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(NTS: When appropriate, change section title and specification references from "Hoisting
Equipment" to "Material Handling Equipment".)


A. Provide hoisting equipment and appurtenances as indicated and specified.

1. Design, furnish and install monorail tracks and appurtenances for all hoists. Use
part required for attachment to structure as indicated on drawings.

2. Design of monorail beams, hangers, braces and all attachment details shall be the
responsibility of hoist supplier.

3. Rail and supporting beams included in building structure.

(NTS: Select and list specification sections for inserting into this subsection based on the
1. Specification sections that contain products and construction that the reader might
expect to find in this section BUT are specified elsewhere.
2. Specification sections referenced in the body of this section.)

A. Section 05120: Structural Steel

B. Section 05500: Miscellaneous Metal

C. Division 16: Electrical


A. Requirements of Regulatory Agencies: Comply with all applicable federal, state and
municipal codes, and with requirements of all authorities having jurisdiction.

B. UL: Underwriters Laboratory regulations as specified.

C. Relevant British/European Codes and Standards


A. Submit the following in accordance with Section 01300:

Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-1 20-Nov-08

catalog data. elements and connections are designed to withstand required loads and forces. Do not use hoists for construction purposes of any nature. specifications and color charts for shop painting. 4.06 DELIVERY. Manufacturer's installation instructions. Permanently mark the capacity of the hoist and trolley on each hoist.05 QUALITY ASSURANCE: A. Provide only safety type hooks. F. Certificate of Design: Complete form in Section 01300 and submit to CM/CS prior to manufacture of Monorail System. Manufacturer's specifications. 3. electrical control diagrams. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-2 20-Nov-08 . signed by Professional Engineer. b. descriptive matter. Manufacturer's product data. Provide service of each applicable manufacturer's technical representative as stated in Section 01730 and as specified herein. Certificate of Design: Refer to Section 01300 for form. Support Data: Submit following with Certificate of Design: (1) Certification. stating that all members. 1. Provide in accordance with Section 01400 and as specified. Provide in accordance with Section 01610. c. STORAGE AND HANDLING: A. Design Responsibility: a. in easy to read letters and in a prominent position. In the event such calculations are submitted to the CM/CS they will be returned to the Contractor without review or checking by the CM/CS. D. 1. d. Operating and maintenance instructions and parts lists. Codes and specifications to which structural design conforms. 5. 2. illustrations. E. 1. Do not submit design calculations to CM/CS. erection drawings and complete motor data. C. B.

transporting and storage.PRODUCTS 2. B.01 HOIST AND TROLLEY MANUFACTURERS: A. Protect controls and electrical equipment from moisture and block. B. AK. hand- operated. D. Load Wheel: Make with accurately formed chain pockets to fit load chain. or be integrally built into trolley as indicated on drawings or specified herein. brace and otherwise restrain to prevent damage. 2. antifriction bearings. Dresser Industries. Lightweight Hoists: Make with high strength aluminum frame. Or acceptable equivalent product. Provide each hoist with a clevis connection for use with a trolley. and a separate electrically operated motor brake. C. E. D. Design either brake with capability of supporting the full load and be easily accessible for external adjustment by Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-3 20-Nov-08 . 2. Hoist Mechanism: Fully enclosed high-speed. hand wheel and housing. Inc. Provide with chain guides with chain of sufficient length to hang 3 ft. C. Chain Bucket: Provide where specified to collect load chain. PART 2 . F. Yale Hoisting Equipment Division. The clutch shall be designed to limit the chain pull to not more than 150 percent of that required to lift the rated load capacity of the hoist. forged steel with swivel. (0. Hooks: High grade. B.. Suitably cover equipment and crate to provide protection against weather and possible damage in handling. Hoist Operating Wheel: A load limiting clutch mechanism consisting of spring loaded rollers that run between an outer race and an inner hub mounted on the outside of the wheel. MI. Muskegon. York. Forest City. Hoist and Tower Division. Electric Hoists: Spur-gear driven antifriction bearings throughout.9 m) above operating floor. a suspension hook at top. a mechanical load brake.. spur-geared.02 MANUAL HOISTS: A. Wright Hoist Division of American Chain and Cable Co. chain hoist with a retaining brake or other acceptable device built into hoisting mechanism. Arrange chain bucket so it will not interfere with smooth operation of hoist. PA. ball or roller bearing. G.03 ELECTRIC HOISTS: A.

