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Text for questions number 1 – 2


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1. What does runny nose mean?
A. There is a lot of dirt blocking your nose
B. The nose produces a lot of liquid
C. The nose has run down
D. The nose is long and wide

2. Which is the following sickness cannot be treated by the medicine?
A. Headache C. Cough
B. Cancer D. Fever

Text for questions number 3 – 6
Yanto lives not very far from my house. He goes to school in the afternoon and sells newspaper in the
morning around our neighborhood. His father was a government employee. He retired two years ago. Now he
runs a small shop beside their house. We can buy groceries in pak Mario’s shop. The prices are reasonable, so
people like to go shopping there.
Yanto can collect six to seven hundreds rupiahs from selling newspaper everyday. He spends it for his
pocket money. He also saves his money in the bank.
Two months ago, yanto and his family visited his grandmother. They stayed for a week in Kampung
Tanjung. Yanto, his sister, and his little brother enjoyed the holiday very much.

3. Who is Yanto?
A. My neighbor
B. Mr.Mario’s son
C. MR. Mario grandson
D. A government employee

4. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
A. Yanto had his holiday two months ago
B. Yanto can save his money from selling newspaper
C. Yanto is diligent student
D. Yanto spends his a lot of money for his money pocket

5. Mr.Mario has …children
A. One C. Three
B. Two D. Four

6. “The prices are reasonable, so people like to go shopping there”. The word reasonable means…
A. Very expensive C. Very cheap
B. Expensive enough D. Fair

Text for questions number 7 and 8

Dear Nanda,
I want you to come to my house for supper on Sunday at 07.00 p.m.


3–4–6. On the lift in the building 10. Well. Helen. Come forward Text for questions number 9 and 10 IN CASE OF FIRE DON’T USE LIFT BUT USE FIRE EXIT DOOR 9. 3–4–5–6–7–8–1–2 B. I tell you what I’m writing this letter is to confirm about your invitation. if you have something to do. Yours NADIA 12. 3–2–6–5–4–8–7–1 D. Ever visited Nadia . In the midnight D. will it be OK if I come to your house this weekend? I plan to spend my school holiday in Texas. Boring B. Arrive B. Come closer D. Holiday – is – camping – way – good – a – spending . From the passage we know that Johnson… A. The notice above means that we should use …in emergency case to exit. Where do you usually find the notice? A. A. Send my best regards to all of your family that I miss so much. I really understand. 3–2–6–5–4–8–1–7 C. “I want you to come…” The underlined word has opposite meaning with… A. Hope to know your reply soon. Besides. how’s life treating you? Do hope everything is okay.7–5–8–1–2 Text for questions number 12 – 15 Dear Johnson. Leave C. Staircase 11. Emergency lift D. your father and mother. It must be exiting to be in Texas again. Never invites Nadia D. Exciting C. I just need to confirm if this coming weekend is OK. Accepts Nadia’s invitation C. Emergency door B. What is Texas like according to Nadia? A. At the door in the house D. I happily accept your invitation. You said that I can visit you whenever I want to go to your city. Frightening 13. Texas. In the afternoon C. Confusing D. Hello. When should Nanda arrive at Aldi’s house? A. I want to meet Eva. In the night 8. Johnson. On the wall in the restaurant C. Window C. 2 BAHASA INGGRIS SMP/MTs 7. Has two sisters B.Of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A. In the morning B. However. Near the windows of the house B.

