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Cloud Growth &

Office Hours
Featuring Dana Willmer,
Dana Willmer
Founder, CloudSpeed

Ginny Hoban
Partner Channel Marketing Manager,
One Commercial Partner
Join us at Microsoft Inspire
in Las Vegas, Nevada from
July 15-19, 2018 to:
Make Build your Share
connections business experiences

@msinspireus #MSInspire

*All access pass price increases from US$1,995 to us$2,295 on March 1, 2018
Your Next Fiind provides AI driven “propensity to buy” scores with

Customer deep customer intelligence based on solution fit and

proprietary signal technology to >2X lead conversion
rates for O365 and Azure.

Learn more:
March 14th, Leading Join us to find out about this unique opportunity
available to Microsoft Partners
Edge Webinar
10 am P.S.T

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The next-generation automated
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365 customers.
Demo – Profitability Modeling

Dana Willmer
Founder, CloudSpeed
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Cloud Growth & Profitability Groups: Workshops for Partners who want to Dive Deeper & Take Action:
▪ Cloud Practice Development Workshop
LinkedIn Build your next Cloud solution - We'll show you how. Over this 6-week workshop,
Yammer you will explore the steps in the Practice Development Framework and learn
business and technical-oriented best practices, resources, and tools to help you build and execute your strategy.
Register at:
➢ Cloud Growth & Profitability Office Hours
Every other week, we hold 30 minute Office Hours where ▪ Cloud CSP Ready – 100 days to Cloud
you can bring your questions on Cloud Growth and A program which provides partners with a roadmap to develop, launch, and grow
Profitability. No matter what stage of your Cloud journey, a profitable cloud partner business on CSP in 100 days (starts Jan 25)
join us for strategies and best practices for increasing Register at:
your profitability. Register at:
▪ On-Demand: IP Staircase Workshop
In this 4-week Virtual Workshop series, we will introduce you to the fast
Profitability Home Page track framework for cost-effectively creating your own packaged solutions
and building IP (the IP Staircase).
▪ Modern Partner: Register at:
▪ Practice Playbooks:
▪ On-Demand: Selling or Buying a Partner Business
▪ Build a Practice: A 3-part series featuring Mike Harvath, M&A leader and CEO of Revenue Rocket. Mike was joined in each session by a Microsoft Partner who has
opportunities/build-a-practice navigated a Merger from either the buy or sell side.
Register at: