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Ards Se Stole Pa my Polo Hee weno ht Sot. ar of rg te ao hy fen Scat oie? ES ee a rae Gnamenatanne te 15 couting ow eat carer lan i rac ig tay ovr iy tia ta A notre suse ay Pata Spadework that's truly rewarding Tony Curr ouriews on an aca ‘eure ig toed on are toma ma mage. For atin 948, oath ane Wee eerojunenyatmn eb snag to (atourenencs onthe spar anew seat. 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Teter mein ittektgwaan assert ses “teat dl ean bath gong krone ord [Laces aie tan espe vie Sts nro ‘satis near Ser te ota oer Sreemargatonbaseacewmatenia — [i ee SSS SSS remtronten tule myetmenmeretaicnensnmine [al] j Eaegrmnntermetamee en treremess meiner © Baas Peberndge = Pleo of ponet asin vse uso me ‘Soci ht elt ne tt pepe ow ok lg atari ne woe Lseemaad ian chennai = farwans cava Mee yorcean sess | wate ny mesa ergy ihe aoe ee eee ere Ea toon japenetsiane isto sus lo ge we pa. 36 ‘amet at way of peal sont go ono nce ‘elnino rctsorcatacn ther poral or dro? — otc! Wm anoeiney atsuces Sh say, owe oma ores Cece eta Sete | sence ens Cee em eter PAPER 2 WRITING (1 hour 30 minutes) 1 scone agin ctu Tes ‘tn gan tent Stn ty tom oy a fstvariipuaberte vere par aryl hong Snape Programe of Event for New Students Monday Clee tour Tuesday Meeting wh ttre Wednesday Tals aout cue Turley Toorattown day Sec veing 000000000000000000 ‘Tuesday set sou caune Stat epi Weineedey aad atti cb Mate sone ro) ae your apart You sls your oun wid i ple, r te ite Pant? nes arcario one tution 25 pt tn er nen 20-20 wet Force ow escent ig at 1) Praag Ge Oy 2y Drm Lzan Yeomennaacam instante Mu as i: Now ama theta ase non enews a Tara Gis, Setycemnoneatrangee nina eng Tout 1) rates ty Jom sorneck Yeutctagmageine na azedyouta tear ance of arene at hes Pocsn Gc Dror ance ry yao mero aren teyatingneeta toy oo Patt esi 12 matteo ant euch ste ABO Dhan gu Tinsisar nomen tetas rang Ke Early map-making Sate nvipton in xs mean th ou Yeon on ped mapa and ‘ats fr tng cu way toa destnatonisdeapeaiin ere oni og ships a @ ‘Thomo tet moder a ‘Arewepin 1570, ater agascraper red Abraham ls ngaings 5 of te bat mae) coe. ste serene em te vee oie eos ome per Uc of Eb conto ones Fovaunsone 1-2, mali el ow tn oh or wien etfs ao Ub ey ‘rece nea pop Thee lear onaoloa ebegeea ie ou se IM CAPEAL LETTERS nth spate sar sheet fbEECL TIT ITT TT 1) sane [3 ‘The game of Go" Une Xgl oy an lng gar. Wt ni at (98). ero Ua pays gpa (0. onthe et rng Do games nthe ‘er Li, wo es he Ces yf al aring mtr Goi wae ere Ab yr gy Chen rs a ze 8) ‘amt, And ty niin ec es at pay“, we af (16) Wah eoing ‘he gars poo th gh bro wer ‘hove ees tac apna Ci Ee (8 hema Uae 08 rola Ore eaten (7) (0% Nps Held a by cease fat ye nr) inches for anyeig te ay (28 tl fo! we ty ie te is made is ety A, tine ating eo ie tent 2... ele wast Tea on (2H 8" Hoye ani cei fete wi Rest nn apr act ‘arent na store yo cap hr erponenstoe. Pesos a nd 6.8 se aman ti Lp anton se exo | nt i ae one Lio fm ik Med Spr aman in enc (29 nm may oy lng ee pe eng HM 2," ol ieee Paper) Cito ib pana ec etn 28-97. tnt on, a ward ge haba of esate be (oeto into ta noe gost ane na Te ean xanga stb bari a ee eee! coor (9) (See The Victoria Falls ‘he Vira Fae Aes Wart Nghe rr te wet et 90 wry ae) pe a te Ke The GENERAL (8) oo frthevnwinatv wih of 7Mintecanaratet108 ASE st a 146) For) vate ame ne ale, Zana Fer Hows Os CONSIDER eo 8 8 tr psec (2) the cn gen B a 8a. rea eo DOP sre When tee