Not all heroes
wear capes.

In this rapidly changing world of B2B eCommerce,
heroes are ready to roll up their sleeves and perform
miracles to seize control of the market, beat
the competition, and delight their customers.
The digital revolution has created a significant
opportunity for B2B businesses. In this exclusive
publication, Magento has consulted a panel of B2B
superheroes to help you navigate your own digital
transformation, and become the digital H.E.R.O. of
your organization. You’ll find out how to:

Influence Buying Habits

Reduce Expenditure

Grow Revenue

Create Opportunities

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noting that B2B B2B Buyer research. self-service experiences B2B buyer preferences are changing. “ T h e Fo rre s t e r Wave™ : B 2 B C o m m e rc e S u i t e s Fo r M idsi z e Organ i z a t i ons. view 5 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K .i n . F ULL-S P ECTRUM S ELL I NG expectations and the need to differentiate through personalized. Forrester’s options. feature-rich solution that can b e exte n d e d e asi l y an d i nexpe nsi vely. and even expand into selling directly to their end “We’re seeing a wave of global demand as consumers: more B2B companies adopt digital strategies driven by the desire to meet heightened client 1. This means they’re expanded inventory fulfillment options looking for self-service buying tools that enable and assisted sales alternatives. track new orders.on e c l oud sol u t i on wi t h a full set o f B2 B and B2 C functio nality.” said Mark Lavelle. and 74 percent say buying from a experiences that B2C offers. Magento C o m m e rc e was na me d a l e a de r. The research firm cited the Magento platfo rm . as the “ best fit for mid-sized B2B companies that want an open. 4 Ways B2B Merchants Can Stay Competitive AND GROW THEIR BUSINE S SE S I n t h e n ew re p o r t f ro m Fo r re s t e r re s e a rc h . both self-service and full-service purchasing CEO of Magento Commerce. They want across multiple channels. an a l l . them to purchase 24x7. According to Forrester/Internet Retailer research supports this. Q 3 2 01 7 ”. the co m m erce need s o f m id s i ze B2B co mpa n i e s a n d eval ua te s B 2B c omm erce suite provid ers are exp lo red . 53 percent of these buyers companies are finding that their customers will make half or more of their work purchases now expect the same seamless buying online by 2018.” W H AT THIS M E ANS FOR They recommend that B2B companies look for commerce solutions that support the following B2 B MERCHANTS 4 key capabilities to stay competitive. as well as website is more convenient.

and easily integrate technologies to enhance their core eCommerce 3 . B2B companies should have access to without having dashboards and easy-to-use business intelligence to talk to a sales rep (60 percent said they’d prefer tools that non-technical team members can not to speak with a sales rep). B2B companies need to run targeted acceptable. DATA. support multiple sites. and manage their credit benefit. AGI L I T Y A ND FASTER TI M E-TO -M ARKE T Personalization is key to driving sales and enhancing the shopping experience. According to a report from Teradata. underutilized asset. they must provide custom catalogs support multiple B2B selling models with native and pricing to individual customers or groups of functionality. PE RS O NA L IZ ED D IG ITA L C O MME RC E E X P ER IENC E S 4. Commerce solutions must be cloud- promotions and make personalized product based and flexible to meet rapidly changing recommendations for different customer groups. Google Analytics. but also allows them to sell to customers so they see their negotiated products both businesses and consumers from the same and pricing online. tax policies out-of-the-box. and download a complimentary copy of “The Forrester automation. and 60 percent of them cite the ability to make faster decisions as the key 6 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . high-touch service. greater personalization. this comprehensive view. With products. To meet rising expectations. And to ensure a seamless experience across Built-in flexibility enables merchants to not only channels. These capabilities include Magento. decision making and deeper understanding of their customers and business. Q3 2017”.DR I V EN M ERC H A NT TO O LS platform as new solutions emerge.) and from multiple channels to creating orders for customers. they can easily share and troubleshooting issues with orders insights with colleagues for more data-driven started online. needs and to accommodate new innovations. etc. recommending get a complete picture of their business. 2. even for Years-long implementations are no longer B2B. currencies. This they do want to speak with sales. and understand. reps will need will give them the ability to integrate data from assisted selling capabilities so they can deliver multiple sources (ERP system. customize. decision making. Flexibility will also help B2B merchants prepare for these campaigns with tools to easily easily expand to new markets with the ability to stage. Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites For Midsize 87 percent of marketers consider data their most Organizations. and promotional updates. pricing. B2B companies should also platform. B2B companies For more of Forrester’s insights on B2B commerce need tools to access and analyze data for better and their evaluation of Magento Commerce. preview and schedule product. However. and content.their order history. when easily use. quickly responding to quote requests. languages.

makes offline pricing. For instance. 5 Considerations for Moving Sales Models Online BEFORE YOU BUILD YOUR ROADMAP Pre s e n ted by Classy L l a ma T h ere’s no o ne r ight way to d o B2B e C om m e rce t hat wor ks for a ll compa n ies . bu y t he m fro m . Here a re 5 levels of functionality for specific brands.o nl y. b a s ed a complete catalog with rich product content. site like this as a search engine-friendly catalog site that generates leads for offline sales. but o n Cla ssy L l am a ’s many years of B2B don’t allow buyers to purchase online. bu i ld a ro adm ap. who to reseller buy-in. and a stra teg ic loo k sales representative or account manager. More b uyers star t thei r with distributors. or b oth. 7 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . o r a hy b rid a pproach. eithe r consumers to a store locator–a great feature for by i d ent i f yi ng p rod uct s to b uy. a t w h e re yo u wa nt to b e relative to yo ur Sometimes the same site may offer different c o mp e t i to rs i n three yea rs time. Perhaps you want to funnel d e c i s i o n. Some B2B sites are fully transactional. Below a re Your answer to this question will drive your overall s o me qu e st i o ns a nd recommend a tions fo r strategy. However. 1.m ak i ng process online. You M ov i n g fro m an offline-only sa les model to might go this route if you have highly customized o n li n e. Think of a ex p e ri e nce . q u e st i o ns yo u ’ l l want to answer b efore yo u categories. this t ra n s i t i o n i s a big one for a ny organiz a tio n . but only for I t re qu i re s a t horough rev iew of your logged-in users with accounts with an assigned c u rre nt pract i c es. or you’re bound by agreements a lot of se ns e . some B2B websites feature m ov i n g yo u r o ffline sales to online. or customer groups. WHAT I S THE ROL E OF YO U R WE B bu t one u ni f yi ng factor to consid er is S I TE I N YO UR SAL E S P RO C E S S? t h a t B2B bu ye rs now ex pect an online ex p e ri e nce as s eamless as B2C.

