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yoo “Thrusting-Fingors” — the Advanced WingTsun kungfu set BIU-TZE (e in Enalis, Chinese, G rian, Italian and othe French, Spanish, nguages warren GRANDMASTER PROFESSOR LEUNG TING Golden Rank Founder rein WingTeun Assadton, PhOinPhiosopty, Guest Presser of he Nana Set cab n Suga ISBN: 962-7264. First Editon: 4 Jan “Top: Pata taken during Ting aught he Kuwn-sau IL WANG (Primary Level Technician, WTA) Proof Reading PROP LEUNG TING Saprig 202 Nove by Leung's Pubeatons al al Naan Kr, one re 908 \ 3 INTERNATIONAL WINGTSON ASSOCLATION "8 Nhan ed 1 vr. rg xg ets oz 2.7081 Pars OS) UBT Ea aan @ Mo et sn fe ur 9 ney) 17 46 Naan Re SBR Hong Xorg \ PO ox HEB, Kn Cra Hong Korg a (50) 270 161 | Tet 204065 2TH 2008 | Ema rank @ heb. el www . iwta com www .leungting .com International WingTsun Association Founder Leung Ting ABrlef History from raining to Teaching Martial Arts teratonal WingTeun Assocation funder Leung Ting hes been apse by marl as nce youth Because is fet beleved tht Loong wes mschveus and uy e was iy fertgce tra inthe mare arts fr far of Ns trubematng Wher he was heen trough 2 coer feconmendaton fom hs mal unde Cheng Fook (8 {a}, Leung began larng Wing Teun (o seled as ‘Wing Charon Tut? ye lr rts of Garter Yo) wht tl suet of ua aster Yip Man n ong Kong. Afr nea a ear Leung’ fate vertay score ath on had tan tne Wg Yn a bt ho og tater to prevent Leung tus received lent onsen fons thor and basa fren more resale in is pracie. Even iloment wear coud no deter hm fern gang inthe sel ractce OhSau (ao Sckng-ms) and Lat Say (104 Freehand ing) dis win is kang oer for many hus on en He even se up a parson raning regan fr himself he couldnt punch the Sandbag one Povsand tes ara Hk ve hundred tines daly he mong. Stem, an evr, be wad dude is epetos elon 2. erring fo te recoecion of ono is eer tung ees (Séting) fc aig} wer wee oe alesse ee {O\yphoo verisign (be stonget wang sal Hong Kong), Leung Tg sil sunbed ions Ns Seu sol (ns Sr ugh ne owt fase) As 9 fess insur naluay Kicked hm et Anaher eer king oer raed Sing (ol he same pied alo recounts ananeodl: One wile wang in the beach he then youth Leung Ting stepped oro a sharp th can hat mas ers baad pat he tsetse tou {breve ie bone beneath Hite anther peren he woud fave ng ashes th os ese stud rane ne owe a ‘wrapped wp ke alge dumping and teugh tng wih ey sep, Leung Ting Sarde ete talon nat nt Even eh nel tein sce th lod cud be seen Seaig out fom beneath Ns foot Fe could atch ths soto parcakirg eon ‘ion e wes sveten, Leung eluted to est is oer marta nce ‘Stu Cheng But (3), also ane fh cer kung rts, in eacing sudenis Seon atewaris, duet high schelexarinstos, Leung ‘stpped gang 1 his Uns raing hal ct san arstort nso A yea eer Leung gradiled from high soho, but Stu Cheng had already quit is job as @ maria instuco. Arihe tne, Leung invoduoed many students fo Sty Cheng dass. Snoe Leung had aso personaly taught te majoty of students who tied during Cheng Buk S teaching enue, hey soon convinced Leung fo teach evening asses, Tus, Leung ‘ie syn patna tein een eat rg in 1957 Loung apie tothe Literature Department of he Hong Kong Bast Univer to study Chnese and Foreign Lira. During 1968, he established 3 Ving Toun class at tis sehoo, which made fim the fst to ever inracuce the ‘Chinese aril ets te Hong Konghighereducabon syste. "Wing Tsun orghaled as an innovate fghing art that countered traonl ‘yes. The founders of Bis shle coated a sytem based pon the pine of hanging abng wih te charges of he enamy, win tecriques purely amed at Cunterng stronger opponents. Exreme dsceton has days been upheld ever Shee is eslablhmert nerd to prevent oer sies fom realizing the secret of Sotess overoming stengh. Every geeraon ony had a couple recon, wih {Greco almost Ahcugh Great Grandmaster Yip Man fomaly tenis t 2 Hong Kong fra pedo about en years ncn tose who only began ain or fe day, his Sans dd not number over a few hundreds. Outing those yeas, Grandmaster Yi Man and hs Serer dscpes stl primary used 2 sem:- pubic Inatod to enol students No only dd they ran fom open demonstrators, but ‘3eo those who wanted to laam Weg Tsun coud nt do so wihout an introduction ffom aos axqarlanc. Fem fis one cn see he eva of sere mares ‘Upon his pubic promotion of marial as inthe higher educabon system Leung Ting found tha there were couness Wing Tsin iatuctrs, each wit Giterent atademic dess schedule. t became increasing oft to tack the teaming progress of every cludont and so Siu Leung composed 2 systematic teaching method. He also emphasized stict management stands, not only did fe deve a promaton system, Bu aso required al nsructors and student to wear 2 designated aking unfom, Ths cestd the fst ‘systematic instructional and ‘managoment system’ amongst al tbe Wing Tsun choos, Tn tne, Great Grandmaster Yip Man conraced a stomach dsease and was ‘cmt othe hosp fo undergo surgery. He decded to rele frm teaching air {uly recovering fom the lps. When Siu Kwok Keung, heard of Grandmaster Yip Man's hosptalzation, he weet to pay him a vst ding which he spoke of Leung Tiny's personal character and endeavers. Yip Man noted Leung panstking efit in evatng bis Wing Tsun sls and zeal in promating the at of Wing Tsun and thereby immediatly agreed to aoept Leung Ting asa dscle ater his operaion Fothermore, he woud personaly pass on the most advanced techniques, and ‘concepts ofthe att Kok Keung residence To dnl the ferent concepts he feared fom the last period of Grandmaster Yip if, Siu Leung Ting soon regsiered the te of Hs onn kung system as “WingTsun ™” iniembonaly thas i becomes the unique speling ofthe Leung Tings WingTsun System 6 an ad, Ha Kong acon New a ons 0 8 nds ‘Siu Leung Ting. twice interewed Grandmasier Yip Man. Picture taken during ‘resend isn tena Yo donors Up ad Lowe ns wh Cag sca 1969 Segapore hosed the Ss ilrationa Chinese mara ats ‘cums. mers othe Horg Kong ang comm ost eons to farts: ae tne competion, may Hong Kong ung ses joined together aera nat wong how chines Marla ASSooaiO whch sre 1 trate ape ung cnt. An ee aD St Loung ved is schoa fom Hang Hom to Naan ood Host busy seen Kowenn se. n cre fo crate fe, Shy rat ng exensnelyconsued ne ning metodo fog professional er rd Trasoce's Beloe lng, he had fomulied a spena traning bortaken mst sued to prepare Ne HingTsun gers. No moe than 2 yea. cane ea" ce re were Vanes. who. ated fevorhy recs Brats bell HongKong. Tawa, ad oer oats. Sea eee ates cee ec tos froccatly, Winks systema curcuum, sucess fighter can be ‘developed in a very short amount of time. For this reason, hundreds of Seed vation fence sea Samad alae meres sees Spare con cater Bslove Grandmaster Leung Tag's WingTsun system Ie currently the on! Eines tanga system adopted by mow the safer iw enforcement nt milary unit, epecialy those In Europe. This Photo vas taken wen ove of Prot Laun's kaon granéstudents was teichng te Ral Special Pace Unt. The firs wo reresored Leung Tig schol, bees exresing te unique fav of Wigton, aso hod one get special. wnch wos wh be yor Grane Tet map offs by toto. in heft fw rounds. Tre was one espe ‘atbraty craton when bo Hg Korg Chirg ah Chiesa Fer ot slag cone Se an can Tg ol wre fa ‘comed he pod edo Meco er peo Seer en ror en fo ves 72 Leung singed eed lis toes be peter of Weal se ny af hese Jer he unde the {ung tng Ving eun Maral As sccaton te tne Sa Leong aed acing he has ready poceons he ropa o arg nos sates Hong Reng Even ex ary sto teres. no ore wae unaware ot who he sidtane hyo states tered eng Sit Ta vB et he eft nse ur stern Hog whoever axa Trg sees. AS a mat’ ol es yo 1976, when Leung Ting moved his school fom Hung Hom to Nathan Road, there was akeady @ succession of Eucpoan and Amencan studenis who came fo seek fReruclon. Moreover, many of his students who were alumni ofthe Heng Kong Baplst Univer elber emigrated or went abroad to coninue their academic education Some of these sidents began to open branches in ther respective ‘ations. When Sit Leung fst ted Europe in Nay of 1976 fo promt the martial tts, many offs Chinese ad foreign students had long ago setup branches in England andthe United Stes. Below: Dr Loung Ting isthe first Chinese kungfu grandmaster invited to ‘Thalland to publicly Introduce and promote WingTsun. During February (of 1992, he went to Thalland with a group of advanced WingTsun instructors to, conduct demonstrations: at many Muay-Thl training gymnasiums, The head of the World Muay-Thal Council, General Yerayudh Mesommonta, even treated Prof Loung and other WingTsun tractors av Vip qut atthe renowned Lumpin taum n Bangkok From left to right: Stephan Fox (Former Seven-time, Australasian Muay-Thal Champion who in the last few years has studied WingT sun and Is now a qualifled WingTsun Instructor, Prof Leung Ting, Gener Mesommonta, and Prof Keith Kernspecht (Leung's highest’ Gorman ‘student and head of the European WingTsun Organization). 0 case oe connucus development cl the inematonl Leung Tina WingTsun Maria Ais Assocaen t undewert wo name changes. The nave was finaly stlod 1 fe “hiematond WingTsun Associate”. 1 has now became the words ages Independent mata ats aganizaon wih branches spread fyoughout Ease and ‘Westem Europe, fe Und Stes, Canada, usta, New Zealand, Asia. and he Mad East 0 over 63 counties, with heusands of ndvidual schools and mor than 40)000 members. Is menbers cue prevous wat champions n Kare, jo, boxing, Muay-Thal, et. Besdes taing the pial WngTsun sudert, Leung Tig Wangtsun sso widely adopted as fhe marl at of ccice rong rary nafona Spocal Fores, soles. bonjquars, nd antiorst unis. The pracical vaue of WingTsun angi is wel documented (Reproduction from the book “Blossoming Whngrson Al Over te Won’ Let: Prot Lounge ihy regarded inthe word martabart fede Wany tlreterate Intemational Fighirs ae Nonored te become Students of Leong Ting Wingtsun: This photo os aten nen “Word Bexing” Champion" Frank bruno Mies randmaster Leung's International Head (quartars in Hong Keng ing Tearned tne SiurNimeTau set with Groat Master Cheng Chuen Fun The Meaning and Theory of Biu-Tze Biu-Tze Does Not Leave the Door Jue’ the thed and most advanced setin the WingTsun system. In the pas, we had a saying “iu-Tze does not lave the door ik 7) , whieh means those Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) practitioners who did ro tln actin skllevel cud not even have seen fe se let lone hope toleam This is because senor dscples who understod is set ou abcde no acts tn Font of be requtyourger ung i bbe ‘Tus, ane can appreate the great ecard in which ou frbarers held this set Inthe eal agraran soci of Cina, peopl’ ves were comparalely spe and austere and the ates relavey conserve, Customary, 3 mmatal ar rainee woul fallow is instuctr fr aiteime and nt fee constrained (discontent. In adaton, Wing Tsun was orgally an extremly secre ‘ive and cid ot ely have more than afew dscpes per generation, The its not surprising that many in the oer generations would an for cecades and rover lean the Bu-Tze strom the instructors, ‘There were peta some who were ate fo secretly eam ths set fom thir ‘sings (oer kungy broters), bu, wihout recavng expe gudence, oly posseesed a paral understanding. Ts would make it cfcut fo apely many of he Best Biu-Te echniques dung cial combat. This is a ost unfortunate situation Nataly inthis modem age, Bu-Tzeis ro longer such a secret kunghy se. ‘Aslong as members of our assocaion eames train and consistent progress, in afew yeas, they wil reach tho preequist level ile the Biu-Tz st ‘Three Reasons Not to Teach However there are profound reasons vy cur predecessors didnot easly pass on te Bu-Tze se. Fist ofall the majorly of echniques win tis setae ether butal attacking movements or uresvaned strking mothods, which confom to the prindples of to execute an atack in preference to defend’ (ist) of 32 Counter an aack by an atack” (ttn). These kinds of sting metnods ‘itz “apd bate and rap resouion’. The stonger an opponent the more Gfcutitisto win a prolonged conic. Te saying toil ten thousand of th eoettcs homerbet yon’ nears ha cg such ponsced Bg se ‘Fetany some eas-Te bst eho to avi bang ured byte opponents 0 knock tim down before or athe moment he inates an aac. n this way, cne can mime the chances of being ambushed by 2n opponent. (Nate: Regarding the dtncton between the mts i execute rf to doen” and fo caunler an atack by an atach’ base refer fo the book “Matos ‘) 2 ‘These srs of techriques are not enes that rly on methods of ight angular of postional agusiment to “seek voy in er. Rater, they depend on the famminaion of ace senstviy developed. trough Cingng-Ams (Ch-Sa) trating, the rtansikepebe fe acquired using special raining methods, and the srategy of o dey stike wih the Borowed force” (at 75r7) 10 defeat ‘opponents in one fell swoop, Thus, in the case that one apples income ‘ieee lectniqus witout undergorg lng em. immersion in Wng Tsun (Wg ‘Chun} to achieve a cera sil level nt only wil he aitcipated resut not occur, tut serous danger can aso be brought upon ones. ‘Seca, practtoners ct 3 ot ea teach he Bi Te set was that hey ealaed the aly ard exrome aly of fchiqus.t woud be acto prover vos siden, fil of cance ater leaing these tectricues, from icing ready excuses to raw in oer. Reckless setng out fo make ne ‘enemies s Severely damaging to one's maria vive. tis because most gis a ‘merely “eo conf, butdurng which one so blow can cause the ote ary 0 suffer Fo the agony of ete of paayss. One wrong move would tbe wort themisrun oficacerao, cr, cren worse, te heavy crime of muse. “Tardy, when te WingTsun igtng srateges of Case Range Pursuing Atak” (natn) and Nonsop Viet atts" CL) arecontined, is neaty Imposter someone atocked n sch away to defend, (Regarng ‘Close Range- and