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dunnhumby in India

Information about Core Delivery and Operations teams

What started as a hard bound plan on a 14 page document became one of the many
successful leadership stories for dunnhumby.

In June 2007 the vision for a global services hub in India became a reality with our first office
opening. The creation of this hub was deemed critical to dunnhumby's ambitions to expand
globally. The first phase involved getting the right people on board as the foundation for
future growth.

The aim was to get the right geniuses who displayed the dunnhumby values - passion,
curiosity, collaboration and customer first. Since hiring its first people in November 2007, the
team has grown to well over a hundred strong, based in our Gurgaon Office.

Both operationally and culturally, the team sits at the heart of dunnhumby and this document
is intended to explain a bit about us.

Our teams
In our 30 large data warehouses, we store and analyse terabytes of transactional data on a
daily basis - more than a billion rows of data are processed each week.

Our people liaise with retailers' IT teams to identify and source data. This data is then
processed and fed into a variety of dunnhumby tools, allowing colleagues worldwide to
deliver clear customer insight to their clients - retailers and manufacturers alike - to enable
better business decisions. As part of this process, we also develop in-house software
applications to ensure that all of dunnhumby's solutions are effective and efficient on a global

We work closely with dunnhumby staff across the globe, providing data solutions and
analysis for all clients in all markets.

Analyst teams (called Operations) and technology teams (called Core Delivery) partner in
providing solutions to our clients. The following sections will describe the roles and
responsibilities of each of these teams.

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Core Delivery
dunnhumby is world renowned for the customer insight and consultancy we provide to our

All our work starts with data. We manage some of the world’s largest and most complex
databases using the latest technology.

The team charged with this responsibility is Core Delivery. Core Delivery manage all
technological infrastructure, data management and application development at dunnhumby
and are at the centre of all operations. They create and support the operation of standard
and flexible technology platforms which facilitate a suite of tools. These tools aid the process
of making business solutions for our retail and manufacturer clients.

IT at dunnhumby is a shared service which supports all of our partners and clients globally.
We use common methods to ensure our organisation can scale rapidly and cost effectively.

Based in India, United Kingdom and the United States, Core Delivery represents
approximately a fifth of dunnhumby people. Core Delivery offers a broad range of IT and
management roles to shape an exciting career. We embrace key concepts such as ITIL (v3)
and invest in our team by ensuring they are trained in the latest technology – whether
internal or from external industry experts and conferences.

The majority of our positions within Core Delivery reside in three of their largest teams:
Technology Services, Data Services or Product Development. All three teams work together
to serve our markets but have distinct responsibilities, which are highlighted below:

Technology Services
Technology Services is the engine room of the company. The team is responsible for
installing, managing and maintaining millions of pounds of hardware and software.

The team is composed of service desk personnel, technical engineers, automation

specialists and technology experts.

They manage and operate all desktops, laptops, printers, telephones, video conferencing
equipment, networks, production and disaster recovery data centres, and help desk facilities
around the world. This team is responsible for the management of all technology vendors
and experimenting with new technologies to provide competitive advantages to our overall

Our Technology Services team purchases millions of pounds of technology assets each year
and has a vital role in ensuring the ongoing success and growth of dunnhumby globally. All
dunnhumby people are supported by our Technology Services team each day.

Data Services
The data services team gets involved in the very early stages of each client engagement,
and stay involved throughout. Our team works closely and directly with dunnhumby staff
across the globe, for all clients in all markets.

Data services are responsible for the creation, maintenance and enhancements to all of our
retailer database solutions. They ensure that all published data conforms to quality standards
and is in a uniform structure for subsequent use by our colleagues and applications.

The team is composed of trained information technology professionals with experience in

database design, ETL procedures, quality control and automation capabilities.

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This unit supports our 30 data warehouses, handling over 1 billion rows of data per week for
some of the world’s largest retailers. The technology we use provides reliable and efficient
answers to the strategic questions posed by our people and our clients.

We take data quality very seriously. The team must be proactive in the diagnosis and repair
of faulty data, resolving quality and integrity issues before any potentially erroneous results
are published. This often involves working with clients to put in place initiatives to prevent
problems from recurring in the future.

Product Development
Product Development are the application development arm of Core Delivery, responsible for
the design and development of all software applications. They ensure that our tools are able
to be globally scaled and that our applications are fully tested to ensure quality. In
collaboration with our technology and data service teams, they ensure our hardware and
data systems are able to support our tools.

Currently we use more than ten software tools around the globe. These tools generate
hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue for the organisation, but most importantly deliver
genius insights and actions for our clients.

The team is composed of software developers, software testers, project managers and
architectural personnel. They use software industry best practices to develop and enhance
our products, including best in class developmental practices such as Agile (a combination of
SCRUM and XP), along with Waterfall where appropriate.

While we write in a number of software languages, we predominantly author our products in

Adobe Flex, .net and C#. The vast majority of our products are delivered through a Software
as a Service (SaaS) approach.

The main aim of this team is to be responsive to dunnhumby people in the development of
our applications. Our organisation and our clients depend heavily upon this high profile unit.

Analysis team
The role of the Analysis team in India is to deliver actionable insights to our clients.

While technical skills are critical to the role, these must be balanced with strong analysis
(critical thinking) and consulting skills. Hence, our analysts are not necessarily strong
programmers, but are able (through training and knowledge sharing) to program efficiently
enough to deliver on a timely basis, using available tools.

Some of the major responsibilities of an Analyst include -

• Identifying, building and leveraging relationships with key client contacts

• Understanding dunnhumby propositions and assuming complete
responsibility for some client deliverables
• Developing project briefs with aid from the Client Leader or Lead Analyst
in the market
• Querying large databases using available software tools and
manipulating/analysing this data to develop analytical results
• Distilling insights from the analysis to offer actionable recommendations
• In some cases, with the Client Leader, present the insights to the client
from a remote location

Analysts take the output of the product and data teams and use a variety of tools to
create information upon which insights are built.

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