and Magento can support most B2B pricing models Product Information Management systems. In natively. WH AT O T H E R SYS T E M S P O W E R experimenting with your pricing strategy. Often the implementation partner can help extend the master record for that data lives in one or more functionality of Magento to handle virtually any of those other systems. so if customer. and have some preliminary conversations 3 . H O W D O YO U E N G A G E YO U R with your existing vendors to see how they SALES TEAM? integrate with other systems. classylama. website could help them accomplish those goals Replicating a complicated set of contracts online by removing some of the time-intensive and can seem like a daunting task. YO U R B U S I N E S S ? Many companies “set it and forget it” and their online pricing strategy drifts apart from the At Classy Llama. A Magento pricing. it’s easy to see why the Classy Llama website. we know that the most complex prices offered by their ‘creative’ sales team. Traditional offline sales Can they recommend trusted vendors middleware teams often view eCommerce as an expensive to bridge the gap to Magento? distraction from the tried and true methods 8 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . cross-sell You might be inheriting a pricing structure that’s and up-sell. not replace P RI C I N G ST R AT EGY? them. and learn platform that supports it. and shipping information. and spend more time finding new grown organically over the years. Do they have an API. We encourage the continuous monitoring and 4. customers are logged in to their account. and even expect to see real-time inventory availability. your customers pricing. with customers opportunities? The answer should be yes. you’ll need a Talk with your sales organization. customer group pricing.Check out this great example of a Magento B2B they’ve employed for decades.com. The who have negotiated specific price books. You’ll need to map out pricing model. contract customer-specific pricing. If your sales reps site that services both consumers and resellers on are primarily order-takers. accounting suites. parts of a Magento project are the integrations It’s important to keep them aligned! with back-office systems including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). specific pricing is a requirement. which key data point is controlled by which system. Would those reps like to have the time to nurture their existing relationships. repetitive tasks that consume their workday. and is it publicly documented? Can files be This can be a tricky conversation in many imported and exported in an automated fashion? B2B organizations. they might feel threatened by a site that allows their customers to self-serve. Your eCommerce 2. W H AT ’ S YO UR O NL INE site should empower your sales team. It may be advantageous how an eCommerce website can help them for you to not show pricing at all unless accomplish their jobs. including quantity and tier-based order to sell effectively online.

You’ll need content early phase of drafting a strategic roadmap. Instead they use paid advertising. and drive higher revenues. efficient. with technology vendors. search engines reward original. The future of B2B business is eCommerce. Technology can save you money. traffic. useful content and will penalize duplicate or misleading content. To get you started we recommend this guide to SEO for product pages. lead consultant at Classy Llama. because they don’t want to compete with OPTIMIZATION MATTER TO YOU? their retailers. clicks. “CM5141-EA_GUN. nobody will ever know it’s there. digital experiences sense to shoppers instead of just product IDs. 9 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . your products? When a potential buyer starts the eCommerce isn’t a department like Accounting buying process. Written by Aaron Sheehan. If for your products beyond SKU & price-rich you know what you need before you engage descriptions.com. do you know Magento site. You may have Be curious. and are you showing up? One big reason to build an eCommerce site in the first place is to W H AT ’ S N E X T ? get your catalog crawled and indexed by search engines like Google and Bing. or SEO. is one way in outside consulting. you’ll need human-readable product data to get So it’s time to start planning. methods like tradeshows and mailers. Whether SEO matters to you or not is rolled up in the very first question we asked: Building a useful site is only half the battle. technical specifications. or don’t want to show up on search engines in the first 5. and the Your products will also need titles that make demand for smooth. for will only increase as the next generation of buyers example. images. It may be useful to bring Search Engine Optimization.To see an example of a custom ERP integration Not all B2B merchants rely on SEO to drive Classy Llama built to power a rich B2B experience. but what about like connecting a trailer to a moving truck. DOES SEARCH ENGINE place. offline check out our case study about GAHH. and persistent! Starting a new a content site that works well when someone channel for an established business can feel searches for your company name. especially during the to help buyers find your site. your RFP (Request For and user-generated content like reviews. what’s the purpose of the site? Without marketing and advertising. increase your reach. It’s connected to every level of your entire business. How do customers find your Classy Llama grew Questmark Flooring’s online business today? Your customers are researching B2B sales by 600% by building an SEO friendly products and vendors somewhere. or will they or Warehouse that exists separately from other find a competitor? departments. “Dual Cartridge Caulk Gun” instead of move online. will they find you. Most Proposal) experience will be that much smoother.” If you’re going to sell online. Check out our case study! where.

and won’t have. there a re c h ec kl ist to h el p yo u ta ke th e n ext increased options. s uc c es s . customer experience. G E T TING YOU R PROJECT STA RT ED C ON SI DE R AT IO NS C OM M ENT S Identify your Objectives: How would your business benefit from an eCommerce approach.l eve l 2 0 2 0. Wi t h i nc rea sed dema nd. c h o o s i n g t h e b e s t Levera ge th e ‘C o n s idera tio n s ’ a n d e C om m e rc e pl atform for your b usine s s ‘C o mmen t s ’ to c rea te a bl uep rin t fo r n e eds c an be cha lleng ing. should have. AND PROFITABILIT Y Pre s en ted by i 9 5Dev T h e B2B e Co m merce ma rket is grow in g To help your business make an informed a n d i s expe cte d to rea ch $ 12 trillion by d e c i s i o n . could have. Your B2B Commerce Platform Checklist FOCUS ON EFFICIENCY. we c o m p i l e d a h i g h . o p t i o n s ava i l a b l e . Consider mobile responsiveness. what do you wish to achieve. and how will you measure the ROI? Determine Key Customer Requirements: Talk to all stakeholders to identify and document the key requirements of your eCommerce store from the customer’s perspective. and shipping and fulfilment. 10 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . With so many platform step in yo ur B 2 B c o mmerc e stra teg y. GROW TH. Prioritize your requirements using the MoSCoW model: Must have.

Assign Responsibilities: Identify who will be responsible for the project execution and ongoing maintenance. and skills required. 11 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . should have. Prioritize your requirements using the MoSCoW model: Must have. and won’t have. could have. Consider the workflows.Determine Key Business Requirements: Talk to all stakeholders and identify the key requirements of your eCommerce store from the internal stakeholder’s perspective. Pay Attention to your B2B Requirements: Pay close attention to your B2B requirements and identify if the platform meets those requirements. the systems to integrate. including implementation and maintenance. Remove eCommerce platforms that do not meet your B2B requirements. Identify what needs to be done in-house and what can be outsourced. Generate a Budget: Identify the budget you are willing to spend on an eCommerce project. The B2B eCommerce market is growing and is expected to reach $12 trillion by 2020 FIND ING T H E RIG H T PL AT F O RM C ON SI DE R AT IO NS C OM M ENT S Do Your Research: Identify what eCommerce platforms are available that meet your requirements.

workflows? Identify Infrastructure Requirements: Is the eCommerce platform hosted on the cloud ordoes it require a hosting space? What works best. dedicated or shared hosting? This has a huge impact on whether you need support in-house. identify if the eCommerce platform can be integrated with your other systems. If yes. Determine Integration Requirements: As with B2B requirements. identify top vendors who can help you with implementation for each platform. are there any existing connectors available? PICKING THE BE ST V ENDO R F O R YOU R BU S INE S S C ON SI DE R AT I O NS C O M M ENT S Research Vendor Options: After you identify the key platforms. features. who else should you contact. If yes. what elements of the platform are customizable–design. Some platforms cost less in the beginning.Determine Extensibility and Customization: Identify if the platform is extensible and if it can be customized. etc. spend the time to identify the total cost of ownership. but more in the long run. additional requirements like PCI compliance. Consider Total Cost of Ownership: Do not be swayed by the cost of the eCommerce platform alone and instead. 12 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . cost.