other mats, please ref fo dtd explanations on page Tn the tot Sis Ta ard poges 124131. ebook ChurK) Within the Bitz sete hen the methods fo disso and even counterateck these Chan Thustng punches. Dung ptr times when firearms were nt wel ‘eloped. those with super fing sils would hold a signifcant advange 'BU-Tze contin methods ha can overcome such overieinrg Fon selene 8 Chan Thrsing punches and ‘Clse-Range-Pursung-Aack- Why woud ese Moods 10 reufaas the “supreme tecwiqus’ of he system be casialy ‘emnsate in font four stsoris? The Highest Realm Rosombles Wild Grass Strokes. Before training the B-Tze, bath marta abity and moral standard shoud have ‘anived at a cetain slate. f the hands and feet become Unifed and the ody ‘movements natural, te unique power emission mettods of WogTsun can be ‘applied at wil. In perfoming the Bu-Tze sel, one must be spontaneous and ‘restrained inorder to emit a sof and plable force silo that ofa ratian cane ‘spring. Ths sort of sof force cannot be accompished by overexern. ts Ike the inenton apparent inte wid grass brush stokes of calbgraphy masters, which ‘can be sensed but not put into words. iv-Tee techniques appear gracell and eget bit are actualy ‘and flece. Is movements Seem casual and Monealant but actualy bole sureptiious motves. Each technique is lethal 8 Power Penetrating to the Fingers fone can aan the highest level in Biu-7ze traning, with the whole body possessing a Sot force, then power canbe issued and even peneate to the Frgerts ite an exclosin, Tiss the so-ale "exisiv force’ of Wing sun. When this free is directo towards 2 clay tie or woodblock, even it the fngetips are just touching the surface, as long as the power can be transmitted, then the marl wil be sltored by the exteme shocking fore, This is unike ‘most martial ast who use a igi force to chop apart wood blocks or cay tes ‘This i wha ou se refers toby he phrase ‘power penetaing to the Frgers ‘orce of Dr Leung Jan Sounds a Bronze Bell with the CI the Swinging-Arm itis said that once wile Dr Leung Jan (was aiding a fend, he sired up trove at he “Longeiy Tempe™ ( R-&+) of Xguang ( iM) m Guangzhou (CHA). When Buddhist monks suraunded him, he employed @ Biv-Tze technique called the Dong-Sau (ak + or‘Swinging-ar). Iwas seid that wen he exerted his “oh” power all the way through his fingertips, not ony dd he bounce a few monks who ad enclosed rim over ten feet away, but he aso Caused the gigantic temple's bronze bel to sing and sound lol, Of couse the so-caled “Ch” or ‘exeral a-power”is very absiuse mater. they are not ‘merely leona ums imagined by the kungfu novests, then they are deception techniques used by those vagabond magicians or marta-at crooks to create isons and unworthy of beiet, To suggest another explanation: Dr Jan's ‘Suinging-arm technique probably knocked outward the group of monks, one of whom was recoled several fet away and, iting the gigantic bronze bell wh his wagging limbs, caused it fo sound. (Edtors note: Regering the deception techniques of vagabond performs, place refer to the book “Skis ofthe Vagabond win by Or Leung Ting) "However, casualy exering a Bu-Tz technique to suddenly cause someone to bounce back “overtendeetis really not an exaggeraon. Not only cid ou ‘predecessor Dr Leung Jan attain this lve, aso | mySel as wel asthe relatively Fah-ranked practoners of my association, am able to it away an opponent the ‘dstance of several eet or even “over-ler-fee with a stike. Further, fr those ‘yes which stress the use of elastic power, not ony WingTsun but so Taliquan (Cis & or TavChi Chuen), Baguazhang (A. 3 & or Eight gram Palm-strkes), lc, when a tranee reaches 2 cetain level it would not be very snk downers. Useg the eds es ps, bah fet ae mutaneousy folate outwards to form the shape ofa wie “Us the tps of the fet as pivois, both heels ae rotated ovtwars hall a stance width, The pe of ‘he eet nd up pointing towards each char inthe shape of a80° ange. a Double-crossed Spliting-arms — Rotating Arms — Double-rossed Palm-up Arms — Fistwithdrawal (5 — 8) Place the le hand upon the right hand in font ofthe chest and sice them down along a agonal ne fo become Doublecrossed Splting-ams. Thon rotate bah ams upwards along the body to become Daublecessed Paim-ip ams. Las, windraw he ss. CCharacter.sun Thrusting-punch (9 — 10) Move the let st forward close to the body and e ose it in font of the chest to fesemble th Chinese charac fr sur Using the elbow o exer force ong centering, project the fis fl at speed unl the am Ie completly extended 2 Lat Upward and Downward Tile Waging hang (1 1) Op