock opera

and couldn’t fit the hidden reality of the opera with the sinister

reality we were going through now, it gave me the impression that it

was like a premeditation from one event to another. Anyway, Rosi

distracted me by telling me something about a girl back from her

school who seemed to live a few blocks back there.

The amazing impression of all these is we felt we arrived in less

time that we thought to Yaviza where the Pan American Highway ended.
The only major obstacles were in Mexico and Guatemala. The rest of

the roads almost emptied. Now we were missing some 90 kilometers to

Colombia through a mountain range, which made us think that if we

walked we might need about a week or so, on the other hand was going

to the Caribbean Sea and find how to ship.

From where we stopped we saw a small farm where some very quiet

peasants were sitting at the entrance of their house drinking coffee,

the sisters push us into the farm and the friendly people began

talking with us about the apocalypse, about the change of times, we

enjoy conversation for a while... everywhere it was the only thing

people talked about lately the came back of Jesus, they said. There

were some horses behind the house grazing, Rosi saw them and she

pointed to Rosa who was the one running the conversation with the

farmers... she offered them a horse purchase, they agreed telling us

that there were no use to pay. That was very unusual because of the

concepts of buying and selling to which the System had accustomed us.

Anyway, we left the truck in temporary exchange in case we came back

one day, Rosa suggested... The tremor of the earth continued...

Because of the small villages where we crossed with the horses,

people had become used to the tremor and even many of the peasants

were still cultivating their lands even with the sound coming from

the earth that was always getting into the bones. As we crossed the
continent we could tell that a great sense of panic existed more than

anything in the States, very little in Canada and Mexico, and almost

nothing in the towns of Central America.

We passed many houses and farms on our way to Colombia, it was the

most exciting part of our migration journey to the south. We felt

like going through an extraordinary virginal jungle without laws with

many different tones of greens, full of bugs, animals and without

anything civilized. It was a beautiful feeling of freedom when

running on the back of a horse throughout the trails, when we looked

at each others we couldn't stop but laughing in gratitude. Once in a

while we rested under a tree as an habit, we began sensing a special

relationship between us and the trees, similar perception we had with

the flowers in our trip. A boy with indigenous factions approached us

in one of our pick-nick moments and said that if someone was going to

make a highway there it would be almost impossible since it was

forbidden to touch the beauty of the skin of the jungle in this

section of the planet where the Earth was expressing her most

delicate feelings of motherhood.

When we touched South America, I felt a joy of home. Immediately

after we crossed the border the earth tremor ceased... we were

wondering if it has some meaning. At the height of the Paso de Letras

we found a vehicle that neighbors said was abandoned by the

guerrilla, we did not think twice and stole it, after all it was also

stolen. We left the horses with a family whom we lunch with, very

nice people and remove the plate of the pick up and took off.

When we arrived to Medellin we only had one day left on the calendar

for December 21st and only 70 kilometers away from Guatapé where I

thought we should go and stay with some cousins... make a reflection

of the whole thing and see the status of my family. We stopped near a

lake where my cousin Maria Helena had a house she had built when she

came to live in Colombia. The area was lovely despite having trembled

for several days. Nature had withstood the initial tremor and

everything looked almost the same. Maria Helena house was on an

elevation of the land with an incredible viewpoint to the lake. She

had been like an older sister to me and I thought that the moment

could be very favorable for both of us. With her I communicated very

well when we talked about these transcendental issues. The theme of

the apocalypse was a subject that I imagined we could address now.

Mainly that it was no longer a taboo or a subject for mockery. We

sensed that human consciousness had being broaden with the permanent

low earthquake that lasted several weeks.

The usual means of communication on Earth had collapsed. The

satellites had left the orbits, some had fallen back to earth. Under

the sea, the fiber optic had been broken, the same fate had the
antennas signal affecting telephony, television, the Internet and

modulated radio waves among others. Concrete shelters known as

D.U.M.B. built underground and under the oceans by Deep State secret

organizations, all cracked and were destroyed, giant antennas like

Haarp had suffered the same fate. The only media that prevailed were

few frequencies of AM radio and some other local television channel.

Through these two means of weak communication the local authorities

tried to take control of the situation. Already they tried to

reassure people and encourage them to continue with their normal

tasks as much as possible while order was being restored. It seemed

surprising to me that they were still stuck to something that seemed

to be extinguished. On the radio the first world leaders had defined

the catastrophe as "The beginning of the End". A few days later in

the United Nations a kind of charismatic leader emerged who spoke

with arrogance and domination, who seemed to take control and now

direct the threads of human destiny taking advantage of the chaos.

In Guatapé everything was different, at least among the peasant

population. My friends felt good and comfortable. One day we walked

to the village to realized how many house owners left the region,

some of the farmers did it as well... it seemed like an exodus to...

¿Where? If everywhere was in same condition. We collected some

supplies we needed from town. With the passing of days, the radio
stations began to transmit something that I thought was terrifying or

the beginning of a weird thing that it feels coming up.

The last news from the UN and the world leaders had agreed to form a

kind of triumvirate constituted by a religious leader chosen from a

council of religions, a US navy general who represented according to

them the protective and reconstruction wing of something that they

called "the new world order"... ¿?... We barely laughed at such

predictable decisions knowing their twisted agendas. The third

participant of the triumvirate was an arrogant guy from the UN. Their

great modifications promised economic stability, restoration of

communications, the flowering of the human race, and the formation of

a great global army to protect us from any "invasion". But a big

surprise was cooking for them from an Alliance formed by humans of

good will and space beings of positive energy. Immediately the

civilized world of all nations or what remained of it still confused

and needed of a leader accepted the conditions of the triumvirate at

great speed. The triumvirate would play the role of a guide,

spiritual leader and protector.

María's property was almost self-sufficient, she had been adjusting

her ways and the farm to a different kind of life thinking of taking

a retirement away from normality, already in her fifties and tired of

working within the system after done well for years with her travel
agency located in California. Every day we enjoy it doing some

gardening and fishing. Maria's property wasn’t very large just a

little over an hectare with a house of three levels built on the

upper part of the land with an amazing view to the lake. The house

had been made of stones and wood with large windows that the quake

had completely broken. Two floors were built on the slope the other

one incorporate into the ground. Outside the organic garden they had

planted fruit trees that seemed well distributed years ago: avocado

three and a variety of mango, papayas, guava, apple and guanabana and

an immense plantation of banana trees and green platanoes. Some very

tall aboriginal trees provided protection from the sun's rays that

now seemed more intense. Down the hill and next to the lake were a

cabin with a garage where a motor boat and a paddle canoe rested.