Ask for references and talk to businesses about their experience working with the vendor. What is their availability. Check if they have the experience in delivering similar projects in size. and cost? 13 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . Understand the Support Structure: Check the vendor’s support structure. process for raising support requests. Learn About Their Delivery Model: Find out the vendor’s delivery model and if they work locally or if they outsource. and requirements. industry.Compare Strengths and Experience: Check and compare the strengths of each vendor. check if they can travel to meet you when required. If they work away from where you are located. escalation matrix.

to TRANSFORMATION: h ow we wo u l d like to work with our c li ent s. key segments Ch o os i ng a we l l-proven B2B pla tform w ith a n expe ri e nc e d pa r tner is key. This spa ns d epar tmen t s . KEEP THE S C OP E M ANAGE ABLE • Start scoping from the discovery and repeat often. Considerations. I t ’s nat ura l to get swallowed up 1. and prior ities a n d the bu s i ne ss case will b e much cl ea rer. Sta r t with th e • Challenge current ways of working to avoid un-necessary customization and complexity Cu sto m e r Jo u rn ey in mind . 2. the first t ime. Functions. • Analyze. and keep improving that’s where the money lies. • Collect information from key stakeholders. and Goals FOR YO UR FIRST RELE A SE Presented by Vaimo La unc hi ng B 2B Commerce is of ten a c h a nge i n t he core b usiness model of ma ny HERE ARE CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS B 2 B co m p ani e s. TO HELP ADDRESS DIGITAL s er v i ce s . P UB L I S H M I NI M UM VI A BLE deliver a seamless P RO DUCT E ARLY AS P O S SIBLE customer-centric USE USER TESTING FOR FEEDBACK experience. • Create phases and backlog from the beginning “if w e m anag e to 3. B2B ha s ver y little ro o m keep the project group small fo r f irst l au nc h mista kes. t h a t ’s whe re t he money lies. UNDERSTA ND THE BUS I NE S S by t h e c o m pl exity of d a ta .” 14 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . test. integratio n s . systems a nd employees. so it’s a ma tter • Create user journeys and personas for chosen of gett i ng t he b asics right. but Co mp are d to B2C . NEED THO ROUG HLY wor kfl ows and so for th — b ut what re a l l y • Ask questions until you understand the need ma tte rs i s i f we manage to deliver a and how to fulfil the need s ea ml e ss cu stomer-centr ic ex per ien c e.

M A KE BUYI NG E ASY Step one is to do the same order digitally as in your existing sales channels. special discounts on • Quick order possibility shipping or bargaining on the price — companies • Requisition lists should deliver the same experience on all • Quotation tools channels. CUSTO M ER I NS I G HT A ND • Links to external product info M ARKE TI NG ACTI VI TI E S • Videos • Analytics • 360/3D images • BI tools • Catalogues • Marketing automation tools • Advanced configurable search 2. RMA handling. B2B “ S P ECI F I C F E ATURE S ” used to custom pricing. NEED F OR S P EED THE BUYER EXPERIENCE 4. • User identification • Customer service B2B eCommerce differs from B2C in many ways: • Personalized offering and content 1. from invoices. If the customer is 5 . HIGH VOLUMES • Different demands for performance and features 15 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . and • Customer structure and user roles digital signature of contracts. MORE COMPLEX PROCESSES THAT • Different payment methods ARE NEVER IDENTICAL • Credit limits • Pricing models • Different order processes • Availability • Punch out • Consignment stock • Drop ship • Multi-warehouse • Back orders • Complex product structures • Internal tools • Product configurators • Customer service • Custom options • Sales • Rich product information • Tools for resellers • Attachments 6 .MUST-HAVE FUNCTIONS TO GUIDE 3. Self-Service is also a growing trend for B2B commerce. LESS CUSTOMERS.

This can cause conflict with resellers. S I N GLE VI E W O F C USTO M ER Ensure that front line staff are enabled to serve customers effectively through a consolidated view of stock. distributors. and the unique Your product data is your IP.Keep top of mind the considerations of the STRUCTURED DATA shopping experience. and so on. enriched for online and ensure how your customers buy. proposals and orders CH A N N E L C O NF L ICT Going online provides the opportunity for B2B organisations to sell direct to the end customer. 16 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . customer interactions (irrespective of channel). Ensure a differentiated strategy in terms of pricing and product range is established for the direct-to-consumer channel that allays fears of revenue dilution with the channel partners. build sales reps into ensure integration to offer one source of the truth. Also. the online experience by displaying customers’ assigned sales rep into the account functionality and give sales reps the ability to create quotes. that you have a data owner to keep it current SAL E S R E P S C O M M IS S IO N RE A LTI M E VI EW O F ORDERS Consider how to attribute sales in the new model A ND STO CK and handle sales team concerns over lost revenue Ensure line of business systems are integrated to to the online channel. product availability. Get it into a needs and functional benefits to support structured format. and orders. Complex customer pricing — can you simplify? Customer service setup — consider how customer interactions and expectation will need to change to handle inbound queries and livechat. and wholesalers over pricing strategy.

e C o m m e rc e h a s s e t i t s s ig h t s o n B 2 B . Omnichannel experience is what customers 2. THI NKI NG A B O UT EC O M M ERCE businesses. A maz on an d e B ay led the charge in a d ig ital revo lutio n. WO R K I N G W IT H T H E W RO NG Pasternack. B2B merchants like Grainger. N ow. 1. e C o m m e rc e i s p e r m a n e n t l y a l t e r i n g t h e way B 2 B b u s i n e s s e s wo r k— f ro m c u s t o m e r a c q u i s i t i o n t o c u s t o m e r re t e n t i o n . B2B eCommerce does not work in isolation. and Haas Automation have completely EC O MME RC E V END O R changed the game for their competition by leveraging technology to drive B2C-like B2B and B2C eCommerce have their differences. experience in B2B eCommerce. For example. I GN O R I N G YO UR C O M P E T IT IO N expect today. so identify all channels you can engage and build a strategy that considers how With so much at stake. adopted) the best and most advanced technology P L AN N IN G revamping their entire business. Fisher Scientific. huge mistake. They are adopting (if not already 17 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . Nothing is worse than working with a I N I S O L ATI ON company that does not know enough about your business to help you succeed. field sales representatives will need still commit. we have curated a l i st o f 11 m o st c ommon obst a c l e s to B2 B eCo m m erce success. major mistake that a number of B2B businesses For example. ignoring competition is a these multiple channels interact with each other. Assuming your competition is be trained to leverage the power of eCommerce to still operating with legacy platforms can be a increase conversion and drive sales. so choose an eCommerce vendor that understands and has experience with B2B 3. From our experience of working with B2B companies across industries. a n d f ro m o rd e r fu l f i l m e n t t o b u i l d i n g a re l a t i o n s h i p w i t h customers. 11 Obstacles TO B2B BUSINE S S GROW TH P re se n te d by i9 5 Dev In th e B 2 C wo r l d.

and inventory 7. experience as any B2C eCommerce store. content including blogs. and order history display. user experiences. ERP. N OT C O N S ID ER ING INT EG R ATI ON 6 . product business and products. prying. businesses modern B2C eCommerce store. If search engines cannot index your B2B eCommerce store must offer similar. IGNORING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE using the right keywords in your landing pages. and there are a few ways you can set yourself up for success. including Meta B2B eCommerce stores are notorious for bad content. if not pages. the traditional using this as a blanket rule are making a huge B2B eCommerce stores need to adapt. customers. recommendations. appropriate use of HTML tags. but prone to errors. to lack of Also. and not scalable. from slow site speed.4. using alt attribute for images. F O RGE T TI NG S EO between systems. and more. Your eCommerce store only your SEO to helping customers make informed covers the front-end needs of the businesses buying decisions. results. content is KING. You should go beyond the and there is so much more that happens after an traditional text and basic image content. Your mistake. in a bid to keep their competitors from modern features. and CRM to automate syncing information like orders. so your website you should also invest in relevant marketing needs to integrate with systems like accounting. and order is placed. “Content is KING” 18 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . For example. some B2B businesses keep their pages With consumers’ expectations shaped by the hidden. SEO is one of the most critical aspects of your I MPL EMEN TATION eCommerce store. they will never appear in their search better. NOT ENO UG H C ONTENT Don’t ignore the integration needs of your Be it B2B or B2C. and no personalization options. 5 . Manually entering data is tedious. While sometimes required. OMS. and social media. pricing. from improving eCommerce system. Which means decreased visibility for your including features like custom pricing. incorporate other content types like videos.

