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Dec  01,  2017  

Political  Law  Review  
Read  imbong  v  ochoa  
The  three  branches  of  govt  
•   House  of  Representative  
•   Senators  
Non  legislative  function  
•   National  board  of  canvasser  
Do  this  in  joint  session,  decided  by  the  senate  president  
In  case  of  tie,  between  the  pres  and  VP,  the  majority  of  congress  break  the  tie  
•   Call  special  election  when  there  is  vacancy  to  the  position  of  the  pres  and  the  VP  (45  to  
•   In  case  of  there  is  temporary  disability  in  the  office  of  the  president,  a  letter  from  the  
president  shall  be  given  to  the  congress  that  he  is  incapable  of  doing  his  job.  The  
congress  will  appoint  the  VP,  until  when?  Until  the  president  will  write  a  letter.  But  if  the  
cabinet  thinks  that  the  president  cannot  do  his  job,  and  president  he  can  there  wil  be  
voting  2/3  votes  is  needed.  If  not  reach  2/3  pres  will  do  his  functions  
•   In  case  the  president  suspend  the  privilege  of  habeas  corpus  or  martial  law,  the  
congress  may  veto,  or  shortened.  The  congress  voting  jointly  may  revoke  the  
declaration.  The  congess  also  may  convene  with  24  hrs.  they  may  revoke  and  extend  the  
period  of  declaration  of  martial  law  or  habeas  corpus.  They  cannot  simply  extend,  there  
must  be  initiative  from  the  president  
•   In  case  the  president  grants  amnesty.  Congress  approves  the  presidential  amnesty.  
•   In  case  the  president  enters  in  treaty,  the  treaty  must  concurred  by  2/3  of  the  member  
•   The  power  to  declare  national  emergency,  2/3  of  the  members  but  must  vote  separately  
•   The  congress  has  the  power  to  utilization  of  the  national  resources,  by  law  may  allow  
small  scale  of  utilization  of  natural  resource  
•   The  congress  may  act  as  constituent  assembly,  by  votes  of  ¾  or  2/3  concon,  or  simple  
•   Has  the  power  to  impeach.  Who  can  congress  impeach?  The  Pres,  VP,  CJ,  and  the  AJ,  the  
chair  and  members  of  the  3  Constitutional  Commissions,  and  the  Ombusdsman,  they  
cannot  be  removed  without  impeachment.  It  may  be  initiated  by  member  of  the  house,  
or  by  citizen  endorsed  by  the  house,  the  presiding  officer  is  the  SP,  except  for  the  Pres  
and  VP  there  are  to  presiding  officer  the  CJ  and  the  Senate  President.  (house  
prosecutor,  Senate  as  the  judge)  a  
•   When  it  comes  to  qualification  of  election  and  returns  the  sole  judge  is  the  HRET.  If  
senate  of  the  House  the  SET.  The  HRET  and  SET  is  composed  of  3  SCJ,  3  members  of  



 it  will  be  return  to  the  house  where  it  is  originated   -­‐   The  HoR  or  The  Senate.  In  proportion.  and  3rd  reading  again   -­‐   If  it  is  now  a  bill.   o   It  will  be  given  to  the  committees  who  shall  make  the  draft  to  make  the  bill   o   After  the  draft  was  written  be  given  to  plenary  for  the  2nd  reading   -­‐   2nd  reading  there  will  be  debate  and  interpellations   o   the  yes  and  nays  will  be  recorded  in  the  journal   o   submitter  to  the  commitees  again  to  make  the  final  draft   -­‐   3rd  reading  then  approved  will  be  given  to  the  Senate   o   from  the  senate  there  will  be  1st  . •   Is  to  confirm  the  appointment  of  the  pres  in  regard  to  certain  positions.  if  it  not  acted  within  30  days  it  is   approved   -­‐   Then  must  be  published  if  no  publication  violation  of  substantive  due  process   -­‐   If  the  president  will  veto  it.  2nd.  If  it  appropriation  or  tax  bill   may  approved  or  disapproved  one  item  (item  veto)  there  shall  be  no  line  veto.  the  title  will  be  read)     o   those  who  are  in  favor  or  voting  will  be  written  to  the  journal   o   all  the  proceedings  are  recorded  in  the  minutes  of  both  houses.  it  will  be  give  to  the  president.   ambassadors.  consuls.  they  can  override  the  veto  of  the  president  by  2/3  vote.  