be Gta Hand — Lard and Rghward Tle Weginghand (6 — 2) Ear ed oa area 1 Becca! sihetonadtonainpeemantieere nce orate dts be a ete ee te ete fine eg erm nape enacts aetna sages ears elite see Wagging-hand (24 — 26) PalmUp Arm — Circinghand (22 — 23) ‘The cilng-hand changes back inio upward Wagging-nand. Then the palm is Cie the et paln-up arm inwards om fhe outside and ends up withthe thumb Wagged downwards as much as possble and Wir Userds apa Int Ris facing upwards. wagged tree tines. alm-up Arm — Circling-hand — Fistowithdrawal (27 — 30) en the let palm is wagged a ot of tre times, becomes apap ar Nex, ciel te palm inwards rom the outside and fly witdraw under t unde the amp. (Note: Pages 29 — Sara chseupof erg am moverets) Tre =H Pap Nc Crh and a Retehiinet ys N= Paap Rox Cen hand ‘OCR Up snd owt ‘pean nan 6-0 Blmaptmbeig rd W Petar ‘Repetition ofthe Right Downward-overhead Elbow and Left Downward-overhead Elbow Movements (5 — 36) When te lt downwac-ovehesd elbow movement is completed, the ight am becomes @ dowrwart-ovehead elbow and flows the Upper body io tum towards fhe lef. lrvards, ahr kt domward-oveheas ‘ews executed asthe body tun back 1 height or aol of hee repetions. ‘Advancing-step Thrusting-finger — Closing-step Thrusting-ingers — Fistwithdrawal (37 — 4t) Place the rot psim beneath the let armpit. When ‘ap the right fot forward, thst the right arm simultaneously out igh wen the fight am is completely exionde, trust ot the lot am immedately Step ta et foot forward next fo the right. Withdraw the fists after citing hands Left eling-stops Beconing Frotalstane(&2 — 45) Thee Clecling-stes (continuous movements) 4b — 88) The sof eet et arn cortat win te foo and dravs age cice Oneonta ert ng pled hac ard cows a fom eff bck trad fe Fon Ath sre ete wile od tus rl dng Peinner ede of he ten bak he for. hve he wh wh ne cen Sep fom a ighocrg sure bak rate. glee eps rcomero er alo ve peers Below: The trajectory of the right Cireling-step (Huen-bo), Note: The right foot first traces an are backwards somewhat before it Is pulled forward towards the inner aspect of the left fot. Let Right Ee SES a te cae ee ito “Tne same process asthe et se. The same process a the Thiee Circling stops (85 — 78) “The same process as te lf side Lett Diagonal-kneeling Elbow (79 — 62) (Photos 79 — 81 are 2 closeup lateral view of he Digans!-tneelingEitow) Bend the let eer into a tiangular Shape. Then cop the una othe forearm downwards along a diagonal ne from the Ietshouder and stop it when reaches the region between the ches and ih side ote aomen. Tur te upper tod to face 80" toe ght. ‘Advancing Dlagonal-knealing Elbow and Thrusting-ingers — Closing-tep Trusting fingers — Fist withdrawal (&3 — 88) Place te ght pa atthe let sheuder. Tus cut the fght arm and sep the ight eg forward simultaneous) ‘Tht out the let arm immediatly when the righ arm fly exiended. Step the left rar nex to he right fot Final wihcraw he fists beneath the amp ~ Left Circling-steps Becoming Frontal-stance (89 — 92) The so of he let fot Right Crcing-teps (93 — 97) ‘maintains contact wth the floor and draws alge cre from the ight back towarés Manian the sole ofthe ght foto contact wih the foor and pul t backwards the font: At the same time, tum the whole body along wi the cing-step fom 2 Pn caw argo rl dng te pe 0 ee og twas ho For ard righacing posture back oa tonal tance. fat um the sole tack othe og orta-stance postion, Right Diagonal-kneeing Elbow — Let Thrustngvingers — Glosing-step Right Trusting inges (102 — 105) The ght am perfor 2 Dagenalineeing Bow. When the upper body is facing the rh. thrust ot the let am fom the ‘one f the chest while taking a sip, Thrust cut the ght am subsequenty when the let am is fuly extended, whie step the fot leg up next to the left leg Circling-hand — Fistwithdrawal (106 — 107) Tree Circling Steps (108 — 120) Raise both ams ogee, perf a reverse ciring movement, and withdrew he Frat ce th rot log, Aferreturing to @ rental stance, repeat he Cicng stops fists benea ihe amps. th bat gs once Left DiagoraPknesing Elbow — Right Thrustingvingers — Left Lower Spade-hand (121 124) Repeat the let DiagonaHineelng Ettow ne mre tine. ‘nen the upper body tums to face the rg thst out he night am fo the ches. ‘inen the whole ar completely extends, slash out the let Spade-hand at 2 i ween a Bee ahrcm ners! Rees lecined ace untlitreactes te height he abdomen. PaimUp Arm — Circing Hand — Fist ’ Right Diagonal-knelng Elbow to Fstwthrawal (132 — 142) Chane the ght rm into @ Paap rm a hen tu in The same movements 25th et sie Crd vad rom te