) K. (NTS: Choose one of the two following paragraphs. Arrange for transverse suspension from a 4-wheel geared trolley. Make cable flexible high-strength plowsteel cable having a load safety factor of at least 5 to 1. and drum pinion to run in grease- lubricated ball or roller bearings. H. E. (NTS: Choose one of the two following paragraphs. F. Design bucket and the holding line with two wire cables leading to an equalizer bar on bucket. Suspend pendent pushbutton station from control compartment. Provide hoist with an upper and lower geared limit switch with automatic reset control circuit to prevent overtravel. Hoist: Close headroom type. Supply sufficient hoisting cable with hoists for two-part single reeving and to accommodate not only the maximum lift but two additional wraps on drum. drum. J. Arrange hoist for parallel lug mounting from a 4-wheel geared trolley. C. I. Design shafts of motor. Mount control equipment in an enclosed compartment which forms an integral part of hoist and include a transformer for a 220-volt control circuit. a twin- wire rope winch and appurtenances. Hoist: Standard type. (NTS: Use the following paragraph for hoist for grit chamber.) B. removing coverplates. Design drum with machine-cut grooves and guarded flanges and with capacity to take entire run of cable in one layer with no overlapping. and the single-wire winch operate the closing line. Have twin- wire winch operate the bucket holding line. Supply sufficient hoisting cable to accommodate not only maximum lift for each winch but additional length of closing line necessary for reeving clamshell bucket plus two extra wraps on drums. all mounted on a motor-driven trolley. Make load block of rugged construction containing a ball-bearing sheave and a high- grade forged-steel swivel hook with antifriction bearings. (NTS: Use the following paragraph if no other electric hoist. Design the mechanical-load brake and gear train and bearings to be oil-bath lubricated. G. Hoist for Grit Chamber: Self-contained unit consisting of single-wire rope winch.) Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-4 20-Nov-08 . Make cable flexible high-strength plowsteel cable with a load safety factor of at least 5 to 1.) D.

Design wheels with machined treads surface-hardened and set at proper angle to bear load evenly on supporting beam flanges. Design shafts of motor. Provide trolley operating wheels with chain guides. Manual Trolleys: 4-wheel type fabricated from heavy steel or aluminum sections with sides extending beyond wheel flanges to provide bumper protection. use motor-driven trolleys with 4-wheel type consisting of a fully enclosed electric motor equipped with a magnetic brake. (NTS: Use the following paragraph with other electric hoists. N. cut grooves right hand on one drum and left hand on other so as cable winds on drums. a mechanical load brake. E.9 m) above operating floor. the axial cable travel will be in same direction for all cables to reduce tendency for bucket to twist. (NTS: Choose one of the two following paragraphs.) M. Gears for the geared trolley drive: Provide with cut teeth. Except as specified hereinafter for grit chamber. Design drum machine-cut grooves and guarded flanges and capacity to take entire run of cable in one layer with no overlapping. Electric Winches: Weatherproof construction designed for parallel suspension. a Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-5 20-Nov-08 . and a separate electrically operated motor brake. and make chains for each of sufficient length to hang 3 ft. (0. D. Provide wheels with lifetime lubricated ball or roller bearings. L.) F. 2. Electric Winches: Generally conform to requirements hereinbefore specified for electric hoists except design drum grooves for closing line winch with capacity to take entire run of cable in one layer with no overlapping including cable required to close clamshell bucket. C. a geared transmission completely enclosed in an oiltight housing and suspended on flanged driving wheels with power to two wheels. Army Type Hoists: Close headroom type. spur-gear driven with antifriction bearings throughout. Plain Trolleys: Push type with a hole for attaching suspension hook. Design mechanical load brake and gear train and bearings to be oil-bath lubricated. In addition. and drum pinion to run in grease-lubricated ball or roller bearings. Use ball or roller bearings throughout. G.04 TROLLEYS: A. B. Make either brake capable of supporting full load and be easily accessible for external adjustment by removing coverplates. Motor-Driven Trolleys: Four-wheel type consisting of a fully enclosed electric motor equipped with a magnetic brake. integrally built into a 4-wheel plain or geared trolley. drum.