All  other  officers  are  vested  to  the  President   and  all  other  officers  are  appointed  of  the  president  except  the  4  mentioned   •   They  approve  the  national  budget.  military  from  the  rank  of  colonel  up  or  Navy  Captain  Up  12   senators-­‐12-­‐representatives.  otherwise  it  will  violate  the  1  title  and   subject  matter   -­‐   rider-­‐  when  one  provision  is  not  related  to  the  subject  matter   -­‐   hodgepodge  or  log  rolling-­‐check  the  meaning   -­‐   1st  reading-­‐  number  will  be  given  (HB  14344.  wait   for  the  HoR  to  finish  the  process         POLIREV-­‐ATTY  BONG  LOPEZ-­‐   CLAVERIACAD2     .  of  the  GAA  fro  the  Fiscal  Year   •   They  are  entitled  to  one  seat  in  the  Judicial  of  Bar  Council  (JBC)     LEGISLATIVE  FUNCTION   HOW  DOES  CONGRESS  MAKES  LAWS   -­‐   A  member  from  the  senate  of  HOR  that  sponsors  a  bill  (not  yet  a  law)     -­‐   Who  proposes  it  a  member  of  the  house  of  senate   -­‐   3  readings  to  be  done  in  separate  days   -­‐   there  must  only  be  one  subject  matter  per  bill   -­‐   the  subject  matter  must  be  embraced  in  one  title.     -­‐   the  bill  may  originate  from  the  HoR  or  Senate  or  both  exception  if  it  is  an  appropriation   bill  or  tax  bill  it  must  always  come  from  the  house   -­‐   may  the  senator  sponsor  the  bill  pag  may  nabalitaan?  Yes  but  they  cannot  act  on  it.  The  bill   will  be    a  law  despite  the  disapproval  of  the  president   -­‐   When  the  president  veto  a  bill  he  must  veto  the  entire  bill.  CABINETS.

 they  can  say  anything  they  want  they  cannot  be  liable.  the  journal.  that  will  be  the  final  draft.   They  cannot  engaged  in  any  business.  And  that  final   draft  is  called  the  enrolled  bill     what  if  there  is  conflict  between  the  journal  and  the  enrolled  bill   it  depends.   If  there  is  session.  which  they  owned  or  relatives  which  they  have   business  interest.   If  they  are  must  be  declared  that  it  is   savings  (PDAF  case)   -­‐   DAP  case  is  a  cross  boarder-­‐  in  criminal  law  is  technical  malversation   -­‐   Autonomy  of  the  LGU-­‐internal  revenue  (IRA)  they  have  automatic  share       •   If  the  cities  is  created   o   250  population  entitled  to  1  legislative  district   o   if  province  entitled  only  to  one  legislative  district   o   ARMM  created  a  province.  they  are  immune  from  arrest. normally  the  version  are  the  same.  the  congress  is  the  one  who  can  create  legislative   district.  they   may  draft  based  on  the  both  drafts  or  houses  etc.  the  previous  budget  will  be  the  budget  unless  they  create  a  new   budget.  of  yes  or  nays.  what  is  disallowed  is  that  the   money  of  executive  will  be  transferred  to  legislative.  the  entolled  bill     tax  law   -­‐uniform   -­‐  equitable   -­‐progressive  system  of  taxation     GAA   -­‐   if  there  is  a  recess.  they  create  a  special  committee.  the  offense  is  not  punishable  for  more   that  6  years  and  1  day    if  it  6  years  and  below  they  can  be  arrest.  they  cannot  appear  in  court  when  the  other  party  is  the  government   2.  if  it  is  the  content  of  the  bill.  if  they  have  reveal  it  to  their  houses   3.  that   what  will  be  transferred  must  came  from  savings.  it  is  applicable   only  in  plenary.  if  approved  their  budget  will  be  automatically  release   -­‐   Budget  can  be  transferred  within  the  department.       What  are  the  provileges  and  prohibition  of  the  members  of  the  congress   1.  if  there  is  no  session   they  can  be  arrest   4.  If  not  the  same.   Privilege  speech.  It  is  subject  to  limitations.   -­‐   Once  the  budget  is  approved  that  cannot  be  changed   -­‐   Cross  boarder  transfer  not  allowed   -­‐   The  one  who  will  create  budget  is  the  respective  agencies   -­‐   The  SC  have  Fisacal  Autonomy.  The  house  can  still  discipline  him  even  if  they  cannot  be  liable       POLIREV-­‐ATTY  BONG  LOPEZ-­‐   CLAVERIACAD3     .