Johnson B. NW 317 – 6. mix the eggs and milk Use the fork or spoon to mix them well Pour this mixture into the pan Stir the eggs from time to time with the spatula Continue until the eggs are no longer liquid.10 am 19.30 pm C. the fork and the spoon Text for questions number 18 – 19 TERMINAL 2-A INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT SCHEDULE SOEKARNO HATTA AIRPORT FLIGHT NUMBER DEPART ARRIVE PORT OF EMBARKATION PORT OF DESTINATION GA 472 9. 2 tablespoons of milk. a frying pan. Add salt and pepper. Johnson’s father 15. GA 472 – 9.35 am -. What does the word “you” refers to… A. At 7. “I just need to confirm if this coming weekend is OK”. To get information D. Eva C.30 pm New York Jakarta QA 521 -. QA 521 – 7. Before 9. a small bowl 17. A. milk D. What is used to stir the eggs? A. “.” The word “ them” refers to …. 1 teaspoon of butter. What time we have to come to the airport if we want to go to London? A. a frying pan B. if you have something to do”.25 am C.25 am D. eggs B. Jakarta London SA 635 -. a spatula D. 10. 16. 7. Jakarta Tokyo NW 317 -. Helen D. At 12. we find the flight number … and the time of arrival at ….25 am B. spatula. SA 635 – 10. To deliver the news Text for questions number 16 – 17 How to Make Scramble Eggs Prepare: 2 eggs. If we’ll pick our friend up from New York in the airport. After 9. eggs and milk C. To show uncertainty C. 3 BAHASA INGGRIS SMP/MTs 14.10 .05 am B. A. salt and pepper.10 am Melbourne Jakarta 18. add a little or a lot as you like.05 am Singapore Jakarta GA 213 12. a fork C. “Use the fork or spoon to mix them well.35 D.25 am -. 6. The underlined word means… A. a fork or a spoon and a small bowl How to make: Melt the butter in frying pan In a small bowl. To make sure B.

got up 23. The campfire was very interesting. The camping were last for three days B. 24. Soon the boy could not stand the heat any longer. gentle D. Some students sat near the lake. It was a good place for camping The students camped there for three days. The win started first. defeated C. Just then. the sun and the wind went on arguing about which of them was stronger. The workers will take a day off B. The cafeteria will open C. the warm of the cloud D. A. The boy took his coat off because of… . it was the sun’s turn. In the second day they had a cruising around the village in the morning. What will happen on June 5? A. 4 BAHASA INGGRIS SMP/MTs NOTICE CAFETERIA CLOSED Will reopen Monday.” Let’s see who can get the coat off that boy’s back. rude C. He was wearing a coat. made up D. The sun had won. On Monday C. They left Ngebel on Friday morning. built up C. He took his coat off. to entertain of the wind B. In the afternoon they had a free activity. 21. Paragraph 2 tells us that … A. the heat of the sun C. It began to get hotter and hotter. The campsite was in the place near Ngebel lake. From the text we can learn that we may be successful by being… A.” The sun agreed. "They set up the tents…" The word “set up” has the same meaning as … A. The school will close Text for questions number 21 – 23 Last holiday the students of SMP Harapan went camping. the more tightly the boy held on to his coat to keep it from blowing away. put up B. lead B. “The sun had won. On Friday Text for questions number 24 – 26 The Wind and the Sun For a long time. In the first day they set up their tents and performed the activities around the lake. It was about 30 km to the South East of Ponorogo. Then. the win gave up. the argument of the wind and sun 25. It came our from behind the clouds and shone on the boy. In the first day the students had cruising around the village C. The boy felt warm. The next morning they were back to Ponorogo. He blew as hard as he could. The prices will go down D. When were they back to Ponorogo? A. June 5 20. and some others prepared for making campfire. He said. He blew from behind and he blew from in front of the boy. In this occasion they enjoyed the beautiful panorama of the lake from the hill around the lake. On Saturday B.” What is the antonym of the underlined word? A. The harder he blew. The students had a campfire at night in the first day D. Strong B. On Sunday D. After a while. polite . lost D. The students had a free activity after they had a campfire 22. They were very satisfied with their camping. they saw a boy walking along the road bellow. The wind suddenly had an idea. gave up 26.