csi. Afterwards, withdraw thet Let Horzonta-hacking Elbow (143 — 148) Ptoos 143 — 145 area coseup ler view ofthe Horzontshacking Elbow) Bend the lt am as much as possible ilo a tiangular shape. Folowing te tun of he upper ody ror lef to igh. SKE the forearm aggressively along a horizontal ine fom hele shoulder towarés the ight unl teaches the cai ofthe chest. The uper body rishesfaonarght ry ‘Thnusting ngewe — Laft Upper Spade-hand — Body-turning Sinking (447 — 150) Place the ight am below te let amp and then trust ut Whon the vbole am is fly exended, inmediaey trust out the lft am as an Upper ‘Spadehand at an indned ange, while wihdraw the fght am simutaneoisy Releasingarm Eyestika — Palm-up Arm — Fistoathdraval (151 — 156) Place to right arm upon te le Sinking-am ard then fst tout; at he same time withdraw the let am, Afar the ight ar has ompeldy extended, change it to @ Palm-up Arm and then tum i into a rom ouside oisde. Aterwaris,wendraw theft Circling hand — ‘Arad tum he by backto ator stance and make ale Sking-rm. ses a Right HorizontaLhacking Elbow to Fist-wthdrawal (157 — 168) ‘Te same movements asthe et sie. Left High-and-Low Spliting.arms for three times (169 — 174) The ams make Let Big-circling Subduing-arm — Right Above-bridge Throat-cutting Hand eof he bod um fo hel to smutaneousy ct out wth he ght am above and {H75 — 177) The let arm fps ang a lage cre upto become a Bidgoon frm the let am blow. When the bey has tumed compet the ef, the ams 20 gh fr feces yrange he ty tune fon at ae tr ‘ened up ke a pao SS wt hedge facing he Kt Ropeat Es Wo nes esha the nh Trotting andon te surtaeo et am. Palmup Arm — Circling-hand — Fistvithdrawal (178 Form the right am into a Palm Cts inva rom the otic. 00) ‘Am and then tum tnt Cie hand, which deraris widen het pest High an-Low Three Spin rs soteap po "he 9 18) (Pease catuly te 188) Repeat the Hioh-anddow Splting-ams tree bes, but his ine frst turn tothe right hen to the let, and fay back to he ght Be ‘carl that a the vper body moves, isthe upp am that less down alg the body, whereas the lower arm ips up om fhe ouside, Right BigcrcingSubdung-am — Let Throatcuting Hand (189 — 191) Pain-up Arm — Circling-hand — Fistithdrawal (192 — 185) Repeat ence according to thee side. Repestonesoctng oe et ste Left Rotating. arms (196 — 187) Pace both asi ron ofthe body wih he Repeat Rightand-eh Rotingarms (188 — 202) (Pease carey note |eft arm forming a Diagonal Paim-up Arm and the right arm a Lower Bong-sau. ‘lase-up photos 199 — 201) As the body tums from left to right, rotate the right Faloung he etare ten oftebody. ale bth ats ot te saree and fam fom vp eng the bay into a Par Arm Fipdovn the el ar fo make a place he et ara he mide ané ih at he one ve tower Bongsu Aewars repeal he Retatngarnagann ele Phoenicaye Fists Inch-ores Issuing-power (206 — 207) Sight both arms afew inches and immediatly stike out as Dovble punch In ‘of punching. the index fngor of bot Ass suey spring Out nt & stapeto become the phoenioye fs. Jerichand with Thrusting Punch (202 — 206) As the body tums back tothe ‘font, press. the let am downwards suddenly. to become a Jerk hand. Staneousystike the rat arm out lng the cenerine wth a Tsing punch i ihaig Dc als Trepp = Si incinerate Tac — 2) sore | TD tng oF wel 10 — 21) Mr ay Soh a as mie us mnt Sc tet re ke separate with one thrusting towards the upper level and the other towards the mid level. Right Treo Rotating Arms (244 — 216) Spade-hand — inchforce Double Phoeniceye Fists — Middlehacking Rapes one acsorsng the le sie Descent — Fitithdranal 217 — 25)Repeat nce acuing to ee se Three Swinging arms (226 — 231) Hang down the lft forearm as the elbow {ips up. Using the etow to exert force, swig the arm aggressively danonaly upwards. When the le am is saung out complete sep the riaht palm simultaneously backwards over hele shoulder. Repeat fo a total of tee ames WMidalehacking Sinking-arm (232) Aer the lt arm uly swings out orth third line, snk the let elbow suddeny downwards along the verica-migine 25 # ‘hopping a standing bamboo ino two halves This is ale Po-ChungLok (a # (the ‘Mide-hacking Descent tc). Isops when reacting he sla plus. ‘Three Circling-cutting Hands (283 — 237) Circe the lft palm inwards from the outside 35 the body stwly tums in unison to the lt. Coordinate wth the 44) As the body tums 45° the four ngers are posttoned pointing downwards. , we slowly turning back to te front, change back the left pam o a ‘pam moveret, cute four fngers outwards ike knives. ean arm. Tis is repeated thee tines Roleasing-hand Eye strike (282 — 243) Fina, brought