This canoe me and Acid used to go out at night fishing sometimes, we

did not do very badly with the fishing, at least we ate fish about

three days a week, we had already located a couple of places where

the fish met more frequently.

A young cat appeared from nowhere and began to stick close to me, it

followed me everywhere like a dog... was black and meowed a lot. In

the afternoons before the sun went down, I enjoyed going for a walk

in the countryside climbing the small hills on a land now almost

empty of humans which I thought was great. That afternoon I left for

a walk with Rosi, she brought another cat a big and playful Siamese.
We ran on the slopes and played with the cats chasing them, it was

hilarious. After a couple of hours we sat on the grass very close to

the lake to eat something that Rosi had brought, after eating we all

fell asleep while the sun warmed gently on our bodies.

When we got up it was already dark... A couple of fellows with big

eyes and white hair surrounded us, we looked at the cats and they did

not get scared, thought it was alright. Their appearance did not look

like normal humans because of their size but they were in otherwise

completely the same as us. They seemed polite and soft looking, they

managed a pacifying and cheerful smile that seemed familiar to me,

for a second they gave me the impression that they came from some

ecological village from somewhere in the Andes...

ET # 1: Hello, we come from the Pleiades, our mother ship is already

inside your atmosphere in invisible mode for the moment, we must do

something first ... it is necessary that before we start with the

final phase of this planetary shift... humans like you need to be

5 Chapter V

The transportation of the few humans from Earth into the Pleiades was

in total sleep, we couldn't remember the interior of the ship. Then

they dematerialized the two of us with our cats and we went into a

completely different environment than Earth. The sphere had a

transformed sky that looked as if planets were painted on the roof of

a house, but it was so real and moving slowly. A place we liked a

lot, it felt safe and pleasant, it smelled good, smooth and healthy

for some reason and without the heavy weight of surviving at all

times. There were some out of normality house neighborhoods at the

distance, I felt no sense of time. A humanoid who came with us on the

ship with bluish skin, very friendly gave us the guidelines on how to

build a house to our liking: we just had to imagine it with love and

extend our hand on the site that was going to be placed and voila, la

maison . We did not feel sensation of hunger, thirst or biological

needs. We were not alone either. Near from the place they left us,

there was a not very large community of humans and animals of all

kinds. The houses of them were simple and thin elongating upwards,

with many holes as windows or exits. Those humans were transported if

they wanted in the air and some were seen to go through the holes of

the houses. The community was next to a cliff that faced a very vast

reddish desert with peaks and small mountains with tiny lakes between
them of a very intense light blue. Above the desert, we could see the

immense pulsation of a universe that passed in slow motion over our

heads. A very green vegetation like emeralds blinking changed

constantly and became transparent at times with different shapes and

sizes. It was grouped in different places around the elongated houses

of different colors. From a central not elongated house lot wider; a

small smoke spread throughout the village leaving the houses

impregnated with a smell of Acacia and mixed Eucalyptus. There were

some trees taller than the Ceibas that expanded and shrink their

branches continuously with a rotate movement around their trunk.

Birds of all colors trilled above us and jumped from branch to branch

playing singing and looking at us all the time... smallest children

carried them on their hands. The majority of the people who lived in

that small village were mostly children and the elderly looked young,

and by their bio-type they seemed terrestrial to us.

The air was sweet as if it fed us constantly as we breathed it. The

elders of the village did not seem physically handicapped as on

earth, they seemed young, only their hair was white. From time to

time and coming from between the vegetation appeared an area in the

air like a circle with little flowers that flickered out making a

dance while a small breeze transported them slowly throughout the

current of a wind. There was an ecstasy in the atmosphere as well

that seemed to absorb us all and everything else around into an

unison dancing, it all in a tune that wandered through the landscapes

and that kept us as bewildered for so much beauty and the

satisfaction of a life living in togetherness. On the left side of

these picture we could observed out in the distance a gigantic lake

missing its farthest end by joining it with the canvas of the sky.

One day while crossing the desert, we observed that the liquid of the

lake was as transparent as crystalline glass where many dolphins swam

in a constant hop jumping and splashing water to all sides. From the

water therein it seemed to be emerging little air balloons of

different colors that exploded into the surface of the lake leaving

out little white fairies with wings like flower petals that spread

throughout the desert. Later we realized that the background soft

music we heard all the time was coming from the colorful canvas of

planets above us and changed its tunes as new forms slided in. The

music carried out a feeling of infinity like coming from the Creator.

At last we could understand that in this side of the universe there

were no extra-terrestrial beings as those drawn in the movies we saw

at that time on Earth. These individuals were humanoids like us some

of them changed skin colors according to the planet or solar system

where they lived or had different sizes. The ears changed some did

not have that ovule around the ear conduct but... the size of the

eyes changed a lot as their color. The tone and shapes of hair also.
So the details changed but in short we were equal in the physical

form outside. The way of communication among all was telepathy, like

a mental form sensor within the mind feeling a small internal

vibration of what other beings wanted to transmit. As we did not live

under a notion of time, one felt that our inner being rested lightly

inside an eternal light that was transporting us all among many other

invisible lights that crossed and thus little by little it developed

the action of moving oneself in a cosmic way from one place to

another depending on what you would like to do or wherever to go.

Actually I did not know how long we were on that planet as guests. It

was assumed that later they would take us to our next destination,

and in the meantime we must adapt on this fifth and sixth dimension

celestial body with the new sensations that the universe were giving

us. From where we stood one could see the Earth or the thought of it.

After long observations on the new temporally geographical areas

around we decided to build a place to stay with the mood and the

feelings of co-creation... Rosi and I look at each other and conclude

with the same: to materialize a small rustic comfortable and

entertaining cabin on a very high level with a good view near two

other cabins that Acid and Rosa had made which by not surprise we

found all of us in the same planet.

When we felt already installed we decided to go for a walk to the

captivating lake. The “walk” was quick since moving was only a wish

and voila... once there we went for a swim into the crystalline

liquid to find out that we could move and play like a fish. We asked

the dolphins to see if they let us sit on their backs to which they

agreed and took us deep inside to their deepest gardens under the

waters which were very warm and with many marine colors and

movements. After the trip to the lake we claimed on a small hill on

the desert and watched the Earth above like in a musical video and

knew inside that things there were not wonderful at all.