Josse D. When the man turned around to say sorry.5 .4 – 8 D.2 . Samuel. Josse’s Father. D. B. To give them a good appearance D. A tall man sat in front of them. This is to make it easier to distinguish them from customers.1 .5 . Josse and Robby were late to get in the movie. 5 BAHASA INGGRIS SMP/MTs Text for questions number 27 – 29 Josse and Robby decided to go to a film theatre to relax. A yellow skirt and black pants C. They were very tired after finishing the exams. He put on a tall hat. What is the most important idea of the first paragraph? A. 28.2 – 8 C. A black skirt and colourful blouse D. An orange shirt and black pants B. They didn’t want to see a drama.7 . The Customer C.much . buying .clothes . To differentiate them from the customers B. To make them friendly 33. Josse tapped the man on the shoulder and asked him to remove his hat.1 .5 . Women should wear a colourful blouse with black pants or a black knee-length skirt. The Employee B. Robby’s friend 30. D.6 . Mr. Why couldn’t Josse and Robby see the screen? A.2 . Josse and Robby went to the theatre for relaxing. They got in the theatre just on time before the movie started. When the man turned around to say sorry. He was Mr. a tall man sat on a seat in front of them. Why do all the employees have to wear a uniform during the work hour? A. The Staff .3 . or horror film. 6 .4 – 8 Text for questions number 31– 33 Announcement To : All employees Effective date : February 1st 2013 Subject :Staff uniform All employees are required to wear a uniform during work hours. they recognized him. The underlined word refers to… A. Robby C. The Manager D. 3 . They chose to see an adventure film. The Fellowship of the Ring. C. They sat on seats at the back row. 6 .money . Josse and Robby could not see the screen. So they bought two tickets for a movie called Lord of the Rings. Josse purposely met his father in the theatre. 31. 27. Men should wear black pants with orange or T-shirt.we – spend .5 .2 . They bought two tickets for the movie. They wanted to forget studying for one night and fantasize a little.7 .4 . 3 .2 . Who is likely give the announcement? A. What should the women employee wear? A.did not . To show that they have a good uniform C. thriller.1 .7 . C. B. They were too short to see the screen clearly 29. A white skirt and colourful blouse 32. Samuel B. Inside the theatre.8 .for 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The best arrangement of the words above is … A. they recognized him.6 .1 – 3 B.7 . The man sitting in front of them wore a tall hat.

becoming employees of private enterprises 35. food sellers. A. D. They who have skills or good education can become government civil servants or employees of private enterprises. such as. Therefore. The villagers move to cities in great numbers to get jobs D. Farming experiences C. Everyone must work to earn a living. There are many jobs open for people B. Most government offices are also centered in cities. then remove from the oven.… A. There are many kinds of jobs people can do in cities. they no longer like farming C. D. Ability to compete B. There are no industries in their village 36. Black pepper. The unskilled and uneducated can only work in informal sectors. the demand for daily needs increases sharply. Skill and education 37. Life in city is a competition. Home industries are usually small-scale industries. The instructions to prepare crisp roast duck. In a home industry usually need many workers B. but most of them don’t. C. 38. The following are true based on the text except. so they don’t need many workers. B. and house servants. Salt. Rural society lives in villages. This condition motivates the growth of trade and new merchants. Why do most villagers move to cities? Because … . What is needed for a person to get good job? A. enjoying the life in the villages D. 6 BAHASA INGGRIS SMP/MTs Text for questions number 34 – 37 INDONESIAN LIFE The Indonesian society consists of rural and urban society. B. breast side up. Skill in trade D. Boiling-hot water . Informal section is only for uneducated worker Text for questions number 38 – 41 Crisp Roast Duck Ingredients: 1 long island duck 2 cups boiling-hot water 1 tablespoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper Steps:  Put oven rack in the middle position and preheat oven to 200° C. becoming government civil servants C. How do the villagers make their living? By… . What’s needed to make some food. porters. What do we need to prick the skin of the duck? A. As they are densely populated. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork  Pour boiling-hot water over duck (to tighten skin). A. 34. until skin is brown and crisp.  Roast duck. they are skilled educated D. They usually make their livings by working in home industries. They should have good skill and education to get good work in city C. The steps to make a delicious food. farming or working in home industries B. It is a hard life. A sharp fork. most people in the village want to move to cities. C. Some get what they want. What’s the text about? A. Cool duck  Rub duck inside and out with salt and pepper. How to make crisp roast duck 39.  Rinse duck inside and out. The villagers move to cities in great numbers to get jobs. Cities are the center of big industries.