back te lef arm tthe Palmup Arm — Circling. ‘onto he body to make a Brdge-on Arm thats placed on he centene. Lay he “mint &Patm-p Ar anc hen tm ‘ight am upon he ef forearm and then tt out Fistwithdranal @44 — 247) Tum the ight ito a Cicing-hara Finally, wecraw te st ‘Note: The three-time Swinging-arms, Cireling-cutting Hand, Releasing-arm Eye-strike, tc. should be repeated on the right side according to Photos 226 — 247, ‘They will nt be illustrated with, photos here, “Thrusting fingers for three times — Bodytuming Spadehand (248 — 253) Thrust ou the left Bite sau frst. When the lft am is uly extended, place the ‘gftpamnea Pele amp ante rus tou. Tso he eam ag. ‘Arte let am is fly exended, do not witraw it othe body but rather tum Bodyturing Whisking-arm (254 — 258) Aer the let Spade-nand is ampleey extended, whisk it 180" rom the igh to the let. At the same time, the body flows the moten ofthe arm and tums towards the font, Fight when the le Whskng arms uly extended, tum back the bod to face Font. into a Spadeshad when tun te body og Frontal Sinking-arm — Releasing hand Eye-stike (256 — 258) Bing back te left rm fo the font and place it on he centerine. Lay the right arm upon fle arm and then hus cut on Palma Arm — Circng-hand — 4 ht Pap Arm and hn tun & ino a Creinghand, Afar, Fist withdrawal (289 — 262) Note: The three-time ‘Thrusting-fingers, Body-turning Spade-hand, Releasing-hand Eye-strike, te. should be repeated on the right side according to Photos 248 — 262. They ‘ill not be illustrated with photos here. ‘Double Grapping-arm — Turning Throw (263 — 268) Wide open the hands as mh as possible and place them in font of the center ofthe chest ‘Then swiy thrust out both ands asi arabbing something. ARerwards, tm the upper body and he steghtened arms to the eat a hgh speed. Hooking-punch — Vericakelbow Strike (267 — 288) As the upper body ‘ums back to foe the ont, swing the Might se while making sure the et ‘We nant hand beneath the armpit sender unt reaches te ve left ist with te tun along ana towards he is shghy sunk. At the same te, wihdraw nike down the tp ofthe le elbow ofthe aoren, Reverse Thrusting‘ngers — Palm-up Arm — Circ Fi ‘Ams (273 — 217) Bend the uper wahdrawal 59 — 772) Once the ebow drops down compel, pause fora rar oneal asi perioning a doep bow. Aut both knees Sty an moment. Then rst out he eam as reverse he Thrstig gers. Cee pn “arg down tot ems lose to uch te fo. Sosely, sng bah ems {fer be le ams compet extend. The whan be i erea He amp. "pets ihe ue body rp lowing bend upward ard bockwas Continuous movement of the First of Three Bowing Extensivewinding ‘Arms (278 — 281) When he upper body swings backwards, both arms wave in lage ces on both sides before returning tothe front. The strong forwat paling fore of he arms tg the upper body back to fe rot Lasy, plae he fet amin ont and the night arm behind orm the profiting posture ‘Second of Tree Bowing Extonsive-inding Arms (282 — 287) A second ti Stersowiing Am spores dexcrtdin Pts 273 — 281. Ths tne fg a ace nfl and let am being 1 pose te WgTsun re font ct ces. of Three Bowing Exensivewinding Ams (28 — 288) A th big ing Ams perfled as descbed sbve. When bof ams oe foto fortl be cheat hele am goein fork and i a Berd Longbridge Issuing-powerInchforce Thrustng-punch (284) hen te lt am rete tp the fon, it not withdawm back 1 the body. Rates, fom a long Céstanee it suddenly sbies out 28 a punch In WingTsun terminology, tis alec the ‘Long-bge sung power of wal many pele call "ineh-orce sung power” Chain {mp Cose tele eg othe eg — Paimp (5 — 201) Continuously sike out with chain Thusing punches to exhaust, ‘Atervards, perform a let Circng han ‘Arm — Ciring-hand — Fistwthdrawal i and then wihdraw heft back under the The woe Bl Te set isnow completed 101 a = Example Ian opponent ocks upear_ | Example an opponent grapes one Reali cd Ppl cen ea ene ae ee Fries sais Ihe Rand shou | em fe cburam cea dw Function ofthe Tile Wagging hand (Tipe Swaying fingers) fay stake and sice downwards an. | gapped am smlaneusy ces and “The San Ysa (= 164 ot “Tle Waging, Sam Bye (= fhen 01 aga ack the opponent | abst apy cout: ce “Tile Saying finges"|, is 2. movement in the Bix Tr tht fellows te Yager chng len (27% or Chance Sin Tewsing pind) The WT teh, taeh by Gres rata Yip Man in Hong Kong, oly th Bis Te ha th pl ‘Wagging hand movenea Hove, hs Fh Scples and ober Wing Cha ches seul iaclode hs moet te begining ofa ae se. The pups of pacing this mnvements develo the xy ote wrist oa and te ten fess the ear isa lve ng Wing mebod of chang hig for st ctedd am