I began to wish to modify my observations position and started to

change the location course inside my mind until I met Rosita who was

playing with the cats we brought from Guatapé. The awareness and

discernment of events and the visual perspective within my new senses

had intensified at double. First I had the idea of communicating with

Rosita and I saw her already looking at me with those big transformed

eyes full of love and I felt in my mind instantly something as if her

thoughts caressed mine by means of murmurs within the same ecstasy of

life as we experienced outside... as we glance into each other I

joined the game she had with the cats between a light sensation that

made us float in a less dense air. Then we both decided to venture

into the rest of the planet and right there we began to move around
the place and we saw many people and animals in different places.

When we wanted to communicate with other individuals it seemed that

everything was happiness, it was a kind of new happiness like a

healthy joy with not ending and that not allowed a thought about

opposite feelings like pain or sadness.

Among the faces of the people, I often felt that they had a familiar

look but I couldn’t link them with ideas from the past, it seemed

that the past from which I just left was slowly disappearing into

oblivion... only the assurance of experiences one had built inside

produced a strength invisible field as a tool for new coming actions.

Our "nows" seemed quite flexible or easy to stretch or expand, so to

speak, as if they were played on parallel moments of choices.

We all had an inside call and the next moment Rosi me and the two

cats were sitting next to a medium ship built of organic materials

that felt as it palpitates inside our chests... and along with us

several other humanoids, we smiled at each other and climbed up the

aircraft. The flying saucer similar to those observed before on Earth

when everything was a great mystery, departed for the universe view

in front of us. Inside we found Acid and Rosa and other friends, we

felt happy together and we hugged and share a little about each other

The working group assigned to us consisted of people we knew but with

different bodies. Besides our two cats were Rosa's dolphin and Acid's

hawk. Our little ship was wonderful, it transported us at great

speeds and sometimes in invisibles mode or within rivers of Light.

None of us knew yet what was the purpose of our trip together... it

felt as they move us into a new location since we already learned by

our own instincts some basic things like translating the physical

bodies with our minds and being able to vision another density and

moved into it.

6 Chapter VI

During our trip, Rosita had the choice of traveling alone in the free

intervals we had and she “vanished” into a personal mission in a

distant nebula known as "Horse Head" where existed a star that fed a

tiny colony of humanoids that lived in half-rounded houses with an

oval-shaped roof made out of something like a transparent straw. The

houses were located on a high cliff that faced a giant and impressive

sea of many colors. All of these transparent households mixed well

with the gaseous landscape of the nebula that swirled around a golden

core with a circle around it as a ring... from the nucleus came new

little stars that were coupling around the halo. Rosi job was to stay

for a period of a whole year in the planet and anchor and storage the

energy coming from the star to feed up the colony. The trip took in

our time no more than a second when she told us about as she came

back inside our flying plane.

We were able to traveled between the 3D-4D to the 5D-6D. I felt that

for the moment and for many “centuries” to come our missions will

keep us busy serving with great knowledge gratitude and lots of fun

in all we had at front in these great spiritual path.

Then we made a stop and arrived at a village of rounded cottages in a

small sphere, our ship was suspended in the air and we went down to

the site in mental mode as in a holographic projection. The little

people were very similar to us in the general aspect only smaller;

our new size that I had forgot to mention was three meters and sixty

centimeters tall, for that reason these new beings of one meter

eighty seemed small to us. We only passed through the community to

say hello and share positive vibes with the friendly humanoids. With

our new elongated sizes Rosi had adopted fascinating features: her

large oval expressive green eyes now outlined with a dark green line

looking at me the best way she handled beauty. Her hair was like a

loose reddish wind over copper sand deserts that shone with the

reflection of the light that came from the surrounding stars. She

used many spatial flowers inside her hair that she collected from our

trips, these cosmic flowers grounded in between her hair given her an

organic look that changed with their shapes above. It was really an

incredible visual image to contemplate Rosi's hair.

Then we returned to the solar system of the Earth, this time inside

the 5D and went to the planet where we used to lived... it was

completely new restored... we were able to see from here another

Earth in 3D moving on the nearest space above. Urantia it was called

now “our” new planet and had an elliptical orbit around the new sun
which made it able to get closer to all the spheres nearby. From

where we landed we could see Jupiter above us, it seems as the portal

from its moon Europa had a multidimensional gate to other Universes

or Galaxies.

Urantia was huge and with many spots between different green emerald

shades. Each of us had made their own cabin and since our

consciousness was connected to the collective, we could unify ideas

and reach out to conclusions our ideas... and so we built little huts

made out of rocks and a lot of glass... it surrounded each of the

houses a nice warm tree that seemed like hugging the little cabins.

In between the trees and the house there were different decorations

that were part of the personal design of each one.

Over the time living at our new houses we realized that we received

daily informative data according to the expansion movements of the

universe inside a collective consciousness, it was as if we had

inside the hypothalamus an active DNA ship that was empowered

periodically along with our cellular system. After a while of a lot

of input about new educational programs we became a kind of space

educators and were given new names, Acid became Al-Flo-Lux, Rosi in

Ri-Ga-Lux, his sister in Ro-Ga-Lux and I ended up being Ur-Flo-Lux,

it looked like we were the Lux family and with our animals.
From our homes we project ourselves many times towards the 3D Earth

in particular individual mission. Some of my work was teaching or

opening inside circuits within a special region of the expanded

collective mind of some more advanced groups of humans and only when

they were ready to receive a progressive input for their evolution as

they were sensing or “discovering” new stuff that could jump them

ahead and in that way they helped pulling the rest of their

communities up... I went and activated a code in their modified

cellular DNA to pushed forward deeper ideas into a rational thought

the individual was exploring with love and spirituality. These new

primitive humans at least had six cords in their cellular system and

could be able to evolve without falling into karmic repetitions. So

their new generations were quickly moving forward. Sometimes I felt

sorry for them since many of them were those that before on the old

Earth were feeding themselves with fears and lacks when perceiving

changes into the new planet oncomings, but at the same time I enjoy

it as being able to cooperate in many steps of their evolution.

Now we had permission to help others, that law of no interference had

been changed but the job should be done only as they reached an

inclination or need for inputs. From Rosi I heard that her main task

was to materialize herself on planet Earth from time to time as a

professor of nomadic philosophy; she went from town to town teaching

the laws of the universe at the level that they were able to receive

it. We carried 12 strands of light in our cellular DNA system, which

allowed us to do great things within the five dimensions. Everything

seemed easy and enjoyable, and I really liked being able to help

other people in different ways within their difficulties of


One also learned new things, when we were not on a mission or at

breaks because a part of our cellular system was connected to an

invisible multi-level transmitter that updated our memory. Sometimes

these sorts of informations came from places as high as 9th or 12D.