 reverse.     -­‐   Ad  interim  can  perform  the  functions  right  away  if  he  is  not  approved  in  regular  session.  accepts  and  if  accepted  perfom  regular  functions  (regular  appointment)   -­‐   President  appointed  wgen  congress  is  not  in  session  (ad  interim  appointment)  the   appointee  right  away  perform  the  functions  immediately.   -­‐   Exempt  from  competitive  exam  policy  determining.  is  presume  to  be  the  act  of  the  president  unless  the  president   reversed  it.       EXECUTIVE  DEPARTMENT   -­‐   Executive  power  is  vested  to  the  President  alone.  when  the  congress  will  have   session  they  will  check  if  qualified.  usec.  DOJ   -­‐   Secretary.  (Doctrine  of  Qualified  Political  Agency)   -­‐   Corollary  to  the  doctrine  the  president  exercise  two  powers   o   Control-­‐is  the  power  to  alter.Palaez  v  SOLGEN     How  does  he  perform  function   Through  alter  ego   DFA.  Can  he  be  reappoint  to  other   departments?  Yes.  but  not  for  the  same  position   -­‐   Ad  interim  is  also  a  permanent  appointment-­‐the  president  cannot  take  back  the   appointment.   approved.  Those  which  performs  functions   under  executive. 5.  asec   -­‐   Executive  prerogative   -­‐   If  appointed  based  on  merit  and  fitness  through  examination   -­‐   There  must  be  a  Civil  Service  Eligibilty.  if  reject  he  cannot  assume  and  perform  functions  and   cannot  be  appointed  again.  set  aside  a  decision  of  the  subordinate   (  montano  vs….   If  one  of  the  congress  is  appoint  in  any  position  and  accepts  it  automatically  forfeits  the   seats  why?  Violation  of  separation  powers.  you  can  be  as  an  acting   -­‐   CESO   -­‐   That  he  can  appoint  based  on  merit  and  fitness   -­‐   He  cannot  appoint  any  relative  with  4th  degree  from  consanguinity.  will  be  submitted  to  the  COA.   then  next  session  (by  pass)  if  by  passed.  DENR.  affinity.     -­‐   If  the  appointee  is  rejected  he  cannot  be  reappointed.  DILG.  highly  technical.pepsi  cola  v  CA)   o   Supervision-­‐in  LGU  the  power  of  the  President  is  Supervision  only  why  its   supervision  only?  Liaison  power.  DND.  there  must  be  a  just  cause  and  due  process       POLIREV-­‐ATTY  BONG  LOPEZ-­‐   CLAVERIACAD4     .   -­‐   Who  are  temporary  appointed?  Those  who  have  no  civil  service  eligibility.   -­‐   Once  appointed  he  will  not  be  seated.  he  can  be  remove  without  just  cause  and  due  process   -­‐   They  cannot  be  remove.  then  hearing.  you  cannot   be  permanent  even  if  you  serve  nth  year.  the  president  must  re  appoint  him.  primarily   confidential   If  power  to  appoint  the  power  to  remove   -­‐   Lower  officials.

