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Lesson Plan in Mathematics

Date: February , 2015

I. Objective:
Tells and write the time by an hour.
Values: Spending hour wisely

II. Subject Matter:

Using Clock - Telling and Writing Time by an Hour
2. Reference:
K TO 12 Teaching Guide pages 59-62
K TO 12 Learning Materials pages 113-123
3. Materials:
Charts and Pictures ( Laptop and Projector)
2 analog clock ( one is functioning and the other is not) Have more examples about telling and writing the
4. Mathematical Ideas: time by an hour.
Intuitive Knowlegde of Time 4. Generalization:

III. Procedure:
A. Preliminary Activities
1. Mental Drill: Using show-me-board
1. It is the second day of the week.
2. It is the seventh day of the week.
3. It is the fourth day of the week.
4. It is the first day of the week.
5. It is the fifth day of the week.
2. Review: ( Guessing Game) 5. Application: ( Group Activity)
Let them guess the month that celebrated in a Group 1 & 3 Group 2 & 4
particular occassion.
Birthday of Jesus All Saint's Day
First month of school Flores de mayo
Valentine's Day

B. Developmental Activities
1. Motivation:
Introduce the Puppet Clock
Hi! I'm Mr. Tick tack Clock
What can you say about my face?
How many numbers are there?
How many hands are on my face? IV. Evaluation:
2. Presentation: Write as time indicated on the clock face.

3. Discussion:
Pamela will go to school an hour from now.
If the time is six o'clock in the morning.
What time will she go to school?
Show on the clock face on what time does Famela
arrive in thier school V. Assignment:
Bring your Toy Clock tomorrow

4- _____out of _____pupils achieved
3- ____% mastery of the subject matter
2- _____Need remediation
1- _____Proceed to the next lesson
0- ____Reteach the lesso0