We could also had permission to act as Co-Creators in 3D... and

sometimes with the company of some higher beings of Light we travel

and dabble beyond this Master Universe, were void was still throbbing

and landed inside an architectural of invisible lines without living

infrastructural images of Life and it felt as we could probably being

ready to paint a canvas of moving things inside it... but it was so

subtle to create something in there, so magical and delicated, that

most of the time we refrain ourselves from doing anything... it felt

as we need it more experience in creating life in 3D before

scratching any new line in there.

It was wonderful thou in how we materialized colored gases and

nebulae that we invented within our desires and seeing them get

transformed within themselves into new living systems of many

different organic media. I liked that very much especially the

formatting of images or allowing oneself to imagine new extensions,

new planets and stars, new suns and new galaxies... it was a renewing

experience. Many spiritual beings contributed to the materialization

of this new something, all working together or sometimes a few of us

had our own specialties, my primary function was to create physical

forms within the different 3D planets, like animals and primitive

human forms.

The little sisters Girardot colored everything and were in charge of

the design and decoration of landscapes. The Light that came from the

Infinite Maternal Spirit creator was the one that gave life to our

works. It seemed like a pleasant dream in which one let oneself go

through a great night of creativity. As the singer G. Cerati said

it... “the Universe is in my favor and it is so magical”.

7 Chapter VII

Somebody touched my shoulder at that moment and I woke up to realize

that everything felt as it was living in a while ago and before not

in a past time, but in a present with many doors... it all seemed to

have been a part of an extra-sensory experience or a lucid dream. At

that moment I did not know if it was due to effects of the

hallucinogens or the ecstasy of the melodramatic theatrical opera in

which the piece of theater scenes had become so intense in that cold

farm at that hour of the dawn... The fact is that I woke up inside a

violet sleeping bag on the humid grass of my friends farm in Canada

where we had finished our party after the concert. Next to my body I

felt the warm soft and long legs of the beautiful Rosita hugging me

and looking at me with those big eyes. Her nakedness took me out of

the impressions that I brought from the lucid “dream” and I began to

caress the delicious curves that belonged to those big honey eyes,

until I let myself to inhale inside my soul the new sensations and

desires of this matter and wrap ourselves in a dance of physical and

mental love over many imaginary colorful farms for a long time. It

was our ritual of morning love, it was the energy that we got to each

other in how to start a new day, and that's how I forgot everything.
Driving back home to the Girardot sisters the journey was made in

total silence on the part of us, only the radio music was dancing our

muteness. The landscape of the Alberta Plain on one side and the

Rocky Mountains on the other made a phenomenal view; the whisper of

the engine and the air that came in through Rosa's half-open window

blended in with the sounds of low music letting into existence a kind

of metallic half-tone harmonic with the smell of intense nature. It

felt good to be on Earth in this 21st century. On my legs rested the

shiny hair of the beautiful Rosi who slept. Thinking about it, I do

not remember the moment when we agreed to start a loving relationship

as lovers or as close friends, well we sensed around us good vibes.

At the end of a day that did not have weight at all in these moments

except with the permanent view that the snowy mountains gave me. I

was so infected by the murmur of this reality and of Rosi's sleep

that I began to nod between the sleeping and the awoken zone and

immediately returned as a magic slipped to my previous dream, I could

not help it, it was as part of an intimate continuity within myself.

In the new dream I met Rosi, at least now I knew the changing facts

about my dreams, I knew well now that everything was similar to a

dream but that in perspective we were living different realities

among these densities; although in equality to surreal and abstract

as in lucid dreams. I began to felt something good and very realistic

and I try to be relaxed within that as if I were alive and not just

watching myself being reflected from some other corner. When we met,

Rosi ran to me and hugged me; we looked at each other and saw that we

were in the little village of our elliptical little planet. Our cats

played fluttering and chasing each other, it seems as it was the only

thing the animals did, play. Until Rosi began to communicate with me

inside the mind ...

Ri: Why are we here Ur?

Ur: (I stayed a moment in silence, feeling and analyzing everything

and looking into her eyes... it seemed that Rosi had also experienced

the same thing that I did)... I think -I said, that we are living

several and different experiences at the same time in different or

parallel dimensions, not that I know exactly ... (and then I stayed


Ri: This... it's not a dream... right Ur?

Ur: Do not be afraid...

Ri: I do not, I just want to be sure of what I'm doing.

Ur: This is not a dream, Rosi (I called her Rosi, knowing that it

was Ri, it seemed that this affirmed my thinking), do what we have to

do when we are here or anywhere else, at least until all these

moments join in a now and at some other point, anyway we are having a

good feeling, right ?.

We walked a long distance in silence... from the nearby grove we got

a deep floral aroma that felt well, it seemed that we were looking

for a silence that would accommodate us to what we were experiencing

and the aroma helped us. We tried to feel all those new nows, divided

in different places but at the same time we were still each one of

us, themselves and aware.

At the end of a long time watching our cats playing and playing, we

opted, absorbed by the joy of them, that it was an easy way to cheer

us up. How inviting it felt us to leave our pre-occupations or

worries and began to run around with them and to tell them that it

was something beautiful. So everything became a running between

humans and cats, they against us and vice versa, they always beat us

because their feline gracefulness.

I also forgot to tell ya that the cats also had different size,

proportional to our new physical height... at last and after so much

playing we all sat down to contemplate the landscape that seemed to

enjoy us. We knew when we looked at each other that everything around

us was happy to see us. That excited Rosi and I very much and we

approached each other a little and slowly until a tender kiss of soft

magic united us.

The immense view that we had at front of this whole 5D was tremendous

as to pass it unnoticed; It felt everything like a gift so alive and

so close and above all, so visual. Ri apologized for a moment and

went to her cabin followed by her cat. And I was left alone caressing

the cat Miau who also was looking at everything in front of us.
8 Chapter VIII

In a second I felt a call inside my mind and I closed my eyes. I was

transported to the 3D earth where lived a special girl I helped a

lot; inside her DNA I could see the brightness of the helix’s rising

like dancing. Her name was Mo, she lived nowadays in an underground

cave right in the center of a conglomerate of totems. She never spoke

with anyone and preferred to live alone... for some reason she

reminded me a lot of a little girl from Earth’s before called Momo. I

activated a code in her and I was about to leave when the little girl

contacted me, she seemed to have detected me in some way.