reinforcing plates. Countersink all rivets on scoops to provide a smooth interior surface. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-6 20-Nov-08 . Make both winches parallel mounted on underside of load frame. Operate opening and closing of bucket by means of single-wire rope on winch. 2. Erie Strayer Co. Have hoist manufacturer provide trolleys. or a tractor unit having a motor-driven rubber-tired wheel driving on underside of monorail with wheel pressure maintained by springs or adjustable devices built into a supporting frame or platform suspended from flanged trolleys running on monorail flange. geared transmission completely enclosed in an oiltight housing and suspended on the flanged driving wheels with power to two wheels. electric motor equipped with a magnetic brake. Drill sides and bottom plates of scoop with 9/16-in. 4. Use ball or roller bearings throughout both types of drives. 3. PA. Use grooved sheaves to suit hoist cables with grease-lubricated bushings. Motor-Driven Trolley for Grit Chamber: Four-wheel or more motor-driven trolley consisting of a drive trolley and a trailer trolley with a load frame suspended on swivel mountings between the two. Make trolleys suitable for operation on beam or rail indicated on drawings or acceptable to CM/CS. C. Erie. D. Owen Bucket Co. Clamshell Bucket: Two-line lever-arm bucket suitable for handling sewage grit equipped with counterweights. Cleveland..(75 mm) on centers to facilitate draining water from grit. Drive trolley may be either of the following types: A fully enclosed single-speed. Clamshell Bucket Manufacturers: 1. Make lips of bucket with renewable beveled alloy-steel cutting edges of sufficient thickness to prevent distortion. B. Fit wearing pads of hardened alloy steel at four corner brackets of scoops. Pittsburgh. and an equalizer bar mounted at right angles to bucket lips to take two holding lines.. Or an acceptable equivalent product. Blaw-Knox Co. a spur-geared transmission completely enclosed in an oiltight housing and suspended on flanged driving wheels with power to two wheels.. F. I.05 CLAMSHELL BUCKET: A. (14 mm) holes 3 in. H. Use ball or roller bearings throughout. OH. E. PA. 2.

MI.. 3. 2. Ohio Hoist & Mfg.. 2. Jib Crane: Steel S-beam boom.25 m3) weighing no more than 1. American Chain & Cable Co.. with an S-beam mounted at top of post and capable of revolving completely around it..(544 kg) H. Muskegon.07 DAVIT: A. Inc. Inc. D. yd. Wright Hoist Div..200 lb. Manufacturers: 1. Inc. swing. Jib Crane Manufacturers: 1. Fairfield. and a trolley-type hoist. G. Co. Dresser Industries. IL. Make davit of steel and brackets of malleable iron.. Make bucket no wider than 2 ft.. (0. Make davit as indicated on drawings. Richards-Wilcox Mfg. Louden Div. Cleveland OH. IA. C. 4. 2.) B. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-7 20-Nov-08 . Base: Special casting adequate to support crane with its maximum load on hoist at extreme end of trolley beam. with an adjustable tierod brace.08 SWITCHES AND SWING-OUT SECTIONS: A. Or an acceptable equivalent product. American Monorail Co. or if acceptable use a similar product of a manufacturer's stock design. 4 in. Hoist & Tower Div. 2.(710 mm) 2.. (NTS: Choose one of the two following paragraphs. American Chain & Cable Co.06 JIB CRANE: A.. Or an acceptable equivalent product. Aurora... Inc. 3. PA.. Co. OH. Jib Crane: Vertical steel post of extra heavy steel pipe installed in a vertical position. a hinge-bracket or bar support for both boom and tierod which permits 180-deg. 4. Design bucket with a capacity of 1/3 cu. Fix safety stop at outer end of boom to prevent trolley from running off open end. York. Cleveland.

