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Release Notes
July 18, 2014

Confidential and Proprietary Information

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BTW6.5800 LICENSED SOFTWARE Broadcom Corporation. Confidential and Proprietary Page 2 .5.1..

. If your project or program is not listed inside the CSP please contact your Broadcom representative whom can configure the CSP system for use with your unique needs.1.5. changes and/or defects against releases of software or firmware via the Broadcom Customer Support Portal (CSP). Confidential and Proprietary Page 3 . CSP cases are replicated into the Broadcom Bluetooth engineering change management database for review by the engineering community and change control boards.1. CUSTOMER SUPPORT PORTAL (CSP) Customers can submit enhancements. BTW6.5. Broadcom Corporation.5800 INTRODUCTION This is the release of BTW 6. To start using the CSP please visit http://support.5800 for the Windows 7

cat Yes WHQL Yes 1479301 Yes WHQL Yes 1495656 6.5.2500 --> btwavdt.5800 Driver Signing Report Folder: BTW 6.0.1.sys 6.sys 6.4800 Win7 --> bcbtums.5. BTW6.sys Win7 --> bcbtums.101 Win7 Win8 Yes WHQL Yes 1609541 12.1.2500 btwl2cap64. Vista Win7 --> btwrchid. btwl2cap.sys 6.2500 Folder: BTW Yes WHQL Yes 1572233 1.0.6271 bcmhidnossr.1.100 btwrchid64.100 Vista Win7 --> btwl2cap.5.5700 Win7 --> bcbtums. Driver: Signed? Signature: Valid? SubmissionID: Version: OS list Yes WHQL Yes 1495656 6.5800_xxxx/Win64/ Driver: Signed? Signature: Valid? SubmissionID: Version: OS list bcbtums-win7x64-brcm.sys 12.2500 Broadcom Corporation.5.2500 Vista Win7 --> Yes WHQL Yes 1667011 6.5.sys 6.1.100 Yes WHQL Yes 1667011 6.1.2500 --> btwaudio.5.1.6271 bcbtumsld.5400 Win7 --> btwampfl.5..5.2500 --> btwavdt. Win7 Win8 btwampfl_svc.5.sys 6.1.sys Yes WHQL Yes 1488202 6.sys 6.6271 bcbtumsld.1.sys 6.5.2500 --> btwaudio.sys 6.sys 6.5.6271 Yes WHQL Yes 1488214 6.2900 btwavdt.5.5400 Win7 --> btwampfl.5400 btwaudio64.5.2900 btwavdt64.0.5400 btwaudio. Confidential and Proprietary Page 4 .4800 Win7 --> Yes WHQL Yes 1572233 Yes WHQL Yes 1669586 6.2500 Vista Win7 --> Yes WHQL Yes 1488202 Vista Win7 --> btwl2cap.sys 6.sys Yes WHQL Yes 1479301 Vista Win7 --> btwavdt.2900 Win7 --> Yes WHQL Yes 1669586 6.sys Yes WHQL Yes 1488214 Yes WHQL Yes 1609541 6.5.sys 6.1.1.sys 6.2900 Win7 --> btwavdt.

1. Confidential and Proprietary Page 5 .5700] BLTH03193446 Subsystem: Driver Headline: Add new VID_0B05/PID_180A with 20702 FW to BTW WHCK build Broadcom Corporation. BTW6.5.5800 Resolved Defects [Build 6.5.1..