We see many B2B business either not collecting site data or not leveraging what they are collecting. NO A DVANCED ANA LY TI C S they want. As your sales team knows. with far less time and methods such as credit limits and purchase effort than previous manual processes. 19 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . any some businesses launch their eCommerce store and forget about it. and incorporate feedback from stakeholders to continuously improve the setup and stay relevant. driving customer I M P ROVE SYSTEM S engagement can play an important role in driving customer loyalty. Just because they’re shopping online. N OT E N G AG ING C USTO M ER S your marketing and sales activities. customize 9. B2B eCommerce projects are often intense your teams can keep consumers engaged even and resource consuming. and exciting offers. doesn’t mean your customers don’t want to interact with 11. FA I LURE M A I NTA I N A ND you. removing one more barrier to making the sale. and more. apply patches and upgrades. it is important to monitor your eCommerce store. N O O N LI N E PAY O PT IO N after the sale is made (and even if the sale is not made) with how-to videos. discover new trends. new product launch Don’t limit customers to the traditional payment emails. Allowing customers to pay online means they can shop when and where 10 . eCommerce is not a one-time effort and only sustained efforts can drive benefits that businesse desire. Advanced analytics will help you P O ST IMP L E ME NTATION identify what is working and not working for your business. To be effective.8 . orders if you don’t have to. With digital automation tools. build new customer engagement strategies.

reduce the burden on call centres. project objectives within B2B organisations eCommerce to be a portal for the end-user. How to Establish Behavior-Based Segments THE MUST-HAVE FEATURES IN EARLY B2B ONLINE STORE RELEASES Pre s e n ted by Invi qa Who are your customers? What do they want. your web store must segment the custom er b a sed on th ei r beh av i o u r. YO U S HO U LD: An eCommerce replatforming project offers the opportunity to review how your business E STA B LI SH YO UR O B J ECT IV E S leverages technology across all departments. What are you trying to achieve? This will be When selecting both the platform and partner. and free that department to focus on higher value 20 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . important when it comes to selecting the an organisation should invite both vendor and software on which to build your platform. H e re ’s w ha t yo u ne e d to k now a bo u t e st ablishing beh av i or. how customers could ‘self-serve’ using digital channels. can be broader than pure revenue targets.’ These capital investment required to fund this technical objectives often centre around streamlining: think development. This can dramatically reduce cost and IN T HE E ARLY STAG E S O F YO U R B 2B increase profitability across the wider business. and to achieve B2B success. O RG ANI SAT I ON ’ S D IG ITA L J O U R N EY.b ased s eg m e nt a t i o n. and why ? And how did they f i n d yo u r s i t e a ny way ? T h e s e a re t h e i m p o r t a n t q u e s t i o n s t h a t eve r y B 2 B m ercha nt n eed s to ask . and not simply view B2B Often. should start to compile a business case for the on top of a desire to simply ‘sell more. partner to consider the wider opportunities within the business. you process re-engineering and efficiency objectives. They can frequently contain a range of business Once you are clear about your objectives. Eve r y c u sto m e r ha s a d i ffe re nt jo u rney to check-out. customers.

your business challenges. The nature of your market impacts your options. Having a poor online offering will reflect badly CHOO S E YO UR TECHNOLO GY on how people view your business and could PA RTNER CAREF ULLY affect your wider performance. industry experience. and who will help you on your journey to develop and enhance your UN DE R STA N D YO UR C O M P E T ITO RS online sales channel. efficient online experiences. Base your partner selection AN D MA RK E T process on track record. while sectors with high degrees of digital integration will present WH ICH REQU IREMENTS AND technical complexities. demand a fast time to market. CAPAB IL IT IE S ARE C OMMON If digital is new to your market sector. so do your Invest in a technology partner who understands due diligence. There are the business benefits in relation to the costs is a many different considerations. UN DE R STA N D YO UR C USTO M ER S Remember that the fastest and cheapest way Designing your solution without a clear to test your hypothesis is to get the simplest- understanding of your audience will leave you possible solution (or ‘minimum viable product’) with flawed digital experiences and frustrated out there and start learning. Then. and why your fellow a thorough process of discovery before you start colleagues should support you in your work. any digital initiative. use agile techniques like impact mapping to and provides you empirical evidence for future map user journeys. You can then users. think about strengthen your business case and invest customer expectations. It’s far more valuable to you to fine-tune this experience in future phases. the process of deliberate. and reducing their eCommerce project to a list of assess their ‘journey’ to checkout. This allows fixed requirements. 21 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . consider a F OR B 2B MERCH ANTS DU RING multi-phased approach starting with a ‘proof of T H E F IRST REL E A SE? concept’ to test the acceptability of online sales with your customer base. which is why we always recommend important to the company. we caution B2B organisations against use your website. Consumers have come to accordingly in a longer-term scalable solution. and value-driven discovery should competitive demands change quickly will begin. but every decision crucial element at this early stage. Being clear on for your first online store can be tricky. It gives you a you make should be informed by your business clear focus and argument for why this project is objectives. search for products. Learn how customers At Inviqa. A fast-paced industry where customer and collaborative. demand high-quality.BU I LD A U SE CAS E I DENTI F Y YOUR O PTI O NS This will develop and evolve as you gain more Deciding which software platform to invest in information about your project. and cultural fit. If you’re new to eCommerce. This will help to uncover the business cases.

your business will fall behind. content should tell your brand and product stories in QUI CK O R DE R rich and engaging ways that drive and support This enables B2B customers to place repeat consumers through the purchase journey. conversion Putting a strategy in place with KPIs and business rate. The quicker and easier it is. More orders are being placed on mobile devices. and then to the better. and order size. placing orders on desktop computers is outdated. so you could end up use. You need the ability Below are some of the more common features to give each customer a bespoke catalogue with found in early releases of a B2B online store: unique pricing. and track the progress of their content for commerce approach. 22 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K .features that will deliver the most business value. TI E R E D A N D NEG OT IAT ED P R IC ING WH ICH SIT E AT T RIBU T E S ARE MO ST Selling to B2B customers usually involves complex pricing – tiered and bespoke for CRIT ICAL TO A B 2B MERCH A N T ’ S example – to offer different prices to different C ONT ENT DEV ELOP MENT ST R ATE GY. Tiered pricing is a core part of the At Inviqa we recognise that often. and average order value. order frequency. This will drive up repeat customers. how often they buy. business customers. but some platforms do not eCommerce is as much about offering easy-to- support these requirements. This is a major benefit in B2B trading where customers regularly place A B2B organisation’s content needs to enhance repeat orders or know exactly what they need. CUSTOM CATALO GUE S in line with the re-engineering goals identified in The ability to control product catalogues and the project discovery. around your eCommerce proposition. they won’t lose that customer to a The idea of B2B customers sat behind desks. and enable the complete customer journey – from and in what volume. initial engagement. through to sale. This is a key feature as most PART ICU L ARLY A S T H EY REL ATE TO B2B retailers base prices on how long they have S ERV ING T H E B 2B BUYER? known the customer. successful B2B Magento B2B offering. even if that means ordering by SKU after-sale care and customer retention. Content is also key in helping B2B audiences and if your customers can’t use your webstore on make informed purchase decisions. goals is essential for B2B brands that want to get it right. or uploading an order sheet. orders quickly and easily. prices for individual customers is key when selling in a B2B environment. convenient tools and services. If a business can differentiate itself by making it simple for their customers to interact RE SPO N SI VE D E S IG N and transact. Delivered mobile. rival based on price alone. price. as it is about wasting money on custom coding.