6 mm). Milwaukee. Models and Manufacturers: 1.(125 mm) deep and about 80 in (2000 mm). Do not use cast fittings. 2. 3. Or an acceptable equivalent product. B. Maximum gap between adjacent ends not exceeding 1/16 in (1. 4. B. with section ends machined fitted and spliced with web-type or other suitable couplings to provide flush level connections. Design transfer mechanisms and locking devices capable of positioning switch to maintain true vertical and horizontal alignment of track and conductors and prevent switch operation when any part of trolley is in switch.. Furnish swing-out sections at roll-up doors as indicated on drawings. Erect track level throughout. American Chain & Cable Co. Design stops with capability of withstanding impact imposed by motion of fully loaded hoist and trolley. manually operated. A similar model by B. Shop fabricate all curves for either track or switches to radius indicated. Chlorine Cylinder Grab: Make suitable for handling standard 1-ton containers weighing 3...10 TRACK: A. Make hooks of heavy steel plate or bars shaped to contour ends of chlorine cylinders to swing freely on steel hinge bolts or pins firmly secured to both channels near each end. Switches: Glide or sliding type. Monorail Track: Standard beam of sizes indicated on drawings. 2. Div. Wallace Products Corp. 2. C.. D. Inc.. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-8 20-Nov-08 . Provide safety stops on all open ends of track (or where indicated) to prevent trolley from running off ends or damaging building. York. 2.. long welded back-to-back but held apart sufficiently to mount heavy swing hooks between them at each end. (1600 kg) when full. Badger State Gear. PA. Exton. WI.09 SAFETY STOPS: A.500 lb.E. Model 490 by Bushman Equipment Co. C.11 CHLORINE CYLINDER GRAB: A. Make cylinder grab of structural channels at least 5-in. Style 1118 by Mansaver Div. B. C. PA.

Suspend on trunnions between ends of frame a wide flexible strap or other acceptable device which can be wrapped and fastened around a metal drum approximately 14-in. Inc. PA. 2.(600 mm) high. made with nonsparking materials designed to lift 24- gal. TN. and if necessary.. Sterling. 2. Provide drum grab for lifting and tilting 100-lb. and spreaders as necessary. Material Handling Div.. PA. Mansaver Div.(45 kg) drums of ferric chloride. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-9 20-Nov-08 . Construct frame sufficiently rigid. Nashville..12 DRUM GRAB: A. Make grab with an inverted U-shaped yoke frame made of steel with a lifting eye at its top center.(330 mm) 2. trash barrels from handles. D. Model Series HI-110 or HI-120 manufactured by Hercules Industries. Make provision for lubricating trunnions... 3. Locate lifting eye centrally lengthwise of channels. Or an acceptable equivalent product. PA. American Chain & Cable Co. Enclose the gear in a metal housing. East Syracuse. E. 2.. Broomall. Model 400 manufactured by Morse Mfg. NY. Fleishman Co. York. Co. Model BM3 Drum Lift manufactured by Sterling. Total height from the top of the hole in lifting eye to inside of hook in lift position on cylinder not to exceed 13-in. Design trunnions to turn in bushings set in frame. 4. 3. 2.. reinforced to ensure no distortion in service. Manufacturers: 1. gears and their shafts. Fit one trunnion with a hand wheel operated turning gear by which trunnion can be rotated 180 degrees so that drum held by strap can be tilted and emptied. Fleishman Co. (350 mm) in diameter and 24 in.. Pittsburgh.14 DRUM LIFT: A.13 SCREENINGS CONTAINER GRAB: A. Broomall. PA. B. Heppenstall Co. Screenings Containers Grab: Load ring complete with chains or rods. C. barrel handle hooks. Model and Manufacturers: 1.

