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ศัพท์ SAT : 2 December 2017 Vocab list level 1

To establish /
Develop (V.) To advance something

To go together with someone

Escort (V.) as a travel companion

Examine / look at
Observe (V.)

Make you feel appeal to it

Attract (V.)

Really Interest in something

Curiosity (N.) (and willing to exploit it)

Try to make someone do something with you

Seduce (V.) By the using of an indirect way

Remove / reject
Dismiss (V.)

Related to real situation / real life

Practical (Adj.) (not just an imagination)
Overall view on something
“Big picture”(N.)

To promote something
Advertise (V.)

Evil / sadistic
Cruel (Adj.)

Avert / run away from

Avoid (V.)

Let something continue in the same way

Maintain (V.)

The lack of something

Absence (N.)

A stupid person
Fool (N)

Something interesting to see / to do

Attraction (N)
To accept something that doesn’t sound good
Bear (V.)

Keep something for specific purpose

Reserve (V.)

To separate a big thing into smaller pieces

Divide (V.)

Not really important

Unnecessary (Adj.)
ศัพท์ SAT : 2 December 2017 Vocab list level 2

Important one / greatness

Eminence (N.)

Bias / injustice
Prejudice (N.)

Come with particular skill or ability

Possess (V.)

Confused by something you don’t understand

Perplexed (Adj.)

Something difficult to find

Elusive (Adj.)

Feeling afraid
Frightened (V.)

Practically (Adv.)

To stop the process of something

Bog down (V.)
Remain the same after a hard time
Persist (V.)

A possible future result / effect

Implication (N.)

Refuse something entirely

Dismissive (Adj.)

The same
Homologous (Adj.)

A situation full of angry disagreement

Confrontation (N.)

Suffering in a really bad time

Misery (N.)

Saying something that makes somebody looks

Mock (V.) stupid

A tiny broken part of something

Fragment (N.)
Utterly (Adv.)

ศัพท์ SAT : 2 December 2017 Vocab list level 3

Check / analyzing
Scrutinizing (N.)

Firmament (N.)

A process of change from something to another

Metamorphosis (N.) (think about caterpillar and butterfly)

Harsh and very bad words

Tart (Adj.)

A clear and typical explanation of something

Paradigm (N.)

To blur something
Smudge (V.)

To improve / raise someone’s status

Ennoble (V.)
An act of copying something
Imitation (N.)

Very beautiful and delicately made

Exquisite (Adj.)