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Official Update (July 2010)
Page 47 – Mephiston, Transfixing Gaze. Q: Can Tactical Squads, Sternguard Squads, Devastator
“At the start of the Assault phase…” Squads, Vanguard Squads and Assault Squads and
should read Death Company take any dedicated transport, or just
“At the start of the Assault phase, after assault moves the ones shown on page 90?
have been made, but before blows have been A: Any. The page reference indicates the start of
struck…” the section.

Page 60 – Demolisher Cannon. Q: Does the Sanguinary Priest benefit from the effects
The demolisher cannon should have the type of his own Blood Chalice?
“Ordnance 1, Large Blast” A: Yes.

Page 87 – Sanguinary Priest, Options. Q: At what point does my model need to be in range
“Replace all wargear with Terminator armour with of a Sanguinary Priest to gain the bonuses of Furious
Chalice of Blood and power sword” Charge?
should read A: When you put the bonuses to use, i.e. when the
“Replace all wargear with Terminator armour with model makes its close combat attacks.
Blood Chalice and power sword”
Q: Can a Baal Predator move Flat Out during its Scout
Page 96 – Demolisher cannon move?
The demolisher cannon should have the type A: Yes.
“Ordnance 1, Large Blast”

WARHAMMER 40,000: Errata

Q: Can a Baal Predator use smoke launchers during its A: The opponent.
Scout move?
A: Yes. Q: Can a Furioso Librarian take additional equipment
(such as extra armour)?
Q: Blood Lance is a psychic shooting attack that can hit A: No.
multiple units. If the Librarian wishes to assault after
using Blood Lance, which unit(s) is he permitted to Q: Do vehicles gain a cover save from Shield of
assault? Sanguinius?
A: Only the first unit hit by the Blood Lance. A: Yes.

Q: If a unit with Descent of Angels rule Deep Strikes via Q: Can a Magna-Grapple cause a non-tank vehicle to
a transport, teleport or means other than by jump tank shock?
pack, can the Descent of Angels rule still be used? A: Yes.
A: No.
Q: Are the Sanguinor, Mephiston and Death Company
Q: Is Tycho’s Deadman’s Hand an additional close Tycho independent characters, or single model units in
combat weapon? their own right?
A: No. A: Single model units in their own right.

Q: Can a Furioso Librarian still use a psychic shooting Q: Can you stack multiple copies of the Descent of
attack if he has no weapons left? Angels rule to prevent a unit from scattering at all?
A: Yes. A: No.

Q: If a Furioso Librarian suffers a Perils of the Warp and Q: Can Corbulo’s dice roll be used to affect the result
the resulting Glancing hit causes a “Damaged – of roll-offs for deployment zones and first turn?
Weapon Destroyed” result, who chooses the weapon A: No.
to be destroyed – the Blood Angels player, or the
opponent? Last updated July 1st 2010

WARHAMMER 40,000: Errata