Heppenstall Co. Raymond Corp.. North Tonawanda. D.. 4. Fit hoisting arms with a clamp-on type of saddle of proper size to handle 150-lb. B.. a lifting eye.. Or an acceptable equivalent product. a clear opening above forks of at least 48 in. two of which are fixed and two of which are revolving-type casters. a subsidiary of Hyster Co. 4.(1220 mm) and be no wider than 25 in (635 mm). 3. Make drum lift for handling drums of ferric chloride with a hydraulically operated hoisting arm mounted on a steel frame dolly.. 3. Fork-Lift Truck: Electric-hydraulic rider-type lift truck conforming to the following: Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-10 20-Nov-08 . Pallet Lifter: C-shaped welded box frame with two heavy alloy-steel forks. NY. 2.. Provide stops for locking wheels or an acceptable floor locking device to prevent movement while drum is being emptied. C. Or an acceptable equivalent product. Watertown.. spur gear and hand crank or other means acceptable to CM/CS. 2. Inc. MA.(70 kg) drums of ferric chloride. Manufacturers: 1. Lewis-Shepard Co. a counterweight. PA. and accomplish tilting with a lever handle. (NTS: Fill in following paragraph as appropriate. Yale & Towne. B.15 PALLET LIFTER: A. Eaton. and guiding handles.16 FORK-LIFT TRUCK: A. Greene. Cady Metal Fabrication. a subsidiary of Hyster Co. Yale Material Handling Div. Manufacturers: 1. Watertown.000 lb. Design pallet lifter with a lifting capacity of 3.( 1360 kg). 4. Philadelphia. Pittsburgh. C. 2. Make dolly with four wheels.) B. Or an acceptable equivalent product. NY.. MA.. Lewis-Shepard Co. 2. Material Handling Div. Inc. PA. Design saddles to be pivoted in hoisting arms to permit tilting drums in any desired position..

50-Hertz current. connected piping. and movement of truck by operator through a control handle which automatically reverts to emergency stop when released from operator's hold. Mount drive motor and reduction gear on drive wheel with an armature brake.(130 mm) wide. Keokuk. Mount battery charger on truck rated for 600-amp. Mount drive wheel steering ring and rotating shafts throughout in ball bearings. hours and suitable for use on . in. ____ C. valves and oil reservoir. lb. all drive and hoist controls. General Bag Truck No. and a hydraulic cylinder for tilting lift assembly. Control braking. 30 manufactured by Thomas Truck and Caster Co. ____ Backward. H. (mm)____ 3. 2. deg. Make truck with an all-welded steel chassis supported on three rubber-tired wheels.. guide frame. Lift Forks: Heavy forged steel at least 36 in. Tilt Range (minimum) Forward.(900 mm) long and approximately 5 in. roller chains. E. Lifting Speed (no load). and a canopy guard constructed of pipe to protect operator. Lifting Capacity (minimum). and sprockets.(kg) ____ 2.17 HAND TRUCK: A. fpm (mpm)____ 5. mph (kmph) ____ 4. forward and reverse speed. deg. using one for driving and steering. F. Vertical Lift. Turning Radius. Manufacturers: 1. 1. D. an elevating fork carriage with roller-fitted guides. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-11 20-Nov-08 . Mount on chassis a 24-volt heavy-duty battery unit. In. G. Design chassis to support a hoisting unit consisting of motor-driven gear pumps. Mount a quadrant steering wheel beside operator's platform.(220 volt) single-phase. hydraulic compound telescoping lift cylinder. Fit load wheels with roller bearings. IO. (cm)____ 6. Travel Speed.