Mo: Who are you, are you my angel?

Since such a thing had never happened to me and I did not remember

that I had orders not to do it, I thought for a moment... hesitated

and finally communicated with my senior adviser Mikael from Nebadon

there at the central architectural planet of light Salvington.

Feeling in my reality a evidence to move forward I still wanted to

talk to him, something I had never done it directly.

Ur: Hi Mikael, big brother, I'm Ur from Earth...

Mikael: Hi Ur from Urantia, (I felt his smile), how are you Brother?

Ur: (That "Brother" that he pronounced to me sounded more like a

Brotherhood, as reaffirming that we were from the same pack,

something like a real family)... Experiencing my new existence... you

see, nothing perfect yet.

Mikael: Enjoy it Brother... when are you coming to visit us?.

Ur: Anytime, I'm ready, very soon (it made me really nervous)... for

now I need to know something... I need your advice ...

Mikael: What you want to ask is fine, you already felt it was okay,

whenever you hesitate... feel inside and from inside you will get the

answers. The center of your cellular impulses is in your heart, there

is your Crystal, it will guide you always, it is connected with me

and I with the Universal Father, never hesitate.

Ur: Thank you brother Mikael; I am now in a mission... see you later
I went back to where I was before with Mo, time did not move at all,

I could be in several places at the same time, it was wonderful ...

Ur: Yes, I am your guardian angel, I am a light inside you, do not

fear, how are you today?

Mo: A little lonely, the humans here are very wild, sometimes I feel

fears, I can never speak, always those external noises that they

make... they shut me up, I think I am becoming like a wild mute ...

Ur: You are a formidable girl, you live alone because your destiny is

to listen to the savages, try not to talk to them, just listen in

silence with love and without fear, so that you influence their

thoughts... and these will change their actions and emotions... so

they can evolve quickly. You have an energy that feeds your

surroundings, you are not muted, I am someone to share a conversation

with, for now that is your mission ... Mo, you have a mission, do you

realize that? Does it make you happy? Remember not to speak to the

savages, they will never understand you, they are in a primitive

state where they only listen to the inner voice of their egos, in

other words, they only listen to themselves. When you feel lonely

again, you call me and we talk...

9 Chapter IX

When I returned to the 5D village where I lived, I found that Ro had

also returned, although I still did not see Al. Rosi came out of her

cabin and we played with our animals for a while, then Rosi talked to

her sister about our new ways of living, Rosa did not say anything

about it... after a while she just said to us: "We have to go back ",

And we woke up inside the red Volkswagen, and Acid smiled as seeing

us waking up ...

Acid: Hi guys, ya almost did not get up... I was calling ya because

we need to get home.

Rosa: I'm very hungry.

Rosita: I accompany you to do something.

In that second the cell phone rang in my pocket, for some time I did

not hear that deafening sound that linked me to the desperate races

of the 21st century of human consumerism from which I had felt

disconnected for a long time as if it had never existed, but the

ringing continued as in slow motion... I turned towards it... it was

Belle Betun.

BB: Hi, baby, are you feel better?

JB: (Without knowing what she meant), hello Belle, what a miracle to

hear from you (I said)...

BB: I always think of you baby.

JB: Thank you, Belle, how is everything in your life... tell me? (I

did not know what to say).

BB: Same thing: conflict with the cops, stumbles with my mom because

I'm not going to school, the fucking of my gay friend no longer

accompanies me to the gigs, it seems that he got himself a new

boyfriend who absorbs all his time, which according to him it's a

summer sun of a man... it feels lonely a lot of the times...

JB: Same as always, Belle, have you ever thought about giving a twist

to your reality ?... towards a more pleasant horizon?.

BB: Nene, I do not know what you're talking about, I live as

imprisoned in this body that is beautiful, black and wild, that

you've never wanted to enjoy it, so I have to look into other places

to find satisfaction. With my body I can manipulate others and also

crash down realities I dont like... flipping into everything ...

JB: That's exactly what I mean Belle, would you like to get rid of

that jail now?

BB: (she remained silent, she whispered some little sounds with her

lips that I imagined were blushed with an intense red and maybe they

might be smiling at this moment)... and she continued... uhmm,

sometimes I feel other stuff... very deep inside me: (I stay a few

seconds in silence)


"... I live repressed or oppressed

as if they wanted to fly,

as a vulture in agony for prey

and I sleep, and when I dream,

I flight as a free bird

about and over all my existence.

I see myself leave my house

black as night and flight,

just flight, baby... is all that

I know how to do well, but now I cry, baby...

I cry, and my tears are seeking

for a window to go out

go out and fly again

but I wouldn’t know where to go... "

JB: When you break the chains, you will know immediately where to

go... the sense of freedom will guide you into a positive unknown...

as you are not afraid of change, you will find Belle... you will find

your new destiny and not only you will be happy, but you will feel

that you were made inside of something that makes a lot of sense.

BB: Baby baby, that's why I love you

because I know you're free...

That's why I call you...

because your voice releases my wings...

Thank you baby, thank you...

When I hung up, I was thinking about Mêle, what would it be of her

life, would be equal or worse than Belle’s?, looking for her own

window?... I forgot about it and I looked at how the girls were doing
in the kitchen. Rosa was a gourmet girl: they had prepared vegetables

sautéed with herbs, an almond cake with dates and nuts, cheese coated

with homemade humus, aromatic water of herbs and some local fruits. I

ate cake like crazy, I was running on empty it seemed as I hadn’t

been eaten in centuries since everything we got fed in the past weeks

was energy bars and junk food packages with lots of water. The

telephone of the house rang... I lokked at it as in slow motion... a

woman hand picked it up... and I heard some voices in distorded pitch

talking... some friends of the Girardot sisters invited them to go to

the beach, which it was somewhat remote as it was necessary to cross

an entire province. When I thought about the sea there, it made me

feel cold and I asked to myself how could these Canadians go to a sea

at -15°C?, I did not understand it... it was another culture and I

had to adapt.
10 Chapter X

We ended up getting all of us inside an old school bus that happened

to pick us up very early in the morning on the next day. The bus was

full of boys and girls, guitars, drums, dogs, two bristly cats, lots

of alcohol and fumes. By night we were on the beach, somewhere in

British Columbia, north of Vancouver between some of the fjords of

that extraordinary coast. There were nobody around... someone built a

bonfire, I had decided to stop drinking alcohol after the last party

at Hongux's psychedelic territory.

