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Noise Pollution at the Bus Terminal of Cuenca

Among the different types of pollution, there is one in particular that is making a lot of noise

Of course, I’m talking about noise pollution.

It is basically the presence of disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the normal activity
of living beings.

There are many areas of Cuenca where noise pollution is an issue; but for me as a frequent
bus traveler, the level of noise at the bus terminal is a matter of concern.

From my own experience, I came to the conclusion that there are 2 main causes of noise
pollution at the terminal: the inadequate location of the terminal, and the small size of it.

 First, the terminal is located near residential areas. This seems to be a result of poor
urban planning, because other cities like Quito have their bus terminals in
unpopulated areas so the noise coming from buses and taxis would affect them. Even
my hometown Machala is going to have its bus terminal in an unpopulated area.

 Then, the small size of Cuenca’s terminal is a key factor of this problem. The parking
lot is too small and the entrances for buses and taxis are considerably narrow. As a
result, bus drivers always fight about parking and they use the honk to express their

Cuenca is widely regarded as one of the main cities of Ecuador, so it is concerning that the bus
terminal still suffers from this deficiencies.