23 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . expecting or arrive from a particular email campaign? an Amazon-like experience that’s available 24/7. by a competitor offering tools. 3 W ’ s of Buy e r Seg m e n t a t ion P re se n te d by I nviqa 1. In so doing. intent. This gives us more specifics for our persona and more signals to consider. For example. you look at what understand how they’re behaving at different a user has done so far to anticipate the journey times of the day. You could use geolocation to deliver specific content. be it on a country or hyper-local level. they’re on. TH E ‘ W H E N ’ 3. i. 2. and pricing that outperform your offer. how did the user arrive on chances are the end customer is thinking and the site? Did they use a specific search phrase behaving as a regular consumer. T H E ‘ W H E R E’ Using a variety of techniques. you can determine with some accuracy where someone is in the world. you can dig deeper to towards their goal. This information – much of which you can find These considerations are key: if it’s too hard or in Google Analytics – can clear the way to the inconvenient to use. Armed you can personalise their experience to help them with this knowledge. services. for example. Taking this further you can add more signals together to try and predict the user’s If your B2B audience is SME businesses. THE ‘ WHAT & WHY ’ The beauty of online is that you can tell what Using past behaviour to predict a user’s intent. time a user engages with your content. they are likely to be swayed user objective.e.


Today’s customers do their research before they talk to a sales representative. etc. nothing can be further from the truth. reduce sales cycle. Sales representatives can leverage eCommerce and integration (with systems like ERP. They expect the sales representatives to do the same. Any sales representative can vouch for that. and improve sales conversions. However. Not convinced? Here is how eCommerce and integration can help you do more by doing less: 25 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K .ECom merce an d ERP Integration is Not Your Foe: AN OPEN LETTER TO THE B2B SALES TEAM Pre s en ted by i 95 Dev DE A R B2 B PE RS ON. Staying motivated during those long sales cycles. To stay relevant in this environment. Many sales representatives consider eCommerce and integration as their enemy.) to streamline their sales process. This includes technology like eCommerce store and automation like ERP integration. Conducting sales in a traditional B2B environment is never easy. things are changing. CRM. navigating through decision makers. drive customer loyalty. sales people need to adopt new technology and use it to their advantage. However. and customizing the sales pitch for each contact can be taxing.

or between the sales TO SAL E S REP RE S ENTATI VE S representative and backend team. sales representatives can manage all sales representatives and their can better nurture a lead. and back-end things. However. sales representative. imagine what business team to raise a quote. avoiding any misallocation OF C U STO ME R and confusion. happens if a sales representative leaves? What and finally convert a quote to an order. etc. Given tight schedules and sales you instant access to accurate (and real time) targets. order history. Effective sales representatives know their REDUCE Q UOTE TO ORDER CYCLE BY customer like the back of their hand. the move. POS. This is where an eCommerce ERP integration can be your most Allocation of a qualified lead within the sales reliable friend. In the traditional B2B scenario. This goes a long way in helping them close a deal faster. often the most cited reason for a deal going bad–that’s communication between the customer STRE AM L I NE A LLO CATI O N OF LE AD S and sales representative. etc.DE G R EE V IEW parameters and logic. 26 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . and eCommerce and ERP integration. This happens to all the information they had about the communication dramatically lengthens the quote- customer? An eCommerce and ERP integration to-order cycle. setup can also be extended to include other you will realize that poor communication is systems like CRM. For a B2B business. inventory availability. and close a sale faster than ever. This is why M ANAGI NG QUOTE S O NL I NE sales representatives spend so much time talking to customers. administrators more. PIM. creating a negative impact on helps businesses capture this information and customer experience and giving the customer an make it available to sales representatives on opportunity to contact competition. With an history and status. customers? Changing customer requirements a lot of back and forth happens between the and pressure to meet targets further complicate customer. giving environment. customer information. With access to this. make informed commissions online. The integration can easily convert team is a very sensitive subject in a B2B your eCommerce store to a sales portal. payment history. order blood which is not good for a business. how much information Quotes are usually the first step in most B2B can you really remember and for how many transactions. any mismatch can lead to a lot of bad product information. to build a RE DU CE T H E C O M M UNICAT IO N G A P 360-degree view of a customer. Sales representatives can now easily access information like customer information. This If you analyze all lost opportunities in the past. rules to automatically assign leads to sales representatives based on a pre-agreed set of G E T A 3 6 0 . modify a quote. They can also set up decisions.

a particular deal. 27 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . This problem gets aggravated further with the increase in the size of product portfolio and customer base. A transparent process can allow the customer can raise. This not only reduces the time sales representatives spend on payment follow-ups B2B sales representatives often face the but also ensures consistency in businesses’ dilemma of whether or not to offer the customer accounting books for improved compliance. With via cash. and up- selling. approval hierarchy. Generally. These offline payment B2B eCommerce and ERP integration. GI VE YOUR CUSTO M ERS F L E XIBILIT Y An eCommerce ERP integration moves this entire OF M ULTI P L E PAYM ENT O PT IONS process online. all the pricing rules (tier pricing) are managed in the ERP systems. etc. An eCommerce and ERP integration can simplify this by giving customers the option GI VE YO U R CUSTO M ER S T H E to view pending invoices and make payments BE ST DE A L online. The eCommerce and ERP integration helps businesses leverage these rules in the eCommerce system to calculate the best possible price for customers. view. cross-selling. and Payments in the B2B industry is a long and approve quotes online. track. Often the confusion stems from B2B products’ complex pricing structure. modify. The sales representative complicated process–with payments happening can also do this on the customers’ behalf. This ensures complete transparency to customers enabling sales representatives to focus more on increasing order size. cheque. than on activities like price negotiations. and lack of information about margins and customer history. realization. a process methods negatively affect the liquidity of a that would traditionally take weeks can be easily company because of delays in actual payment be completed in few hours or faster.

efficient digital to consider the wider business opportunities. U N D E R S TA N D YO U R C U S T O M E R S Consider what you are trying to achieve for your Designing your solution without a clear organization. E S TA B L I S H YO U R O B J E C T I V E S 3. You will be assessed against those not simply view B2B eCommerce as the screen experiences. 6 Actionable Steps TO BUILD A DIGITAL JOURNEY P re se n te d by i9 5 Dev 1. It of digital integration will present technical gives you a clear focus and argument for why this complexities. an organization should invite both parties expect and demand high-quality. think about departments. and why your fellow colleagues should support the project. UNDERSTAND YOUR C OM P E T I TOR S A N D M A R K E T 2. When selecting the platform and customer expectations. Having a poor digital offer will reflect through which the end-user transacts. B U I L D A U S E C A S E The nature of your market impacts your options. A use case will develop and evolve as you gain A fast-paced industry where customer and more information about the project. Do your due Once you are clear about your objectives. Consumers have come to partner. 4. Being clear competitive demands change quickly will demand on the business benefits vis-a-vis the costs of the a fast time to market. An eCommerce replatforming understanding of your audience will leave you project offers the opportunity to review how a with flawed digital experiences and frustrated business could better leverage technology across users. If digital is new to your market sector. If you’re new to eCommerce. you diligence. project is important to the company. and experiences. should start to compile a business case for your request for the capital investment required. consider a multi-phased approach starting with a ‘proof 28 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . badly on how people view your business. Sectors with high degrees build is a crucial element at this early stage. It could also affect your wider performance.