Congratulation on your Achievement in mathematics! You’re really the best. decrease cattle growth and product 44. Balances D. The underlined word means … . A. C. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork. D. Keep up the good work! Meita . 7 BAHASA INGGRIS SMP/MTs 40. C. Rinse duck inside and outside. A. decrease quality of cattle B. …gives the benefit for cattle growth and product. Cut something into small pieces Text for questions number 42 – 44 EFFECTIVE MICRO-ORGANISMS 4 (EM-4) ORGANIC FERMENTATION BACTERIA TO INCREASE CATTLE PRODUCTIVITY EM-4 is a mixture of micro-organisms that gives the benefit for cattle growth and product. (021) 7864529 42. EM-4 functions to … . A. decrease quantity of cattle D. increase quality and quantity of cattle product How to use : 1. Advantages B. B. 1 cc EM-4 per liter water every week Agent : PT. Prices question number 45 Dear Amanda. wall and manure. B. EM-4 is good for … . What do we do to tighten the skin of the duck? A.Songgolangit Persada. Brush something on the surface. poultry 43. To get the satisfying result. Spray on the floor. Put something on the body. decrease smell pollution 2. D. dissolve 1 cc EM-4 per liter water every day 2. balance mutual micro-organisms 3. Cool the duck 41. Jakarta Distributor : Jl/ Ki Hajar Dewantara 46 Jakarta Ph. Result C. Usage: 1. Rice D. Corn C. Make a small hole in something. “Prick skin all over with a sharp fork. decrease smell pollution C.”What is the meaning of the underlined word? A. Cows B. Pour boiling-hot water over duck.

To entertain the reader about an interesting story B. The tiger B. What is the text about? A. The tree C.  Caution : Keep your hands and fingers away from the blades! A. Put the top on the blender 4. C. Do not underestimate to the inferior B. Plug in the blender 3. “you are so big and strong. Respect the superior C. A. Can I tie you to a tree?” After the man tied the tiger to the tree. The tiger wanted to know more about the big animal and small animal. a tiger saw the farmer and his buffalo working in the field.” Can you go and get it?” asked the tiger.” Now you know about my intelligence even you haven’t seen it. Amanda congratulates Meitai for her best effort. 2–4–6–3–5–1 D. 47.” Can I see your intelligence?” But the man answered.” Yes” said the man. What can we learn from the story? A. Push the button marked “on” and mix for 2 minutes. 2–6–3–4–1–5 Text for questions number 47– 50 Once there was a farmer from Laos. 2–6–4–3–1–5 B. we can conclude that…. To show the reader how to be an intelligent reader 49.” but you can ask him” So the next day the tiger asked to the man. What is the purpose of the text? A. 6. I can’t tell you”. After the man went home. he didn’t go home to get his intelligence. An energetic animal 48. Rearrange the steps below correctly! How to Make a Milkshake 1. said the buffalo. “Can you go and get it?”. To retell the experience of tiger and buffalo D. An intelligence farmer C.” but I am afraid you will kill my buffalo when I am gone. “can you tell me how intelligent he is?” “No. 5. Why do you do everything the man tells you?” the buffalo answered. Then he said. 2–4–3–6–1–5 C. Put three cups of milk and six tablespoons of ice cream into the blender. Unplug the blender. The tiger was very surprised to see a big animal listening to a small animal. Every morning and every evening. he ploughed his field with his buffalo One day.” oh the man is very intelligent” The tiger asked. The plough D. Amanda likes mathematics very much. To tell the reader the story about the tiger C. A smart tiger B. Be diligent to get your dreams D. Amanda is the cleverest student at Mathematics 46. 8 BAHASA INGGRIS SMP/MTs 45. the tiger spoke to the buffalo.” It is at home”. He took his plough and hit the tiger. What does the word ‘it’ refer to? A. A diligent buffalo D. From the text. D. Push the button marked “off” 2. Do not be too brave . The intelligence 50. Amanda gets the highest score in Mathematics B.