 THEY  ARE  CIVILIAN   -­‐   NAPOLCOM   -­‐   What  is  the  power  of  the  local  executive  to  the  police?  They  are  deputized  by   NAPOLCOM-­‐  they  can  also  deputized  the  mayor  or  the  governor.  if  treaty  it  must  be  voted  2/3  of  the  congress  except  if  it   involves  foreign  troupes     DND     -­‐   Arm  forces  of  the  Philippines   o   Philippine  army   o   Philippine  Navy   o   Philippine  Air  force   -­‐   The  secretary  is  a  civilian.  Can  only  file   administrative  function  by  the  direct  supervisor         POLIREV-­‐ATTY  BONG  LOPEZ-­‐   CLAVERIACAD5     .  invasion  rebellion   o   Suspend  the  privilege  of  habeas  corpus  rebellion.   -­‐   OP  have  the  power  of  Direct  supervision  only  to  the  province.   -­‐   But  in  case  of  calling  out  power-­‐a  political  question     DILG   -­‐   Interior  (PNP.  city.   -­‐   Lino  v  Morales   -­‐   You  can  inquire  in  the  factual  basis  of  the  suspension  of  the  habeas  corpus  and  the   declaration  of  the  martial  law  (  as  discussed  in  the  power  of  the  congress)  any  citizen   can  go  to  the  SC  and  question  if  there  is  a  factual  basis  of  declaration  of  martial  law.  then  indirect  to  municipality.     DFA   -­‐   Foreign  affairs   -­‐   In  every  country  there  is  representative-­‐ambassadors   -­‐   The  president  is  the  number  one  ambassador   -­‐   The  president  as  head  of  state  he  is  the  best  representative   -­‐   The  ambassadors  represent  the  president   -­‐   Diplomatic  power-­‐  to  represent  the  state  to  the  other  state.   independent  component  city. -­‐   The  secretaries/members  of  cabinet  can  be  remove  by  the  president  by  the  pleasure   and  discretion  of  the  president.  highly  urbanized  city.   -­‐   The  SC  can  inquire  in  the  factual  basis.  barangay.  he  exercise  military  power   o   Call  out  the  military  lawless  violence.  POLICE  ARE  NOT  MILITARY  ARM.  invasion   o   Martial  law  in  case  of  rebellion   -­‐   Lansang  v  garica-­‐  a  political  question  the  power  is  vested  in  president  alone.  (constitutional  provision)   -­‐   The  president  of  the  Philippines  is  the  commander  in  chief.  BFP.BJMP)   -­‐   ARTICLE  16  SEC  6.  we  can  only   trust  and  pray   -­‐   Under  1987  constitution-­‐  express  provision  that  does  not  suspend  the  constitution.  also  to  enter  an   international  agreement.