My life had taken a 360° turn now... I started to contemplate the

flames of the fire in how they danced with the wind and how the

little sparkles went fast as if they were searching for something

above, something invisible. Up in a sky full of stars something

passed by “looking” at what we doing in a fun and invisible way, I

knew what it was... other lights twinkled and I remembered for a

second the sky of Urantia. Rosi hugged me looking for warmth... she

was an amazing person full of a fascinating tenderness inside and

outside her skin... that, made me feel good, I felt comfortable with

her, she was like my alcohol at that moment that still me down while

we were watching the fire and the little stars.

I closed my eyes and saw in my imagination Mo, she was also by a

bonfire, only that it seemed that they had her tied to a post and was

incinerated live by a horde of savages. A tear rolled down my face to

the sand next to the fallen tree trunk where I was sitting. I did not

feel sad, I felt relief, surely Mo would reincarnate again in some

other more advanced period of time... that made me happy. Then I

thought of Belle, and I saw her being raped in a dark alley by three

guys who beat her and beat her thousand times while her dark skin

rose from the dirty cement of the pavement into the night. Belle's

face smiled with happiness, I understood that facial gesture in that

tragic moment... I felt that she was beginning to see or to glimpse

inside her window of light from within and through the darkness of

her thoughts outside to the blackness of the night. I saw how the

three men stabbed her several times, I saw her blood being soaked

into the dirty cement and I saw how from her body came a black bird

like a night vulture fleeing through the dark firmament of that city

and with a smile within a tear... we smiled to each other in joy and

we both felt a relief together. That night in front of the sparkles,

two very close friends of mine had just changed their lives and soon

I would hear from them again, and I felt an intense relief. Surely

they had struggled with their souls trying to impart justice and

words of love to their adversaries before they were murdered vilely.

That's why they smiled in their gallows. That’s why and contrary to
the procedure of harmony of these dimensions that tears of salty

drops came out and rolled down my cheeks to soak an unattended

rockier beach dormanting near a cold and agitated sea.

When I opened my eyes, Rosi was looking at me smiling in a tenderly

mood. We hugged and stood still. After a while and amid the bustle of

the friends I heard that they were going to do a play, wow not again

I thought, another play, these Canadians are crazy. In an unsecured

dance of thoughts I was trying to assured myself that in this

theatrical play I would not participate, I would be just a part of

the audience... previous experiences had left me saturated with rock

theater plays. And I thought about the piece of work there in Alberta

where I participated as the hangman that committed an act of a

suicidal ceremony and died... if that scene would have something to

do with the changes that were taking place lately, I do not know. The

experience of traveling in time cross me easily in this early stage

of my life, I wasn't an old soul, I was just a new cosmic babe.

The night after the play, way lighter than the other, we went to

sleep in a tent that Acid had brought, which we placed next to a sea

cliff, we knew that the ocean tides would begin to wane and we slept

in calm. The four of us went into the tent and slept for a long time.

Later on the next day we drove back to Alberta... And after few days,

the girls told us that they were almost finished with the production
of silverware they needed for the Christmas trip. Since December was

getting close, meaning we all might migrate slowly to the south at

the beginning of the month selling their crafts and jewelry at

different local fairs along the Pacific coast. We had attached to the

Volkswagen a little elongated trailer where we storage all the work

and a lot of clothes.

11 Chapter Xi

We left on a trip announced for the first day of December 2012; the

beginning of winter was getting worse with its icy winds coming from

the north pole but as we went down the sky was getting better. We

started the journey from Vancouver then drove to Seattle, Portland,

San Francisco, Big Sur, Venice, San Diego, Tijuana and the port of

San Blas that seemed to be our last destination. Throughout the road

experience we met many people: nomads, gypsies, travelers,

backpackers, etc. Many magical people with whom we exchanged lunches,

dinners, picnics, gatherings, etcetera. Something fascinating about

that was that along with all nice strangers we always felt like a big

family that concluded in becoming like a colorful caravan of cars,

buses, mini-vans, trailers and motorcycles; from Vancouver to the

port of San Blas as a small tribe of gypsy craftsmen.

The itinerant was a wonderful experience for all of us, almost two

weeks from town to town. While we rested on a farm field the girls

recreated us with their musical round up of dance and made up songs

that they sang while we accompanied them with the instruments. I was

on a conga and Acid on the guitar, who knew how to make it sound
beautiful. As the girls had been able to sell all the production of

silverware and handicrafts during the tour, we were on safe mode,

economically speaking. Do not believe now that Acid and I did not do

anything, during the days that the girls worked in the production of

things they always involved us to help them in different jobs, ending

Acid and me being their assistants. After we felt renewed we

continued with the trip...

We went down south and crossed the Panama Canal again, I felt a deja-

vu, we passed the Darién in our little convertible red Volkswagen.

The army at the border checked us out, a sergeant in a mocking way

asked us why were we not traveling in something more comfortable...

we looked at each other and burst with laughter, it never crossed our

minds to have changed the old VW into a van or a trailer. It seemed

that the red little automobile felt really good.

In order to save time we all took turns at the wheel; first Acid and

Rosa were at front, she was driving or vice versa, while we slept

behind, and when we changed to the front... we felt as we had the

guidance of many angels. Sleeping on the back of our little car felt

very comfortable; the space was wide enough and full of pillows,

blankets even a small bear of one of the girls. And so was our trip

until we reached the Andes...

We found on the internet an Eco-village called Atlantida that sort of

caught up our attention, south of Cali. We temporally settled there

at ease... set up the tent on a small plain on a hill, far, far away

from the crowd. We spoke with those who ran the village and they

allowed us to stay as long as we considered necessary from our

journey in exchange of some working on the fields do some animal care

and helping with any construction project. We agreed and it was fine.

The girls joined also a dance group and helped on the kitchen.