and how their journey every progresses to checkout. 6. Remember that the fastest and cheapest way to ” test your hypothesis is to get the simplest-possible solution (or ‘minimum viable product’) out there and start learning. C H O O S E YO U R T E C H N O LO GY PA R T N E R CA R E F U L LY Invest in a technology partner that understands your business challenges and will help you on your journey to develop and enhance your online sales channel. “ search for products. collaborative. industry experience. and decision provides you empirical evidence for future business cases. and cultural fit. Base your partner selection process on the likes of track record.of concept. You can then strengthen your business case and invest accordingly in a longer-term scalable solution. I D E N T I F Y YO U R you make should be P L AT F O R M O P T I O N S informed Deciding which software platform to invest in for your first online store can be difficult. and value-driven discovery should begin.’ This will allow you to test the acceptability of online sales with your customer base. This allows you to fine- tune the user experience in future phases. the process of deliberate. This is why we always recommend a thorough process of discovery before you start objectives any digital initiative. but every decision you make should be informed by your business business objectives. learning how customers use your website. 5 . There are by your many different considerations. 29 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . Once that’s been done.

It does it help us better serve our customers? is a total digital transformation that requires an organization to rethink its operating model and 3. E X E C U T I V E S P O N S O R S H I P increase sales and improve customer experience IS CRITICAL (or all of the above). 7 Key Considerations illo FOR MERCHANTS GOING DIGITAL P re se n te d by Redb ox Dig ital 1. This can service of a clear digital strategy that supports inevitably raise concerns across the business and is informed by the overarching company and generate resistance to the smooth transition goals and objectives. business practices that 2. Ensuring C-level buy in and support is fundamental. or collaborative. How Becoming a successful digital company is about does it support our business objectives? How far more than just switching on a webshop.” 30 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . B R E A K D O W N T H E embed the digital channel seamlessly within the ORGANIZATIONAL S I LO S overall operation. cross-functional teams and ensure “Ensuring C -level buy in and support is fundamental. F O R M U L AT E A C L E A R have built up over many years will often need D I G I TA L S T R AT E GY reshaping and business functions across the organization must collaborate in ways that Implementation of the digital channel must be in they might never have had to before. Whether those goals are to towards a digitally-focussed business. this should be the lens through which all functionality is prioritised. Build drive cost saving and operational efficiency. In a traditional B2B business that is just embarking on its digital journey.

and feed that insight back into improving your customers’ experience. S I M P L I F Y F O R E F F I C I E N CY There is little justification these days to build Think about where you can simplify your business and maintain monolithic customised eCommerce model to streamline the eCommerce rollout. A robust ecosystem like the In a traditional B2B business that has not yet Magento community delivers thousands of embraced digital. What can the system do to help them deliver a more seamless and personalized experience to your customers? 31 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . consider the full user journey from consideration to purchase and into post sale and delay . D O N ’ T D E L AY. applications. many older business practices off-the-shelf solutions to support even the need to be reviewed in the move to online. Consider how their roles will evolve as the digital channel grows. transformation journey.that you are taking the wider team on the digital 6 . Prioritize key features as part of your business. What are the steps needed to provide a seamless customer experience? What processes do you need to implement to support start that journey? What functionality should you prioritise based on that analysis? For internal users consider the different roles and business today” functions that interact with the system. Clearly identify your key users and map user journeys based on the needs of these groups (they can be customers or even internal teams). K N O W YO U R C U S T O M E R and learn in real time. The beauty of the digital channel is that you can test 5 . need a bespoke price simply because your sales reps like to do a deal? While it can seem daunting 7. L EVER AGE O FF -THE-S HELF AP P L I CATI ONS 4. “Don’t For customers. S TA R T T O D AY to unwind business practices that are established as company lore. DON’ T REI NVENT THE WH E E L . Do most unique requirements. Pick a platform and you need that printed catalogue when you can leverage what is available so you can focus publish more current product information online? on serving your customers and optimizing Does every one of your thousands of customers your business. questioning and removing Don’t aim for perfection with your initial website obsolete legacy practices can streamline your delivery. customer service. Minimum Viable Product and get trading.

so backoffice systems. It’s not just developers who influence the code of the eCommerce platform. Experienced developers know what can into the implementation plan. Any institutional knowledge about will be critical. progress. marketing managers. Any in-house users such as customer service reps. To make information Commerce platform implementations are detailed. by providing as much information up front as ensure they are kept up to date with the project’s possible. If that team is separate. perspective. “You need to think about more than the customer’s behavior when defining requirements for building an effective B2B eCommerce channel. How each internal initial discovery meetings held with the system resource will interact with the new channel integrator (SI). Listening to a developer’s feedback and considering alternative options they propose can save substantial time and money. a project can remain on-time and on. How to empower developers P res e n ted by Cre a tu i ty Presented by Gorilla G roup I N F ORMATION UP FRONT T E A M INVOLV EM ENT Merchants often have more in-house expertise You need to think about more than the customer’s behavior when defining requirements for building around their ERP and other systems that need an effective B2B eCommerce channel. Internal to be integrated than they realize. product developers who have worked with systems managers. party system should be shared with the SI too. more readily available. make a project successful or not. from a revenue and profitability the most helpful point of contact at each third.” 32 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . development efforts will involved projects. Developers are most efficient likely be undertaken by those who understand when they’re able to work without stopping. or IT resources that are being integrated into their commerce are just as important because they will respond platform should be invited to participate in the to the customer’s requests. and where they could potentially fit budget.


To help manage these challenges. include increasing carrier costs. shipping and fulfillment automation. Learn how you can drive profit from shipping and fulfillment best practices with the following tips. and platform compatibility–issues primarily related to B2B stores. will give you a competitive retailers who stated that their key challenges advantage. Having the ability to about 60 percent of shoppers to abandon adapt B2C features for the benefit of you their carts. Secure suppor t before take-off a n d s ave you r bu si ne ss f rom ma king co stly m istakes. United Kingdom. this is now easily attainable. Tem a n d o 34 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . O ne key actio n item fo r setting up a successful B2B business is to get shipping and fulfillment right. This presents a big problem for B2B business. With great technology at your finger tips. 6 Ti p s for w in n i ng B2b Buy e r s P re se n te d by Temando The world of B2B commerce can be overwhelming. and France. Temando’s 2017 State of Shipping in Commerce B 2 C TREN DS IMPACTING B2B report surveyed a total of 1080 retailers and 5161 online shoppers in the United States. The experience in ways that B2B businesses data shows us shipping-related pains forced traditionally lack. B2C businesses are driving customer Australia. here are three B2C shipping and fulfillment trends that the B2B world should be mindful to incorporate into their overall strategies.