arena dpgear ADD ounaalom a he Vera Fal 5) ua eile wc ABLE oe ews eon tomate 6 mbt) ot RELATE weal sows dose apie on ft we pai xen wy ela tcamig pope att einen INoREASE 2 mts 98-48 fone word aly wh id Spry Hee ‘ett esa a © Tey ten ria pn rey sonics Myrmcracustan this ay ty mse hr is naughty tounge tn eter eA] eee |) ela ‘te ony tne ras word MCAPTAL LETTERS on these anor sheet. ‘eco psotace 2 Nori on tenon ua ie ergy cnet cee percep "tice ahugseeunaba aes hae as soonecon sich neert ate ee per} eof Eg a ysis emir se seadraem “yarewmensoes roi he Govern iene oe anda scone renee. sete cyl eho sup ternee Lat yp act cae sat urs ans be {sano eng ned gr Hows are came © Jones woud on spake a copa ones tote headetsprnt ane tapscon tune new rated ne sss [>] [RSTEDOvSrEARNG re ny iy mo CAPA LETTERS 4 Lnyncceesinpnerg erate ean teunate ast |U. Byeerdatne noah conte aetna ip Oy tment comes resto. a ato oe, 45 evans wore sone lerany gape bate, “ae won gles Le tnt tein ee Paper? Vc of Eg «ase sos tan yt ame wha happened eve secon my sock snastsoene te pvete dy reer ay pss eth stbldns. PAPER 4 LISTENING (approximately 40 minutes) [sxrect one | 1 Howtinematergstome? 2 eo at © mrtrane © orotate (ia) i: et se besrsner ih Ber Crete teeing 3 nyse se congas eecintig toch? 1 Rawr teint ey outa par acer stoi ign ews ttt, ch aye weet 1 fslpnetynohecn ean snot 8 cansoycia etary talent Memanandwonan te tatdngink ay be du eae dere 1 etn in pnt wot {6 comet swensinty Pont Yuta ancl aun yr aa Ns us ann sa et (ston) camped ‘An unusual nome ein tadiobeea cet Ty] vores May tc Asin ung eget cpg Bete, vi aot Bl] wrasestoerne tater te unpre [fd] ra eresristone ose wot Haha ron | i] oer Ling Pata open a For gute 1-0, ross rer AB, CO} Whine charge wat your ecorirg Sen. tl sat ao perl wen aga camp atest 1 Ter tnatrow cl canon sts 8 Tovtte nary ost i prsamat a tectthasnow been soe? 1s asics oad tpcpe ath he mh band 1 ecpany atte ssa 1 tiscoot carpe D love vec irbade 1 nw paca ty cate wth ey ood rr in erate pct eonsncingns arate r 2 seatcertotanrat soins ar © Sos sarinconmntiaree “Sehgal hn eta sos ye wl bethoxe ch 1 eccarge scree patton 1 fovthebat sect © sera mnatiwes, -ecntao a sty sossovpe got ab9 eal? 1k nota tng nha 8 ronssrcn oun toning acm D fname ene. ete ect about on yarstesta? 2 ts cngtrs wt rviarart theca alma ears D fsptnetonamoe et bes PAPERS SPEAKING (15 minutes) | 7 iaf i iy g SHEN TE: i ee i i i I Sea Hoa a i} ag] ; i foe i piitadaa ie Test 2 pRPER 1 READING (1 hour 18 minutes) eS Sat ee Su onto eo ‘Minds over Matters ‘Sica tte wneniybekwes ne eo ewig sx orn nd ar bat tha on whet gu sup rach ts own that SE Se te eds Sr at aay de Cuca nn Since tial Sepa Nis ntay atte, rower nts bene hu pace ‘Stoo Sn ee v manement_ at tier t press ele our, ome by a he says 6d unbers eet rin ah evr as ee our an 15 eegcsran aati 2 rs erm rset ss § sieht san Food for thought ‘hinge nae ae Sabet "ete ec where ‘ore caey eck re buat han the Ul any popes cre hr sn the ta yf thar car the fe yp Des, Al, ther i Pym ana tof goog page why hy cnet erg et these ny wt ote stn y tht oye 3a tha ake ska, ct eri son chang ela cs Dench the ea ‘ey te eee ca he yt Ti ves nm rhe nity, mah ating pat som Ve Teme = sherbet ay oe i ney are sais mene a th orks. 30 Beery ate pete iat amsyanss bot te Bn od nay? 1 the conor ves srtoed noche Heiner notte eer peta ‘The Feelgood Factor He ra tr oe reer seme ‘rand acpi Sr eta ag oy (Se ee ot ign tor i qa eb theo Sc Soh pnt! owe unc