Everything seemed fill with an air of peace and progress around the


Tomorrow would be December the 21st in this 2012, Acid was moving in

a very anxious mode. He met with a group from the village who shared

some of the same ideas... some of them called themselves Pleiadians,

others Arcturians, people into total disclosure, few positive empaths

and more enlightened guys... I thought to myself that I would like to

wait for the so called shift date away and up inside the mountains

and alone. I reached to the top of the highest mountain inside the

property. When I got there I looked for a clear flat surface on a

large series of naked rocks at the end of the slope where there

seemed to be a nest of buzzards, and next to it a large tree. I

cleaned an area where I could fit a tiny tent I got in Canada and a

sleeping bag that endured extreme temperatures, a K notebook, a cheap

pen, some toothpaste, cheese and two apples. I installed everything

from a prudent distance to don’t speed up the nest of the gallinazos.

From my position one could see even with the little light of the

advanced sunset the little huts down there scattered among the green

vegetation. One could see coming from the north into the south a

river slowly flowing like a green snake in between the small squares

of the crops around... between them an immense banana plantation. The

thick tall trees and the sunset in the background adorning everything

innocently and sweetly, everything smelled rich, quiet, very quiet...

I felt at ease. I was for a moment somewhat anxious. I sensed all and

felt all inside me, sitting waiting for a new movie to begin, and I

wanted to see it from where I was sitting observing, yes, just

watching, calm and ready... connected with my higher self.

But I fell asleep and at dawn between the first lights I opened my

eyes slowly half moving from my lazy horizontal position to the

entrance door of the tent and I started to look outside... everything

seemed the same... so much anxiety for what? I thought distrustfully

from some groups filled with paranoiac human fears always creating a

due date at front of us with a story of an end of something... Would

it be that all that talk for years of the year 2012 was pure bs? What

a waste of culture, what a waste of energy, or would it be a mistake

in our stupid made up calendar? I do not know. I thought of the

skeptics who would be all smiling and making fun of all of us the
innocent ones... laughing at us... Or in reality the weight of the

collective thought of so many people over the centuries should have

had some effect after all and we don't noticed it yet?... it’s

happening but at its own pace...?

12 Chapter Xii

I left my laziness and jumped out of the tent, looked at the sky and

voila!... the sky was purple, a reddish blue firmament embraced us...

a flock of birds growled or sang or hooted as if looking for

direction or destination... I left everything lying there at the

mountain and I descended as fast as I could in great strides until I

arrived at the meeting center where there were several women with

their eyes closed in a great circle... they had remained in total

vigil and fasting during the night, they seemed very calm and they

all had a smile in their face.

At the distance I could observed into an adjoining area as other

women rushed in and out and murmured from the kitchen to a dinning

room. As the girls in the circle were silent I went to the kitchen

and when I was able to talk to one of them I asked what was the fuss

all about it... I was told that it was rumored that the axis of the

earth which was from long ago moving slowly, it went gone completely

out of place in the opposite direction, something like a 360° turn

which would mean that we would now be looking upside down at

The morning moon was red, I remembered at that time that sometimes I

saw it orange in some cities depending on the degree of pollution in

the air or the inclined light that sent the sun. But today it was

really red, more red than the shirt that Rosi wore yesterday. The

apocalypse of the bible crossed my mind in a second and I left the

meeting center... thought I was not doing anything there.

I ran to where my friends were already coming down from another hill

and we meet ourselves in the plain that led to the entrance of the

village... outside I saw in a blinking second the vehicle in which we

had arrived yesterday. I was wondering and I kept asking to my inner

mind questions about many things, but nothing, I did not know at that

particular moment what to ask to my inner self. We did not know what

to do just to hug us inside a children little fear or a sense of

disorientation. An air of uncertainty seemed to envelop us all. We

asked around other people that ran by but nothing, they were all

worse than us. Everyone seemed upset and confused by a collective

state of mind that apparently stalked us but could not see where were

the visual origin of it... so we decided to sit on the grass, until

Acid said something very clearly that made a lot of sense:

"We must do something fast now... we should turn around our thoughts

and perceptions... about our location related to the Earth in order

to adjust to the changes that the planet is feeling" ... suddenly, as

we helped each other as to how to relocate ourselves well closing our

eyes and holding hands inside a circle we made in silence, things

changed to us. I thought in that moment things like: ...that we were

not very far from the equatorial circle so we would not be very far

from the new alignment. We changed the polar location in our thinking

already forcing us to locate ourselves in the opposite way; for

example, if the moon and sun had changed their magnetic axis too,

everything should be working in an different cycle or to the other

way around... if they had changed their path so the earth would be

spining to the other side, in conclusion everything was opposite, the

sun would rise from the west and the moon from the other side...

So we began to feel more strongly the axis of the Earth, its new

position, we also recognized its crystal at the center of it that

radiated light through with our spine and into our lucid inner

crystal that shone inside our hearts... and the ray of light went

then from that inner location gently into the infinity. Our nervous

system expanded with the passing light and we were adapting to a new

thinking, a new consciousness that enlarged and felt solid inside

like when a proud young barrio man walks through his homies:

confident, assured, adorned, perfumed, showing his shinny hair,

walking the streets as if he was the owner, feeling surrounded by

masses of fearful and confused little people.

We slowly opened our eyes and looked at each other... we touched each

other softly and we laughed... and we ran fast out of that Eco-

village as if it was too small for our feet, we didn’t wanted to be

boxed between barbed wire and property concepts... Rosa ran forwards

like a crazy goat, shouting with a sonorous voice:


I am a cool star

stirring inside my inner higher-self

into million parts of light..."

13 Chapter Xiii

In that moment outside on a dirt road we saw a chiva-bus approaching

in our direction and we thought for a second that it came from

Popayán... it was fill on the outside with all types of graffiti of

many colors as if they had afterwards been edited in GIMP. Inside, a

world of crazy people all like dieing of of an infinite though honest

laugh, very bizarre but happy pulling themselves out of the bus

windows looking at us and waving with their hands. The auto-bus

stopped with a shriek and a boy who was on the top of the rumbustious

goat vehicle shouted:

"Hey guys, we here to pick ya up...", we looked at him kinna

dumbfounded but calm...

The faces of all the bloggers inside the bus also seemed as if

someone had taken a picture of them and had passed it through an

extreme editing in GIMP using a comic filter or a similar tool. I

looked at my friends and they also had this bizarre impression on

their faces... we caressed each other’s face as looking for an answer

from that reality... then we just laughed and became already like a

part of the new group.

The chiva bus went north, meaning the old south towards Popayán. A

folkloric bus in the shape of a "goat", all painted and with the look

of an animated comic strip and with us inside as part of that comic

book. Before arriving to Popayán, we turn to the right towards the

Pacific jungle; as we got more and more deepened into the jungle, I

saw how the vegetation is being transformed very fast into comic

drawings as well to the point that at one moment we were all immersed

in a real comic story which sometimes looked like comic strips or

cartoons changing inside different densities, and at other times as

an animated video.