In fact. As a B2B merchant. corporate buyers are expecting more. over a fifth of shoppers abandoned their 4. and you’ll remain competitive. about 70 percent of shoppers will buy again from the retailer if they had a positive At times you’ll need to fulfill urgent orders. but stop corporate buyers from considering better you’re also expected to provide “an experience alternatives if dissatisfied with their current comparable to shopping on Alibaba or Amazon. T IPS TO W INNING B 2 B BUY E R S 2. Close to 60 percent of shoppers in Temando’s Similarly. According to Demand Gen saw a customer experience uplift when they Report’s 2016 B2B Buyer’s Survey Report. This slow. channels and are not delivering the experience these identifiers rose a few percentage points B2B buyers expect.1. Pay attention to customer experience trends. Consumers now expect greater range. and keep your buyers. limited sales choice as key motivators to shop online. assisting buyers by removing workflow friction Close to 40 percent of retailers stated they displays true value. powerful advocates helps create new revenue footed approach prevents retailers from providing streams for your business. they have to In Temando’s report. we found that almost all ensure shipments from multiple merchants are retailers surveyed acknowledged the value delivered safely and on time. report stated they’d buy from a competitor if a Forrester found that B2B manufacturers and desired shipping option is unavailable. M A I NTA I N A N AGI L E A P P ROACH cart citing slow shipping and long processes. Make your buyers happy B 2 B E X PE CTAT IO NS with seamless shipping experiences. B 2 C E X PE R IENC E S S H A P E shipping experience. by relying.” experience? Make the experience convenient. Limiting wholesalers are doing themselves a disservice your shipping choices is risky business. SH I PPI N G IS T IED TO C USTO MER E X PE RI E N C E Planning ahead is important for busy corporate buyers. of shipping to enhance customer experience.” No longer are you expected year over year. As a result. L I KE BUYERS . Transforming your happy buyers into experience in the next 12 months. Prime have re-shaped the expectations of many S EEK C ONVENI ENCE shoppers. what’s to to only compete on price and availability. 35 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . To stay on schedule. Moreover. Yet. On TO S HI P M ENT S the other hand. lower costs. the shipping experiences that shoppers seek. S HOP P ERS . “on existing homegrown systems a majority of shoppers cite convenience and that support outdated processes. Market disrupting models such as Amazon 3. Looking at this trend. peer introduced better shipping options. under recommendations are on the rise among B2B a third planned to invest in improving customer buyers. and seamless shipping services.

Find out options such as time-slot booking and tracking more about Magento Shipping. and drive down carrier-related costs. that “excellent customer service and post- purchase support” are the main drivers of Ready to take the next step in your customer supplier loyalty. minimizing any further customer experience index ratings trail behind delays and excess fees that the shipment may B2C at an average of under 50 percent.How do you prepare your business to handle compatible multi-carrier software to automate this increased pressure? Rather than risk your carrier selection based on pre-set rules and disappointing your buyers. that only the most innovative will thrive. you can allocate new resources on deliver in the shortest time and distance possible. gap will be even more apparent as consumer digitization occurs. What’s encouraging is that 5 . 6. That the encounter along the way. with early adopters reporting. further. shorten across channels. Use a platform 36 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . “higher client-satisfaction Managing volume shipments can pose a scores. revenue growth of 10 to 15 percent. for you to specify if the shipment should be prioritized or if it requires special freight services. A 2016 McKinsey & Company study found B2B such as heavy haulage.” As the line day. and deliveries from many customers throughout the an increase in employee satisfaction. TA P I N TO TH E ST R ENGT H S OF MU LT I PLE CA R R IER S Different carriers excel in different types of delivery services and locations. Consider alongside advance shipment notice (ASN) customer experience when determining your messaging. alerts will be viewed favorably. it’s clear to expect shipments with tracking updates. reductions of 10 to 20 percent in cost to problem for busy buyers who constantly juggle serve. competitive strategy and you’ll grow your B2B More than half (53 percent) of B2B buyers state business faster. you can find the goods needed to As a result. locate you stock accelerate the pace of order fulfillment. Businesses who have the ability experience transformation? Do it with the soon- to curate the last-mile shipping journey with to-be-released Magento Shipping. warehouses. By viewing stock across multiple lead time. shows that you’re thinking of them. B E T R A N SPA R ENT W IT H B2B companies are realizing the benefits of TR AC K I N G SH IP M ENT S adopting a customer-first approach. Having the ability to tap into these strengths will improve your bottom line and streamline operations. other important aspects of their business such The right shipping technology will make it easy as R&D and marketing. Providing them with information of when between B2C and B2B continues to blur.

testing. a n d c a n sust ai n i t s l e ng thy a finger. This interacting with their business inbox. returning business–towards the sales funnel while continually developing. Email. for C U STOME RS A LONG T H E PAT H TO example. me a n s a d o p t i ng a te c h st ac k t h a t s e a m l e s s ly i n teg rate s c ommun i c atio ns Research from the Direct Marketing Association wi th c om m e rc e . a targeted Facebook advert. and refining your marketing strategy. is unlikely to be seen by an employee P U RC H A SE : during office hours.in s p ire d approac h to B 2B spend. giving it much less clout. Guide customers–both prospects and b u y i n g cyc l e . making it crucial for L E T ’ S LOOK AT F I V E B2B E C OMM E RCE marketers to choose a contextually appropriate CA MPA I G NS YOU CA N U SE TO DI RE CT channel. an d t aki ng a notes that a well-timed campaign will outperform p e rs o n a l i ze d a pproa c h to t he every other marketing channel when it comes way yo u e n ga ge wi t h c ustome rs. 5 B2B eCommerce Campaigns TO ENG AGE ALONG THE PATH TO PURCHA SE P res e n ted by dotma i l e r Wi th s a l e s te a ms swappi ng t h e ph o ne making email marketing the digital key for l i n e fo r o n li n e . timely and event-driven emails to wi th t h e p ro fe ssi ona l c ontext of t he every customer in your database without lifting i n du st r y. 37 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . on the other hand. t h e re ’s r i c h oppor tunity B2B eCommerce businesses: McKinsey Global fo r m a r ke te rs i n t h e B 2B e C omme rce Institute reports employees spending 28 percent i n du st r y to d r ive reve n u e f rom of their time (approximately 13 hours a week) excep t i o n a l d ig i t a l expe r i e n c e s. is a workplace essential. pulling in £30 returns for every £1 you T h i s B 2C . B2B eCommerce customers operate in a corporate environment. to ROI. Email marketing automation allows you to ma rke t i n g n e e d s to bot h c ompl y send multiple.

1. The result? More customers ditching your goods at the final hurdle. For example. TH E W E LC O M E CA M PA IG N you can activate your timely abandoned cart rescue at mass scale. followed by a benefit-driven to customers and provide personalized email to build trust. the program might begin with a tracking to promote relevant products simple ‘Thank you’. But with that variety and dedication comes indecision and a longer selection process. Research by SaleCycle shows that cart rescue automations provide a 40 percent open rate. and they’re also willing to put in the effort to secure the best deal. to get your desired including them in your strategy works wonders response. is optimized for timing. Think about how you can optimize the strategy and a great way to boost brand love and style. Plus. and time. Data elements like average depletion and reorder periods can help 2. A BA N DO N ED CA RT CA M PA IG N S you present every customer with a thoughtful replenishment email for the right product at the Abandoned carts are a product of our time: B2B right time consumers are keen to have access to the widest variety of goods and services. and contents of your welcome loyalty. and ending with an attractive. Make sure every email time-limited offer like free delivery. structure.6 percent! you may want to set up a three-stage welcome program to guide your customers along the path Use data like order insight and web behavioral to purchase. achieve an open rate of 53. research shows that people that read at least one welcome message read 3. 38 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . With support from email marketing automation. with conversion sitting at an average of 28 percent. A robust replenishment campaign for others might not provide the perfect fit for is one of the mainstays of your post-purchase you. Build tailored campaign Welcome campaigns typically receive the highest programs to engage your segments at the right engagement rates out of any email you send. for engagement. replenishment benefits. An automated replenishment email reminds your customers to re-order consumable products when Every business is different and what works they run out. with the best content. targeted replenishment emails can campaign to drive the best ROI. REP L ENI S HM ENT CA M PAIG NS more than 40 percent of their messages from the sending brand during the following 180 days.