Dresser Industries. B. or be integrally built into trolley as indicated or specified herein.. 3. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-12 20-Nov-08 . Fit casters with ball bearings and wheels of rubber plastic treads suitable for rated capacity of gantry. Portable Gantry: Four-leg rolling-type gantry of 1-ton (900 kg) capacity with a horizontal standard aluminum beam suspended at each end by pipe legs adjustable for both height and span at floor. 2. Co. B.. 400-1-RR con-nection for use with a trolley. 2. through a single flexible. Muskegon. Crane. Maysteel Products Corp. Position legs and span by pins provided with springs and a locking device to fit matching holes in telescoping pipe members. The reel shall have a fixed base. C. with locking swivel casters for each leg. adequately braced. Aero-Motive Mfg. Binghampton. Feed cable reel for electric current supply for all electric hoists with trolleys. Hoist & Tower Div. (NTS: Check with Electrical Dept. MI.18 PORTABLE GANTRY: A. Mayville. and fill in following paragraph as appropriate. WI. a suspension hook at top. 9218 Bag Truck (Minneapolis Pattern) manufactured by The Fairbanks Co.. Provide stops at ends of beam to prevent trolley rolloff. multi-conductor powercable from a self- winding spring-operated reel located near mid-point of trolley travel or where indicated on drawings. D. 4. 4.) 1. No.. Or an acceptable equivalent product. Gleason Reel Div. except as otherwise indicated. 2. The cable shall have at least ____ conductors. No. MI.. 3.19 CABLE REELS: A. Or an acceptable equivalent product. (NTS: Choose from the following five paragraphs as appropriate. NY. Kalamazoo.) 2. 2. Manufacturers: 1.

Compliance: Make all electrical equipment including motors.) 2.) B. Power supply to junction box is specified under appropriate electrical section. Provide each winch with limit switches of automatic-reset control circuit type to prevent overtravel in both raising and lowering directions. (NTS: The following two paragraphs are typical of what should be included in either specification or schedule. circuit breakers. induction motors especially adapted to hoist service and suitable for operation on 3-phase.56 kw). 2. and enclosures with applicable requirements for materials. 5. limit switches. control transformer for a (220 volt) control circuit. overload relays. Motors for Grit Chamber Hoist: Wound-rotor type not exceeding 5 hp (3. automatically regulated acceleration. The reel shall have a dustight enclosure. resistors. delete reference to motor enclosure. reversible. Supply complete integral electrical control system with the electric hoisting equipment (by hoist manufacturer) consisting of starters. The reel shall have a swivel base. 4. workmanship. Furnish magnetic controls for motors. control relays. All other motors to be single stage squirrel-cage type of horsepower as shown on schedule. wiring. C. When schedule is used. 50-Hertz alternating current of voltage specified in Section 01171. construction. Motors for Hoists and Trolley: Totally enclosed. and rapid brake response. controls. B. (NTS: Check type of motor enclosure and edit as necessary. and controlling devices. and installation of latest NEMA and National Electrical Code Standards.20 ELECTRICAL CONTROLS: A. 6. The reel shall have a roller outlet. D. squirrel-cage type not exceeding 3/4 hp (0. The reel shall have a weatherproof enclosure. Delete or modify as appropriate. C. Design controls to permit "inching" in both forward and reverse directions under full load.21 MOTORS: A. Design trolley motor to be a single-speed. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-13 20-Nov-08 . 3.7 kw). panels. Furnish junction box to connect cable reel to power supply circuit with hoist. C. brakes plus all conduit.

Provide pendent pushbutton control station with sufficient pushbuttons to control all operations of hoists and trolley.2 m) of operating floor or platform level with a supporting chain. (1. Insul-8-Bar Protected Conductors made by Insul-8-Corp. (NTS: The following six paragraphs are typical examples of information that must be given. attach an arm to hoist so that pendent cable and pushbutton controls will hang vertically and be readily accessible from operating positions. do not use following paragraph. C.. For control of pump building hoist. San Carlos. Duct-O-Bar Conductor System made by Duct-O-Wire Co. Use five-step. If necessary. D. Long Beach. (NTS: If this statement is included with description of hoist under ELECTRIC HOISTS paragraph. Suspend pendent pushbutton station from control compartment. F.22 PUSHBUTTON CONTROL: A.) B. Controls for Wound-Rotor Motors: Five-step. Delete or modify as necessary. Use single-speed motor controls for trolley drive and chlorination room hoist. G. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-14 20-Nov-08 .23 CONDUCTORS AND COLLECTORS: A. Stratford. Make cable long enough to reach within 4 ft. 3. 2. Or acceptable equivalent products. use a five-step pushbutton station operating magnetic controls to provide automatically regulated acceleration and rapid brake response. use an explosionproof switch.. 4. CT. E.2. Safety-T-Bar Conductor Systems made by Howell Corp. full magnetic type controls for hoisting and closing-line motors for grit chamber. Design all other controls to be suitable for single-speed motors. For pushbutton station for rack building hoist use two-step explosionproof control. 2.) H.. For rack building hoist. full magnetic type. Clearly mark each pushbutton to indicate its function. Mount control equipment in an enclosed compartment which forms an integral part of hoist and includes transformer for a (220 volt) control circuit. CA. Provide hoist with an upper limit switch of automatic reset control circuit type to prevent overtravel. CA. Manufacturers: 1.

