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TITLE OF LESSON: Teacher’s Name: V.


Story Swoosh with Paper bag Princess Grade Level(s): 2nd

Subject: Language Arts and Drama

Content Standard(s): Arts Standard(s):

Describe the overall structure of a story including Acting by developing, communicating, and
describing how the beginning introduces the story, sustaining roles within a variety of
the middle provides major events and challenges,
situations and environments
and the ending concludes the action.
e. Dramatizes literature and original scripts
through various art forms, such as story
drama, pantomime, process drama,
puppetry, and readers’ theatre

Lesson Procedure:
a: Hook Review pantomime. Have students practice pantomiming different actions.
b: Instructional Steps Review story swoosh with students. Practice repeating dialogue with
different voices. Students will dramatize The Paper bag Princess using a story swoosh.
c: Formative Assessment Teacher will observe accuracy of students’ dramatization of story.
Complete rubric of story swoosh together.
d: Summative Assessment Students will complete the beginning, middle, end graphic organizer.
e: Closing Selected students will share their graphic organizer.

Differentiation (support/scaffolding): Amount Key Words/Vocabulary:

of time students will practice pantomime and Story structure
speaking in different voices will be scaffolded. The Pantomime
dialogue students are repeating will be chunked
Story swoosh
into smaller parts when needed.
Acceleration (extension): Students can add on Facial expression
to the ending of the story and that part can be Body position

Resources: Ideas to present/display student

Book: Paper bag Princess learning:
Smart board lesson Video story swoosh and upload to Seesaw
Graphic organizer app to send to parents. Print barcode from
Seesaw app and display that in hall for others
to see the video.
Needs Satisfactory Exceeds
Story Improvement Expectations

Facial Expressions Some attempt at Facial expressions Facial expressions
facial expressions are clear are clear and well

Body Position Only hands, arms Full body used Full body used.
used in creating Position adds to
character the story.

Speaking dialogue Did not speak Spoke loudly and Spoke loudly and
loudly or clearly. clearly most of the clearly all of the
No attempt to time. Some time. Spoke in
speak in character. attempt at character all of the
speaking in time.