races ued torphasue eet arcs supa re on omnes 1k wert ang ctor ie 6} ota gt nn ee 1-17 sca chong st 0 25 conrad ppt pat nares D Seomngamarts lorena acy Pee eee eee eee eee eee ere Pot 2 ‘eu on te neta fr owe aie, St pragaps hn tn move ‘rm erase fom pra Bw om wich a eo 1B). Te hos angapn sno yu sonar oe ‘Mayerarorowon te nepert are ‘A Change of Direction a Rana egies owe sae ng CORO {eta casi we ee encsrton oni pene EiEEauEi| ‘Roe gy wen oe ca 1. Stelwcic as is: eeseseaeCECEGE eat da he et ey me a ‘hing eng eh wf ey ye ey ‘Shira at yt Ee ee ‘Shonen nto nt moe lg sp On thew Ci ae aa i fl i ie ‘inane hs ona eae Ami i sean Se ot ee # 1 Ma ye eng ie een ee iaieceaanss sehaate Piper Rak Seto ec Ta secon breil tamara sian lp rig ae i ea ge ‘eect the Ging shomine al igh a er es ne Mentetcersnvlogte Tiere s jac hete Rhine ining i emanate EEE meee ey persrserrigrenslert iy Pe Se ‘mea eae ie Sanpete ne ‘uae gg oa ni ts For quan 948, eae anne Bo Travel without a camera Progr Ppa ato ns i ttn caner Par) Rend decree agape ean ban a toga ae we cocina? motpt te bs pins 1 Singinserpenarts ta raat ‘owt spss hse agaph a pene who roan lan it 1 yn ay cg A Toy ighnee bom aig he atten te Troy mare suprised yn oe nr hus, Mey macioo way abused Mey mantras econo sumed me preseee of aphtonnae ‘Tro wrtor quatre ova ot alng ats ese a hoster A ccana estrone sai tr pe © Seen teonedarscationneisi 1 maynatbe seta cpt ahaa Wy 1 teteg sem aeat toga nape Pose no ak Ram. 1 tment pi mangas pote fon & evita erga raat he 1 Senopanscnmgtn ® pormngsut ton ager ecprings pansies Sileepe utr mucosa, 1 serpy thy wa teed mes wet £ Scnrgontogeany cnet atc {ous gang tan anennape rc Ft qin 2-98 coos om thoes Br ic view anton th towing? nope epzsorsbaxoura ‘te rooare cones hen tg Si a theft hat ebook makes ite eienoe fo the author mathod [= Ihe sore rumtirtaeknauadgenensmadet tet ‘eter ath books vr uly inet efi ymin ono wetland 8 ey ctr stezeagaten nth meh doe brent sees ert Renting Reviews of Wildlife Books: Fa ccna ect inath ap pptdtomenne cera 1 Thee Snyslopa ft an Tr Ali aie by Chistes OTe {stg a. uaetoh eran tof «hay an eo eel or hcg ‘heey racy st ce gto mh on ee oy aa eee eneg tina rotons taming ‘armas whe rn sane ean te ‘ata oan ucctow'e © Teh tncyepecal Replat snd Anpban: atdy Tn Hays er st to so. try my cc te sateen ect paste pdiaretee sense lnkat stereo wc Siete nora tes tsmaga tain ome pe care sora) ‘Sein anawwares hetayngg awe gongs oso) we oma PAPER 2 WRITING (1 hour 0 minutes) Port Suma sent nn Wie ran in 60.20 worden an apr ct 1 Youre hin Chilo Era ange colege Te Pop athe ‘oteg ras conoure soot pu andar ak ratin ‘ote ha iain ntarmaton poops rts pronto ‘Thrapersertecb ae moat ecmemiang waa are my pers a ‘otringsnyacaaorarcuaeanruntounabeou Pinos! has very fe embers tty eam come vp wh ary reget fay hve educa. ae mucus ue mee? Sve ¢—— sptameane toro | ten cn ‘lesa bat nga apa toci on crien you ages? ‘oun long snsinamerinaintaneorlmaasrs ass roe aa oh cob ny Be ve jourcomoetiion ety Seber eet ae (a Tae, Day Doma aon ‘eared au onto apt one nga tay Tau te Say argon nde stn iano er i urapa. (9 cree asian otk nai, josrambean ana Oftes ann Yrtncerhaaate you40 ‘intean sea on se oionrg pe 1 an oat cet eave? PAPERS USE OF ENGLISH (1 hour) non uo wich anne AB, 1D} sea eters on te oper bower commie Responding to children’s mistakes romatng chiens seateon scans 0 be 09 of 6 (oun. of mesom ‘ldo ana eam. gone hand har wh a tion hi ren te (0) pris tor he mest =. achiever, lets promaton of at ote rohty ate aga ster whence read frou als ses to be = a f Ro aso wt ec len ‘afer hat toy don cece at ask hoy wil somehow be danaged (a) far tha tay make 8) Tey ow ta) expence fire to lem and gor chen have boon grad or eversting tree done, Mow god Rs han are nace lb al be more par Lo ie of) ad haa tno sot tg pect can fer he tnapoinurants Wal)... Pats and educators shun be a (90) ehlers metas, os ong sey a0 praca them when ne 3 wa ‘te ah aes Cee 6 (Hho pop tar noobs Na a reseed he fopin tn tino nls corpeton Uke te, cre petal ow cope wath ire nc (2) tha aertape ented ay ental ety ecu Poe} Ue of Ei sevtey ve lose peta on Pat? sor qunsne 1-2, rat tl don atik of wt eh at tang Ln ely Greoonineat an Theiss opi ts bag or yor rs M CAPITAL LETTERS on te separate ewer see. eonem [0] lATeT TT TTITITITT TIT Whisting re) rate tego 8 etre youd roe wing ie? Wao be commons, hg ang nc (4) omen ale rao Nom tine (6) taut net wating hot 9 psa 8 ane rthepoay oro ks hl eam cbs aou ne (17). Ware its Sages 8). s2ene apa nna whey oxen eter ut taco ayaa pee ei 1). tat wished sia fon ‘Se pec Ma sng wc 2) 2 me eataeating gee isting. a mae, sas el of ning (20 oo so Nowa ware nn arsch maces nag Thee some 38 Hho ln oy ca ib I 2). be Ba es ceo mtr teche ower hse pep oi ng 9)... ard rol Hew mee ty sures 8 sanction, aug 9) toning say amet apy xc > a meagein cone Te parody she {erconmancaan ha nde ake soe aan a2 sun ot wi tae ater bana spec, nore mera ape hese Ee, eal eri papon sry end guy ad mi conten apr Uefa [Reto cia te apn te came te These ee epg ots emo CAPITAL LETTERS onthe spate aerate canoe [0 [efolulo le TeTaTeTTolel TTT TTT T erie nce ees pr, ha a. og wings COMBINE sem eer nd hc gon tes rea the canna ee eigen act prt hon ANARABLE serine aa) ferme yt, Seen ht ie tng mae ad the Fenhinte anc)... byssila Ho Yvcan maths POPULAR ess nate cash neu younger a ow > rk ering Mw) he TY om RS RAND slant ont wan eth sone Baten Danteok ero RELUCTANT rere a 2) of al ago! ms yo 8) he ete ee ee he ee an eee (cn he nate sr Tha a ac A) yr SURE etdor so ercisdaredio marin... sthirepen ma STABLE ot own my 6) Noe ey hes. oon, EXPERT "ga os a eg aad wenenp when eau) ADDICT ts Fer queans 20-42, hk fone wa niy ih ant ats Spy na ee stom Hon swat 0 They say oan ir ety pean nd ery rosa Dayna have ta ey bate one am cre we woughio ne ty ton poplin as COO TTT) Wie ony ie rising word CAPTAL LETTERS a the spurt ane sheet. xanote [3] E]A]S 38 gant srg she nus by snl ar ow 0 satay. 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PAPER 4 LISTENING (approximately 40 minutes) Part ‘ox var re tito etac Fr gute 26 tase he anne Br heh is 41 Thewoma sybase pit aloe mine 13 Teyooetatauccnsd pron somsonete at 1 then potas nae rears ony (en) ua mo sans Sctsing aay venenatis de eh 5 Wotibmaimathe poet y ea ane? 8 tomovtsncesottngisin ore ectty © tocoraenthethaegactasarchon tn (treme cation wt ret hpoke? ‘ont rear wera a En Kaine nec re nt 8 ey Mase ‘Fora vaielnte coun Forquaters 4 cnn sore, ‘Anse inthe countryside [7 Josmontnmerasiteourementn, [e Jams ‘peso cote “Te Jews ‘rscweroftanoie eewentya[ [tener [rt] neers toe ‘ing abouns andre For anton 18-20, hose ewer AB, Gorn: 15 Wt tata Mary sp? 15 souniotandg encore ngupetcmesat 17 ier tenon eter Britt rye 5 resonctobang canoes eraray, 18 Wonoes Hay ny sao wh iba? Tes} Paper Spsking PAPER'S SPEAKING (15 minstes) sors sooner | sons sonia soos art. 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