Type: Polyamidoamine epoxy. E. Use equipment and accessories approved by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL). 5. (1. 2. For conductor for electric current supply use safety type in which conductor is shielded by a molded-plastic cover that surrounds conductor except for a slotted opening shaped to contour of collector head. No.5 m) on straight track and 3 ft. Set shoe in a molded-plastic head that will prevent external contact with shoe when it is running on conductor. D. self priming. Space insulated supports not over 5 ft. Dry Film Thickness: 4 to 6 mils per coat.O.24 SHOP PAINTING: A. There shall be no exposed bare current-carrying surfaces or wires in collector or arm where shoe is in contact with conductor. Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-15 20-Nov-08 . Provide weather shield for exterior conductors. Solids by Volume: Minimum 69% (percent +2). V.C Requirement: 2. C. B. rigid yet sufficiently flexible to permit bending to radius of curves or switches.75 lbs/gallon maximum. Ferrous surfaces which are not to be painted shall be given a shop applied coat of grease or rust resistant coating. D. 3. and resistant to corrosion and deterioration from sunlight or weather. 2. of Coats required: Three. C. Surface preparation. mixing and application and safety requirements shall be in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s printed instructions and as specified. (Dual conductors in a single insulating shield will not be acceptable. Provide additional shop paint coating for touch-up to all surfaces after installation and testing is completed and equipment accepted. 4. Use collectors of sliding shoe type with an adjustable spring-load arm capable of horizontal or vertical movement to automatically adapt to irregularities of conductor.(1 m) on curves. high solids epoxy conforming to the following requirements: 1. Make molded-plastic shield of high dielectric strength.) Make conductor of plated steel or copper as necessary for carrying maximum anticipated current. Provide separate conductor for each phase. Color: To be selected by the CM/CS. Primer and Finish Paint: Shop apply to all exterior ferrous surfaces. B.(340 kg/m3) 6.

3.) END OF SECTION Libya Infrastructure Master Spec 14300-16 20-Nov-08 .02 FIELD ACCEPTANCE TESTS: A. After installation and approved testing by the CM/CS. Install hoisting equipment in strict conformance with approved shop drawings and the recommendations of each applicable manufacturer and under direct supervision of manufacturer's technical representative. C. (NTS: Please attach Certificate of Design form at end of this section.01 INSTALLATION: A. Test equipment at rated loads and adjust to operate smoothly without malfunctions under all load conditions. B. Furnish services of personnel required for any necessary adjustment and repairs during start-up period. Perform field tests before final acceptance under supervision of manufacturer's technical representative. Obtain approval before attaching any rigging or hoisting equipment to any part of building structure. Include a check of horizontal and vertical alignment of rails. C. Provide in accordance with Section 01700.EXECUTION 3. apply touch-up paint to all scratched. Coating type and color shall match shop paint coating. D. (NTS: Edit attached equipment schedule and include as next paragraph) 2. Verify all dimensions and clearances in field prior to erection and be responsible for proper fitting and operation of equipment.04 CONTRACT CLOSEOUT: A.25 SCHEDULE OF HOISTING EQUIPMENT: (NTS: List) PART 3 . abraided and damaged shop painted surfaces. 3.03 FIELD TOUCH-UP PAINTING: A. B. 3.