 dies.  shared  in   BJMP  with  DILG   -­‐   What  is  the  difference  between  NBI  and  police.   o   Given  when  serve  minimum  sentence     Borrowing  power  of  the  President   -­‐NEDA   -­‐BSP     SUCCESSION   -­‐   Before  assumption  of  office  on  june  30  at  noon   -­‐   Failed  to  qualify  or  elect   -­‐   The  VP  acts  as  the  president  until  when?  Until  the  president  qualifies.   o   Conditional  pardon-­‐acceptance  is  needed.   remission  of  crime  or  forfeiture.  amnesty   -­‐   Pardon     o   Absolute-­‐all  penalty  been  removed.  Difference  between  amnesty  and  pardon  (check)   -­‐   Parole   o   Di  pa  nawala  parusa   o   There  is  still  penalty  but  for  the  meantime  out  of  jail.     -­‐   Reprieve   o   Suspend  only  the  penalty   -­‐   Commutation  of  sentence   o   Pinapababa  ang  sentence   -­‐   Remission  of  crime   -­‐   Amnesty   o   Given  to  a  group  usually  for  political  reason.  Bureau  of  immigration  and  deportation.   -­‐   The  president  also  have  pardoning  power.  NBI  is  for  organized  crime.  reprieve.  removed.  Not  sole   prerogative  of  evidence.  office  of  the  Prosecutor.  mines   -­‐in  admin  case  you  cannot  go  to  regular  courts  until  you  exhaust  all  the  remedies  (doctrine  of   exhaustion  of  administrative  remedies)  if  going  to  admin  is  futile     DOJ   -­‐   Headed  by  secretary  of  justice   -­‐   NBI.DENR   -­‐  as  an  example  only:  under  is  Bureau  of  foresty.  PAO.  the  VP   becomes  the  Pres  until  the  end  of  the  term  of  the  president     -­‐   Grounds  for  Impeachment?   -­‐   ERAP  case  constructive  resignation       POLIREV-­‐ATTY  BONG  LOPEZ-­‐   CLAVERIACAD6     .  resign.  The  VP  becomes  the  President  for  the  entire  6  years   -­‐   Upon  assumption  of  office  pres  permanently  disable.  even  before  any  charges.  because  the  condition  may  be  harder   than  the  penalty  itself.  fishery.  Pardon.   -­‐   The  VP  does  not  become  president  he  merely  acts   -­‐   If  dies  or  permanently  disabled.  commutation  of  sentecnce.

 the  president  chooses  one  of  the  member  of  the  congress.  government  suit.   -­‐   Incidental  powers.  contempt.  intergenerational  suites.  to  settle  disputes  and  controversies  over  cases     -­‐   Check  what  is  judicial  review-­‐  the  power  to  test  the  validity  of  acts.  grant  deny  motions  oreder  of  the  arrest   -­‐   SC  also  has  quasi-­‐legislative  power. -­‐   Before  assumption  failed  to  qualify  or  both  died  disabled  etc.  the  speaker  of  the  house     -­‐   Then  died  all.  the  Senate  Pres  acts  as   president.  paren  patriae.  issue  subpoena.  Speaker  of  the  house  until  a  new  pres     -­‐   If  VP  dies.  the  SP.  appoint  and   confirmed  by  congress   JUDICIARY   -­‐   Vested  in  one  SC  And  other  inferior  court  as  may  be  created  by  law   -­‐   The  judicial  power  is  not  vested  in  the  SC  alone.  for  the  protection  and   enforcement  of  the  rights   -­‐   Check  the  power  of  the  SC/  justices     The  power  of  judicial  review   -­‐   There  must  be  an  actual  case  and  controversy  Justiciable  Not  moot  and  academic  Ripe   for  judicial  determination   -­‐   Locus  standi  (citizen  standing.  special  election  but  there  can  be  no  election  18  months  before  the   election   -­‐   Upon  assumption  dies.  legislative.  Until  when?  Until  a  new  pres  and  VP  qualify  or  elected   -­‐   If  Senate  Pres  died.     -­‐   Raised  at  the  earliest  opportunity   -­‐   Lismota     When  does  the  constitution  violates  its  own  rules?   -­‐   Transcendental  importance   -­‐   Grave  violation  of  the  constitution   -­‐           POLIREV-­‐ATTY  BONG  LOPEZ-­‐   CLAVERIACAD7     .  removal  resign  etc.  Have  the  rule  making  power.   epistolary  jD.  any  branch  of  govt  if   there  is  a  grave  abuse  of  discretion  amounting  to  lack  or  excess  of  Jurisdiction.  it  is  vested  within  the  SC  and  the   inferior  court   -­‐   Congress  can  increase  the  power  and  jurisdiction  of  the  SC  only  if  there  is  concurrence   recommendation  from  the  justices   -­‐   There  is  only  one  SC   -­‐   If  loss  in  pet  u  cannot  appeal  in  the  SC  (makalintal  v  comelec)   -­‐   Judicial  power  have  adjudicatory  power.  tax  payer  standing/suit.