After a while of being deep inside that jungle we already knew that

for an unknown reason we were a part of an animated project... run by

whom?... or... were those scenarios from our collective

imagination?... for sure it was happening on the rest of the planet

as well and we knew it was not a visual distortion or a product of

some hallucinogens... rather as if the comic project was a mind

realization made by ourselves and the bloggers. It seemed as we now

had the flexible capacity to change the collective nows while we

could fully enjoy what we were inventing.

A smirk of joy bent in my mouth, I felt for the first time as part of

something vital, valuable, important... and I heard ourselves just

laughing ha-ha-ha all the time...

Everything from those times I had lived near Mêle’s romance in Los

Angeles was far away in a distant past of somebody else's life. I

felt the possibilities of creativity here in this new reality as an

infinite way of expressing the self... with so many options available

within the mind.

I began thinking in colorful script mode and it distracted me with a

space full of little planets moving all the time. And as I moved what

I was thinking and feeling was happening too in real time. And as I

turned around to look where Ytox was, the guy who plays the director

of our comic strip, I saw him raising his right thumb in approval, I

smiled back and we flew pulled by the winged horses among the

colorful universe in front of us... some of the boys flew on dogs

others had cats with wings, giraffes, whales, iguanas, dolphins,

condors, wolfs, elephants, tigers, goats, and so many more.

We started in single line flying through our solar system... passed

all the planets and their moons, even close to Uranus with its moons

and rings. There after passing Pluto we evaporated and changed into a
parallel Galaxy. Materializing inside a huge castle made of colored

jelly where lived a king and his jelly queen. All the inhabitants of

the castle were made out of jelly, each one of a different color. The

eldest son of the king a boy named Glotun invited us to the main

table where we ate sweet green gelatin of strawberry flavor.

Glotun told us that to travel through the universe of the Hidden

Songs we should eat another portion of gelatin. For a second inside

my deep mind I got out of what I was doing with all the friends and

the jelly beings not knowing how real I was and felling guilty. Then

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder, it was Rosita.

Rosi: It's not your fault little brother's -she said, it's not just

your adventure... we're all here, we're all involved in this

psychedelic video or animated film. We were all connected at that

time in a very similar dream with each and every one of the boys you

saw inside the chiva bus. Thirty-three in total... we are the lost

"locos" within the magic of creation in our own original way. They

have given us the freedom of free will for 1000 years and we have

taken advantage of it for the sake of creating this reality, this

film where we all share and enjoy while using the tools that the

fifth dimension gives us... isn’t fantastic or what...!? .

I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I was in my other room

writing, turned into a comic character with animated life, I was well

drawn and graphed like in a simplistic Flash 3D. The alterations to

my face were fixed in Photo-shop... I detected a face full of lines

and the eyes full of tears cracked by what happened to Mo and Belle

Betun. I closed the notebook where I wrote sad words with a red cheap

pen and I began to fade again... I thought if I had "invented" my

friend Rosi and I draw a smile on my face as I remember her big eyes,

the color of her hair, her long white silk skirt that shows the

beginning of a leg that satisfied some of my inner impulses, her

voice, the smell of a magic woman, her skin, her lips that when they

talked seemed to send me little kisses, her little bag in black and

white which seemed as a copy of those made by the Koghis in the

Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta... And across my visions Rosi was

smiling at me again with that joy, with that respect, with that

thought and that intelligence... and spoke me softly:

"James, do not fade away

if you leave, I cease to exist...

I have forgotten the troubles,

find me, look for me

I am in the 5D
in the small cottage,

when we no longer made love

because we lived inside of it...

where we looked

at all the creation

from our favorite site.

I am the lyrics of your poems,

the song that blooms

in your announced death,

I am the dimensions, and

your exit ticket

to the infinite

because I am a your creation

and with those powers you created me

to be able to take your hand,

the hands of the imagination

and accompany you

in your travelings

through your universes,

no matter where you go

to yesterday or tomorrow

anyway, all the places

are your nows

you know that James ...

I am the arrow that Gibran

let go out from his arc

when he taught you about the Prophet you are Siddhartha and I am Govinda

we are the creative fairies

of Hermann Hesse’s

I am the Gioconda, you are Leonardo

I am a sunflower, you are Van Gogh

I am the models, you are Picasso

we are Godard, we are Wenders

I am the colors and the b&w

you are Andres, I am the urban swamp

you are Teresa, I am the bad husband

I am a a song, you are Kristofferson

I am the rough sea, you are the whale

I am the prey, you are the predator,

I am the victim, you are the criminal,

I am the beginning, you are the end,

I am the ether, you are the eternity

together we are the All

together we are the Unit

together we overcome the darkness

together we bring a child girl to safe place

from her subtle fall to prostitution

together We offer a child boy

a choice to write a poem and to leave the revolver

together we sing rap in Medellin

together we are the New Tribe

together we are powered by nature

together we are passion

together we are Cali

together we are the branch of heaven

together we are the valley, the river and the mountain

the wave and the cliff

the deserts and the Sun

the cockroach and the mosquito

the Wisdom and the Love

Faith and the Consciousness

the Radicals and the Feeling of Tao

Gustavo Andrés and Biblio-ghetto

los Farallones and Pance

the Rocky Mountains and Alberta

Mount Hood and Mount Helens

Nepal and the Everest

the bear and the dog

the cat and the lizard

I am your blood, I am your sisters

I am your woman
I am your lover

I am your nymph

I am your goddess

I am your inspiration

I am the lap of tenderness

I am your cosmic lover

I am female, you are male

I am woman and you are man

I am feminine and you’r masculine

I am the negative pole, you are the positive

together we are the equilibriums

I am earth, you are space

I am the moon, you are the sun

I am honey, you are the salt

I am digital image, you are the photographer

I am the blank paper, you are the ink

I am the poem you are the writer

I am the bolero, you are the tango

I am the blond, you are the tanned

I am a drum, you are the hands that hit it

I am Africa, you are Europa

I am Atlantis, you are Antarctic

I am the Andes, you are the Himalaya

I am the shield, you are a sword.

In these possibilities of effects,

you do not vanish James

ya know that if you go away

I am disappearing from existing... we need us very much...

let’s love each other again and again

and for ever into eternity... James!

“the end”

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