psn whut fis witha ving (No: Mos marl fers urch equereracon of team towards bay bee aner ge can ea. There, vehi nam wtb. nam xc”) The Sa Firs acl as ante cial we, WH eaes 6 no need fe ‘ay papplng thd, and cn even ina wea -papping mod 0 ek sd lock an opponent's ily el rip. This aby ene depends po eget win ing ofthe icing hand ad Sa Fs Blow ate the illastation: ofthe appliaton of th Saam Ysa, (ior tte: Pls rer tothe ide bak cover for Prof Legis pen demonsrtin) Example 1 (Photos 1 — 3): an } ‘opponent tghiy grabs one's wr, the palm shoud al once shake, snk and ess downwards. This wil not ony alow anima escapo fom the hal, tut 1 | ths court cnt fe opponent’ is. 3 Kup, Kwai, Pie — The Three Elbows in Biu-Tze In he Bie Te se, here se tee cltow methods, Sey, Kypjm no Downvad overhead low), Kom (ats or Diagonal el Elbow and Pejam (i. ot Horan backing Ebow). Probably because of he simiiy Betten hse es elbows, inte ely sage of yang ugh ad pace sever dif elbow tecaigues in CheSav (44 ot Clngiag Ams) | sil belied hat the elbow meas this sect of Bir were vations" 2 cea sige tcnigae, Moreover, mistakenly equa the Kapsare wih te ‘ajar tiaking ut ey were ml aes, js ie Roling Ars (Ge or Pow Sax ais +o a Shs wo nae ater oni Tender tat he Rep-jor(Dowavasd een Eo). ‘vai (Diagonal Kelng Elbow, and Pm (cena ackng Ebov) wee somewhat fete echaigues an a Gint anes for reasons. gradually Cae tly raze thatthe ebow methods Uhl revs leat wero simply Sgt ‘dons oft dona ovetead eon” “olay, ine cae of oar ascii, bees the seen sections of (hi Sau 8+" Cinging Arms) ils ened fromthe Si Nin Ta and haw Kit sets, LatSav (4 of Frechandsighin sping in eters and tbe ang Rogams, het i ako the Bi Te Ch So coarse, When a tine bas acted this Sania ten afer having reseed fhe isactr degre) he wll eal te techniques and metas in he Bi-Te se Below is aetna inoductn of te ats within the Bia Te Chi Sa ht ett he Downwar-ovehead Eo, ie Digontiteing Ey adhe Herzl hacking Ebon The DiagonabKneeling Elbow in Chi-Sau Une Bi Te sete re of elbow chiques isthe Kp felled bye Aaja an tn Peja, However in tbe eure of CH Se Raa efit one wed aan ating mtd, cause iene easier tard. ‘sth erm sg, "Ra" means to dp the elbow fom a high ov poston lie Kaelig Dow but wih he eo. Ts eshiqe uses the elf he Forearm 1 frcfuly ca downwards along a diagonal lie (fe et ow cus vie Terr See nate i wnt sor oss] Sa acraty an ononieecs ede mam eetaad| ne as tan eT aon | ‘HOOKS in English & chinese +8105 % iecoeauboet Goane wee pceoeaneen ain oe Cada) ates ere moots ota [AUTHENTIC WING TSUN KUNGFU pass fe of {Ste neces tp. a danometng Le Hen 8 ‘ir fr Pt er errr ee ‘WE 8 APPLCATONS Cin tm ar al err SamdingOANDAOLEP B TAWA Sh Une Se Siteche we tienen ous rant are ee | uct CHENG Tore Se aes Be ‘Stony LEARY 8 ADVANCED LON DANCE ‘pyran! Gow age 1 Sana “AS Pott eas | Setting MOVEMENT of TAK CH-KUNG 2 Ca iho ry cur ran | ek as Car sg ra tansy cae ROR ‘woo uM 40S Pons | TELE Aone WO TSUN UEN cae CONTENTS FRONT COVER: Grandmaster Leung Ting teaching aBv-Tze seminar in aly INSIDE FRONT-COVER: Instructors’ seminars in Germany & in taly COPYRIGHT PAGE ‘SYMBOL OF THE INTERNATIONAL WINGTSUN ASSOCIATION IWTA Founder Leung Ting — Bre! Hstoy fom Tring Teacting Natl Ars THE MEANING AND THEORY OF BIU-TZE THE BIU-TZE SET [RATIONALE AND APPLICATION OF BIU-TZE TECHNIQUES Fret ofthe Tre Wagging ara (Tile Swaying ges) Kap KP — Th Ts Tre Downward oer The Horan ain Teasing Fegess The Mead tac’ fhe Chan Thus The Funcion of Crcig-Sepe Upper Level Spade wet Level Spade han &Creing Cutng Hand Fgh ad Low Sting ans sunsau 8 Five Thunder gurches Singing am (Sdewar inusive arm) Double Gaping ams, Tring Tow, Hooking Reverse Trusting Finges & Big Exesive Wr Ars (Bg Whee FIGHTING THEORY AND ESSENTIAL POINTS Whyte Bu-Tee Tecnniques Canta Be Reskesh Apa?” ‘There ae "Thee Arms ard re Log" in Wings “ams Ae Lor, Ebows Are Shr “There are No Sich Thing asthe socal “Seret Surome Techniques” ‘CONTENTS INSIDE BACK.COVER ‘The Strength of Four People Cannot Hold Onto A Single Arm! 182 ist 158 185 185 160 1 14 The Strength of Four People Cannot Hold On to ‘Single Arm! In September 2001, Great Grandmaster Leung Ting founder of the Intemational WingTsun Association, was invited by the Hungarian National Television Station for an interview. During which he demonstrated the Instantaneous Escape from a Foursperson Lock’ openly He invited four volunteers to grab onto his arm as tightly as possible. With only a tum of his body, he instantly ‘escaped from every person's lock. A person used too much force, hence lost his balance, and fell onto the floor.