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How to Play Tanpura

1Tune your tanpura. whatever you tune your tanpura to will change
depending inside the musicalproduct you are accompanying. for any
common tuning, tune the lowest string to the tonic, thesubsequent two
strings to the octave along using the greatest string to some excellent fifth.
Usethe tuning pegs on the very best using the instrument to roughly tune the
strings after whichadjust the fine-tuning pegs near to the bridge to deliver
the tanpura in tune. Five- or six-stringtanpuras normally possess the middle
three or 4 strings, respectively, tuned to the octave. oncethe product you are
actively playing does not consist of a excellent fifth, tune the greatest stringto
some fourth, sixth or seventh to fixture the music.

2Slide the threads positioned between the bridge along using the strings
slowly toward the bottomusing the instrument to maximize string
resonance. when you achieve greatest resonance beforeto the string gets
progressively muted, leave the thread at this point.

3Sit comfortably over a cushion using the resonant gourd using the tanpura
at your mostappropriate side. Lay the neck throughout your lap. The tanpura
will now be on its facet alongusing the confront using the instrument may
be pointing apart from you.

4Rest your most appropriate forearm comfortably against the gourd using
the instrument. Placeyour thumb inside the neck using the tanpura to
stabilize your picking hand. Place your fingersparallel to the strings. Use
your fingertips to pluck the greatest string with your middle fingeralong
using the remaining three to 5 strings with your index finger.

5Repeat actively playing the strings from greatest to lowest to sustain the tanpura’s attributedrone. allow the lowest string to ring slightly extended compared to other strings before to youstart the cycle again. . This prevents the plucking pattern from sounding robotic and gives anethereal sensation to the sound using the instrument.