39 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . mix it up with something value- driven like a piece of personalized content. Multichannel engagement campaigns: Give your contacts the chance to get socially When it comes to B2B eCommerce. follow up with an offer. While you may know 100 reasons User-generated content (UGC) campaigns: why a customer should want to be a part of your If you’ve wowed a customer with your product email marketing communications. making process. customer at every stage along the buying cycle. from sign-up to post-purchase. or even those of relevant content before engaging with a who haven’t opened your emails in the past six sales representative. Think about the kind of months.L ED CA M PA IG NS 5 . so it’s crucial that your design’s sensitive to this. advice campaign based around your answers. and watch your marketing automation helps you to nurture every brand ambassadors multiply through social sharing. C O N T E N T. stronger. better B2B eCommerce marketing campaigns. and. best way to nurture lapsing or inactive contacts. Automate a series of re-engagement emails to gather How to/advice campaigns: data on what your inactive customers respond Think about what a customer might want to know best to. try to keep the or service. if all else fails. information that might impress a customer and guide them to choose your brand. By implementing these five automated campaigns. a definitive action for reader to take. 47 percent of B2B You may wish to target contacts who haven’t buyers in 2016 viewed three to five pieces purchased or repurchased an item.4. use their feedback as a testimonial message as clear and concise as possible with to influence your entire contact list. email acquainted with your business. You could begin with a light-hearted. Here are This segment of recipients aren’t as enamored three examples of content-led campaigns to with your marketing communications as the get you started: rest of your list. RE-ENG AGEM ENT CA M PAIG N Both prospective and returning customers Implementing a re-engagement program is the actively use content to inform the decision. about your product or service and design an conversational email. According to a recent These campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. report from Demand Gen. you’ll prepare faster.


and CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROCESSES a lot of folks simply won’t want to change how Adopting B2B eCommerce is a big step for an they do things. can streamline your business and help it grow. B2B eCommerce transition process. Pushback can come from all levels of an organization. Because these concerns aren’t organization. follow new processes. Top management and shareholders might not want to spend the money. The most commonly THE BIGGER PICTURE cited culprits for the resistance include lack Often. T h e t o p c h a l l e n g e s t h a t b u s i n e s s e s fa c e w i t h B 2 B e C o m m e rc e a d o p t i o n i n c l u d e : ST R ATEGIC CH ALLE NG E S adoption is a strategic decision that has an organization wide impact—and benefit. B 2 B b u sine sse s often find themselves struggling with it. businesses view B2B eCommerce adoption of effective communication.e. employees might fear the loss of their jobs. you’ll need to show requires people to learn new technologies and them exactly how eCommerce—and change— tools (i. Changes like these are unsettling and rarely welcomed. and more. How to Overcome B2B Digital Transformation Challenges FROM STRATEGY TO SUPPLY CHAIN Presented by Redbox Digital De spite a stron g busi n ess cas e fo r e C o m m e rc e a d o p t i o n. Map your B2B eCommerce project to your organizational BUY IN goals so B2B eCommerce is prioritized and budgeted for. middle OPER AT IO NA L C H A LL ENGE S management might not want the extra work. Addressing the right factors c a n help busi n esses overcome o r m i ni m i z e t he c o nst ra i nt s i n t he a do p t io n of B 2 B e C o m m e r c e . It affects how the business is run. failure to take as an IT enabled cost cutting step and nothing employee feedback. Having an effective change 41 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . it completely unfounded. a web platform). and lack of can be farther from truth. poor training.

communicate clearly and transparently. The different agendas don’t lose institutional knowledge and project of the stakeholders involved and departmental momentum. start by doing the work to understand the needs and expectations of each stakeholder. Your eCommerce project is meant to solve existing problems and enable growth. presenting biased information diminishes the trust between the stakeholders. managers. Multiple stakeholders and departments are involved in B2B eCommerce adoption. which can very easily address these concerns. addressing and navigating these complications Withholding or obscuring information and part of your project plan from the outset. differences between IT and sales. With P O L I T I C S & C U LT U R E planning and execution split between multiple stakeholders and employee turnover being The culture and the intra-organizational common across organizations.management process. H U MA N RE S OURCE CH ALLE NGE S ENGAGING STAKEHOLDERS To get engagement. 42 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . and disconnects KNOWLEDGE RETENTION them from ownership of and responsibility for project success. Make Also. be sure to politics play a big role in initiatives like B2B thoroughly document along the way so you eCommerce adoption. O R G A N I Z AT I O N A L I T M AT U R I T Y Organizational IT maturity assesses how prepared your IT team. Partner as soon as possible with your IT team to make sure you can address the issues (user and system) arising from the new systems and processes a B2B eCommerce project will bring. processes. is critical for successful adoption of B2B eCommerce. Show stakeholders how eCommerce will do this for them and make them part of achieving success. and equipment are for new technologies and tools. and employees complicate adoption.

communication. and loss of interpersonal relationship with suppliers. sales representatives and distributors) and channel relationships. They may worry about lack of training. 43 B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . So better planning. negating the benefits of B2B eCommerce adoption. fear of job losses. consider this very seriously as lack of integration can lead to a number of other problems. and training for external stakeholders is also critical for the successful adoption of B2B eCommerce.S UP P LY CHAIN CH ALLE NG E S S U P P LY C H A I N M A N A G E M E N T B2B eCommerce adoption is a significant change for your internal stakeholders and for your external stakeholders like suppliers. INTEROPERABILITY AND I N T E G R AT I O N B2B businesses usually have multiple systems already in place and lack of interoperability is a common reason for delayed adoption. CHANNEL CONFLICT B2B eCommerce has traditionally survived on system of channels (e. vendors. You’ll need to demonstrate the opposite.g. Channel managers are often naturally wary of eCommerce systems because of the belief that eCommerce will complicate or eliminate their roles. All these systems are part of the ecosystem and it is critical for them to work with each other. During your planning phase. and customers.

Magento Commerce is supported by a vast global network of solution and technology partners. a highly active global developer community and the largest ecommerce marketplace for extensions available for download on the Magento Marketplace. the B2B 300 and the Top 500 Guides for Europe and Latin America. ABOUT MAGENTO C OMMERCE Magento Commerce is the leading provider of cloud commerce innovation to merchants and brands across B2C and B2B industries.magento. More information can be found at www. 1-877-574-5093 (North America) /magento +353 1800 200567 (Europe & Middle East) /magento +52 800 1239537 (Latin America & Asia) company/magento B 2 B C O M M E R C E B E S T P R A C T I C E S B O O K . In addition to its flagship digital commerce platform.com. with more than $124 billion in gross merchandise volume transacted on the platform annually. Magento Commerce boasts a strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions that empower merchants to successfully integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. Magento Commerce is the #1 provider to the Internet Retailer Top 1000.